Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippet 39 - Daniel Suffers from Sofia Fever on Ugly Betty

Betty was at her desk playing solitaire when the phone rang, it was Hilda. She told Betty she was supposed to be home an hour ago and that the Thanksgiving shopping was yet to be done (Betty usually did it). Amanda came by prancing and looking at Daniel. Betty asked her about her the plans she had with her new boyfriend. She told Betty he called her an hour ago to say that he had to spend Thanksgiving with his wife & children. So, it was over between them.

Christiana came by to confirm the time Betty and her family would be having the Thanksgiving dinner because Betty invited her. After Christina left, Betty looked at the time and stood up with an frustrated sign and went into Daniel’s office. She asked if she could leave and he said okay. But, as she turned to go, he asked if she had seen Sofia or if she left any message for him. Betty replied that she was sorry, that there were no messages and that she had not seen Sofia. He complained to her about Sofia not telling him that she had a boyfriend. Betty who had been in a hurry, had to come back and asked Daniel if he was okay. She sat down and listened as he let out his frustrations about waiting all day for Sofia’s call and checking his e-mail time and time again.

Marc and Amanda agreed to meet at the office to celebrate their Thanksgiving there since they are both dates-less. He walked into Willy’s office to tell her that Nico was coming home for Thanksgiving. Wilhelmina said she already had plans and could not cancel it just to sit at home for a Thanksgiving. Christina, who had been fitting her with an outfit pricked her with the needle while Marc’s face showed displeasure at her response.

Betty finally left Daniel lying on the couch in his office. She told him he had to go to his family’s Thanksgiving but he said he was not going. Just then, Sofia popped her head by the wall and Daniel hurriedly pushed Betty out wishing her a nice Thanksgiving. Sofia apologized to Daniel on what transpired between them. She said what happened was unexpected and that they should be friends. Daniel nodded unconvincingly and they hugged and as he hands moved from her waist down, she extricated herself with “friends’ hands don’t go that far”. She asked if he would be at his family’s thanksgiving, that she was bringing her boyfriend, Hunter along. Daniel agreed that he’ll be there “of course”. She added that in a weird way, she feels Hunter and Daniel would get along fine. Daniel said “Yeah, Hunter, Hunter” as if he is already taking to him but he sounded unconvincing. Sofia then left and Daniel flopped down of the couch disappointed.

At the Suarez house, Ignacio was watching a telenovela in which a reverend sister uncovers the lies of a wanted thief and murderer who pretended to be a reverend father.

Snippet 38 - Sofia Stuns Daniel

Ted and Willy talked about Nico and parenting, being a father of teenage children himself. He advised her to try to make it up to Nico - try being a mother.

Betty got home and met Walter on the front porch. She gave him the fries & Burger. She made him understand that he was not going to lose her, that she was still a Queens’ girl, she only needed him to support her. They held on to each other as the sat there.

The next morning, as Betty and Ignacio left the kitchen to go to work, Hilda told Justin she had a surprise for Justin; she told him that his father was coming for Thanksgiving. He looked disappointed and told his mother that he’ll believe it when he sees him. She tried to cover up for him, saying he still loves him and that he came through for them with the money for his grand father’s case. Justin reluctantly agreed with a “Yeah, I guess”, but told her that Martha Steward would have been a better surprise.

At Mode, Daniel met Sofia in the conference room and he couldn’t keep his hands off her but she kept wriggling out of his grip. He asked her what she had been up to and she replied with a shocker, “I’ve been busy, with my boyfriend”. That left him standing there, perplexed.

Wilhelmina came in from shopping for the things Nico’s requested and a gift from Ted was already waiting for her – a white cow-girl boots. She packed Nico’s things and included the photograph of both of them that had been in her office, smiling thoughtfully to herself.
Daniel told Betty that her review was very good but he couldn’t use it. Why? Because it was “really you, not Mode”. She left his presence disappointed and went to tear-up in the bathroom. Sofia tracked her to the bathroom. She encouraged and boosted her moral. She then told Betty that she loved her article and that she was running it in her magazine. Betty was over the moon as she did a dance step in the bathroom.

(Anyone knows what it is called?).

