Friday, December 08, 2006

Snippets 134

Cornered Consuela, lied to Don, that Vanessa, of her own accord, left the house to go and live with her fiance. Don did not believe her. So, the old man went to L.F's house to bring her out and took her back home. Don humiliated Consuela by commanding her to apologize to Vanessa for the evil deed of sending her out of the house.

The good night kiss that Guillermo gave Jennifer unexpectedly opened a romantic door that landed both of them in his bed... making love. I am sure this is what sealed her hypocritical fate, as she descended afterwards, in the moral reckoning of Marissa and Carlos Eduardo.

Guillermo gave an expensive golden gift to Jenny as an appreciation of the unexpected and lavish 'affair' she just had with him. He further asked her to let them formalize the affair with an engagement, preparatory to their wedding. Jenny objected, saying she is not done yet with Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro returned from La Paz, determined to confess to L.F that Don Fernando was her grandfather. He first apologized to her for forcing her against her wish into a relationship with Alfredo. He told her to follow her heart and choose whoever she would love to marry. As he entered gear 2, about to tell her her biological ties with Don, she told him she was too tired to concentrate on his speech, she requested to continue tomorrow, because she was exhausted by the stress induced by her sick son, Pedrito.

Next day, she phoned Alfredo, but was told that Alfredo had left the hotel. Carlos Eduardo later came visiting and requested that she strolled out to the love garden with him, along with their son, Pedrito. She agreed. When they got there, he told her, for the umpteenth time, to break off relationship with Alfredo just as he was about to do with Jennifer. He told her that it would be sheer deception to continued with their respective 'arrangee' fiancees when their true love lies in being together forever.

Armando may have to go back to his vomit, having rejected Lucero's offer of a good job at the television station. He is considering going back to his father L.A at his new office to offer him a job.

Marissa arrived in the office and overheard Lupe and Ordonez talking about L.A and his newly discovered daughter. She became so interested and interrupted them to ask if they knew who L.A's daughter was? They were surprised, that she had been listening to them unnoticed.

Caesar came to Marissa to announce his resignation from her domestic employment, Marissa supported his move to reconcile and work in Reuben's company. Marissa also promised to rent an apartment for him in La Paz to live with his wife as soon as he starts working for his father there.

Snippets 133

The evil perpetrated by Consuelo on Vanessa was big enough to puncture the fun of Don Fernando in La Paz. He cancelled the rest of his treatment, to return fire-for-fire with Consuelo in Mexico.

Guillermo has been sentenced to suffer a non reciprocal love from Jenny. He invited her to have supper with him when they got to La Paz. During the supper, Jenny confessed to him that the only person she was capable of loving was Carlos Eduardo, and no other man. Guillermo too told her that he would not rest until she makes a U-Turn, to marry him. He kissed her good night, never expecting the surprise that followed...

Carlos later heard that Jenny has stormed town for a commercial tour by the "Face of Latin America" modelling agency. he read the note sent to him by her. He went to her hotel to see her, on getting there, he saw her enveloped in the passionate hands of Guillermo in a highly charged kissing session... and he was not jealous, he turned back like a gentleman that he is, without being seen.

It was time for retaliation, as former conspirators, Vanessa and Consuelo entered into a tug of war. She swore to Consuelo that she would continue from where her father left off his confession, before he died. She assured her that, as soon as Don returns from La Paz, she would expose her by telling the full story of Don's Daughter, Amelia and granddaughter, Luisa Fernanda, as well as the falsified and stolen Wills, of Don.

Consuelo was horrified by the boiling vengeance of Vanessa, she ran quickly to L.A's new office for help. She told L.A to find ways of eliminating Vanessa before Don returns, because the little b*tch has sworn to expose every of their evil deals to Don, as soon as he returns from La Paz. L.A told her that he is not interested in witch-hunting young girls again, after burning his fingers with the persecution of his own biological daughter for many years without knowing that she (L.F) was her daughter. Consuelo was mad and disappointed with him.

Jennifer de la Psycho, (she has a thousand names, as her thousand moods), fired the first salvo in La Paz when she saw the humble gardener, Pedro, in an hotel in La Paz. She thoroughly humiliated him publicly at the lobby of the hotel. His Sins? Yes, he was the father of her arc-rival Luisa Fernanda. secondly, She refused to accept a common gardener as her future father-in-law.

