Monday, May 28, 2007

Children's Day Blues

It's their day. We may be too consumed at times to pay attention to what our children's right were. In my own case, my three angels- Gratitude, King and Gbemisoke (Glory), woke me up from my internet preoccupation.

They reminded me saying: "Mummy, it's children's day, let's go out to celebrate it". The 27th day of May, every year is the International Children's Day, so, my children practically dragged me out to mark it at the amusement park.

It was huge fun for these innocent ones as they merry-go-round, riding horses and posing for photographs taking lessons in swimming. For me it was a great outdoor fun because, being a housewife that just recently took up the vocation of a "Work-at-home-mother" working round the available time on my desktop PC. It was 'liberation' leisure.

Happy Children's holiday to all children on this occasion. Totally oblivious of the strike call by the trade unions and civil society groups, my children saw this holiday as another big fun and joy.

As I returned with them back home, it was a refreshing difference and was able to post this little piece. It was a short telenovela break for me, as I took a reflective attitude towards my web lectures that I have been attending on net for the past week.

Now I hope to resume, barring disruptions of electricity supply due to the strike and the latest petroleum pump price increases.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Sun Sets for Gardener's Daughter

What started like a Telenovela bang some nine months ago, is now coming to an end in the next few days, with the airing tonight of Episode 172 and 173 of La Hija del Jardinero soap opera. It is just about 6 episodes to go, that means barring possible disruptions by the UEFA champions league, final football match between Liverpool and AC Milan, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007, the series should end with the Grand finale, next week Thursday.

Many of the early viewers have dropped off, because of the deliberate attempt by the script writers and producers to unduly prolong the the show, thereby boring many fans. But the next eight days would be a climax, as every fan would return and want to see justice done, love penalties awarded, the wicked emotional dribblers (Jennifer de la Vega and Luis Alejandro Montero) penalized, and nuptial victory won by the prime couple, Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda. (Luisa is not a loser, afterall).

In the midst of this change, the sponsors of this soap opera have cheated the viewing public by what they are bringing next, at the end of this season: Catalina y Sebastian. (Catalina and Sebastian).

This one is an 8-year old telenovela (1999), starring the popular telenovela 'Romeo and Juliet' of "Paloma and Diego" - Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basañez. I feel they were catching into our nostalgia for those wonderful couple, to bring a very old novela. They were much younger in that soap than "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine) (WUAM) (2001).

It is ideal to bring "La Heredera" (The Heiress) (2005), where the two celebrities were the star actor and actress. It would have been a natural sequel to WUAM.

I do know that it is a huge fortune to buy the latest and current telenovelas (about half to 1 million U.S Dollars), than the cheap old ones. The promoters were only trying to maximize their profits. La Heredera is two years old, and it would have been only fair to buy and bring it now, afterall, 'The Gardener's Daughter' and 'Todo Sobre Camila' (All About Camila), were bought and brought for our viewing pleasure when they were barely three years old.

So, as the curtain closes on the gardener's daughter, we wish all our fans and readers a good time watching and reading. That was partly why we changed this blog's name from the gardener's daughter to TELENOVELA LOVE GARDEN. With the end of the gardener's daughter, we would still serve you other exciting telenovelas. Telenovela is all bout profound lessons in love.

Keep learning and enjoying yourselves. Ciao.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Internet Mayhem of May

The internet is a mystery. But you become a master, (some said webmaster), when you have an understanding of that mystery.

This month of May, I have not been able to post more than seven snippets in the last three weeks, yet my income has averaged at $10 per day. For doing practically nothing. Average daily page views has been over 8,000 and daily visitors has been averaging 1,100 people.

I discovered that the eternal works I have done on the gardener's daughter telenovela snippets are still bringing fresh visitors searching for the full story, from several countries, in all the six continents.

I know however that old members of this forum are hungry, just like me, to read and to post new and current telenovelas. Some wrote from Ghana that, Secreto de Amor (Secret Love), just began airing and wanted me to showcase it the way we did with gardener's daughter full story and Esmeralda full story.

I know too that I am a heavy telenovela debtor, because of the outstanding and yet-to-be-fulfilled promises of America Ferreira's Ugly Betty (Yo soy Betty, la Fea), Rebeca, Lorenzo's wife (La Mujer de Lorenzo), La Heredera,(The Heiress), Amor Sin Condiciones (Love Without Conditions), Rebelde and Rubi.

