Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lupe: Too Late Return

One of our most revered members of this Telenovela Love Garden, (I call her Sweet mama, my husband call her mummy Sharon), sent this gracious notes to me. Read:

"Dear Philo, I received copy of Catalina and Sebastian summary through my daughter via one of her fellow gardeners. I don't know if it will be useful to you. Love to every member of the family and take good care of yourself. Remain bless and keep fit."

So, I would endeavor to quench the clamor for C&S by editing and posting this. For purposes of continuity, I would call the first one Snippet 44 in the sitemap. A big thanks to Sweet mama, for her never giving up on C&S. We appreciate you ma.


Lupe regained his full consciousness and demanded that Carmelo take him back to his children Martina and Sebastian. He refused telling him that both were dead in a tragic car accident. Marcelo rushed in to hit Lupe on the head with a bottle and he fainted again. Nurse arrived to take care of dying Lupe.

Gustavo tried unsuccessfully to stop the wedding but Sebastian told him to give up the struggle. Carmelo threatened thatt he would make Catalina to surfer, if he Gustavo block his path.

The wedding was painfully witnessed by Sebastian. After Carmelo kissed his 'bride', Catalina in the presence of all witness, he gave the title deed of Alcatraz ranch to Catalina. As Catalina passed it to Sebastian, he refused, saying she should give it to Martina.

As the new couple cut their wedding cake, Catalina angrily broke the ornamental decoration on it, and Sebastian laughed saying, that was how the new marriage would break and crumble.

Petra has confessed to Josepha and Rufina that she did not switch babies, as Antonieta paid her to do. She also confessed that Carmelo was the illegitimate son of Lupe by Antonieta. When confronted with this facts, Antonieta was livid with rage and refused to believe trhis story. She held on to her fixation that the babies were switched.

Jessika swung to action, and began to lobby Sebastian to follow her for a vacation in the city of Quatesquitengo, where her grandfather, Chuco owns an hotel. He agrees to follow her.

Chucho tells Ramiro to show Alvaro Lupe ‘s picture to make sure it was Lupe in Carmelo’s apartment.

The God of the Eleventh Hour!

11th hour"... and about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and said unto them, why stand ye here all day idle? ... 'because no man has hired us!' Go, into the vineyard..."

Happy new month- November. Let us have a telenovela digression, so that we would properly positioned in this closing weeks of year 2007.

The eleventh month is very similar to the eleventh hour. The eleventh hour signifies a timing that suggest lateness concerning a thing, and it would take a miracle or divine intervention for that thing to still succeed, having been reckoned out due to lateness. The eleventh hour is that point of hopelessness and helplessness.

At that point, no man can help you, everybody is desperately working to round up the race. Nobody is ready to go to the starting blocks to help you start up a race that is almost finished, because by human reasoning, it is not possible for you 'make it' in that kind of finishing race.

The quotation above is what I picked as appropriate for this time of the year. Is there any momentum you have lost either at work or in your life in the last ten months, and you have almost given up hope, because the year is running to an end, and you think it is too late to recover? Then, this counsel is for you.

God is the creator of time and seasons. He particularly demonstrated that in the above quotation from Matthew 20. He always appear at the last minute, and ... at the eleventh hour, to correct mistakes, and restore you from the set-backs of life that you may have suffered.

Per chance, you have 'gunned' for a job throughout the last ten months, and you have not even gotten that appointment or promotion, that you set as a goal for this year, don't despair, the God of the eleventh hour would appear into that your situation, for correction and promotion on your behalf.

He overtook their weaknesses and defects and declared that '... the last shall be the first, and the first shall be the last'. God would meet you at that point of your needs this 11th month, and make you to overtake all the obstacles that have resisted your progress this year, and He would still bring you into fulfillment and joy, as this year rounds up on a great note for you.

From now till the end of this year, your heart cry shall be: "Oh God of the eleventh hour, APPEAR in my situation!" When he appears, everything militating against you would give up and disappear.

