Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Mysteries Would Soon Come To an End - Snippet 77

Just about fifteen more episodes of El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance) telenovela. That approximates to about 30 to 40 snippets. This also implies that this marvelous telenovela would end before Christmas in Kenya. Even though I am behind schedules, I would still stick to my promise of completing this novela by this weekend or month end, whichever is acceptable to you.

Tessie and I made a mistake: we skipped Snippets 77 and 78. We then presented Snippets 79 and 80, as if it were 77 and 78. This is now the correction. To get the full and correct order, please go to the telenovela site map, we have now corrected the error.

On Wednesday's episode, Isabel went downstairs just to discover that she was being waited upon by Antonio, Angela, Abigail and Simon. Antonio and Angela wanted to know how Isabel¢s marriage would affect them. Isabel told them that they could all continue living in the same house as neither of them would be affected, as she (Isabel) would mind her own affairs and not disturb them and vice versa.

Aggressive and emotional Simon told Isabel that would be impossible as they were all living under the same roof and that neither of them should be forced to pick up after Isabel¢s broken marriage to Salvador. Abigail wanted to know if Isabel intended to move Salvador into the mansion. And Angela demanded for an answer.

Rebeca was alone in her room on her bed remembering the argument she had with her niece Isabel after she had attempted to shoot Salvador and how Isabel had almost thrown her out. Valeria went to visit Rebeca. Valeria was surprised at Rebeca's behaviour. Rebeca told Valeria considering the mistake Isabel was about to make, that she could not act as passively as Valeria as Valeria acted passively as though she had porridge, and not blood in her veins. After Rebeca mocked and abused Valeria. Valeria told Rebeca that she was not afraid of Rebeca, she just felt sad and pity towards her. As Valeria left and closed the door, Rebeca threw a glass at the now closed door.

Angela demanded for respect from Isabel. Isabel reminded Angela that she also needed respect as she did not know how bringing Salvador to the house would be bad as Angela was also living with Antonio. Isabel told the household that Salvador would not make people fight with each other as Andre had done. Simon told Isabel that Salvador had already created fights and reminded Isabel of the problems Valeria and Rebeca had with Salvador. Abigail thought that it was not a good idea for Salvador to live with them.

Isabel reminded everyone of how they had defended Salvador before, and how Angela had defended him and re-employed him after Isabel had fired him and how now they were turning their backs on him.. Angela complained that they would not live in peace with Salvador. Isabel got upset and told the group that she would bring Salvador to live with her and that they would not throw her out of the house as it also belonged to her. Isabel finally told the group that if they were not happy about Salvador they themselves should leave the house.

Back at Gaetana's house, Matilda pressured Salvador to tell her about his wedding. Gaetana, Lupe and Camillo tried to shut her up so that she would not make Salvador upset. Salvador was deep in thought the whole time. Salvador admitted that he knew Isabel for a long time. Matilda told Salvador to invite them to his wedding. Gaetana, Lupe and Camillo were against the idea. Lupe dragged Matilda and took her to her beauty bath.

But thoughtfully Salvador told Gaetana, Camillo and Lupe that refusing to invite them would be unforgivable as he considered them like his family and they should accompany him in the important journey he was making so that his new wife and the entire household would know the people who were the closest to him. Gaetana wondered if Salvador was conscious of what he was saying. Salvador said that he was conscious that all the mysteries should come to an end.

Mancho found the newspaper about Salvador's wedding in Philippe's room and showed his mother Cantalicia. A neighbour stopped by Philippe's house and Cantalicia asked the neighbour to read what the newspaper said about Salvador. The neighbour told Cantalicia that the article was about Salvador's wedding to Isabel. Cantalicia knew Rebeca had been telling her the truth all along and cried while hugging her son Mancho.

