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Snippets 172

The Marriage of Marissa and Pedro dominated the news, even though it was a quiet night wedding. When Jenny heard about it she made up her mind to attend, because it would be an opportunity for her to be close to Carlos again.

L.A was jealous when he too heard about Marissa's marriage to Pedro. He was not happy and ridicule their wedding.

Rigo told L.F that Don advised Carlos not to come to the house again because Alfredo would soon be marrying her. L.F replied that she had broken up completely with Alfredo.

Don tried to prevent Carlos from coming close to L.F and was confused when L.F received him enthusiastically. He assumed that Carlos was the man that deceived his daughter 'Amelia' after impregnating her. He was surprised that 'Amelia' had forgiven him and reconciled with him.

Carlos proposed marriage afresh to L.F again and she accepted.

Snippets 171

The siege is broken, Carol fraternized with L.F and appreciated her support during their quiet weddings. carol begged her not to doubt Carlos Eduardo again. She also advised her to go after Carlos and never lose him again to the wiles of Jenny.

Jenny was saddened by the news of Carol's wedding because she was not there to witness it. She protested to Carol for not informing her and Carol told her that they were leaving her apartment for another place, Jenny begged them to stay.

Don Fernando finally came out of Amnesia and partially recovered his precious memory, he suddenly could see that Vanessa was Vanessa and not Consuelo. he was still confused about L.F. So, Rigo called Carlos to treat him. When Carlos arrived, Don told him that 'Amelia' would marry Alfredo, and he should not come to his house again, so as to avoid problems between rivals.

Marissa's divorce was finally accomplished. L.A celebrated with the huge money he made from the divorce settlements. Marissa celebrated with her domestic staff. She presented the divorce certificate to her new husband-to-be, Pedro.

Snippets 170

Carlos avoided a new scandal by Jenny on her hospital bed. He disallow her to kiss him. L.F excused Carlos and told him that she had broken up every relationship with Alfredo. While they were still chatting Alfredo arrived and requested to see L.F alone. When he was alone with her he told her that he accept her reason and respect her decision to break up with him.

Jenny was so angry to hear Carol tell her that Carlos and L.F have mended their love fences again. Carlos later insisted that L.F should help Don by always correcting him anytime he mistakenly call her "Amelia" by telling him that she was Luisa Fernanda, the daughter of Amelia. Guillermo later came to apologize to Carlos for blaming him for Jenny's misfortunes.

Marissa visited Jenny at the hospital and advised her to forgo her obsession with Carlos. She told her that Luisa and Carlos were destined to marry and it is futile to still struggle against their re-union.

L.A finally signed the divorce papers, after Marissa conceded majority of her personal assets that she acquired after she married him, to him.

Armando and Carol disregarded Jenny, who was on sick bed, and went to the registry for a quiet wedding. They did not even considered it worthwhile to tell her. Armando however sought and got the approval of L.F to be as his family witness to sign his marriage certificate during the brief ceremony at the registry. After the ceremony, Carol confessed to L.F that Carlos never deceived her. She told her that all the make-believe that she heard or assumed, were the expert forgery and manipulation of Jenny.

Snippets 169

Carlos ran after the assassins, but was overpowered. Just before they stabbed him too, the saving siren of a rushing police patrol car, sent them into panic and the ran away scared, leaving him. He rushed Jenny to the hospital to save her life through emergency operation.

L.F apologized to Pedro and re-assured him that she still adored him as a father. L.A deceived Don by pretending to write his new Will. He was happy that the Will now is in the name of two dead people. It means that Don would die without any heir, since L.F's name is not mentioned in the name. He hopes to take over after the death of Don.

The thugs reported back to their sponsor, Solozarno that they missed their target. L.A was not happy with Solozarno for the slip of his hit squad. News spread very fast, Guillermo and Carlos rushed to the hospital. Carlos explained to them how Jenny got stabbed by the assassin's knife. Guillermo still blamed Carlos for the tragedy.

When Guillermo came to talk to Jenny on her sick bed, she avoided answering his probing questions because she broke his rules of not going after Carlos again. As Carlos entered to review her progress and recovery and Guillermo and Carol wet outside to wait. Jenny from her sick bed still struggle to kiss Carlos, L.F was watching the drama from the entrance of the emergency ward.