Opportunist Armando was in a fix. Carol threatened to break off relationship with him, if he accepts the favor of a good job that Lucero offered him.

Don's memory began to surge back to reckoning. He stood up when he overheard Pedro's name being called. He approached him and told him that his name and face is very familiar, to him in the past history. He promised him that he would have to answer a lot of unsolved riddles of the past for him as soon as he and Marissa returned to Mexico.

Sister Smiley phoned L.F at La Paz to tell her that her son, Pedrito has developed high fever again. L.F told Alfredo that she must leave immediately. L.F contacted Carlos that their son had high fever. Carlos told Marissa the news. L.F came to join him at the his hotel and they both kissed in the presence of Pedro and Marissa who were speechless, watching them. Both of them travelled back to Mexico to take care of Pedrito.

Jenny learnt that Marissa and Carlos were staying in the same hotel, and she headed to go and see them.

Don arrived unexpectedly in Mexico and bumped into Reuben in a compromising posture with Consuelo. He pulled him up and chased him out of his house. Don challenged Consuelo asking for the whereabouts of Vanessa.

Snippets 132

La Paz is fast becoming a theater of virulent emotional warfare. Jenny came back from her aborted Vera Cruz modeling campaign because of canceled flights, occasioned by bad weather. She then shifted her armoury of battle to La Paz, when she learnt that Carlos and L.F were there too. Being the "Face of Latin America", equivalent of our "Face of Africa" Oluchi Onweagba.

She told the Director of the Modelling Agency, Guillermo, that she prefers to take off from La Paz. That one did not know her motive. Meanwhile, Guillermo is dying to marry Jenny, but Jenny was obsessed with Carlos Eduardo. Carol advised Jenny to accept to marry Guillermo because he is as rich and handsome as Carlos, but Jenny said NO!

L.F told Don, to his surprise, that Consuelo had sent Vanessa packing from the house, just before she left for La Paz, and that Vanessa was now staying in her house. She didn't stay too long with Don and did not give Carlos any opportunity to come too close to her. Alfredo broke down and wept in frustration, telling Xochil that he would be of no use to her, given his paralytic state. Xochil confessed her love for him.

Back in Mexico, Reuben did not have to lick the wound of rejection by Lupe for long. He was attracted to Consuelo and both got on along together. Consuelo invited him to dinner in her house, alone with her. She practically seduced him, and as their romance grew unto a climax, and just before the two stripped naked for love making, Camilla appeared. The night of romance was ruined for them.

Vanessa heard tales from her fiance on how Consuelo asked security guards of the Iron and steel company to throw him out of the company's premises.

Marisa took the poor gardener to the most sophisticated and classy restaurant in La Paz. She thought him the etiquettes of wining and dinning, in the tastes of the rich. She told him he had to match the standard of her class, because that was the favorite pastime of her profession and class, and he must quickly adapt to it, before their wedding and public presentation. Carlos was frank with them, he was not happy because L.F was not there with him to share his joy.

L.F met Nurse Maribel at the clinic in La Paz. She was the lady that shared the same cell with her while she was imprisoned by Consuela and Vanessa's evil conspiracy. She poured her sorrow to Maribel, on how she got herself entrapped in a loveless relationship with Alfredo, and lost the moral courage to get out of it now, while her only love, Carlos Eduardo, the father of her son, was suffering and wanting to return and marry her.

The inevitable confrontation between Carlos and Alfredo in La Paz came. Alfredo accused Carlos of coming to La Paz because of L.F and not because if Marissa. He admitted it and said does his presence make him sad. The Director of the Physio Clinic in La Paz threw a party to welcome his Very Important Patients (VIPs), Marissa, Don Fernando and of course Carlos who recommended them for the treatment. Alfredo jealously boycott the party.

L.A equipped his new office and became a Property and estate Consultant. His bosom friend who financially rehabilitated him told him of his exploits, of how he almost slept with Consuelo the previous night, but the atmosphere was ruined by a house maid.

Ordo'ñez told lawyer Mujica of his discovery that L.A and Reuben were bosom childhood friends. L.A warned Solozarno to take a good custody of the stolen bank's document.

