Saturday, June 09, 2007

History Repeats Itself - (Episode 2)

Adela, the self-centered wife of Gustavo opened a window curtain into the past of this couple, and gave us a view of how they found themselves in the current debts of mess. In their desperate bid to turn-in Catalina, their daughter, as an emotional merchandise to Sebastian, Adela voiced her fears saying: "... I don't want our daughter to make the same mistake that I made".

Gustavo was shocked by this profound statement of his wife, so, he questioned her to know if, her choice of marrying him, over 2 decades ago was a mistake.

The truth however was that Adela had an age-long obsession with riches. When the time came for her to marry, she preferred to marry her heartthrob, Gustavo, than a wealthy rival, hoping that Gustavo too would be very rich in the future.

Gustavo however failed to make her dream of stupendous riches come true, he ended up becoming a middle-class Head of Administration, of a stock-broking firm in the city of Mexico. Adela would not settle for any middle-of-the-way, destination. She took over the steering wheel of family expenditures, and drove the family to live in a penthouse and filling their garage with expensive cars.

Having driven her family into insolvency by her compulsive and ostentatious spending lifestyle, and now finding her family at the precipice of financial bankruptcy, she deeply regretted not having married the wealthy rival of Gustavo, over two decades ago.

This is why she was hell-bent in 'selling-off' Catalina to any wealthy man, regardless of whether her daughter loved the man or not. Unfortunately, hard-working Gustavo was weakened with indecision and therefore, was subject to the emotional blackmails of his wife, surrendering the matrimonial rudder to her in financial and other matters. But destiny seems prepared to dribble her match-making scheme with a surprise package.

Gustavo, propelled by his wife, went ahead with match-making efforts, by making Catalina to escort him to the office. This was a pretext for the destined meeting with Sebastian. When the encounter happened, Sebastian fell in love at first sight with Catalina, without any promptings by Gustavo, who was not even present at the parking lot where it happened. Catalina too secretly acknowledged in her heart that the young man looked handsome.

By the time Gustavo arrived, the 'chanced meeting' between Catalina and Sebastian had been consummated into a destined meeting, as Gustavo confirmed that Sebastian is the man he had brought his daughter to meet. He later advised and encouraged Sebastian not to give up his attraction to his daughter, but should brace all obstacles to win her love.

A dinner date was set and the two went to one of the best restaurant in the city. Catalina enjoyed herself, so was Sebastian. He dropped her off at the gym where her boyfriend, Eduardo worked, but not without a memorable and forced kiss, which made Catalina to lightly slap him on the cheek.

Catalina was told by the gym owner that Eduardo had gone home because he was ill. She was so apprehensive that she decided to check on him at home. The next episode (3), would be a devastating shocker that would shatter her romantic dreams, as she would catch her boyfriend in a romantic compromise with Silvia.

It is quite significant that Kenia Gascon has always played the role of a rich and desperate 'sugar mummy' with hot pants of a sucker for con-boys, much younger than her. In the case of this Catalina y Sebastian telenovela, she was 10 years older than Eduardo, and had to be the first to practically propose marriage to this young lad. That was another repeat of history, in similitude of 'Marissa' falling head-over-heels for the younger 'Luis Alejandro Montero' of the Gardener's daughter telenovela.

Don GuadaLupe Mendoza seemed to have learned the lessons of history, so, he was determined not to repeat it's predictable doom. When his son and heir-apparent, Sebastian, told him that he had fallen in love with a girl called Catalina, in Mexico. He quickly instructed his right-hand man, Carmelo, to hire a private detective to investigate the family background of Catalina. He doesn't want his son to fall prey to gold-diggers, like he did with his late wife, Matilda, who bore him Sebastian.

Sebastian swore saying: "... I would not accept any girl for marriage who is not Catalina". In a similar fashion, Emilia also swore, when she heard that Sebastian has fallen in love with a city girl called Catalina, saying: "... I would not accept any man for marriage who is not Sebastian". She vowed to destroy Catalina.