You can imagine my current burden with these ocean of telenovela debts, and in the midst of it, some already asking for Catalina y Sebastian! La Usurpadora, etc.

This is the reason why I am republishing this letter which I wrote to a senior and esteemed member of this forum, who wrote to ask me about the spate of go-slow I am experiencing in recent times. So read on and understand the reason for the current telenovela go-slow:

"My Esteemed Prof and Egbon,

Thank you for your accurate observation.

My new site Story-Story Dot Com, was activated on 1st May this year. That was when my story began. I needed to install a blogging software, in order to commence my work on the new site.

WordPress is the most standard and popular one in the world, and it is free, but I don't know how to install it on my own. So, I applied to the "Install4free" team of WordPress to do the job for me. (of course, I had to supply them with all my login details including my user-name and password).

By the time they finished and asked me to 'take over', I discovered to my chagrin that I could no longer access my control panel login and also my new blog.

Much later, I discovered that I could access it from public cybercafes. Others like you, also told me that they could access it. Later, my computer engineer (God help us what kind of half-baked characters parade themselves as 'computer engineers' these days). He told me to get anyone with Starcomms internet connection to access it, by doing so, they would have updated the Starcomms cache server, thereby making my PC also to access it.

Alas, all that did not work.

In the past 2 weeks, I have received over 62 instructions (including from Starcomms data clinic), on how to correct this anomaly, all of them to no avail. This 'cyber hold-up' could be quite irritating, I just decided to let go this PC and go for another CPU at the computer village here in Ikeja.

That should cost me some $200, but its worth the change from the current stagnation. Thank God that my current monthly average earnings is hovering around $500 which could afford me the purchase, without dipping my hands into the house-keeping allowance given me by my husband.

I would make the purchase during this new week. This was the principal reason why my efforts on Telenovela Love Garden has slowed down this month. The setting up a new blog has taken its toll on my mental energy, and even sapped my enthusiasm for telenovela blogging.

This is the crazy price I am paying for changing blog hosting services. I remember somebody saying that every change and movement produces friction. These hiccups are my own transitional frictions. The price to pay for the decision to increase my blog income ten-fold.

I look with nostalgia at my December 2006 peak of posting ten episodes per day. I want to get back to that peak, and I feel it is this new blog that would give me that kind of impetus again.

Thank you sir, and I appreciate your concern and all other fans and 'gardeners' on this forum, which incidentally, I have changed the nomenclature to TELENOVELA LOVE GARDEN.

I am begging your permission to republish this my letter to you, so as to 'use one stone to kill many birds', by explaining to our friends on this blog, the reason for the May 'go-slow'.

Best regards to your family.

Philpomena Ojikutu (Mrs.)"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Befriending The Tigress of Vengeance

Giacomo advised Laura that the best way to beat Isabela in her game is to go out of her way and befriend her, instead of open antagonism. He told her that by this means, she would be able to know what Isabela may be planning ahead to time.

Laura too advised Giacomo not to impose career decisions on his son, Tony. She advised him to allow Tony to follow his passion for music. She told him to encourage and help the young lad to be an accomplished musician.

Nati would never get tired of being suspicious that Orlando was involved with Gloria. Orlando would never get tired of denying any affair with Gloria. To settle the argument, Orlando proposed to her that she should prevent Lorenzo from getting in touch with Gloria for interview. Nati too asked Tony to push the résumé of Silvia favorably with Lorenzo.

Silvia was at Emperatriz garment workshop seeking information about how to get a loan when she saw that Conan was already in the ring with Titan. She excitedly told the factory girls that he was her cousin and they brought out a TV to watch the fight.

On seeing that Titan was gaining an upper hand over Conan, she quickly told the girls her plan, and they sew an emergency outfit like that of a masquerade to cover her face and body. She wore it and rushed to the venue of the fight to challenge Titan for the $3,000 Championship Prize.

Two cunning women, Empe refused to sign partnership agreement with Isabela until her lawyer read it. Isabela was disappointed that Empe did not trust her. Empe promised to return the Agreement to her next day.

Mimi was by the ringside to support Conan, so was Hercules as his coach. Nati was caught by Lorenzo while she was watching the fight on TV at her office. Lorenzo told her that Glory was more qualified than Silvia, because, she had a university degree. He however promised to look at Silvia resume later.

