Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Would You Go With Us?

Pedro succeeded in persuading L.F to escort Alfredo to La Paz. But the drama did not end there, L.F wanted Xochil, to join them on the trip. Scheming Alfredo made faces and signaled to Xochil to reject the offer.

That million Dollar question was all Xochil needed, it was a tacit endorsement of her love ambition for Alfredo by L.F. I strongly suspect that L.F is preparing an emotional trap for Alfredo, by insisting that a 'self-confessed-lover' of Alfredo, like Xochil should follow them on the trip, ... (unmmm wise girl). Never mind what Alfredo schemed, Xochil was included in that team on their trip to la Paz. And, ... things happened in La Paz that mouth cannot describe.

Lupe behaved typically like many of us women, when we are 'madly' in love. Just one night love-making with Mr. Ordonez has changed the man's status and nomenclature. She now calls him adorably by his hitherto, unknown name, ANTONIO. No more Mr. Ordonez. We knew him as Mr. Lic Ordonez, but now, thanks to Lupe, he is now ANTONIO. Every lover out there that desires a 'change of name', (you know what 'change' I mean), The God that visited, abandoned Lupe and scorned Ordonez (sorry, Antonio), would surely visit you too.

I pity many men who lose their 'titles' on the bed with the women who have always 'respected' them. For me, it was just normal and fondly to call your hubby by his first name. It does not mean a desecration of the man's dignity or position, it means adoration. The man even declared to her, to confirm the irrefutable affection between them, saying, " ... we were born for each other ... ". Lucky Lupe, accept my congratulations!

It is noteworthy to mention that our popular and handsome telenovela actor, Rodrigo Abed, popularly known as the notorious "Fabian" of the Cuando Seas Mia (When You are Mine) fame, would begin his appearance in the gardener's daughter from the next two episodes 127 and 128. This time he was an Modeling agency promoter. He fell in love with a wrong woman, Jennifer. Just as he did with a wrong woman "Babara", in Cuando Seas Mia. He was her agent.

I have been able to post yesternite, the episode 56 of ESMERALDA, I had to break it into pieces so you can 'chew' it well. I hope to post the remaining three episodes later today.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Prelude To Emotional Shipwreck

Three gardeners have been on my neck, on behalf of all Esmeralda telenovela lovers for over a week now. Bola, Biola and Jumi. They wanted me to post the last chapter and Grand Finale of ESMERALDA. I promise to do that in the next one hour.

Meanwhile, you can feast your eyes on the Picture by the right, of the Church wedding between Esmeralda and Jose Armando. What you call Grande finale is about ten episodes combined together, and I have been trying to sort and separate them for your reading pleasure.

It is my pleasure to announce that, you won, Jumi, Biola and Bola.

Yesterday, Heribeto died and was buried. Hold your breadth, Consuela is about to swing into another round of wickedness, against Heriberto's daughter, Vanessa, now that her father has died.

AIT has become so insensitive these days by refusing to air the last epic five minutes of TGD, due to her commercial greed. Even after the announcement that the episode would be aired after the News Headlines at 10 p.m. AIT suffered from amnesia, and never brought back the continuation of the TGD. This was not her first time of this 'sharp' entertainment practices. It did not show where Jenny slapped L.F at the funeral, in yesternite's episode.

We would wait to see how the drama of the consequences of cancerous death of Heriberto on the soap opera tonight. Heriberto's funeral and Jenny's misdemeanor, signaled the death of pampering and sympathy for Jenny's schemes by Carlos Eduardo, from now on, their 'love' relationship would go down the drain. Tonite's chapter would confirm that.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Site Map: How To Read The Full Story of Gardener’s Daughter

Today, I felt that we have grown together over the last six months, that the new surge of fresh visitors besieging this telenovela blog with questions of how to navigate, to get the full story of the gardener's daughter, (la hija del Jardinero), needed a road map, or a site map, to help them on how to read through the story without interruption, or disruption of the flow. I am posting all the links to the full story from Episode 1, to grand finale.

