Friday, May 30, 2008

Spending Honeymoon: Beyonce-J.Z Way!

I love Beyonce beyond your imagination. But when she got hooked up with rapper J.Z, I had to adjust my affection to accommodate him too. The last 12 months have been a racy matrimonial one, as the impossible has become 'the possibles', stars whom you would never imagine would ever settle down have been doing so with an amazing speed.

Not only that, they are all getting pregnant and giving birth to babies, twins, and so on... J.Lo, braced the tape and others followed.It's so sweet to watch Beyonce and her husband (Courtesy OMG Yahoo!) enjoying their honeymoon at the Monaco Grand Prix. The next news about them is to go the baby-boomer way. Over to you guys, let's see the bulging tummy, (like telenovela actress Gaby Espino) and thank God for baby cries. Don't return from Monaco empty. Be full Be filled!!! (lol)

Fresh and radiant, wish them a blissful matrimony.

I wonder why some fans never get to seeing the site map of the snippets of the full story of 'Second Chance' at El Cuerpo del Deseo. My automated mail sends out over 150 mails daily to all the "send the full story of Second Chance to my mail box" requests.

So, Go To my telenovela Mega entertainment TV Blog now to get the full gists about the second chance telenovela.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Equipment Hall: Living A Dollar-Denominated Lifestyle In A Nairaland

EQUIPMENT HALLI was quite amazed last week when I went to renew my internet connections with my ISP, STARCOMMS. I found out that since the beginning of the month of May, Equipment Hall had partnered with Starcomms to bring you and I closer to the fortune present on the Internet 'gold mine'. Hold it, and hear from me, I investigated and found out that they are one of the most credible player in Nigeria's IT industry.

It is a season of promo. Suddenly, the frenzy to make money is no longer the exclusive preserve of Forex seminars scammers and MLM 'gurus'. Nowadays we see newspapers joining the ‘Want-To-Be-A-Millionaire’ bandwagon, in order to save their once flourishing circulation from extinction. They are promising to make weekly and monthly millionaires out of you and I, that is, if we buy their papers daily (that is a minimum monthly budget of =N=3,000). No wonder the gsm originator of that millionaire program has begun to fight back, to prevent her trademark from being hijacked by 'get-rich-quick' imitators.

EQUIPMENT HALL - Most Credible IT PlayerI have always refused the lure of easy money through lottery and gambling. Over 200,000 Lagosians pay =N=100 (one hundred Naira only) daily, to play lottery in the pitiable hope that with that sum, they might win 1,000 times what they had ‘invested’. Let me show you a better investment than lotto and newspapers.

This is where the opportunity partnership between Starcomms and Equipment Hall come to the rescue. That partnership is prepared to give you a brand new DELL laptop connected to the internet through (EVDO Broadband and Starcomms One), for prices worth about TEN THOUSAND NAIRA MONTHLY for the next 12 months!

DELL Notebook from Equipment HallThe 80GB HHD, 1GB RAM, 1.8GH Speed DELL laptop connected to EVDO for FREE 120 hours in 60 days would cost you =N=127,000 (One hundred and twenty seven thousand Naira only), if you want to pay all at once. The other option is DELL plus Starcomms One, and it costs =N=118,500 (One hundred and eighteen thousand, five hundred Naira only), if you want to pay at once.

My joy however lies in the pleasant offer by Equipment Hall, when I made phone calls to enquire, and was told that there is a flexible (instalmental) payment. Upon paying the initial deposit of =N=25,000 (Twenty five thousand Naira only) you would only have to pay a little below or above =N=10,000 (Ten thousand Naira only) monthly, to become a proud owner of a DELL laptop from this moment, till you finish payment in 12 months time!

I am a dutiful housewife and devoted family woman. After I left teaching in 2003, I never knew I could live a Dollar-denominated lifestyle in a Naira-denominated land. (I saw Dollars only when my brothers and sisters abroad sent me one during Christmas, and that, not every Christmas o). For more than two years now, I have been tweaking the keyboard. When I ventured into blogging as inspired by my husband and mentor, Aderemi Ojikutu, I never knew I could earn so much online with my writing skill and passion unleashed online.

The combination of Starcomms and Equipment Hall could trigger similar blessings for the blogging and telenovela community on this blog. That is why I am excited to alert you about this offer and opportunity. If you subscribe to the Starcomms/Equipment Hall offer, you could be on your way to a 5-figure annual earnings (in Dollars) like me. My domiciliary bank account proves that over the last 12 months. The internet is an information gold mine, and a solid laptop offered by Equipment Hall, and internet connection by Starcomms, is an unbeatable combination that could make that wish (dream) come true!