Snippets 168

The time of harvest appeared so suddenly from the blues and left many observers in astonishment. First was Alfredo, L.F discovered that he had been manipulating Don against her in the name of treating Don, so that the old man can push her to him in matrimony. He denied the allegation, maintaining that he was a professional, incapable of unethical practices. L.F told him to save his denial, as she finally severed all emotional or matrimonial aspirations with him from henceforth.

Armando got fed up with Jenny's wiles and confronted her, telling her to stop persecuting his sister's live because of her obsession a mirage called love of Carlos Eduardo.

L.F called Carlos to tell him that Don has confirmed that he left his inheritance for Consuelo when Amelia was not around. He promised her that he would avoid clashes with L.A henceforth for her sake.

Don called Vanessa (thinking she was Consuelo), and apologize to her that he wanted to change his Will to include 'Amelia' (i.e L.F, he still thought L.F was Amelia). What an irony of a father at his twilight, wanting to live his fortunes to his two late daughters , and mistaken his granddaughter and step-granddaughter as her dead daughters.

Jenny's obsession with Carlos Eduardo led her almost to her grave. She made a last ditch effort that almost flung her into the grave. she went to Carlos house to beg him to give her another chance. He ignored her and wen out, she ran desperately after him holding unto him on the street. Three thugs, assigned by L.A's hatchet man, Solozarno, to assassinate Carlos appeared from the darkness. They rushed at Carlos with glistening sharp knives which they mistakenly thrust into her and stabbed her many times and ran away.

Don called L.A and told him that he wanted to change his Will to accommodate 'Amelia', meaning L.F.

Pedro confronted L.F and jealously accuse her of preferring L.A above him, in all her affairs.

Snippets 167

That old 'war' veteran, Rigoberto, may have a fresh battle on her hands soon. She was obviously not happy when, for the second time running, she overheard Alfredo, arm-twisting the old man to persuade L.F to marry him immediately. Pedro was so depressed seeing L.F in the midst of human hyenas whom she had chosen as her new 'friends', to his detriment. Marissa comforted and consoled him.

The fake Will fabricated by Consuelo drew no small ire of Carlos and others. He knew, that L.A was playing games with L.F's destiny. He and L.A entered into another fist cuff to settle scores. L.F was angry that Carlos fought her new 'friend' L.A, she ordered him to leave the premises of the company.

When L.F got home, she queried Don over his Will, to know if he actually chose Consuelo as his heiress. The old man said he could remember, but if that was what the will says, then, it must have been because, Consuelo had always been by his side.

Don began to play the Alfredo ball, by instructing L.F to marry Alfredo immediately. She told him that she loved him so much, that she cannot rush out of the house to marry Alfredo yet. She said she wanted to still live with him, and make sure he was well care for and healed before she decide on marriage to Alfredo. She tried to remind him that she just returned to know him as her grandfather after 20 years, she doesn't want to quickly depart from him yet.

Alfredo was angry to see Carlos in Pedro's house. He accused him of trying to woo L.F back to himself using Pedro as his tool. He embarrassed and chased Carlos out of the house. Pedro was angry with Alfredo for disrespecting him by chasing his visitors away.

Carlos knew the danger of Don's indifference to him, so, he obtained Consuelo's death certificate to show it to Don that Consuelo had died. he knew this may cause more depression for the old man but he was determined to right the current wrongs.

Xóchil counseled Guillermo to look elsewhere because Jenny was excessively obsessed with Carlos Eduardo.

L.F advised to stop accusing L.A as a thief and fraudster.

Snippets 166

When L.F heard the denigration of L.A she simply took excuse to leave without a word. She went to L.A and accused him of demanding an outrageous sum for divorce settlement. Before he could defend himself, Lic Ordonez, Mujica and C.E entered, to announce to him that Marissa accepted to pay him his request.