Snippet 37 - Daniel & Sofia Tango in Ugly Betty

Daniel and Sofia were still at their game; playing and flirting while making small talks. Daniel asked her why she thinks he is a sexaholic, she declined answering him and gave up the game, that he had won. Daniel was not interested in winning as he asked her the question again and she replied that she never said it. The next thing… she started kissing Daniel and they moved to a discreet place part of the pub.

Hilda was upset and frustrated by being made to wait in vain. She vowed to grab Santos by his hair and drag him out if he ever showed up, she then left the house. Ignacio and Justin looked at each other, they knew she was only barking and would never bite.

Betty and Walter were served another course of their meal, he looked at it suspiciously as he had done the previous ones. He could not take it anymore, so he declared that he was not eating it and yelled, “I want real food, Betty!” Betty told him to keep his voice down because he was drawing attention to them but he called back the waiter as asked if he could get Burger and Fries! Betty couldn’t believe what he did and she told him so. He let out his pent up frustrations, and told her that he didn’t like the place and that he hated pretending to be somebody he was not. Betty realized he was indirectly addressing her and she angrily that he didn’t want her working in Mode and that maybe he didn’t belong there. He got up, removed the shirt he had been wearing, leaving the only t-shirt & jeans. He told Betty that he liked the Betty from Queens not the one from Mode, that Betty should tell the Queens’ Betty to call him if she sees her. Betty was embarrassed and unhappy at his outburst.

Betty was back in her hotel room putting together her review. She had ordered Fries & Burger. She thought Walter would be back as he usually does after such tantrums but he didn’t. So, she called his phone and left him a message.

Hilda got home late that night, dropped her bag on the kitchen table and once again checked. Santos was outside the back door, standing in the darkness. She told him he was late (Justin was already asleep) and that she had been all over the place looking for him. She asked him what he excuses were this time and he moved into good light – he had bruises all over his face – he had been beaten up by thugs because they wanted the money he gave to Hilda.

Wilhelmina took a mini glass of drink from the mid-riff of a club girl, with her mouth and upturned her head to empty it into her mouth like her guest had done earlier. He was impressed and clapped for her gleefully (Marc was no where to be found). Nico called and Willy asked if she got the care-package she sent her. She needed some other things which she wanted her mother to get for her and when Wilhelmina mentioned that she’ll sent Marc to get the things for her she hung up.

Hilda attended to Santos bruises and he apologized for letting his son down, that he didn’t want him to see him the way he was. Hilda said it was just a couple of bruises and little blood, that it’ll be gone before Thanksgiving and he could see him then. That was an invitation?

Snippet 36 - Ugly Betty In Mode Format

Betty answer was a “No, Walter, I have to eat here, this is my job”. She immediately turned Mode – she authoritatively informed the lady that she was from Mode and was there to review the hotel. That got it settled. The lady, after talking in whispers with another staff told Betty it was her mistake and led Betty to her table. Walter told transfixed for a few seconds still surprised at the ‘Mode’ attitude Betty just displayed. (She was dressed in her High School Prom dress!)

Hilda and her father were in the kitchen, at home. Ignacio asked what she had to do to get such money from Santos. She told him that he asked to see his son in exchange, that night. Ignacio replied that she was just asking for trouble.

Dinner was brought in for Sofia & her crew and on enquiry, none of them knew who ordered it. She knew it was Daniel. So, she served place both hers and Daniel’s on a tray and took it to his office herself. They ate together while making small talks. Daniel only took a spoon and went straight for a bottle of water. It was Mexican food and was pepper-hot, but Sofia ate it with relish because she is Mexican.

At the hotel restaurant, Walter looked through the menu and everything seemed strange to him he complained and decline helping Betty on the basis that he knew nothing about ‘Places like this’. He suggested they go back up stairs, order Burger & Fries and watch Cable but Betty refused, she had a job to do.

Willy & Marc were still keeping their guest company even though they seemed harassed by the display of outlandishness and wildness in the pub.

Daniel and Sofia went to a pub after their meal to play Poker. Sofia challenge him to a game which they betted on with money.

At the Suarez house, a telenovela was showing on the TV and Justin was seated on the couch. Hilda kept walking to and from the door, nervous and getting herself worked-up. Justin told her to forget about his father, that he was not coming. Ignacio, handed a bowl of food to Justin agreed with him, that it was best to forget it. Hilda was somewhat sad and could not stop pulling aside the curtain to peep outside; she obviously is still in love with Santos.