Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jinxed Weddings

With the second abortion of Jennifer's wedding to Carlos, it is now too clear that she was racing against fate. A race that she could not win. She was not alone in that race, Alfredo Anzola was her team mate in the race against destiny.

The spillover of Snippet 96 just like before, contains these facts. What was not reflected there was the Xochil drama, where she openly confessed her undying love for Alfredo and why she was always saddened that he was blind to realize that she was the one who truly loved him, and not Luisa Fernanda. She packed her luggage and left. If she truly left for good would be seen tomorrow. Would the conjecture of circumstances brought her back into Alfredo's life.

It's Alfredo's turn to suffer the crushing blow of fate. The next two days would show that his wedding fixed to outwit any obstacle to marriage with L. F, was also jinxed as LF would learn that he had suffered a terrible accident in which he lost the use of his leg for a season.