When Empe arrived at her workshop, she noticed every worker glued to the TV watching the fight, she also noticed that a clothing material was missing, and accused them of theft. No one confessed that the material was sewn for Silvia's masquerade attire for the fight with Titan.

After the victory of Titan over Conan, a new masked fighter arrived, to challenge Titan. Nobody knew that it was Silvia. With her superlative skill in martial arts and self-defense, she defeated Titan, employing also the combined tactic told her by Conan from Tony.

Giacomo brought the new model pictures of Alex to Lorenzo and he approved that Alex should take part in the upcoming photo shooting. When Orlando saw the pictures he thought that Alex was the latest gay lover of Giacomo, but Lorenzo told him not to pry his eyes into Giacomo's personal affairs.

Empe sent her son, Alex, to take the Agreement, after she had studied and signed it, back to Isabela. When he got to Isabela's suite, both were mutually attracted to each other. The natural tempter in her woke up, she told Alex to look the other way while she dresses up. Alex used the mirror to spy on Isabela while she was naked and dressing up.

Silvia fought and defeated Titan by utilizing the secret told her by Conan. She hit Titan on the left knee and gave him a pinfall. She was awarded the $3,000 Cash Prize. She was mysterious masked fighter whose real identity, nobody knows.

When Silvia got home, she told Hercules and Conan not to mourn their loss of the fight with Titan, that God has provided the needed $3,000 by other means. Meanwhile she had gone to confess the source and gave the money to Nati, instructing her to tell Hercules that it was a loan advance from her office.

The cunning game continued, as Laura followed Giacomo's advise and went to Isabela, telling her that she wanted to befriend her afresh, and that she should forgive her for her past 'sins'. An unusual friendship was struck between both of them, neither of them trusting each other. A case of once bitten, twice shy.

Silvia was shocked to see pictures of Alex, posing as a semi nude model in Lorenzo's hand. She told Lorenzo that Alex was her boyfriend. Silvia was upset that Alex was no longer confiding in her, because Alex never told her about his new adventures into modeling.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Invitation to Temptation

The swimming temptation was enough an invitation for Alex, He rushed like a bull to the China's shop. On getting to Isabela's suite in the hotel, he pounced on her like an hungry wild animal, sweeping aside her initial protestations and resistance. he practically 'mauled' her, she melted under his romantic ferocity, she succumbed under his aggressive emotional thrusts. She was 'conquered', was she?

In the midst of this romantic conquest, Lorenzo appeared, Isabela had to quickly hide Alex away in the bathroom, where Lorenzo could not know that he was around.

Lorenzo brought the final draft of the agreement on business partnership, to export textile designs to Europe through Isabela. He also used the opportunity to apologize to her of jilting her 8 years ago, and abandoning her for Laura. Isabela told him to forget about the past and move forward to the future. He didn't know that she had prepared a revenge plan packaged for him and Isabela.

As much as Lorenzo tried to shield his private visit to Isabela's suite, his noble gestures were thwarted by cunning Isabela. She came to spoil the dinner of Lorenzo with Laura, when she burst in on them at her restaurant, and expressed an hypocritical concern that Lorenzo never told her earlier in the afternoon, when he visited her in her suite that he would be coming for dinner at her restaurant, so that she could prepare her best specialty dish for them.

Lorenzo was dumbfounded, and this painted him in bad light before Laura, with probable insinuations that he was secretly dating Isabela. Laura was shocked and infuriated by this latest revelation.

This perfectly fell into the wicked schemes of Isabela to create disaffections and doubts, thereby breaking Lorenzo's marriage to Laura.

Isabella consolidated her revenge plans by calling Gloria on phone to tell her that she would get her the job of secretary at Lorenzo's Paracas Textile, in return for exclusive devotion and loyalty to her (Isabela). Orlando was suspicious about the phonecall that Gloria received and which suddenly changed her attitude. She became more loving and promised that she would no longer break up with Orlando, as she had been planning some few minutes ago before the phonecall.

The Loving and Saving Shadow

This moving piece was sent to me by my dearly esteemed friend, Omodesola Ilechukwu (Mrs.), from Opebi, Lagos, I am posting it for your meditation on the love of God for us, even when we were in the deep dark recess of ignorance, and having disdain for the religious zealots amongst us.