If you want more details, you can go right away and press phone buttons 01-8797501 or 0702-8098-512 ask for Abiba or Bimbo for further details. OR you hit your keyboard right away and write to:

If you are the seeing is believing type, you can take a bus or a drop to visit Equipment Hall at 2, FirstAvenue, Ismail Estate, Maryland, Lagos.

For our Port Harcourt telenovela and blogging fans, (believe me, Port Harcourt [3,788 fans] is the 3rd most popular internet telenovela city in Nigeria, after Lagos [14,391 fans] and Abuja [9,052 fans], where telenovela fans come from). Port Harcourt address of Equipment Hall is: Suite 3, Chief Aguma Street, Ogbunabali, Port Harcourt. The Port Harcourt Phone Numbers are 084-230447 and 084-57388

Other product catalogue by Equipment Hall includes: Desktop computers, Display Screens (monitors of various brands), Flash Drives of various capacities, Hand held devices like PDAs, Hard Drives (Both desktop and laptop), Memory card devices of various capacities, Notebooks (laptops of various brands), PC Accessories like: Keyboards, Mice, Trackpads, Laptop Bags etc, Portable sized printers, office PSCs. Various types of Dell projectors at varying resolutions, Server machines, Workstations, XPS Gaming Machines (Dell systems customized for gamers).

How I dearly wish that the promo could be extended for another month, till June ending. But for you who know how to sniff out opportunities, the door is still opened, head straight for EQUIPMENT HALL.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Telenovela Mega Blog Takes The Shine

Shakers and Movers on the Nigerian web spaceThe week that just ended saw a big leap in telenovela traffic to our new telenovela mega blog. The global tool for measuring websites' traffic popularity - ALEXA, showed that three new websites broke into the TOP 20 league in the indigenous Nigerian web space. Yours truly was the miracle and biggest web news according to ALEXA Charts for the past three weeks. I saw this on WEB EXPLOITS, and felt we should be proud to shout it loud:

The Three new web whizkids emerged in the last three weeks on the Nigerian scene. The first in the list of movers and shakers is Telenovela Love Stories, which leaped from 401,000 to 39,000 (15th position), followed by Naija E Cash, and a new forum based in U.K called New Nigerians, it is patterned after our Noble Nairaland Forum. How far the New Nigerians would go cannot be determined now, as people felt it was just a carbon-copy of Nairaland. The web has a way of punishing duplicates though... NewNigerians, Naijaecash and are the three new web whizkids emerging on the web space.

Soaring Telenopvela Traffic VSoaring Telenovela Traffic VI

This is good news that we must not rest on, until we become numero uno site with 5 million page views monthly (or daily LOL) ... There are 2 Billion people out there on the globe who daily watch telenovela drama on television ... Nigeria is no exception to this new trend. The plausible reason for the successes of Telenovela Blogging is because, there are less than five English language blogs out there (what a vacuum), and there are over 3,000+ great telenovela soaps.

Telenovela Surge IIITelenovela Surge IV

Of the 2 Billion Watchers of telenovela soap opera, about 1 Billion are online. So if 1 Billion people are searching for telenovela stories to read, there are few choices beside the five notable blogs of which we are number one.

How I wish more gifted writers and passion-ladden bloggers would join me in starting a telenovela fire on the web that would warm up every of the 1 billion telenovela fans online. The harvest is indeed plenteous, but I am praying for more telenovela harvesters to help with this great burden to serve delicious telenovela menus.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Heroine - Linda LaBrecque

Most of the nations on earth celebrate Mother's Day today. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not even on that maternal map. It's either we are too busy grappling with poverty to remember a 'fad' called mother's day. The real poverty is our ignorance of the capacity of the womb and her amazing 'products'!

On this special day I am dedicating to one woman in obscurity. Many of us don't even know her name, we only know her as the mother of that teenage internet millionaire, Ashley Quails. She is Linda LaBrecque.

A single working-class parent who believed in the potential power of the internet and who lent her 14-year old daughter (Ashley Quails), EIGHT DOLLARS ($8), four years ago to register a domain name and start a website - Whatever Life dot Com, which today has grown more popular than Ophrah Winfrey's website, and is grossing over a million dollars annually.With over a million unique visitors per day and 6 million daily page views to her website, the money soon began rolling in, first, a Google check of $2,700 then $5,000 and then $10,000... then, the explosion started. He he hee..

