Monday, October 01, 2007

47 Love Cheers For Nigeria

NigeriaEvery festival has its own Honor, the magnitude of which is proportional to it's importance. Nigeria is 47 years old today and still struggling to break free from her odious past.

The most populous black nation in the world marches on dauntlessly against the infernal opposition of epileptic energy sector and political corruption. (I spend an average of 12,000 Naira [about $100], to fuel my generator for 8-hour daily for 30 days a month to access the internet. I am on "Gen" as I write this tribute to Nigeria).

While still struggling for those 47 years to find her feet as a sovereign nation, we pray most fervently that the challenges of the energy sector and corruption would be surmounted so that all can be happy and the country shall move forward. I wish all Nigerian Telenovela lovers happy anniversary.Nigerian Flag

The entertainment industry has one thing here that boosts its hope every time Nigeria is mentioned, and that is: 'the market'. It is good news for the telenovela importer who makes 50 million Naira (about $400,000) net profit for a 180 episode novela. How much of that money has been ploughed back into the local movie or television production of equal depth like the Latin telenovelas.

It is a shame and miscarriage of entertainment weight that these unscrupulous importers have begun defrauding the television audience in Nigeria by bringing old and jaded novelas like Catalina y Sebastian (1999), while current Novelas like El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) 2005, did not enjoy mainstream media like AIT and co, and also commercial patronages of big multinational firms.

Nevertheless I send 47 telenovela and love cheers to all Nigerians this day. May God bestow 47-fold honor on all Nigerian telenovela fans during today's festival and throughout the rest of 2007. Happy Anniversary!!!