Mujica now demanded for the Will of Don which the old man had asked him to prepare. L.A told them that they were free, provided they bring along a notary public to see and read the will. The next day, Carlos and other brought a notary public, and the Safe was forced open. When the will was read, they were all devastated to see that it was Consuelo that was named as the heiress to the fortune. Marissa told Pedro that they have gone to L.A office to read Don's Will. Pedro felt so bad and disappointed that L.F did not even invite him to participate, and had abandoned him for L.A.

Alfredo began to desperately lobby Don to persuade L.F to marry him immediately. After he had gone, Don called Vanessa to ask her who this stranger was that was lobbying him to persuade his daughter. Vanessa gave him the low down of the genesis to revelation of the story, and advised Don not to support Alfredo.

Xochil refused to be incited by Jennifer to do evil to counter L.F. Xochil hoever was sad and complained to Alfredo for using unethical method of manipulating his patient to woo L.E into marital agreement.

Snippets 165

Don Fernando, in his mental state considered the romantic kiss between Alfredo and L.F as nauseating. He confronted her, asking who this fellow was. She explained to him that, she had broken up relationship with Carlos Eduardo and that Alfredo is now her fiance.

Alfredo suspected that the sharp reaction of Don must have been because Don saw Carlos as the father of little Pedro. He became suspicious that L.F may be playing games with him.

Everybody now seem to be begging and lobbying L.F for one favor or the other. Marissa booked a dinner date with L.F to come to her house. She arrived there elegantly dressed, like a rich and wealthy empress. Marissa wanted to explain to her that Carlos had nothing to do with Jenny again. Rosario phoned Carlos to alert him that 'madam' Fernanda is at home with Marissa. Ordonez and Carlos rushed home to meet them.

When they arrived, they told her about the outrageous sum of money that L.A is demanding as divorce settlement. Ordonez derogatorily spoke about L.A who is the new idol of L.F in her presence.

Pedro told Pancho that the insurance company would indemnify him for the loss of his Floral asset.

Snippets 164

Emotional battle was spurred by the new re-alignment of L.F and Alfredo. Jenny and Xochil formed a new alliance to scatter L.F and Alfredo as well as L.F and Carlos, so that they could claim their respective men from her clutches.

Alfredo in a deft move to counter his bitter emotional foe decreed that L.F must never invite Carlos to come and examine or treat Don again.

At the cafe meeting with Ordonez, they told her all the impending dangers and how she must avoid the legal loopholes and remove L.A. She stuck to her decision that L.A would do her good at the factory. While they were still discussing, Jenny, Guillermo and Xochil entered the restaurant too for a meal. L.F stood up and went straight to accuse Xochil of being a prostitute that was seducing Alfredo. xochil was scandalized and embarrassed by the outburst of L.F, she broke down and wept profusely, under the rain of accusation of L.F..

Marissa urged Mujica to speed up her divorce proceedings in court, because she can't wait any minute longer to marry Pedro. L.A warned mujica to tell Marissa that the divorce would cost her heavy sums of money, as part of his conditions of terminating their marriage.

L.F commissioned Armando to spy out L.A regularly on all activities at the factory.

Snippets 163

The chicken has come home to roost. L.F called Alfredo, being a psychiatrist, to come and help Don to recover his mental balance. That was prayer answered miraculously for this mental manipulator. When he arrived he accused her of going away to live wity her grandfather without consulting with him. He accused her that she was planning to get back with Carlos again that was why she ran to live in Don's house.

Under the pressure of his accusation she broke down and wept out her frustrations and confusion. He had compassion on her held her, and, for the first time ever, kissed her passionately... Don came out of the room and became more confused by the romantic scene he saw.

Meanwhile Carlos and Ordonez were strategizing to protect her from being duped and defrauded by her newest 'friend', L.A. Vanessa was shocked that L.F could foolishly allow the closest and loyal ally of Consuelo, to run the factory. Armando told Vanessa's husband that the reason why he accepted to work as legal assistant to L.A in the factory, was to protect L.F's interest against possible fraudulent deals by L.A.

Marissa offered to give Pedro money to restore his lost business, he rejected the offer. Marissa went to confront L.A and accused him of being the brain behind burning down of Pedro's floral shop.

Ordonez fixed a meeting with L.F and Carlos at a restaurant. He wanted to disclose vital information that nobody knows about to her.