The first victim of that breakthrough was the crammed one-bedroom rented apartment where Linda and her two daughters (Ashley and Selby) lived in. Ashley bought a brand new $250,000 four-bedroom apartment and waved goodbye to poverty. She compensated her mom by 'employing' her to manage her new busines of webdesign, blogging and internet entrepreneurship. (she was still under-aged [at 17], to manage it by herself).

What have I learned from this inspirational story of Linda and her daughter? I am a visionary mother and I should invest in my children's potential; which would definitely outshine mine. My first daughter would be 10 this week, and I would buy her a gift of desk top computer, to begin to prepare her for that inevitable future of a florishing web career.

I said this because, my children love computer. Their home work were done mostly from Wikipedia and Google searches. Even things assigned by their class teacher to them, which I am not sure of. I always ask them to 'hit the buttons'. My children have learned a precious lesson that the Computer is the totality of human wisdom packaged into a machine.

By the time they are fifteen, I want to see some web whizkids out of them. This is the inspiration I got from Linda LaBrecque, and that is why I am dedicating this mother's day to her and to all visionary mothers out there.

Happy Mother's Day to you all telenovela fans!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who Is Ninel Conde? Help Me Out, Pls...

Ninel CondeI got me worried when I was researching the Seven Sins of Telenovela this afternoon. I was more than a little confused when I struck 'Patricia' ... Patricia Who? Remember her? She was the best and closest friend of suicidal lover, Silvia, in "Catalina y Sebastian". Silvia was Eduardo's possessive girlfriend in that novela.

Look again at the picture above, the media called her real name as Ninel Conde. That picture above resembles 'Patricia', the best friend of 'Silvia' (Kenia Gascon) in 'Catalina y Sebastian'. She was the sober and rational lawyer friend and confidant who always applied the breaks of reason on her emotionally impulsive friend, Silvia, who was always paranoid of Eduardo abandoning her for young Catalina.

That is not where I am going, but follow me to look over the second pix below:
Ninel CondeInternet media splashed this photograph all over the web, among Spanish bloggers, but I was surprised to learn that the first and the second pictures are one and the same person - NINEL CONDE!

This is what got me confused, and led me to voice out my ignorance, asking for your help, particularly those of you who watched 'Catalina and Sebastian' telenovela last year 2007. If it is true that the two pics above are same person, then, I would say that Ninel Conde has come a looong way from the obscurity of role which she played in 'Catalina y Sebastian', and into the fame and fortune that visited her afterwards.

She had steadily climbed from the obscured platform of 'Catalina' into prominent roles in 'La Revancha' (The Revenge). She later again crashed out on Day 43, of the third edition (2004) of the popular Mexican Reality TV Show called: BIG BROTHER VIP.

Undaunted by this set-back, she rose from the ruins and ashes of this defeat, and was further energized and propelled to play prime roles in the world's two most-acclaimed telenovelas: 'Rebelde' and 'Ugly Betty', rubbing shoulders with the calibers of award-winning America Ferriera. This Mexican actress moved on into singing, and released a successful album titled after her name: Ninel Conde.

Her meteoric rise to stardom is an inspiration to many of you out there in our Nigerian Nollywood, who are currently playing obscured roles in home videos. There is hope for a breakthrough for you. Who would have imagined a single-mother 10 years ago, during the filming of 'Catalina y Sebastian', would rise above her circumstantial set-backs, and march on into fame and matrimonial bliss ten years later.

She was like an emotional 'drop-out' in 1999 during the production of 'Catalina y Sebastian'. She had just suffered a heartbreak and was like, left stranded with a 1-year old daughter (Sofia) then. Perhaps that was why they did not give her any prominent role in that novela. She was written off. They wrote her off. She however did not write herself off.

At the height of stardom, she got hooked again and this time, there aint no breaking up. She walked to the altar with businessman Juan Zepeda (47), last December 9, 2007. Interestingly, Juan was not just a 'free bird', he abandoned the winner of Miss Ecuador beauty pageant, to walk to the altar with 37 year old Ninel.

This was not without its own scandalous furor by the press, but she weathered the storm to enjoy a beauty and bliss with her hubby and daughter today. She promised to soon join the celebrity baby boomers 'club' of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Gaby Espino... very 'soon'... he he he heee...

Don't forget to read the snippets of the full story of 'Second Chance' at El Cuerpo del Deseo site map. If you have not yet subscribed to keep up with daily updates for telenovela gists and opportunities from our Mega Telenovela Blog, Do so now with your email here.