That elusive momentum that would catapult you to the mountain top of your career and desires in God, would invade your life and you would be carried effortlessly forward on the wings of the eagle, and coast home to victory before December ending! AMEN

Remember that Abigail and her two sons were on the verge of humiliation, ... they have packed their loads and were set to go down into obscurity orchestrated by Isabel and Andre. But at the eleventh hour, God appeared, and they had two breaking news that changed their status and destiny from slavery to mastery; from maid to mother of the house; from 'ground-floor' to "upstairs"!

Your own breaking news (I call them 'changing news'), that shall break down the obstacles to your miracles, are also on the way this 11th month. That shall be your testimony too because this is your eleventh hour. The God of the 11th hour shall appear and turn your case around for good.

For those fans querying me for abandoning "catalina y sebastian" telenovela, I apologize. I would certainly resume as soon as I am done with El cuerpo del deseo (second chance) summaries. We can't afford to lose the momentum that we have gained, with the second chance, there might be no 'third chance' for us if we abandon it too.

Fight Dirty, But Fight 4 Your Love!

The inevitable battle for the love of Salvador has burst into the open in this Snippet 47, three women in a three-way battle for the love of Salvador Sorenzo. I would not stick out my neck to predict the winner now, Isabel is a vicious fighter, she has two murders (Don Pedro Jose Donoso and Andre), up her bloody sleeve. She is capable of more murders to reach her goal.

Aunty Rebeca is a slippery and dirty fighter. Having lost honor and dignity, she would be quick to drag Isabel into the murky and smelly waters of blackmail, to get her goal. The only innocent victim of this love duel is Valeria. I am not sure if she would give up easily. She would be crushed by Salvador's supposed romantic "betrayal", but would she succumb to Isabel and Rebeca?

That is the question which this snippet and others coming, would have to answer before weekend. Over now to Tessie again, to continue with the recaps of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) telenovela. In case you have missed any episode so far, you can read them all from the sitemap of the full story from my Telenovela Stories blog, so far, from snippet 1 to snippet 47


It seemed that yesterday Valeria and Salvador kissed and made plans to escape together. Salvador wrote his resignation letter and Valeria began packing her belongings to make her dramatic escape... but there was only one problem...Rebeca.. Rebeca somehow discovered the truth and was utterly crushed!

In today's episode Simon, Antonio, Angela, Isabel, and Salvador were in a company party gathering. Simon continued giving Salvador a cold shoulder as Salvador tried to regain his trust and tried to explain to Simon that Valeria's love always belonged to him (Salvador).

Rebeca was crushed and was sorrowfully sitting alone until Walter came to disturb her. Rebeca snapped at Walter and went to speak to Valeria.

Salvador later on talked with Isabel. Isabel acknowledged that she knew that she would have complications with Andre's death. But she was sure she would overcome them. Salvador told Isabel that she was too over-confident. Isabel said she was confident, especially she was more confident of Salvador, more than anyone in the world. As especially now she had fulfilled her promise (of killing Andre), she felt as if Salvador was closer to her and whatever happened for better or for worse, they were bound together and nothing or no-one was ever going to separate them.

Salvador asked Isabel what she would do if there was something that could separate them at any given moment. Before Isabel could answer that question, Salvador and Isabel were called by one of the directors but Isabel was momentarily left alone thinking through that question...

Rebeca stormed into Valeria's room, very much annoyed and Angry. She asked Valeria how come she was saying goodbye to objects like Pedro's study room, her piano and her things and she was not saying goodbye to her own relatives whom she had lived with her whole life. Valeria pretended that she had no idea what Rebeca was talking about. Rebeca went and removed Valeria's suitcase, which was already packed and called Valeria a hypocrite.

