Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 129

Good news! Clarita is pregnant, but also had appendicitis. Consuelo shoved Vanessa out of the house, as soon as Don travelled to La Paz with Rigo. Vanessa had suspected that Consuelo urged Don to travel out, so that she could open the safe of Heriberto in his absence. Vanessa summoned courage to ask her for the keys to her father's safe.

That was what filled Vanessa's cup. Consuelo told her the history of how her father was nobody but a common factory worker promoted to vice president of the company. She told her that her father was Mr. "Nobody" who came with nothing, and so, had nothing to claim as his belongings. She asked her to pack her luggage and disappear from her father's property.

L.F confessed to Carlos how she lacked the moral courage to tell Alfredo the she could no longer marry him. She wept because of the moral burden. Alfredo on the other hand went to tell Pedro that his daughter has been going behind his back to renew romance with Carlos. He bitterly expressed his fear that L.F was looking for excuse to back out of the La Paz trip and break her engagement with him. Pedro calmed him down, assuring him that he would not support any move by his daughter to renew romance with Carlos.

While on hospital bed, Jennifer discharged herself against Carlos medical advise, because, she just won another big modelling contract with another advertising agency.

Xochil was afraid that L.F may cause a last minute upset for Alfredo, so, she insisted on accompanying Alfredo to La Paz. Alfredo agreed with her.

Carlos Eduardo too became wiser, and decided to shift the emotional battle field to La Paz. He advised his mom to get out of negative publicity and get well, by going to La Paz for physio treatment too, so that she would no longer be limping while walking. He assured her that she would have good company there because Don Fernando is already therer receiving treatment too.

Snippets 128

Rosario had to deploy her motherly wisdom to get Carlos out of self-depression and self-guilt. She told him to reject being victim of Jenny's suicidal madness. Carlos recovered and rose up to address Jennifer, telling her that her case needs urgent psychiatric intervention, just like Pedro when he attempted suicide some 3 years ago.

Carol also advised her to look for another man who would love her, because her happiness is not tied and cannot be tied to a man who does not love her. When Armando broke the news of Jenny's suicidal attempt to L.F, this good-natured girl visited, to sympathize with her at the hospital. But the predictable results are, insults and abuses rained on her by a supposedly recuperating Jenny.

Alfredo requested Xochil to carry him to Jenny's ward. On getting there, Jenny accused him of letting loose his fiancee to resume intimate relationship with Carlos Eduardo. She told him the details of how she caught both of them is passionate kissing session in Carlos office. Alfredo went straight to L.F's house to challenge her on the illicit affair, she re-ignited with Carlos. She denied the allegation, perhaps to avoid another possible suicide by Alfredo on her neck.

As L.A appeared in court again, the judge decided that there were few evidences to prove beyond reasonable doubt that L.A actually wanted to kill Marissa. The case was dismissed without cost. Immediately Ordonez applied to subpoena Andreina as witness for a fresh case against L.A. The L.A camp burst into joyful celebration and L.A began to plan Kill Andreina, if she should return to Mexico to testify against him.

Carlos Eduardo re-assured L.F that she should give him time to let Jenny be discharged from the hospital before he breaks his engagement with her. He also told her to do same at the same time with respect to Alfredo, so both of them can go ahead and marry.

Snippets 127

A dying Jennifer de la Suicide, was discovered in the bathroom by Carol and rushed to the emergency ward of Carlos' hospital where her bowel was flushed of all pills she had swallowed. After her recovery and stability, later in the evening, Carlos asked her why she choose a senseless option of ending her life. She fired back that only over her dead body would he marry Luisa Fernanda. This suicide attempt which became a big press issue as the media published it made Carlos to blame himself for putting two women who loved him dearly into so much torment.

Consuelo was happy with the proposed trip to La Paz by Don for physio treatment, she agreed and encouraged Don to go. The old man initially did not want to travel out to La Paz, but Consuelo had to use all the tricks in her evil bag to make him agree. She had many evil schemes that would have to materialize fruitfully, only with the absence of Don from the scene.