Happy Novelatainment friends.

Monday, May 05, 2008

BODY of Desire - Mario Cimarro

He could even have been classified as a slim actor with a handsome mien. But that was 5 years ago when he played the role of Antonio Rodolfo, beguiled by two women, one a tender lover, the other a murderous Jezebel. That was in La Mujer de Mi Vida (The Woman of My Life).

Suddenly, last year, Actor Mario Cimarro re-appeared, not with a slim body as we all knew, but with rippling the muscles of a body builder. Except for his face, the old slim body had gone, paving way for a 'new' body, in El Cuerpo del Deseo, (Second Chance) telenovela, which 'coincidentally' interprets to mean: "BODY OF DESIRE"
That was one body that set hell loose on that telenovela. That body melted the 'Iron lady' Isabel Arroyo, making her breathless every time she was alone with him. The seductive fire in that body, (which he delights in showing off), warmed up frigid Valeria, and boiled over cantankerous old lady Rebeca.

Like I said in another post on the telenovela mega blog earlier today, that body was a bundle of Controversy, even in the soap. Everybody that encountered him knew and felt they had met or known him before then. Only he knew that he stole the body of a poor peasant to return back to his house, even as a chauffeur, in order to conquer another body, whom he paid dowry for but never lived long enough to 'possess'.

Unveiling The New Mega Telenovela Stories dot TV

New Telenovela Love Stories Mega BlogThis morning, I unveiled my new Telenovela Mega Blog (pix above). That is one project that would catapult mega entertainment and joy into many homes and offices this year.

So far,only about 50% of the 'effects' coded for the blog is in place, but I told my husband that I can't wait any minute longer, there is a great hunger for telenovela entertainment out there, I can't keep my fans continually in suspense. That is what gave birth to the unveiling of the new site this morning.

Imagine what it would look like when the job is 100% completed! I love what I am seeing so far. Please, fans go visit the blog and look it over, and also give me your critique, that would help modify any hitch you may notice while we are still test-running it.

Some 'crazy things' would happen over there between now and December which would drive a traffic of over 5 million pairs of eyes to watch it. I keep that up my sleeves as we release them piecemeal unto you. It was John Wesley who was quoted as saying:

"... when I set myself ablaze, people would be driven to come and watch me burn ..."
alluding to preaching the gospel with powerful annointing that would convict sinners and save their souls.

Well, a different kind of irresistible fire would be ignited on the new mega telenovela blog between now and December, fasten your telenovela seat-belts! That entertainment conflagration would be so great, even you, would come there to watch, (... wait a minute, not telenovela but...), to watch those who are watching it. A strange case of - When "watchers" become "the watched"!

It means that there would be an entertainment contagion that would be injected like adrenaling into readers' system by visting the blog multiple times daily, to the point that many would also stumble into their stardom through participation on the blog.

The greatest driver of popular traffic for any site is INNOVATIVE CONTENT! That is what I am preparing to 'unleash' (that is one favorite choice word of my husband, uhh - unleash!) mega content like food to the hungry. I pray God would bless me with the energy to make it happen as I have dreamt it. Just make sure you subscribe now by your email address, to keep up with the daily download of stories and opportunities from the telenovela mega kingdom then I would be sure that you are on board the cruise.

In my three years on the net, I have also learnt that there is a king called FREE! I am going to diligently court that the favors of that king on your behalf, to visit us on that blog with his 'royal majesty'. A time would come on that blog that you would not know what you came there to do. Whether to read snippets of telenovela stories, or to date 'stalk?', or participate in many games/quiz/competitions that bring so many free gifts into your bosom. I am excited, wait until it hits you the way it has been hitting me these past few days and weeks.

Happy Novelatainment friends!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Welcoming Pinoy Telenovela Fans

Pinoy Telenovela Fans ChartSince three weeks ago when Second Chance (El Cuerpo del Deseo), Telenovela began to air in the Philipines, Our blog has become a beehive of Pinoy telenovela fans as they continually feast on the salacious delicacy from Telemundo.

I checked through our sitemeter this afternoon and found to my surprise that Filipino fans occupy the second position (with 17%) after Nigerian fans (38%). You can imagine what it is like when the world's 12th most populous nation beseige your blog.

The United States have been pushed to 5th position back from her traditional 3rd position. Welcome again to all fans from yonder. Thank you for celebrating hunk actor, Mario Cimarro and Lorena Rojas and Martin Karpan with us.