Xichil too was brought back for training to Jenny by Guillermo, to polish her for the upcoming campaign.

Snippets 162

The contradictions of foolishness manifests much more in the life of people who are failures in the university of relationship. Pedro and Luisa Fernanda got into hot arguments on the probable suspect that burned down his floral shop.

While Pedro believed that it was L.A, L.F believed that it was Jennifer. She defended her suspicions on the ignorant assumption that, L.A was helping her to run the factory, the same man cannot sabotage Pedro's business assets. Pedro was furious to learn that L.F now belives in L.A, and had even given him a friendly endorsement to run the factory for her. She phoned Carlos immediately to announce her appointment and confidence in L.A to manage the factory for her.

The contradictions of folly multiplied when Carlos went to challenge L.F for reconciling with Alfredo whom she caught in bed with his lover-housemaid, Xochil, but refused to forgive him, for the alleged kiss that Jenny gave him, and Pedro, a third party, who witnessed it told her of. Which is the greater crime.

Jenny fuelled the contradictions by going to tell Marissa that Carlos had completely broken his relationship with L.F. Marissa accused Jenny for being the cunning manipulator that triggered the break-up, because Pedro told L.F about the fiticious kisses she (Jenny) gave her son and reported it to L.F.

Jenny secretly rejoiced when she heard about that Pedro's floral business burned to ashes. Alfredo was threatened by the new modeling vocation of his secret mistress. He was afraid that Xochil may leave him and got a new admirer as a model.

Restless Vanessa believed that the original will od Don was in Heriberto's safe. She advised her husband to open it and give it to L.F. As the husband of Vanessa was making the attempt, L.A arrived.

Snippets 161

L.A would not have any of the nonsense and manipulation of Jenny. He stoutly opposed the attempt of Jenny to suddenly marry away her sister, Carol to his son Armando. He knew the stock in trade of his cunning evil partner that she was up to some tricks up her sleeve.

The cries of help by the whiz kids from inside the floral shop that become a ball of fire by now, attracted Alfredo. He mobilized Xochil and Victor to the rescue of the children.

Alfredo displayed valor when he rolled his wheel chair into the inferno and attempted to rescued the two children. in the course of this rescue, Salvador was wounded by a log of burning wood that fell on him, but Alfredo succeeded in rescuing them. Pedro was informed and he rushed to the scene. They were rushed to the hospital and Carlos was handy to help resuscitate and treat their burns. He also attempted to treat the burns of Alfredo, the jealous Alfredo refused and did not allow Carlos to touch him.

Don Fernando thought that it was his steel company that caught fire, when he heard the news of the fire outbreak at the floral shop. Pedro was devastated because not a single thing remained of his lifetime asset in the shop after the inferno. He was informed by the Chief fire officer that their investigation shows that it was a deliberate fire and not as a result of any accident.

Armando too was shocked that L.F gave authority to L.A to run the factory for her. He felt from his personal experience, that L.A was incapable and would ruin the factory as he almost did with the bank.

Today na Today!

Amusingly I sit in front of my PC today and drew a battle plan to outwit every real and imaginary obstacle to finishing our SNIPPETS on schedule. Since I took that decision 3 days ago on Monday, all manner of petty distractions have invaded my schedules to the pain of my heart and many lovers of this telenovela.

What that translates to is that, in the next 24 hours some 29 snippets, would have to invade this blog. If I do that at the average rate of one snippet in 90 minutes. Then we should clink our glass to a victorious toast of seein the end of the wicked.

Consuelo died an inglorious death in snippets 55/56. A lot of things happened; Jenny ran mad an was consigned to an asylum; L.F took over, and lived with her grandfather Don Fernando, in his mansion, L.A was exposed, caught and jailed... all these would happen in the next 24 hours...

So follow the last big push with me, as we race to the celebration of the triumph of good over evil...

Snippets 160

The destiny drama continued when a Relapsing Don Fernando mistook Vanessa for his late daughter, Consuelo. L.F was verily provoked by the usurpation of the steel factory by L.A. Pedro took it over himself to go to the factory to confront L.A, asking him to quit 'his' daughter's property. It was great opportunity for L.A to thoroughly humiliate Pedro. He asked the security men at the factory to beat him up and throw him out of the premises, the he was an insane man.

