Sunday, September 17, 2006

Award Winner Too Came To 'Watch' The Gardener's Daughter

"His Royal Majesty" Obifromsouthlondon (that is what he is known by, in the blogosphere), was here today (thrice), Sunday, to show solidarity with 'Gardeners' for what he called "intriguing" things that we do in our 'garden' here...

He left his footprint on our chat box too. Like I already told him (on your behalf), We are honoured with his royal visitation and salutation for our modest work here. We are much more proud of him for the "2006 Black Weblog Award for The Best International Blog", which he won early this month. We are proud because he is a Nigerian and much more, a proud African who showcases the black heritage in arts and music for the world.

You can take time off 'gardening' and take a trip or flight London to say hi, to 'his majesty' in his Palace today.

Thanks, Obi, for bringing the aroma of your palace to rub off, on us- humble 'gardeners'. We have an 'heiress' to the throne too in our 'garden' in the person of 'Queeen-to-be' Luisa Fernanda Elcantara. We are happy that you are interested, just like Google did, some few days ago, in this flower in our 'garden'.

Welcome 'Your Majesty'.