Alfredo has suddenly realize his maniacal obsession with L.F escorting him for medical treatment in La Paz. He regretted his manipulative pressure that made her agree to escort him. as soon as the news of Jenny's suicide got to Alfredo, he jumped into wild conclusions that it must have been as a result of C.E and L.F having fully reconciled. He became agitated and wanted to go and visit Jennifer at the hospital

Vanessa advised L.F not to miss her opportunity of happiness by resigning from fighting for her love for Carlos Eduardo. She advised her not to go ahead with her plans to marry Alfredo.

L.A, once again unleashed a media war on Marissa and Carlos over the attempted suicide of Jenny. He told the press that they were a family that injure and maim their loved ones, but turn around to accuse others of attempted murder.

Snippets 126

Carlos was furious to learn that Jenny slapped L.F, he went to scold and tongue-lashed her for her gutter behavior. Jenny was depressed by this obvious partisanship of Carlos. She concluded that the two lovers were getting back together in reconciliation. She admitted her loss in the battle for Carlos' love. She decided to commit suicide and swallowed all the pills from a bottle of sleeping pills and fell into the bath tub.

Alfredo had a running battle with L.F before he could finally convince her to escort him to La Paz for the trip. He apologized to her for forcing her against her will to escort him on the trip.

Leopoldo appeared in court, after being thoroughly beaten by two thugs hired by Solozarno to kill him. He gave useful evidence against L.A.

Pedro threw a small party to celebrate the victory over the legal adoption of Salvador and also to welcome him officially into his family as a new member.

Vanessa came to her father's office to pack his things, She tried unsuccessfully to break open the metal box where Heriberto keeps vital documents. She suspects that Don's Will may be hidden there. One of the factory workers came to report to Consuelo that Vanessa was trying to break the safe. Consuelo made up her mind there and then, to get rid of Vanessa, who symbolized the new threat to her evil hegemony. She could not help but noticed how Don Fernando pampered Vanessa throughout the burial ceremony of Heriberto. She dreaded a scenario, where Don may decide to transfer his fortune to Vanessa in the absence of his real granddaughter.

Rigo escorted Don to the hospital for medical checkup. The doctor recommended and referred Don to La Paz, for physio treatment of Don's trembling hand. Consuelo refused to heed Rigo's warning to confess to Don, she held on to the last straw of evil hope that Don could drop dead any moment from now, particularly now, that she has assumed the presidency of the Iron and Steel company.

Snippets 125

After the hot slap in the face, L.F decided to abandon further struggles with her arc rival, Jenny, for the love of Carlos Eduardo. When later Carlos came to visit her, she told him how Jennifer de la fighter humiliated her with a slap during Heriberto's funeral. She told him never to come around looking for her any more because she doesn't want further trouble with his pugilist fiancee.

After Heriberto's funeral, Don went to ask Consuelo to explain the details of the confession of Heriberto to him about his dead daughter and his living granddaughter. Consuelo masterly hid under tearful streams of pain, and pretended to be too consumed by the loss of her husband to answer the query of Don. But the old man would not rest, He went to Rigo to ask the same question.

L.A received court summons to appear and defend himself against the allegation of attempted murder of Marissa.

Dr. Serrano told Alfredo how it is impossible for him to force his fiancee to escort him to La Paz. Desperate Alfredo sent for Pedro and arm-twisted him to compel his daughter to escort him to La Paz for the duration of his stay there. Pedro, true to type, mandated and morally cornered L.F, to agreeing to escort Alfredo to La Paz. Case closed! Courrrrrttttttt!!!!

Marissa seems to have woken up from the threshold of Jenny's deception. She invited only one journalist into her office and garnted an exclusive interview of her own version of L.A's ridiculous allegations. When Jenny returned to the Press center, the gamut of eager journalists whom she had invited for her 'show of shame' almost tore her to pieces demanding from her to produce Marissa, as she had promised them, when she was inviting them for the press conference. Marissa turned down all her pleadings to show up at the press conference. Jenny had to profusely apologized to all the press corps, for her inability to produce Marissa for the press conference. She was thoroughly embarrassed.