The new starlet, Xochil truly began to shine, when she came home one day in one of her new-look modeling outfit, Alfredo was astonished because he could almost not recognize her again. He was enchanted and felt a tremendous surge all over his body. His heartbeats increased at an alarming rate, this is no longer the housemaid he employed some few years ago. The transformation was too much for him to comprehend.

On the other hand, Jenny was filled with outrageous jealousy to know that Xochil, her former apprentice, was more than a perfect substitute for her.

Carlos Eduardo was finally set free as he won the case of attempted burglary against L.A.

L.F, upon learning how Pedro was humiliated by L.A went with fury to the steel factory to confront L.A. This con man, turned on his best charm and charisma. The same one that conquered Amelia, devoured Elvira Perreira, slain Consuela, smashed Marissa. L.F melted under his articulation. He showed her why he was the best qualified man to help her manage the factory. he showed her why Don Fernando and Consuelo could not have dispensed with his skillful management in the last two years. he warned her that all her fortune would go awry if she should be a new hand to manage the factory.

He also took advantage of her current emotional bitterness with Carlos Eduardo. He called him a deceiver. He told her sordid lies of how Carlos had ever been romping with Jennifer and would inevitably marry Jenny and dump her. What else does she want to hear? She gave L.A complete authority to carry on.

Many people who had been burnt before by the fire of this con man knew that L.F was heading for trouble by her decision to retain L.A as president of the factory.

Alfredo, another disgusting schemer sharpened his arrow, and fate played L.F ball back into his court. But before then he went to protest to Pedro for allowing L.F to move in with her grandfather. He expressed his selfish concern that Carlos would be seeing more of L.F because he was the old man's physician.

Solozarno followed the instruction of his master, L.A, to the letter. he set the floral shop of Pedro on fire that consumed everything there, and almost consume the two whiz kids, Salvador and Teresita.

Snippets 159

Jenny attempted to renew her evil alliance with L.A, this time, to defraud L.F's new fortune. L.A recoiled from this offer because he has private agenda and does not want to shoot himself on the leg with such acts.

A drama of destiny occurred as L.F arrived with her luggage into Don's mansion. The old man who had relapsed into depression and amnesia, mistook her for Amelia. He was happy and quickly called Rigoberto to fetch Consuela to come and see her sister, Amelia, who has returned home after 2 decades of absence. L.F was so embarrassed with this twist of Don's mental health

Guillermo carried out his threat and got a better substitute to Jennifer to carry the ad campaigns. Xochil was chosen to parade the colors of the agency across Latin America, modeling several costumes and bikinis.

Armando decided to play good and honest for the first time in his life. He approached Pedro to warn him that L.A is planning to take over the Iron & Steel company and change its ownership as his own.

L.F quickly remembered to call Carlos to the rescue. When Carlos arrived Don accused him of having taken advantage of his daughter, Amelia and stolen his money and ran away with her for several years. Carlos was very embarrassed with this new mental twist. Carlos did not forget to alert L.F that more trouble is coming, apart from Don's mental relapse. He told her that L.A has hijacked and taken over the Iron and Steel company, running it as if it was his own.

L.A suffered embarrassing set backs in his legal war against Carlos, Caesar has taken the blame, when in the witness box, he claimed that Carlos was innocent and that he was the one who gave the key of his father's office to Carlos to pick bank documents from there. He said Carlos never broke in. So, Carlos was freed. Marissa employed the best legal defense for Caesar.

Snippets 158

What Pedro dreaded for 2 decades happened in 2 days! L.F announced to him that because of the speedy plunge of Don into depression. She had to move in, to live with her grandfather in the mansion. Pedro was stripped naked of any pretenses. he felt vulnerable and lonely when L.F left and moved in with Don.

Marissa pleaded with Pedro to put in a word for Carlos, telling him to let L.F give Carlos to explain himself out on this Jenny embarrassment. Pedro failed to convince L.F to give Carlos a chance, not even with the plea message from Marissa. Marissa advised Carlos to go talk to L.F again by himself, since she would need support now that Don Fernando has gone back into Depression, and also because L.A has usurped the Presidency of the Iron and steel company.