Isabel was again arguing with her Aunt Rebeca. Isabel told Rebeca that if it were up to her, she would have not only have kicked Rebeca out of the house, but she would have filed charges against Rebeca on attempted homicide but Salvador had prevented her from doing so as he was rare because not many people would intercede for an enemy who tried to kill them. Isabel told Rebeca that if she had a little dignity Rebeca would leave the house. Rebeca told Isabel that it was because she had dignity that she choose to remain in the house.

Isabel told Rebeca that she did not need her and that she had always been alone as none of her family including Valeria had ever been grateful to her and were with her because of her money. If she had no money, she was sure everyone (Rebeca and Isabel) would have abandoned her as none of her family loved her, not even her mother who had used her to accomplish her ambitions. Isabel confessed she only let Valeria and Rebeca live with her as Salvador had asked her, but after her wedding she would not be responsible for either of them. Isabel asked Rebeca to keep her distance from her as Rebeca made her sick.

Rebeca told her friend Pilar about how she had tried to kill Salvador. Pilar was concerned about Rebeca and thought that she no longer needed Salvador, but instead needed a Psychiatrist. Rebeca said would use all her resources to get to Salvador. Rebeca asked Pilar if she could stay with her until the wedding day. Pilar refused and told Rebeca she did not want Rebeca near her. Pilar turned her back on Rebeca and told Rebeca that they should not meet again as she was crazier than the people she was living with.

The Mistaken Wedding...

On Thursday's episode, Isabel admired her wedding gown and smiled at her upcoming wedding the following day. Salvador/Pedro sneaked into his house for the last time at night to play the piano (his own unique bachelor's party). As if to confirm what he was hearing, Walter went to visit Rebeca in her room.

Rebeca was not amused and told Walter that if Pedro's spirit existed she hopped it would come out of the study and get close to Isabel and scare her to death. Walter asked Rebeca if she hated Isabel that much. Rebeca answered that she did not hate Isabel as much as she hated Salvador and hoped the spirit of Pedro would destroy Salvador. Walter got jittery as the piano music was making him nervous and went to his room.

Salvador/Pedro continued to play the piano throughout the night in secret. Simon went to visit his mother Abigail in her bedroom. Abigail confirmed to Simon that it was the spirit of Pedro and not Valeria who was playing the music. Simon was upset that he could not go to sleep as Pedro¢s music was keeping him awake. Abigail told Simon that the mystery of Pedro playing the piano would be another mystery that Salvador would clear for them after the marriage.

Simon was puzzled, what did Pedro's spirit have to do with Salvador? Abigail told Simon, that Salvador may have a lot of knowledge or connection as the piano started playing the day Salvador got to the Donoso house. Simon thought Abigail was being carried away by her imagination. Abigail corrected Simon that she was being carried away by what she felt, and she felt a lot of anger being played in the piano notes as if Pedro¢s spirit was angry and was threatening.

Angela wanted to open the door to the study. She wanted to know if the person playing in the study was her father or a creep that was torturing them. She did not think there was something supernatural about the person playing the music. Antonio stopped her and told her that even though it was hard to imagine, the person playing the piano was in reality her father. Antonio felt as if Pedro was sending a message through his music, a message of love for those who cared for him and a warning for those who were his enemies.

Antonio persuaded Angela back to their bedroom, and the camera passed by Valeria who was standing near her room listening to the music. Valeria silently told Pedro that she did not feel as if the music was being played for her.

The wedding morning, Walter was shouting at the maids to finish up with the flowers so as to help Vicky in the kitchen.

Gaetana woke up Salvador/Pedro for the very last time in his bedroom in her house. Gaetana scolded Salvador/Pedro and she hopped that Salvador/Pedro would come to his senses to stop the wedding, as he was making the same mistake for the second time. Salvador/Pedro gently told Gaetana to get ready to accompany him to the wedding. Gaetana was upset and stormed of from Salvador¢s room reminding Salvador/Pedro that he was committing a big mistake. Salvador/Pedro told himself that Gaetana would come to his wedding and that this time he was not the one making a mistake as it was Isabel who was making the mistake.