The parents of Salvador finally agreed to voluntarily give him away in adoption to Pedro and the judge had no option than to ratify their decision.

Ordonez and Lupe publicly announced their forthcoming wedding ceremony.

Snippets 124

Being, the first time that a patient would die in his hands during surgery, Carlos felt very bad and even took responsibility for his death. Vanessa a double orphan became most vulnerable, for the first time in her life. Consuelo pretentiously slumped to the ground upon learning of Heriberto's death. Don Fernando handled the coordination of the burial ceremony for Heriberto. The weakest of all the schemers in this telenovela dies, 3 more to go, they are chronic evil agents and hardened wicked souls. You know them, don't you?

Upon learning that Leopoldo would testified against him for exchange for his pardon and freedom. L.A was paranoid, he signaled that his hatchet man, Solozarno should swing into action with PLAN "B" to make sure Leopoldo dies before arriving at the witness box.

Paranoid Alfredo threatened Dr. Serrano that he would rather remain a cripple and refuse to go for physio treatment in La Paz, if his fiancee refuse to follow and be with him there, for the long duration of his stay in La Paz.

Jennifer de la Mocker was mocked too. She went to the hospital to alert Carlos by lying that that his mother has organized a press conference, (of which Jenny herself was architect and master planner), to counter L.A. When she arrived, Consuelo told her that Carlos is mourning and grieving in his office because of the loss of Heriberto and that L.F was in the office with him, consoling him.

She went into a rage at the mention of Luisa Fernanda's name. She stormed Carlos' office and was astonished to see both of them (L.F and C.E), in an emotionally charged kissing session. She screamed and shouted her frustration at the two, insulting L.F, calling her unprintable names. Carlos stopped her in her tracks, warning her never to insult L.F again.

It was Heriberto's funeral, and all present were truly mournful, the only secretly happy person was Consuelo, whose vile secrets were carried to the beyond, by Heriberto. Jenny arrived at the burial in the company of Carlos, she secretly went to where L.F was standing, without being seen by anybody, she landed Luisa Fernanda a big whopping slap on the face, saying that was for kissing her 'fiance', Carlos Eduardo.

Leopoldo withheld his testimony against L.A, because he had not been pardoned or freed as he had offered to Mujica.

Snippets 123: One Down, Three To Go!

Seeing his receding strength, doctors rushed Heriberto for the first X-Ray session, so he was unable to complete his confession to Don Fernando. But what Heriberto said was enough to stir up the curiosity of Don. So, he went to challenge "Concealer" Consuela, (as one of our revered 'gardeners' from Kano, Nigeria, would call her), what the matter was, as per his granddaughter.

Jennifer de la Mocker, came visiting Marissa to show hypocritical solidarity with her. She even suggested that Marissa should agree to organise a counter-press conference to expose L.A too. Marissa foolishly agreed, thinking, her 'friend' was helping her.

Heriberto agreed to the surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from his brain. He died during the surgical operation led by Carlos.

Pedro reported back to Marissa on how he beat up L.A, to a pulp when he read in the papers how L.A discredited her. Marissa felt bad by the scuffle and also reminded him that he had terminated their relationship because of the negative publicity, why was he still fighting on her behalf.

L.F came to tell Alfredo that she was not going to follow him to La Paz. Alfredo countered by accusing her of breaking her vows to always stand by him, the way he stood by her when she was in jail. Xochil went to one corner to weep because, Alfredo did not show any affection to the lavish expression of her love for him, but was rather begging and running after L.F that didn't love him.

Consuelo told L.A that she had stolen the original Will of Don, prepared by Mujica. L.A asked her to show it to him, so he can study it. She ignorantly gave it to him.

Snippets 122

Lawyer Mujica recovered the original Will of Don Fernando and passed it to him. Consuelo took a mental note of where the old man kept the Will. Reuben became jealous of Ordonez, he told Lupe that he wanted her to remarry him. Lupe said NO.

Vanessa came to the hospital the next day to warn her father to tell Don Fernando the whole truth about Amelia and her daughter, so that Consuelo would not twist the story in his absence.

