Thursday, August 09, 2007

Catalina y Sebastian- Prelude (1) to Grand Finale

Maria RebecaFriends, Let's play god a little this morning. Thanks to my articulate researcher friend, Omodesola. I will post the basic snippets of Grand Finale of Catalina y Sebastian. It is a natural element in man to want to know the end from the beginning thereof. For many of us, knowing the final chapter of this telenovela is a good sedative that kills anxiety and make us to follow the soap with peace of mind.

Every telenovela is by principle, shrouded in mystery and mischief. Unraveling those mysteries and unbundling the mischiefs are what we all call episodes. At times those episodes could be repetitive, long-winding and merry-go-round, like this case of Catalina y Sebastian. There is no doubt that El Cuerpo del Deseo is an 8-year sparkling improvement over the boring repetitions of Catalina y Sebastian.

My attempt, beginning with this morning, is to break the suspense by furnishing us with a series of that final episode of Catalina y Sebastine, which I would call Preludes 1, 2, 3, ... Here we go; This is prelude 1:

The worst villain in this tele-la-suspense, Carmelo, died an ugly death. Why? His obsession pushed him to commit heinous crimes and consequently therefore pushed him to his death, in the hands of the police chief, who shot him at point blank range to hell. But not before Petra, the custodian of secrets, revealed to all present and a dying Carmelo that Antoniete was his true biological mother. A dying Carmelo rejected Antoniete as his mother, and Antoniete broke down and wept profusely for her dead son, Carmelo.

Carmelo with the evil assistance of his best friend, Marcelo, abused the foolish trust of Lupe, and kidnapped the old man in Mexico city. With the help of daily overdose of injected drugs that wiped out Lupe's memory, they made him to sign a new Will that entrust all his estate and wealth to Carmelo as his "Only Heir". Marcelo was charged with the responsibility of monitoring the captive Lupe. Carmelo went ahead with the new Will that legally empowered him to execute the Will and dispossessed Martina and Sebastian of their rightful inheritance.

Lupe's disappearance was a mystery to all the people, but Carmelo was the chief suspect. however there was no proof that connects him with Lupe's disappearance. He too pretended to hire private detective to help him find "his" 'missing father!'

The noose is tightening around Carmelo's neck, investigations are getting closer to the whereabouts of Lupe, so he asked Marcelo to take Lupe to his house in the city. He told Marcelo that he may be forced to take drastic decision to choose between being discovered as a kidnapper of Lupe, and therefore thrown into prison, or he should get rid of Lupe and keep his wealth as his new 'heir'.

Antoniete and Emilia had to burst into Carmelo's apartment in Mexico city, and searched the room (the same room where he had held Lupe captive, before asking Marcelo to smuggle Lupe out to his (Marcelo's) own apartment in another location in the city), but met it empty.

Later when Lupe came to his senses after the effect of the drugs wore off on him, in Marcelo's apartment, he asked after Sebastian and Martina. Carmelo lied to him that his two beloved children had died in a ghastly motor accident. He did this to give him the consolation and justified the evil of making him to sign a new Will that empowers him (Carmelo) as the new and only heir.

Carmelo went ahead and blackmailed Catalina that she must marry him, if she wanted to fulfill the wishes of Sebastian that he (Carmelo), should cede the ranch, which was only a small portion of Lupe's wealth to Martina. Unfortunately, foolish Catalina agreed and compromised, partly because she was jealous that Sebastian had fallen in love with Jessica. She had seen Jessica always around, and going out with Sebastian, and she painfully and wrongfully concluded that she has lost Sebastian for ever.

Emilia and Marcelo have fallen in love, they have even started sleeping with each other, but Emilia would not let go off Sebastian and still hated Catalina, because she knew that Sebastian and Catalina were still deeply in love with each other, despite Catalina having married Carmelo in a phony marriage. She wanted Marcelo, "Mr. Fix it" to help her kill Antoniete and Catalina.