Monday, May 14, 2007

Dangerous Desires, Risky Datings

Laura demanded that Alex should give her, her due respect and stop making passes at her. Giacomo was troubled that on the very first day that his son came to live with him, he was already in police custody, arrested with his girlfriend, Mimi, for vagrancy. Mimi shifted the blame for the police arrest on Tony, when Giacomo came to bail them.

After their release, Tony invited Mimi to come and watch his rock band play. He gave her a tickets for the show and asked her to bring her friends along when coming.

The first encounter of Laura and Alex was not exactly rosy. There seems to be much animosities and derision between them. Laura, without knowing it, had developed a queer romantic interest and attraction for Alex. She secretly desired and loved his muscular macho, bulging body out of his clothes.

Conán told Silvia of how, from a little boy, his father had always been tutoring and coaching him in self-defense, kick-boxing and martial arts, dreaming that one day, he would become the national champion. Later at the dinner table, Hercules confirmed to Silvia that Conán would face Titan, the defending champion, for the prize of $3,000.

During the photographic session, Alex was initially nervous and uncomfortable. The Photographer had to tell him to be more relax in order to show that he was truly photogenic. Laura never missed the opportunity to take a swipe at Alex telling him that modeling was not for dummies and was not a cheap profession.

Midway into the photographic session, the photographer asked if Alex had a swim suit, to which he said yes,, and stripped, leaving him semi nude. Laura gasped in shock and was entranced by the bulging nudity of Alex in swim suit. That was one memorable picture that would torment her emotions in the days to come, and would not go or fade away.

As Alex flexed his muscles, posing as a sex symbol before the camera, Laura bit her lips in romantic envy.

Giacomo unsuccessfully tried to convince his son, Tony, to take up modeling as a career, instead of the Pop Rastafarian culture.

At the end of the photographic session, Alex boasted and challenged Laura if she still doubted his modeling talent. Laura told him to wait for the pictures to come out first. later while been ferried by Laura back to the boutique, he showered romantic encomiums on her.

He teased her that her husband was very lucky to have a very beautiful woman as wife. He confessed that, it was a dream come true for him, since the day he saw her pose on the cover page of a popular society magazine. Silvia told Tony of her need for a personal fitness trainer, he assured her that was his area of expertise.

Arrogant Emperatriz boasted and threw Silvia out of her house, when she visited her to plead the case of a hapless customer. She told Silvia that only fools become victims of financial misfortunes, and they should be made to pay for their folly. She threatened that she would make Alex to break his relationship with her.

Conán told Mimi about his upcoming fight with Titan, but she warned him that Titan was a cheat who doesn't play by the rules. She also requested him to escort her to the pop bash at Tony's house. Conan wondered what Mimi could be doing hanging around a 'Ruffian' like Tony.

Lorenzo reminded Orlando that since he inherited the textile factory from his father, he had never had a challenge that could not be surmounted. So, he requested Orlando to look critically to the business proposals of Isabela and report back to him.

Orlando canceled his night-time rendezvous with Nati, because he already had another date with Isabela, who was trying her best to seduce him to lower his alertness and scrutiny of her partnership deal with Lorenzo's. He made Isabela to understand that he was an associate and legal adviser to Lorenzo, with 3% stake in the Paracas textile.

Isabela told him of how deeply in love she was with Lorenzo, and how Laura suddenly appeared on the eve of their engagement and snatched Lorenzo from him. She told him that she has matured over the last 8 years to forget about vengeance.

Later when Orlando drove her home, he made amorous advances towards her, but she resisted, telling him not to misinterpret their business dinner for a romantic date. After

Tony was able to reveal the secrets of Titan to Conán. He told him that Titan has so many nails fixed to his left knee, and that he should kick that place to bring him down as his weakness. Conan told him that he was a clean fighter and would not engage in dirty trick in the ring with Titan. He left and Mimi followed him after giving Tony a light kiss on the cheek.

Conán told Silvia and Nati about the secret tales told him by Tony of the weak point of Titan in battle. They warned in not to trust in that tactics on the ring. When Nati suggested taking Silvia's Resume to work, Silvia doubted her chances with Lorenzo, after the technical knock down she gave him a few days ago.

Laura tried to persuade her husband, Lorenzo, from doing business with Isabela, because she suspected that Isabela returned for vengeance and a pound of flesh for the odious past between them. Lorenzo would not hear of it because, he thought Isabela was of noble intention. As soon as Lorenzo fell asleep, laura opened her bedside drawer and brought out the nude photographs of Alex, and began to seductively kiss them.

Silvia tried to alert Alex about Sonia, one of his 'students' at the gym. Alex assured her that no one would 'steal' him from her.