Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Only Heir To The Estate ...

What a sin! To be so hated and persecuted for being the only legal heir to a multi-million Dollar estate, and that, you were even ignorant of, for over two decades! That was the story of that young and beautiful girl called, Luisa Fernanda.

Rigoberto, the guardian angel came an apologized to Luisa Fernanda for her cowardice and silence for so long. She exposed Consuela's evil schemes all these years. She also warned Luisa Fernanda that Consuela was planning to kill her, in order to disinherit her.

It was moment of sober truth, to discover that where you have worked as a maid, was actually your inheritance, and the boss whom you have worked for, was not your boss, but your grandfather who had left all his fortunes, hundreds of acres of land and houses, factories, mortgages and properties willed to you, his unknown granddaughter.

That was the Will drafted and sealed, which caused the fears and schemes of Consuela. Luisa Fernanda later confronted Pedro Perez and challenged him for hiding such vital information about her heritage and maternal grandfather. Pedro was speechless, caught in his own serlfish schemes by Rigo's revelation.