She reminded Valeria of how her parents died in a horrible earthquake and how she was confined in a sanatorium and she would have died if Isabel had not rescued her. Rebeca's jealousy was consuming her and told Valeria that she was escaping with Salvador. Valeria tried to pretend that the reason she was leaving was because she was nervous about Andre's death.

Salvador was still in the company and congratulated Mr. Garces as the new top manager and quickly left the party and went to the office where he put his resignation letter on the computer keyboard of what I presume was Mr. Garces office.

Rebeca who was still green with jealousy, followed Valeria into the corridor and grabbed Valeria's hair. Valeria told Rebeca to leave her alone, but Rebeca continued by pulling her hair once again and called Valeria a slut. Rebeca scolded Valeria and admitted that she saw Valeria kissing Salvador and assumed that Valeria was sleeping with him.

Rebeca and Valeria got into such a bad fight that she threw Valeria onto the floor for 'sleeping with the chauffeur'. Valeria called Rebeca a bitter old woman and Rebeca slapped Valeria and was attacking her and strangling her at the same time. However Vicky and Abigail came to Valeria's rescue, but Valeria told them not to interrupt. When Vicky and Abigail left, Rebeca took hold of Valeria and threw her on to her (Valeria's) bed so that they could both wait for Isabel.

Back in Gaetana's house, Gaetana was saying goodbye to Salvador, she wept as she told him that she had already packed his bags and would miss him when he left with Valeria the following morning (for those who are wondering; So far, Gaetana genuinely loved Salvador like a mother or a friend would)

Valeria and Rebeca are still fighting. Rebeca asked Valeria how long she had been sleeping with Salvador while pulling her hair even further. Valeria told Rebeca that the reason why Rebeca was behaving in such a way was because she (Valeria) was going out with Salvador. Rebeca admitted to that fact. Valeria told Rebeca that on various occasions Salvador had asked her to marry him. Rebeca almost turned green with envy. Valeria stormed out of her room to go out and warn Salvador before Isabel found out.

However, Rebeca chased her downstairs. Walter met Valeria downstairs and tried to hold her down but Valeria gave him such a big slap that he fell several feet backwards. The fighting continued and Rebeca went to slap and punch Valeria at the same time. Valeria dodged Rebecca's slap so she bent her head at which by mistake Rebeca ended up punching Walter again across his face.

Rebeca was pulling Valeria's hair once again when Isabel came and prevented the fight. When Isabel discovered that Valeria was running away with her boyfriend, Isabel was okay with it. She thought that the reason behind Valeria's escape was the stress of Andre's tragic death. She was disappointed that Valeria did not have much faith in her but still told her to go ahead...

Until Rebeca opened her big mouth and told Isabel that Valeria was running away with Salvador. Isabel took a pause to digest the news. Isabel could not believe it, but later took hold of Valeria and told her Aunt not to follow her. The camera followed Isabel dragging Valeria through the corridor, to her (Isabel's bedroom). Valeria defended Salvador. She told Isabel that contrary to what Rebeca was saying THE TRUTH was she had never given herself or slept with Salvador as Salvador respected her. Isabel asked Valeria whether it crossed her mind why Salvador had asked her to keep their relationship a secret. Valeria told Isabel it was because he had known; people would be against their relationship.

Isabel told her THE OTHER TRUTH, that she (Isabel) also had an intense forbidden love affair, with a man, who made her feel what no-other man had made her feel, and for that man she would do anything for him...

... and unlike Valeria, she had given herself to that man and slept with him and also given him her soul, and she had done things for that man that she never knew she was capable of doing, for him she had betrayed, suffered, lied, done things she never imagined, because she had allowed herself to be dominated by him because she wanted to fight for her freedom, to marry that man.. Valeria wondered what any of Isabel's love affair had to do with her as they had nothing in common...

Isabel corrected her and told her that their affair had one thing in common ...Salvador Sorenzo!

By then Isabel and Valeria discussed the issue more, and Valeria looked as if she was now finally starting to believe....

That is how today's episode ended!