Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Until My Last Breath Telenovela, Welcome!

Last night, the AIT began a new telenovela TV Azteca series called "Until My last Breath!". What a break from the drag though interesting "Wicked Games" of Tatum O'Neal.

This new telenovela promises to be a BAM! It is all about the story of estranged lovers - Maria and Hector. The man migrated abroad (USA) for greener pastures, and sure he found them there, but lost something more treasured than greenbucks. He lost contact with the only love of his life - MARIA and his three tender daughters in Mexico, in his chase of the golden goose in America. Many Nigerian couples are not finding this funny because it is a reflection of their own realties... separated couples!

Then came the great temptation for both Maria (poor single parent but still beautiful), and Hector (stupendously rich but lonely on the inside). Its a choice between beaking marital vows and holding on... to that love covenant even when everything points to the burial ground of love.

But destiny is going to bring them together again not as reunited lovers, but as adversaries in a bitter battle over a housing project which Hector wants to knock down, but which Maria defiantly defended.

I was laughing when I saw Luis Alejandro Montero of Gardener's daughter fame, playing the role again of a villain, as a treacherous brother to Hector. Some people are just too good playing villains and Fernando Ciangherotti - that's his real name - is just one of such few. Saul Lizaso, Tommy Dunster, Paola Nuñez are also great stars starring in the telenovela.

A reviewer describe the telenovela as "... hope dies last in a city where survival is a daily battle..."