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11/12, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 20, Episode 21, Episode 22, Episode 23, Episode 24, Episode 25, Episode 26, Episode 27, Episode 28, Episode 29, Episode 30, Episode 31, Episode 32, Episode 33, Episode 34, Episode 35, Episode 36, Episode 37, Episode 38, Episode 39, Episode 40, Episode 41, Episode 42, Episode 43, Episode 44, Episode 45, Episode 46, Episode 47, Episode 48, Episode 49, Episode 50, Episode 51, Episode 52, Episode 53, Episode 54, Episode 55, Episode 56, Episode 57, Episode 58, Episode 59, Episode 60, Episode 61/62, Episode 63, Episode 64, Episode 65, Episode 66, Episode 67, Episode 68.

Snippet 69, Snippet 70, Snippet 71, Snippet 72, Snippet 73, Snippet 74, Snippet 75, Snippet 76, Snippet 77, Snippet 78, Snippet 79, Snippet 80, Snippet 81, Snippet 82, Snippet 83, Snippet 84, Snippet 85, Snippet 86, Snippet 87, Snippet 88, Snippet 89 Snippet 90, Snippet 91, Snippet 92, Snippet 93, Snippet 94, Snippet 95, Snippet 96, Snippet 97, Snippet 98/99, Snippet 100, Snippet 101, Snippet 102, Snippet 103, Snippet 104, Snippet 105, Snippet 106, Snippet 107, Snippet 108, Snippet 109, Snippet 110, Snippet 111, Snippet 112, Snippet 113, Snippet 114, Snippet 115, Snippet 116, Snippet 117, Snippet 118, Snippet 119, Snippet 120.

Snippet 121, Snippet 122, Snippet 123, Snippet 124, Snippet 125, Snippet 126, Snippet 127, Snippet 128, Snippet 129, Snippet 130, Snippet 131, Snippet 132, Snippet 133, Snippet 134, Snippet 135, Snippet 136, Snippet 137, Snippet 138, Snippet 139, Snippet 140, Snippet 141, Snippet 142, Snippet 143, Snippet 144, Snippet 145, Snippet 146, Snippet 147, Snippet 148, Snippet 149, Snippet 150, Snippet 151, Snippet 152, Snippet 153, Snippet 154, Snippet 155, Snippet 156, Snippet 157, Snippet 158, Snippet 159, Snippet 160, Snippet 161, Snippet 162, Snippet 163, Snippet 164, Snippet 165, Snippet 166, Snippet 167, Snippet 168, Snippet 169, Snippet 170, Snippet 171 Snippet 172, Snippet 173, Snippet 174, Snippet 175, Snippet 176, Snippet 177, Snippet 178, Grand Finale.

Friday, February 23, 2007

You Have a Granddaughter!

The lips of a dying man could be a treasure, if properly mined. Heriberto Sotomayor, convinced more than anyone else, that he was going to die, fulfilled the noble wishes of his lovely and loving daughter, Vanessa Sotomayor. That is, to expose Consuela's concealment and theft of the inheritance of L.F.

Heriberto told Don Fernando, that apart from requesting him to take care of his daughter after he passed on, he also wanted to confess to him that he Don Fernando, has a granddaughter. The old man was not senile, he was stunned by this news from the blues.

He had earlier promised Heriberto that he would care for Vanessa, as if she were his granddaughter, that he never had. Heriberto told him, saying: " ... you are wrong, you have a grand daughter... ". In today's, Friday's episode, he would also tell Don that he knew the granddaughter, but his energy sipped out of him, and could not mention Luisa Fernanda as being the old man's granddaughter and heiress. He was not also able to tell the old man that Consuela colluded with L.A to write a new Will to disinherit L.F.

Consuela's first casualty, upon taking over as the acting President of the Steel plant was Virginia, her hubby's mistress and secretary. She fired her instanta without a sack letter! She threw her to the street and called her a cheap W*ore.

To read more about the next ten episodes, from snippet 122 to 132, go to Snippet 122, Snippet 123, Snippet 124, Snippet 125, Snippet 126, Snippet 127, Snippet 128, Snippet 129, Snippet 130, Snippet 131 and Snippet 132.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yes, I Still Love Him

Moments of soberity dawned on Luisa Fernanda tonight on the T.V soap, Gardener's Daughter. She listened to her heart and found out that every fiber of her being cried out for her soulmate, Carlos Eduardo.

What a discovery, a discovery that we've known all along, and are even bored with. This epileptic 'Tom and Jerry' love is not possible in real life. The script writers are toying with our feelings in this soap. I believe that, the cord of true love is so long, so thick, so tough and rugged, that vicissitudes of life cannot overwhelm the love bond.