L.A has now become the whipping boy of Pedro and Carlos. When they read all the fabrications of L.A in the newspapers about Marissa being a cheat and adulterer. They went wild and went to meet L.A at his apartment, Pedro beat him into a pulp. L.A instructed Solozarno to shoot and kill Pedro in retaliation for the beating he received from him. Carlos blocked and and prevented Solozarno from fulfilling L.A's wishes.

The press coverage of the adultery scandal was sensational, and became the hottest gist in town. When Armando and Carol told Jenny about it, she was happy and made a mockery of the disgrace of her "confidant and friend"- Marissa Gomez. For her, it was another indirect blow against Luisa Fernanda- her worst nightmare and obsession. Journalists and T.V presenters invited Marissa to grant interviews to defend herself or clear the air over the allegations of adultery by L.A, she refused to grant any interview to the Press.

L.F began to search for Pedro, and was told that Pedro had gone to fight L.A in his apartment, so, she ran there and found her Pedro and Carlos in a brawl with L.A and Solozarno. L.A began to curse and denigrate Pedro and Carlos. L.F could not stand the two people in her life, whom she loved, to be so insulted, she marched on L.A and ... GBHOSA!!! Heavy slaps rained down on L.A from Luisa Fernanda, his biological daughter. She told him how shameless and ungrateful he was, for treating the man (Pedro), that raised her up for twenty years, when he (L.A), absconded after impregnating Amelia, with disdain.

The adultery scandal began to take its toll, the judge over the case of Salvador changed his mind when reading of how Pedro and Marissa, were irresponsible adulterers, as alleged by L.A in all the newspapers.

Leopoldo negotiated with Mujica that he would testify of all the evils L.A did against Marissa, in exchange for his freedom and pardon on the other case of attempted murder of L.A. Mujica passed this information to Ordonez and also the fact that he has passed the Original Will to Don.

Consuelo stole the original Will of Don Fernando, and went to hide it in Heriberto's drawer in the factory. Virginia saw her and challenged her on what she was doing there, Consuelo sent her out of the office. Don Fernando appointed Consuelo as the acting President of the Iron and Steel company, in the absence of Heriberto. When Don came to tell Heriberto in the hospital, that he has appointed Consuelo as the new President of the Steel company, he was alarmed, knowing the danger that his wife represent to the old man's fortune, he began immediately to confess to Don Fernando that Don has a granddaughter whom he knows and is alive ... his health grew worse, his voice grew faint...

Caesar told Clarita that he wanted a career switch from driver to a better job, as suggested by his run-away father, Reuben. Clarita accused him of disloyalty, and that he wanted to jump ship because of the current travail they were going through.

Snippets 121

Carlos Eduardo, Mujica and other lawyers sought ways to deflate L.A's balloon of blackmail by suggestive moves to get Andreina to testify against him, over his attempted murder of Marissa Gomez. Carlos also suggested that the buried case of attempted homicide, when L.A pointed a gun at him should be unearthed.

Xochil indicted Alfredo for lowering his self-esteem by begging and blackmailing L.F to escort him to La Paz.

When Armando questioned the dirty method of blackmail that his father, L.A was using in order to make Marissa come back to him, L.A told Armando that he was as much his accomplice, in the crime. He turned around to blackmail his son too, instructing him that he should help him to persuade L.F to accept him as her father, otherwise, he would sink Armando.

Carlos reassured Vanessa that he would save her father's life. Consuelo's anxiety heightened and worsened when Heriberto was speaking with Don, she thought that Heriberto would expose all their joint evil deeds to Don.

Consuelo was not comfortable with Vanessa staying over the night by Heriberto's bedside. She was afraid that Heriberto may reveal all of their joint evil deals to her, so she urged Vanessa to go home to sleep, while she (Consuelo) would stay with him all night. Later in the night, Heriberto pleaded with Consuelo to take good care of his daughter for him, if he dies. She promised and assured him that she would take care of her like as if she were her own daughter.

Joaquina announced that the Convent had transferred her to Africa for missionary work there.