You remember her? She was the lady that told us the touching love story in February, 18th this year. I got hold of her pics and family (right), that was part of the exchanges that took place between us during my birthday, last week. That is a story for another day, another time.

This will give you chills...

No matter how religious you may or may not be.

Phil. 4:13 states:
"I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me ..."

Here's the story:

A young man who had been raised as an atheist was training to be an Olympic Diver. The only religious influence in his life came from his outspoken Christian friend.

The young diver never really paid much attention to his friend's
sermons, but he heard them often (just as you often come here to read).

One night, the diver went to the indoor pool at the college he attended. The lights were all off, but as the pool had big skylights and the moon was bright,
there was plenty of light to practice by.

The young man climbed up to the highest diving board and as he turned his back to the pool on the edge of the board, and extended his arms out.

He saw his shadow on the wall. The shadow of his body, was in the shape of a cross.

The man felt a strange feeling,
like someone was speaking to him.

Instead of diving,
he knelt down and finally asked God to come into his life.

As the young man stood up,

a maintenance man walked in and turned the lights on.

Alas! ... The pool had been drained ! for repairs.

Remember this story and share it with friends.

Yes, May the Shadow of the Almighty protect you, speak to you and, guide you to your place of blessings.

I do Love Jesus.
He is my source of existence and Savior.

He keeps me functioning each and everyday.

Without Him, I will be nothing.
Without him, I am nothing, but with Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. -Phil 4:23.

Live as though Christ died yesterday, rose from the grave today, and is coming back tomorrow.

( This is very wise thinking.)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dangerous Desires, Risky Datings

Laura demanded that Alex should give her, her due respect and stop making passes at her. Giacomo was troubled that on the very first day that his son came to live with him, he was already in police custody, arrested with his girlfriend, Mimi, for vagrancy. Mimi shifted the blame for the police arrest on Tony, when Giacomo came to bail them.

After their release, Tony invited Mimi to come and watch his rock band play. He gave her a tickets for the show and asked her to bring her friends along when coming.

The first encounter of Laura and Alex was not exactly rosy. There seems to be much animosities and derision between them. Laura, without knowing it, had developed a queer romantic interest and attraction for Alex. She secretly desired and loved his muscular macho, bulging body out of his clothes.

Conán told Silvia of how, from a little boy, his father had always been tutoring and coaching him in self-defense, kick-boxing and martial arts, dreaming that one day, he would become the national champion. Later at the dinner table, Hercules confirmed to Silvia that Conán would face Titan, the defending champion, for the prize of $3,000.

During the photographic session, Alex was initially nervous and uncomfortable. The Photographer had to tell him to be more relax in order to show that he was truly photogenic. Laura never missed the opportunity to take a swipe at Alex telling him that modeling was not for dummies and was not a cheap profession.

Midway into the photographic session, the photographer asked if Alex had a swim suit, to which he said yes,, and stripped, leaving him semi nude. Laura gasped in shock and was entranced by the bulging nudity of Alex in swim suit. That was one memorable picture that would torment her emotions in the days to come, and would not go or fade away.

As Alex flexed his muscles, posing as a sex symbol before the camera, Laura bit her lips in romantic envy.

Giacomo unsuccessfully tried to convince his son, Tony, to take up modeling as a career, instead of the Pop Rastafarian culture.

At the end of the photographic session, Alex boasted and challenged Laura if she still doubted his modeling talent. Laura told him to wait for the pictures to come out first. later while been ferried by Laura back to the boutique, he showered romantic encomiums on her.

He teased her that her husband was very lucky to have a very beautiful woman as wife. He confessed that, it was a dream come true for him, since the day he saw her pose on the cover page of a popular society magazine. Silvia told Tony of her need for a personal fitness trainer, he assured her that was his area of expertise.

Arrogant Emperatriz boasted and threw Silvia out of her house, when she visited her to plead the case of a hapless customer. She told Silvia that only fools become victims of financial misfortunes, and they should be made to pay for their folly. She threatened that she would make Alex to break his relationship with her.

Conán told Mimi about his upcoming fight with Titan, but she warned him that Titan was a cheat who doesn't play by the rules. She also requested him to escort her to the pop bash at Tony's house. Conan wondered what Mimi could be doing hanging around a 'Ruffian' like Tony.

Lorenzo reminded Orlando that since he inherited the textile factory from his father, he had never had a challenge that could not be surmounted. So, he requested Orlando to look critically to the business proposals of Isabela and report back to him.