However, the authors have tested our patience and endurance with the epileptic relationship between the prime lovers, Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda. It is taking the drama to great absurdities, when you bound a loveless couple like L.F and Alfredo, together FOR SO LONG (3 years duration), even after it has been clearly exposed to all that, the reason for the breakdown in love relationship between C.E and L.F was due to communication breakdown between them, which made Jennifer de la Serpent, to crawl into that vacuum from Baltimore, and also made Alfredo Anzola to hijack that relationship.

From now on, her confidence from this re-discovery would propel L.F into the waiting and happy arms of Carlos Eduardo. This would lead Jennifer to attempt suicide, she was almost dead, but was revived at the hospital where she was rushed to, by Carol. This would be confirmed in the resort city of La Paz, right there at the Rehabilitation clinic, under the noses of Alfredo, Marissa and Pedro.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fighting the 'Queen' ...

Tonight's chapter of the Gardener's daughter (la hija del Jardinero), was a hilarious spectacle, as we watched the epic battle between Victor and Jennifer de la Vega, whom he 'crowned' as the 'Queen of all b*tches'. If I am appointed a judge of that epic contest, I would award a draw, as, there was no victor, no vanquished.

You may not agree with me because of your perfect hatred for Jenny's schemes and styles. Victor had always been waiting for this kind of encounter with Jenny, and when it came, he grabbed the first stone and threw it at her, forgetting that he too lived in a queer 'glass house'. Jenny's reply was devastating as it shattered the homosexual glass house of Victor. It was a reminder of Peter Tosh's Reggae song about those who live in a glass house " ... don't throw stooones".

The 'queen' Jennifer did not leave without multiple wounds and bruises to lick too. Victor thoroughly stripped her naked of her vain ego and pride. If Marissa and Carlos had stopped pampering Jenny, and had been stripping her of all her pretenses, since they discovered that she was double-faced, the disaster that she caused them, would have been minimal in this telenovela.

If Jennifer was a 'queen of b*tches', I am at a lost on, what to call Consuelo. 'Queen of w*tches'? Please, help me out. The bitter rage of Consuela could not be measured by any instrument, as she poured invectives on Virginia. She accused Virginia of 'crying louder than the widow'! (Did you hear that?) This evil woman had declared her husband dead, while the man was still breathing and talking, though suffering from an advanced stage of a malignant tumor, called cancer of the brain. She called herself a widow while her husband was still living!

The anticlimax was when, Alfredo, from his sick bed deployed his cunning snare to lure an unwary L.F to follow him to La Paz for his physiotherapy. When I saw this aspect, I prayed silently never to be a victim of the rage of jealousy. This young lady was not just an object of jealousy, but a "VICTIM" or "CAPTIVE". To ask a lady to follow you to another continent, and abandon her business, source of her income, and carry a 2-year old boy who was not your son, to follow you on that trip, is asking too much.

Don't get me wrong. This miserable chap called Alfredo had abandoned his promising and brilliant career, for over two years now, just to keep the 'love cage' sealed, so that the 'love bird'- L.F, would not fly out of it. A successful medical doctor abandoned the hospital where he had prospects and came to sit idly in a floral shop selling flowers. That is a mental sickness called inordinate obsession, that is no longer love! Please, spare me of this sickness.

Alfredo reminded L.F of the marital wows of " ... in sickness and in health, till death do us apart ..." he told her that " ... if not because of this stup*d accident, we would have been married now". That was his justification why she MUST follow him to La Paz. Carlos Eduardo told her the truth that Alfredo was plying the victim in order to tie her down. he vehemently oppossed the move by L.F to escort Alfredo. Would he succeed? Find out in Snippets 122, 123 and 124.

The chicken had come home to roost. Armando Perreira-Montero declared to Carol, his girlfriend, that the more he found out about his father, L.A, the more he hated him. He also warned that if Jennifer should hurt his half-sister, L.F, she would have to contend with him.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Can't Compete With Love

Victor, the florist attendant at L.F's Floral shop made a profound statement tonight that turned me into an attentive student in the school of True Love. He never ceases to poke the truth that hurts L.F's compromising status and folly, in regards to her 'unbreakable' marital commitment to Alfredo Anzola.