Ordo'ñez foresaw the impending danger of L.A's assumption of the Presidency of the Iron and Steel company. He knew that L.A would scandalously fleeced the company like he did during his 2-year reign at Metropolitan Bank. As well as probable hijacking and squandering of L.F's heritage. He headed for Don's house to go and tell the old man.

Rigoberto was also in bad shape because of the sudden and unexpected death of Consuelo. Vanessa was left to do the unpalatable work of consoling Rigo.

Armando expressed his shock to Carol over the sudden plans of Jenny to wed them.

Alfredo tried to retoast L.F by telling her he would soon perfect his walking and would love to see her walking by his side. Xochil too declares to Alfredo that she would leave him and go on with her modelling career as soon as he regained the full use of his limbs.

Snippets 157

Jenny was excited to learn that after a hot argument, L.F also sent Carlos out of her mansion. She assured Carol that Carlos would return back to her. Guillermo began to scheme to take Jenny out of the atmosphere of "Carlobsession". He told her that a new ad campaign is starting in another country. She replied that she could follow him because her sister, Carol, would soon marry and she wanted to be around to help her during the wedding.

Vanessa counseled and warn L.F not to believe 3rd party rumour about Carlos, even if Pedro was the rumor monger. She told her that from her own practical experience with Carlos, when she was still chasing after him, Carlos loved her and was incapable of deceiving her again.

Carlos went to meet with Xochil to confirm if actually L.F slept with Alfredo on the night when she slept in their house. Xochil told him the truth of the affair between Alfredo and her. She told him that they never slept together.

Alfredo resumed his scheming on a larger scale. This time,began a fresh lobby of Pedro to convince L.F to marry him. Pedro went to Marissa to express his disappointment about Carlos' unfaithfulness with L.F. Marissa told him the truth that no iota of relationship exist between her son and Jenny. She made him realize that Jenny was obsessed and always throwing herself at Carlos.

L.A warned Trimming to keep quiet or he would deal with him. He sent message to Armando to come and resume as his assistant at the factory, telling him that they were the only blood relatives of L.F, who can help her manage the fortune that has come to her. He also told Armando to help him convince L.F to forgive and accept him as her father.

Jennifer de la Schemer devised another contraption by telling Armando to get ready to marry Carol, her sister. That she would sponsor their marriage. Foolish Armando was shocked and did not know the evil motive behind this sudden move. What this evil queen of carnality was planning was that, being the half brother of L.F who is now an heiress to a huge fortune, that wealth would rub on Carol and ultimately herself, if Carol is married to Armando.

Don pleaded with L.F that she was the only one he had now and begged her never to leave him alone, till he dies.

Snippets 156

Jennifer and her "comrades-in-scheming", Carolina and Armando, went to Don's house when they read of the death of Consuelo in all the newspapers. She carried her comrades along with the purpose of catching Carlos, knowing that Carlos would be there, commiserating with the old man.

She met Vanessa and asked if L.F was still working for the old man as housemaid. Vanessa laughed at her folly, and told them that L.F was the granddaughter and heiress of Don Fernando Alcantara, that she was the owner of the property where they were standing. Jenny almost fainted with shock of this latest surprise.

Guillermo's assistant warned him that Jenny has gone after her obsession- Carlos, again. That he is sure she doesn't love him (Guillermo), he warned him that Jenny was only using him to satisfy her emotional hunger.

L.F comforted Don and refused to leave him alone for a minute. Later when she escorted Don back home, she was furious to see Jennifer hanging around her mansion with her "comrades". She humiliated them by ordering the guards to chase them out of her property. Carlos declared to L.F that he would not leave the house unless L.F listen to his own explanation of what caused the new misunderstanding between them. She told him that he was a fake fellow and wouldn't talk to him.

L.A informed Reuben of his resignation as his legal adviser because he was resuming as the new President of the Iron and steel company of Alcantara, occasioned by the death of Consuelo.

L.A. took over immediately as President of the factory while everybody were still mourning.
Trimming, Vanessa's husband challenged his ascendancy, and accused him of being a faithful accomplice of late Consuelo in all her evil deeds against L.F.