Walter was holding a large vase of flowers still shouting at the maids until he saw Rebeca hurrying out of the kitchen with a jug of water. Rebeca complained that everyone was busy with the wedding to bring her water so she had to get it herself. Walter continued turning around on the same to check the progress of the wedding preparations as he spoke to Rebeca, almost hitting Rebeca several times with the flowers he was holding.

Back in Isabel¢s room a woman hairdresser was doing her hair and a man was doing her to make-up. Isabel kept on moving a lot and glaring at the mirror, which made it impossible for the man and the hairdresser to fix Isabel. Isabel stood-up and undid her hair telling her hairdresser that she would do her hair herself as she was not happy with the hairdressers work. The hairdresser left. Isabel told her make-up artist that she was not happy with the make-up. The makeup artist said that he would leave before Isabel had a chance to fire him like the hairdresser, and told Isabel that he would charge her as he was not used to wasting his time and left.

Isabel was left alone with one of the maids. She couldn't believe no one except Valeria knew how to make her hair well or prepare her. The maid offered to call Rebeca and Valeria to help Isabel prepare herself for the wedding, but Isabel refused. Isabel asked the maid to bring her set of jewelery. The maid brought one set of jewelery but Isabel told the maid that she had worn that set with her wedding with Andre and she did not want to wear anything that reminded her of her previous two marriages and set the maid off to bring another set that she had not worn recently. Isabel then told the maid to leave her alone.

Isabel was left alone crying and feeling sorry for herself. There was nobody to help her prepare for the wedding. Valeria quietly entered the room and looked at Isabel. She felt sad for Isabel (and off the screen prepared Isabel for her wedding).

Simon and Antonio were downstairs admiring the decorations and the food for the after-the-wedding party. Simon suggested to Antonio, that they all leave for the weekend. Antonio reminded Simon that Angela was not feeling well and that missing the wedding for one day was more than sufficient.

Back in Gaetana's house, Gaetana prepared Salvador for his wedding and was worried as Salvador had not slept well since he had been out most of the night. Salvador confessed to Gaetana that he had sneaked in the Donoso house to play the piano and told Gaetana not to worry, as he would soon be going home and would not need to sneak in like a thief. Gaetana looked very sad that Salvador would leave soon.

Salvador asked Gaetana again to accompany him to the wedding. Gaetana refused. What would Isabel, Rebeca or the household think if they saw her again...with Salvador? Salvador reminded Gaetana that, that was what his plan was about. Starting from his wedding day, Salvador would dispel all the mysteries surrounding him to the household. He again asked Gaetana to accompany him on the most important day of his life, as he considered Gaetana his best friend.

Rebeca was upset that Valeria had helped Isabel to prepare for her wedding. Valeria told Rebeca she had prepared Isabel like she had done on her two previous marriages because she (Valeria)wanted to show Isabel that she still loved her even if Isabel wanted to make her feel bad. Valeria told Rebeca that she planned to stay in her room the entire day. Rebeca told Valeria to prepare herself as something could happen. Valeria warned Rebeca against doing anything bad like the time she had tried shooting Salvador. Rebeca told Valeria that if something bad did happen, it would all be Salvador¢s fault.

Rebeca went out to drive her car.. Walter asked Rebeca where she was going and Rebeca told Walter that she was getting away from the wedding. Walter told Rebeca that he also wished he could get away from the torture he was enduring (Walter was trying to supervise the wedding party arrangements and the servants were behind schedule). He also said he found the wedding distasteful. Rebeca huffed as she usually does and drove off.

Walter told himself that of somebody had told him that one day he was going to work for Salvador; he doesn't know what he would have done to avoid the situation. He then loudly shouted at the maid doing the floral arrangements, telling her that she was slow, frightening the maid and making her drop the flowers in shock.

Rebeca drove off telling herself that she was finally going to beat Salvador as everything would go as she planned. Read more from the full story ...