Orlando canceled his night-time rendezvous with Nati, because he already had another date with Isabela, who was trying her best to seduce him to lower his alertness and scrutiny of her partnership deal with Lorenzo's. He made Isabela to understand that he was an associate and legal adviser to Lorenzo, with 3% stake in the Paracas textile.

Isabela told him of how deeply in love she was with Lorenzo, and how Laura suddenly appeared on the eve of their engagement and snatched Lorenzo from him. She told him that she has matured over the last 8 years to forget about vengeance.

Later when Orlando drove her home, he made amorous advances towards her, but she resisted, telling him not to misinterpret their business dinner for a romantic date. After

Tony was able to reveal the secrets of Titan to Conán. He told him that Titan has so many nails fixed to his left knee, and that he should kick that place to bring him down as his weakness. Conan told him that he was a clean fighter and would not engage in dirty trick in the ring with Titan. He left and Mimi followed him after giving Tony a light kiss on the cheek.

Conán told Silvia and Nati about the secret tales told him by Tony of the weak point of Titan in battle. They warned in not to trust in that tactics on the ring. When Nati suggested taking Silvia's Resume to work, Silvia doubted her chances with Lorenzo, after the technical knock down she gave him a few days ago.

Laura tried to persuade her husband, Lorenzo, from doing business with Isabela, because she suspected that Isabela returned for vengeance and a pound of flesh for the odious past between them. Lorenzo would not hear of it because, he thought Isabela was of noble intention. As soon as Lorenzo fell asleep, laura opened her bedside drawer and brought out the nude photographs of Alex, and began to seductively kiss them.

Silvia tried to alert Alex about Sonia, one of his 'students' at the gym. Alex assured her that no one would 'steal' him from her.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One Million Pageviews To Mark My Birthday

Birthdays are landmarks that are normally celebrated with a definite sense of achievement, even if that 'achievement' is that you are still alive, and living. It is therefore natural for me today, to cast a retrospective glance back at the four decades, that I have lived on planet earth.

The outcome of that retrospective excursion was a sense of great indebtedness to the Almighty God, my husband- Hon. Aderemi Ojikutu (he doesn't like that prefix, he believes honor is a virtue that oozes out of a man, not the external one attached to his name), and many of you who are regular members of this telenovela garden. You have made a positive statement by patronage, in the last 9 months together on this blog with me.

The proof of that statement is the one million and ninety five thousand, eight hundred and thirteen pageviews (1,095,813) and over 178,000 visitors generated by you all in 9 months!

I am particularly fulfilled today because you made me a trailblazer, in telenovela blogging. There was no such niche on the world wide web 12 months ago. You can check and search the web. Until you made me to come forth, with blogging telenovela, there was nowhere in the world where telenovela blogging as a niche exist.

That is what made our telenovela garden here, the number one telenovela blog in the world today. That unique position carved out has helped to give us an identity as a pace-setter in the web industry, from the corner of my living room.

Today our blog here is ranked PR4 by Google, and Alexa ranking of 196,000th most popular website out of the 108 million websites in the world. That was no mean feat in just a few months.

In 9 months, I have made incomes of a few thousand Dollars from this blog, and that made me proud and dignified. See the reason why I feel a sense of indebtedness?

Now, all I need from you fans, particularly those of you who have noticed a downturn in the production of telenovela summaries and snippets from this blog. Pray for me, for strength and courage to fulfill, (in the next seven months), the promise of 20 best telenovelas, which I promised you in January.

The future of telenovela blogging would be explosive, but I am happy to be a pioneer in this niche, though it is taking off slowly now. Another dream I have is to be able to tutor and mentor 20 other people to go into problogging (that is, earning incomes that would be the envy of full-time work, from their own blogs), by the time of my next birthday in 2008, God willing.

I thank the management of GT Bank Plc, Iwebtool, Adsensechat, and others who have already sent me goodwill messages this morning.

Now to get down and finish the Job- Complete Lorenzo's Wife (La Mujer de Lorenzo), REBECA and give Catalina y Sebastian a shout! Rubi, Rebelde and Ugly Betty would most likely be transfered and posted on my new blog Story-Story dot Com, as soon as it is up and functional.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caught You, Career Mentor - John Chow

It is not an everyday affair to be paid a royal visit by the king. It was quite amusing, this morning when I logged into my blog and found John Chow's avatar on top of MyBlogLog wiget.

