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Regina Montalbán de Santander - Katie Babieri

Actress Katie Babieri: the only thing that rivaled the prominence of the wickedness of "Regina Montalbán de Santander" in this telenovela was her fiery eyeballs. She was the persecutor-in-chief of Rebeca.

She was the first to abuse the humble girl with a hot slap on the face. She vowed fight and resist the romantic efforts of her rich brother to marry this girl, not knowing initially that, she was the unknown daughter of her miserable husband, Adalberto.

This society lady was an adulteress that relentlessly fought the moves of her hubby to divorce her and remarry any woman, particularly, Matilde. She remained a idle pest and irritant in the home of her rich elder brother, Sergio Montalbán. Her despicable acts could only be compared to the role of Jeniffer de la Vega of the gardener's daughter fame.

Adalberto Santander - Leonardo Daniel

Actor Leonardo Daniel a.k.a "Adalberto Santander" - This is one man whose name was so prominent in "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine), but whose face and memory was scarcely preserved. He played the role of the late father of Diego, "Joaquin Sanchez Serrano", he died untimely, at his prime. He was one of the two sons of Inez for Lorenzo Sanchez Serrano, and also the younger brother of Juan Francisco, Fabian's father.

He acted another unfortunate role here. He was the pitiable father of Rebeca, whom he did not know. The consequential frustration of a fruitless and vain marriage to society lady, Regina Montalbán, pushed him into the agonizing search for his unknown daughter after 20 years.

Imagine what would happen when he eventually discovers that, his rich brother in-law and his wife's nephew were both in love with his unknown daughter.

He suffered so much from the hands of his bitchy wife, that he regretfully confessed that if he had married Maltide, he would have been a fulfilled and happy man. so much of the vanity of riches and the sorrow of those who pursue it to the detriment of their future peace and happiness.

Sergio Montalbán - Víctor Cámara

Victor Cámara is an old hand in the telenovela business. He was the lover boy in "Topazio", the original version of "Esmeralda". Here, he acted as "Sergio Montalbán", the wealthy shipping magnate and rich widower who unknowingly fell in love with Rebeca, a girl who later turned out to be his son's fiancee.

The "BUT" in this rich man's life was that, he has a moral skeleton in his wardrobe. His daughter, Carolina, was not the offspring of his late wife, she was the flower that germinated out of the seed of indulgence and alcoholic stupor between him and his housemaid, Sara.

Nobody, except him and Sara knew and kept this secret for two decades, until the entry of Rebeca put asunder every conspiracy, plotted in darkness. He was a proud father that sacrificially raised his children to adulthood.

When the time came for him to sit back and ejoy a quiet peaceful matrimonial life, with the woman he loved, his old 'sins' haunted and found him out.

Eduardo Montalbán - Ricardo Alamo

Eduardo Montalbán, heir to the fortune of the Montalbán financial dynasty, grew up as pampered and confused rich boy. He enjoyed life and 'bounced' girls without measure ... until he met one that refused to dance to his amorous drumbeats. That girl was Rebeca Linares.

This made Eduardo to fall in love much more with her, and this, to the detriment of the ambition of his lack-luster and gold-digging fiancee, Princesa Izaguirre. For a long time Eduardo dilly-dallied over his relationship with this lady. He was manipulated and lacked the guts to draw the line in the sand for her.

Eduardo suffered a great emotional set-back when his father 'snatched' and married the love of his life- Rebeca Linares. This only paved the way for high-level infidelity, at the end of which his father gave up, and recognized the right of his heir and only son, to a happy marital life with the woman he loved so dearly.

Principal Actors and Actresses of REBECA

Actress Mariana Seoane, born a Mexican some 30 years ago, but with Cuban genealogy. she has many things in common with 'Luisa Fernanda' of the gardener's daughter fame, apart from being namesake "Mariana".

Like Mariana Ochoa, she also is a singer. She was the main actress and heroine of the REBECA telenovela. Her enchanting beauty provoked tumultuous emotional battles between three men, two of which were father and son.

Rebeca was a virgin at 20, a virtue which her two younger sisters Niurka and Patty, have lost in their youth due to moral corruption of a family without a moral heroine. She was compromised into a loveless marriage to wealthy Sergio Montalbán, who happens to be the father of her dream lover and prince Charming, Eduardo Montalbán.

Her hard-work of combining two jobs as a delivery girl and cleaner in an auto showroom could not surmount the endemic poverty of her family of 2 sisters and one sickly mother, Matilde Linares.

Destiny played ball in to her court, she scored her goal in a house of wealth and woes. The wealth was a rescue for her poverty, but the woes were intrigues by four women who made her matrimonial life miserable, until she finally won back honor and love, when Eduardo reunited with her to win the vicious battles of her destiny.

2. Eduardo Montalbán.

3. Sergio Montalbán.

4. Adalberto Satander.

5. Regina Montalbán de Santander