Snippets 131

The wicked is on the defensive. The just are on the offensive. Alfredo was saddened throughout his stay at La Paz. He was very intolerant with L.F and edgy. Why? because Carlos, his arc-rival was in town. Don was happy to see L.F at La Paz. He booked a dinner appointment with L.F when she told him that she wanted to discuss with him on some crucial matters that happened before she left Mexico.

In the morning Carlos went to register Marissa at the Physio center. L.F was afraid and begged him not to come near her so that he would not upset an already edgy and tensed Alfredo. He invited her to dinner but she told him she already had a dinner date with Don Fernando.

Carlos later went around to lobby Don to also invite him to the same dinner so that he would be in company of L.F. Don was excited and gladly extended the same invitation to him.

In the evening, when L.F dressed up for the dinner with Don, Alfredo was very sad because he knew Don's favorable disposition towards the L.F-Carlos affair. So, he boycotted the dinner. He was troubled by her departure, but impotent to stop her. After she left, Xochil mistakenly fell on Alfredo, because his leg unintentionally tripped her.

As she landed on him... things happened in rapid succession, at the inexplainable speed of lightening... this delectably beautiful creature, that Alfredo had never given a romantic chance in his miserable life, was now resting on him. The aroma of her body and her heart beats communicated irresistible passion to his numb body. They melted together into one, as he passionately kissed her and she yielded her lips and body to his craving and crying emotion.

Meanwhile at the restaurant, as L.F emerged and saw Carlos at dinner with Don, she attempted to go back but Carlos saw her and shouted aloud for all people seated at the restaurant to hear him... He pulled out the table knife from the dinner pouch and declared jokingly that he would kill himself if this lady, (meaning L.F), should go back, and not come to sit with him. The mild drama embarrassed her, and she came to sit at Don's table with them.

Marissa was pleasantly surprised by the love trip that drove Pedro after 3 days of missing her, from Mexico to La Paz. They embraced each other and began to kiss publicly, Don and Rigoberto saw them and made fun of the two lovers.

Back in Mexico, Vanessa counted her blessings as she took charge, being alone at home in L.F's house. Ordo'ñez went to warn Rubén in his office to stop disturbing his wife-to-be, as Lupe was no longer interested in him (Rubén).

Armando remains a vagabond graduate without a job and roaming the streets. Lucero promised to fix him up as a lawyer to work with a television station.

Snippets 130

After much pleadings by Vanessa that fell on Consuelo's deaf ears, she packed and went to live with L.F. It was a classic case of "use and dump", Consuela used her to put L.F in jail, now she duped and dumped her unto the streets. Life's irony now played itself out, as L.F rescued Vanessa, her former persecutor and bosom friend, to put a roof over her head when Consuelo dumped her.

Vanessa's fiance was very angry to discover the intrigue of Consuela against her. Sop, he went to the iron and steel company to confront and insult Consuelo for maltreating his wife-to-be, in the absence pf Don and after the death of her father, Heriberto.

Alfredo, L.F and Xochil proceeded to La Paz. Carlos too packed his luggage and went with his mom to La Paz... Then, ... the encounter! L.F was pleasantly surprised to see Carlos at the port, Alfredo was enraged to see him there. He must have nick-named Carlos as a 'stubborn pursuer'... LOL.

Carlos explained to L.F that he had brought his mom for physio-therapeutic treatment for her legs. He also told her he came to make sure that Alfredo does not persecute her or force her against her will to do whatever she does not like to do.

Marissa realized too late that her trip to La Paz was an emotional coup de tat by Carlos against his arc-rival, Alfredo. When she saw L.F, she knew that trouble was being brewed for fermentation like alcohol, by her son. Pedro, after some few days also, headed for La Paz, to surprise his wife-to-be with solidarity.

Rubén, Lupe's run-away husband, stumbled on his teenage friend, Luis Alejandro Montero, and was happy to rescue him from his travails with Marissa, by appointing him as the new legal Adviser to his company. Birds of the smae feather floc together. L.A impregnated Amelia and absconded, Rubén also impregnated Lupe and took flight, 2 decades later, both now desperately want to identify what with what they had ran from... Rubén wanted to re-marry Lupe, and seeking to know and father his fatherless son, Caesar; L.A wanted to be a late-hour or, is it late-comer father to L.F, and of course partake in her inheritance from her grandfather, ... life is an irony.