While the feasting continues ensure to lessen my daily burdens by helping to refer others to the site map of the summaries of the full story of SECOND CHANCE, El Cuerpo del Deseo here.

Happy Novelatainment.

Digital Products for Your Telenovela Pleasure

Digital Products from DV WarehouseNow it is your turn Nollywood! That was the impression registered in my heart when I visited the website of our latest sponsor, all the way from Hollywood, California- DV Warehouse, which is an avid provider and reseller of Used Mac, that is, macintosh computers used for "... Digital Video Solutions for Broadcasting, Editing and Production ..."

Our Telenovela Blog was recently promoted to the status of a 3-star Blog. That means higher pay, and the advertisers have been coming in droves. This particular post is sponsored by DV Warehouse, an Hollywood firm that has been online since 2001, with a large inventory of used Apple computer parts.

At times I wonder about the poor quality of home video being churned out in their hundreds, weekly from our Nollywood. What was missing is the professional touch. I have always believed that the reason why majority of people prefer telenovelas to home videos is because of superior production quality and equipment used in production of the telenovela, as compared to Nollywood videos. The proof of this abound in the latest Second Chance telenovela.

If you are looking to save up to 50% to 75% off new & used Mac equipment prices, (far below the price you can get from the Computer village here in Lagos), DV Warehouse is the place to shop from.

DV Warehouse's used Macs division fulfills a need within the Apple community for a single source for used Mac and used Macintosh computers parts.

Friday, May 02, 2008

35,000 Telenovela Fans, 220,000 Pages In April

telenovela revival Itelenovela revival IItelenovela revival IIITelenovela stellar colors

Apparently a telenovela revival has broken out both on the web and in our African continent! In the month of April, across our telenovela blog networks, 35,395 visitors registered their presence, reading over 220,501 pages of snippets and episode summaries. This was't our best, but it is better than any result since November last year to date.

The entralling but epileptic show of Marrio Comaro's epic, SECOND CHANCE - El Cuerpo del Deseo, by Africa Independent television - AIT TV, pushed many telenovela lovers unto the web, seeking for websites that published the synopsis or reviews of the full stories and they found us ready, and waiting since November last year. (You know, the audience is not homogeneous, European soccer freaks are different from telenovela fans).

This spark of revival would graduate this new month (May 2008), into a conflagration, as three new telenovela stories reviews ravage the web. I know of (TE DIRE ADIOS - I'LL NEVER SAY GOOD BYE) and (DAME CHOCOLATE - GIVE ME CHOCOLATE), which according to my husband, would be "unleashed" on our Mega telenovela Blog. I also know of (LA HEREDERA - THE HEIRESS), which has begun serialization by Biola on her People's Telenovela Blog.

'Prophetically' speaking to the telenovela 'congregation' and 'church' on the web (have fun, and don't be too serious with this), the month of May shall be a deluge of telenovela celebration, as these shows rave reviews are read accross the web, bringing entertainment without measure into the homes and offices.

Last month did not flicker out without its temptations too. Some 'big guys' approach me to collaborate to help bring these entertainment in a great dimension to you fans. I pushed my husband out of his normal routine trainings and SEO consultations to negotiate 'man-to-man' with them.

Apparently, they had another motive in mind. I had to tell him to break off relationship with them, after discovering that they wanted to appropriate my 20 months telenovela labour as theirs. We did not climb to become the third most popular indigenous website in Nigeria, after Nairaland Forum and Punch Newspapers for nothing.

Yes, I know of many of my friends and blogging colleagues, who sold their blogs last year for prizes ranging from $20,000 and above. Those friends could not match my labor and traffic results. If I must sell my blog, (pls don't be afraid, I ain't selling anything now), I know I would sell higher than those figures.

But to come to me in the guise of partnership and begin to tell me to yank off my name and contact address from my own blog, because you want to be my partner (not a buyer), is not morally admisible! That is a fox and usurper in sheep's clothing. My take on this for them: "TECHNOLOGY PLUS JOURNALISM MINUS PASSION IS NOT EQUAL TO SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING"! That is a recipe for failure!!!

Happy and prosperous new month of May. One of my friends call it a month of MUST! Saying that our lives must move out of uncertainties to divine certainty. I agreed with that! See you soon, friends. You Bet.

If you have noticed a new theme and design on our new mega blog, this is just the begining, wait to see what comes up in the next few weeks when all things would be ready... he he hee!