Snippets 155

The tragic news of Consuelo's death sent Don Fernando from the peak of joy and merriment into the darkest pits of melancholic depression. Everybody was concerned for the old man's health, Vanessa called Carlos to come and medically help Don out of this new trauma. L.F felt very bad by the death of Consuelo. Being the last person to see her alive, she concluded that her obstinacy was what drove Consuelo to her untimely death.

After examining Don, Carlos recommended to Rigo that he would have to refer him on admission again at the hospital. The old man told them not to bother, that he could not afford live anymore. He wished he were dead too to save him from the sorrow of hearing about the deaths of his two daughters within 24 hours. That was too much for any loving parent. At that moment L.A appeared, came to say his condolence to the old man. Vanessa did not even grant him that luxury. She chased him out of the mansion.

As Carlos moved to escort L.F to the mortuary in preparation for Consuelo's burial, L.F shunned him. On getting to the morgue, as all relatives and friends gathered, Consuelo's corpse was brought out. Upon seeing his daughter's corpse, the old man fainted.

Two down and out, Two more to Go!
L.A began to plot afresh how he would take over the wealth of Don, after the death of Consuelo. Jenny too began to plot how she would capture Carlos in her evil net again now that she knew that a fresh crack has opened up between L.F and him. she went to wait for him at home.

Xochil was happy to be reconciled with her boss and lover, Alfredo, she went back home with him.

Snippets 154: The End of The Wicked!

No more space for maneuver, when L.F met her aunty Consuelo, the wicked woman begged her to cover up for her by telling Don that she (Consuelo), did not know all these while, that L.F was her niece. L.F refused bluntly to be her accomplice in deception of her grandfather, Don Fernando. She assured her that if it was because of inheritance that made her commit all her evil atrocities, she (L.F) was not interested in struggling for inheritance of Don. She said she was content to know that the good old man was her mother's father.

Consuelo went berserk, seeing that she had lost it all, and could not manipulate this young girl. L.F walked out on her and went to join Pedro at Don's house. Consuela vowed to kill this 'bastard' girl before she get to reveal all her evil deeds to Don Fernando at the house. She rushed into her car, with plans to go and contract hired assassins to do a quick job of killing Luisa Fernanda.

In her hysterical state, Consuela drove straight into an auto crash. The same type of accident that killed Amelia. Her car caught fire as a result of the impact of the head-on collision. The great, hellish-like inferno prevented rescuers and sympathizers from getting near the car to rescue her. The consuming fire consumed Consuela. she was burnt beyond recognition, roasted by fire on earth, sent to hell to continue in the bonfire.

Pedro held nothing back, it was a free-for-all revelation that touched Don greatly. He cleared the air that Consuelo was lying when she accused him and Amelia of stealing Don's money. Pedro even disclosed to the old man that his Legal Adviser, Luis Alejandro Montero, was the bast**d who impregnated Amelia. Don was about mourning for the horrible misfortunes of Amelia when L.F entered the house. She rushed to embrace her grandfather... it was a moment of free-flowing tears.

Don asked that two bottles of champagne be opened to celebrate this great moment.

Carlos Eduardo went in the morning to Alfredo's house seeking L.F. Alfredo pretended as if he and L.F spent the night together having a nice time. Carlos was in rage, Alfredo was merely taunting and tormenting him with those lies. Xochil ran out of the house to hide in Victor's house, because she felt betrayed by Alfredo's cowardice in the face of L.F. Alfredo did not want to lose two ways, he quickly dressed up and went to beg and reconciled with Xochil.

Vanessa's husband, Trimming (he has so many names), was at the scene of the accident, he recognized Consuelo's car, the police took him to the mortuary to identify the burnt body of Consuela.

Jenny saw Carlos at a restaurant and still went after him begging to be given another chance. Carlos warned her to leave him alone and depart in peace. Guillermo that had been monitoring the movements of Jenny traced her to that restaurant and thought that C.E and her fixed a rendezvous there. He entered and without question, he landed a jealous blow on Carlos Eduardo's face.

Trimming arrived home to break the sad news of Consuelo's tragic end in the midst of feasting and victorious reunion by Don and his grandaughter.