I decided immediately to 'capture' the scenery with a screen shot. if you don't know (and you should know this), John Chow is one of my secret mentors on the web. He has inspired me to break prejudice and limitation to reach for awesome heights in my blogging career.

He blazed the trail of honest and open disclosure of weekly and monthly blog incomes, in other to encourage every blogger that cares to Make Money on the internet with their blogs.

All the tips and making money 'lectures' he had given me, has greatly helped me to increase my income from Google Adsense, and also propelled me to go problogging, by setting up my own domain name and independently hosted blog - Story-Story dot Com.

His latest blog post, 7 Habbits of Highly Successful Bloggers, is a damning indictment of my absence from active blogging, particularly in the month of April, last month. I have since apologized to you and promised to make up for it this month from this week.

I highly recommend my 'teacher' and career mentor- John Chow, to any of you who are active bloggers or want to go into blogging as a career. Who else is better than the man who rose from $352.94 in September 2006 and grew steadily to $11,702.66 last month April 2007.

John has made the 'impossible dreams' of Third World bloggers to earn incomes that makes their governors, presidents, banking CEOs' pay, look like child's play. Monthly Incomes above $7,000 automatically makes a blogger from this part of the world a millionaire! That kind of income is VERY POSSIBLE with the tutelage from John Chow.

Thank you John, for your royal and majestic visit to this telenovela garden. I appreciate it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Little Bride and Her Friends

Wow, I returned from Benin city this afternoon, after the wedding of my two younger sisters, which have taken a good portion of my attention in the last two weeks. What amused me most were the 'three angels'- my daughter, Gbemisoke, and her two cousins Bukky and Isabela (pix right).

They made the wedding go 'waya' with their grandiose, attention-grabbing pose, which I called "Little bride and her friends".

Now that I am done with all the marriage ceremonies, I would compensate those long days of my absence with, a load of "Lorenzo's Wife" episodes. Thanks for your support and understandings.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Changing Gear: Blogging For Money

I marvel at times at why human capacity for forgiveness could never match that of God. My absence from active blogging in the last 10 days falls into this situation. My absence was almost unpardonable. I owe all you my telenovela friends and blogging community on this website an engraved apology for this silence.

Please, forgive my silence and absence. I have been doing some deep thoughts and reflections on how to make a good income from my writing passion. Instead of pounding the keyboard, I have been pondering and pounding my way out of mediocre blogging income. That was part of the reason for the abstention.

Secondly, two of my sisters whose weddings were postponed due to the by-elections, would come up this weekend, and I have had my hands full with travels and preparations for them, in the last ten days.

Thirdly, I have decided to change gear from blogging for passion to blogging for money. I have had a rich interaction with so many bloggers world wide in the last nine months, and the conclusion derived from this is that I must take my blogging to a higher and more productive blogging level.

Do you know that for the same or even lesser effort than the one which I am investing in the gardener's daughter, I could make TEN TIMES or more of the current average of $500 monthly income from this blog?

I have enjoyed the free services of Blogger.Com to host this blog without paying a cent. None of my colleagues who are making full-time income from blogging, use free services, because there are no free lunch anywhere in reality. They all have their blogs independently hosted and paid for, including paying for domain name registration.

It was a pain for me to learn, albeit slowly, that I had left opportunity of making a full-time income slipped through my passionate fingers and PC keyboard, in the last 9 months, for the same or lesser effort than I had put in the gardener's daughter.

How? None of my blogging colleagues, (some also work-at-home-moms), make less than $3,000 Dollars monthly, from their blogging activities. Many of them don't even command my current level of traffic and pageviews.

So, I have registered a domain name and also paid for a new and independently hosted blog- STORY-STORY DOT COM which would be on air or cyberspace in the next few hours. That doesn't mean that our blog here- The gardener's daughter would go extinct, this is not a valedictory speech, I would still be posting telenovela stories, and would, in fact, complete La Mujer de Lorenzo, (Lorenzo's wife).

To you: Omodesola, Blesyn Joseph of Pluto Girls World, Philip Effiong, mamaJ, 5Alive, Natty, Charity, Jumi and, many others too concerned for my absence, in the last ten days. I love you friends, thanks for your personal mails of concern and goodwill towards me.