Saturday, March 29, 2008

Telenovela Marching Forward In March

Good news to all telenovela freaks! In the next few hours, we are marching out of blogger to our own paid hosting blog at Telenovela Stories Dot TV. Thanks to my husband who spiritedly made this dream come to pass.

Since the year began, I have been assisting him and getting much involved in SEO consulting for some big corporate organizations, that was why my activities was scanty here. Now, I should be able to respond to age-old questions of fans demanding for new telenovela stories which I would actualize on the new blog.

All the full stories of Second Chance, (El Cuerpo del Deseo), The Gardener’s Daughter (La Hija de Jardinero), Esmeralda, and Catalina y Sebastian, would also be moving to the new site. We shall also be having much fun with diverse telenovela opinions from the Telenovela Forum where many great story tellers would help us out with telenovela stories across the globe. Make sure you register there to receive regular info on telenovelas.

Friends, catch ya dia!