Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Episode 43: Tit-For-Tat

Consuela is hot, I have no doubt, but she met a surprising match in Heriberto, her husband. She dragged him to their room to 'resolve' the scandal of infidelity caused by him at the factory. She was about to excercise her power of "Landlord's daughter" by throwing Heriberto (and his daughter, Vanessa) out of the mansion, for the shame of adultery. The man responded back with her own coin: COUNTER- BLACKMAIL! Consuela looked like someone who had just been drenched by a very cold water. Her con-husband, who had turned her into a "cash register" had pulled the rug from under her feet.

He warned her not to attempt to intimidate him, saying: "...I can destroy you anytime I want. I will expose all your dirty deals..." this was more than a big slap on the face of Consuela, she had no answer to this blackmail. Later the next day at work, Virginia was worried that Consuela may come to the office to cause a scene and possibly sack her, Heriberto exhibited his macho by telling her that she should never worry about Consuela, that he knows how to handle and manage his home and his office. In essence, he was telling her that he has caged Consuela.

Another dramatic counter-blackmail was played out between Jennifer and her right-hand woman- Andreina. Jennifer wants to have her cake and also eat it. Her ambition crossed the line of Andreina's passion. She discovered that Andreina has refused to follow her advise to run out of town for Marissa. Andreina told her that Leopoldo advised her to the contrary and she believed in the reasoning of Leopoldo. It was obvious that her manipulative counsel to Andreina to flee was purposed so that, she would use that as proof to Marissa that she had sacked Andreina, as demanded by Marissa.

Jenny expressed her disappointment, saying: "...It's a good to hear that you'd be in Mexico, but..., you can't come back to work for me at the Academy, not anymore..., Marissa would never forgive me if she knows that you are still working for me... I can't risk my friendship with Marissa." Andreina was shattered with this news, but like a typical street girl, she responded appropriately, as the circumstances demanded. Andreina said: "...Well then, I would have to tell Marissa that you have always known about my love affairs with Luis Alejandro..."

Jenny froze in her stride, she turned back and confronted Andreina, saying "...are you blackmailing me?" Andreina replied that "...if you don't have a loyalty to me, in spite of my loyal service to you, I would not have any loyalty for you too"

After Marissa sent L.A. out of her house, he proceeded, after spending the night at an hotel, to Andreina's apartment. Telling Andreina that he had been sent packing by Marissa. She laughed and told him that he has finally lost the hen that laid him golden eggs, she told him that situation has changed, and don't want him around her anymore. She asked him to leave her apartment. He quickly reminded her that he was the one paying the rent and therefore she has no right over the apartment. He also made her realise that they would swim or sink together, that he does not care a hoot anymore if Marissa knows that, he now lives in the same apartment with her.

Carlos and Alfredo went to a restaurant for dinner while waiting for their senior colleague Dr. Serrano, to join them. Carlos made Alfredo to realise that Luisa Fernanda was the love of his life. Alfredo told him that he was surprised by his claim because L.F never mentioned having any relationship with him as her boyfriend when he spoke with her. He even told Carlos that from his observation it seems L.F. is distant to him. Carlos replied that they had some misunderstandings but it would soon be resolved, that they love each other. Alfredo warned Carlos not to apply pressure on L.F. because she is the only emotional anchor for the recovery of Pedro.

Clarita phoned Carlos that his mom has become an emotional wreck because of the row between her and L.A. He took excuse to leave for home, to go and resolve some problems. Alfredo mocked him saying that he had more problems than running after L.F.

Jenny came to the hospital and asked to know Pedro's room. Graziela, the nurse, told her that Pedro has been transfered to a mental hospital. Alfredo walked in, so the nurse told him that Jenny wanted to know about Pedro. Alfredo introduced himself to her, as the Psychiatrist that treats Pedro now. She lied by introducing herself as the girlfriend to Carlos Eduardo. Alfredo mocked again by saying that Carlos is lucky to have her as girlfriend.

Marissa was so depressed that she could not attend the Bank's Board's Meeting. Carlos told Ordonez not to worry that he would replace his mom on the Board for the meeting. Marissa was happy because of Carlos involvement in the Bank's affairs. As he entered the the office of Ordonez for the meeting, he saw L.F. sitting in front of Ordonez requesting for financial assistance to offset Pedro's medical bill. Carlos interrupted by telling L.F. not to worry, that he would pick the medical bill.

Marissa surfaced in Jenny's Academy wearing all-black, presumably mourning the dead relationship with her husband of 18 years. She said she strolled out to avoid depression. As she was chatting with Jenny, Andreina strolled in, talking to Jenny..., her speech slurred into a stammering, on recognition of Marissa sitting in front of Jenny's desk. With a blazing and fiery eyes, Marissa stood up saying: "...Oh my God, why is this woman still working here? OK, that's fine, because I've got a lot of things to say to her!" Next episode would showcase the vituperations of Marissa on Andreina's head.

Don Fernando pleaded with Rigoberto to forgive him for not recognizing her the previous day because of his Amnesia. Rigo was depresed and told him that maybe she too was getting too old to be effective. She told him that Consuela's suggestion that a young nurse should be employed to care for him is most appropriate now. Don replied that old age is the worst enemy of any man. Vanessa heard them and chuckled. The stage is being set for the encounter of Luisa Fernanda with her grandfather. A memorial meeting between the Billionaire steel magnate and his unknown heiress grand daughter> Luisa Fernanda.