When L.F was pouring her frustration at the absurd and annoying jealousy of Alfredo, even from his sick bed, Victor made her to realize that Alfredo was not competing with Carlos Eduardo, but with the indomitable spirit of Love. What a remarkable statement! I drew conclusion, like a good student, from thereon that, every time you strive to win somebody's love and it became an obsession, to the point whereby you begin to 'scheme' and manipulate that person to 'love' you, it means you are unwittingly going on a head-on collision with the fiery edge of the sword of Love. God help you, if you survive that collision.

Many of the rivalry battles waged by boyfriends and girlfriends, were wars waged against the entity called LOVE. Those battles were not for Love, but against Love. Love is gentle, truelove is pure. Every attempt to manipulate the innocence and gentleness of love, is nothing but a pollution, and that is why many are emotionally scarred by the flames of this cupid goddess. Love conquers all, and Love cannot lose, it has never lost any war. May you never be squared on the same ring against Love. May you always be on the righteous and winning side of Love. We have already read this in Snippet 119 and the next dramatic one that followed.

Forgive me for waxing philosophical, it was Victor who conquered me with that profound statement, that a person can unwittingly "compete" with Love. I have always seen myself as a lover or loving or being loved. I have never really seen Love as an independent entity, that could take its own decision, and fight its own wars, regardless of the combatants will.

Luis Alejandro Montero has proven that he was a mafioso boss, in fact he would be the last man to fall in this telenovela. A proverbial cat with nine lives. Heriberto Sotomayor has finally succumbed to the death throes of brain cancer. He would irredeemably go down to the grave with his guilt for been an accomplice, who inspired Consuelo in all her evil schemes.

One by one, the agents of wickedness would begin to lose out. Consuela too would not be spared in the next ten episodes. In fact, Jeniffer survived the ambushes of vengeance until she buckled at the last chapters. The battle ground is about to be shifted to a new frontiers- La Paz.

Alfredo fired the first shots, by demanding that L.F must follow him for that trip for as long as it lasts, even if six months. He suffered from a complex that convinced him that he would lose his captive fiancee, L.F, to Carlos if he lets her out of his site for even a week. Snippets 120, Snippets 121 and Snippet 122, would point the way forward in this telenovela. Go ahead and check those three snippets out.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Love of, and for Family

This morning, a fellow gardener sent me this, and it was so touching. I am sure she got it from some other sources but i was touched by the message of love in it. I decided to post it for your week's delight as we begin a new week.

Thanks once again to: Adesola Izekor (Mrs.) for this poem.


I ran into a stranger as he passed by,
"Oh excuse me please" was my reply.

He said, "Please excuse me too;
I wasn't watching for you."

We were very polite, this stranger and I.
We went on our way and we said goodbye.

But at home a different story is told,
How we treat our loved ones, young and old.

Later that day, cooking the evening meal,
My son stood beside me very still.

When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.
"Move out of the way," I said with a frown.

He walked away, his little heart broken.
I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

While I lay awake in bed,
God's still small voice came to me and said,

"While dealing with a stranger,
common courtesy you use,
but the family you love, you seem to abuse.

Go and look on the kitchen floor,
You'll find some flowers there by the door.

Those are the flowers he brought for you.
He picked them himself: pink, yellow and blue.

He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise,
you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes."

By this time, I felt very small,
And now my tears began to fall.

I quietly went and knelt by his bed;
"Wake up, little one, wake up," I said.

"Are these the flowers you picked for me?"
He smiled, "I found 'em, out by the tree.

I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.
I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue."

I said, "Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted today;
I shouldn't have yelled at you that way."
He said, "Oh, Mom, that's okay.
I love you anyway."

I said, "Son, I love you too,
and I do like the flowers, especially the blue."


Are you aware that if we die tomorrow, the company
that we are working for could easily replace us in
a matter of days.
But the family we left behind will feel the loss
for the rest of their lives.

And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more
into work than into our own family,
an unwise investment indeed,
don't you think?
So what is behind the story?

Do you know what the word FAMILY means?


Thanks, sister Omodesola, love you. Next time if you don't mind, I would have loved to add your family pix to accompany this poem.

Please, Impregnate Me

The sublime depths to which a desperate schemer would go. Jennifer de la Vega was a 'stubborn pursuer'. Not content with the fading promise of Carlos Eduardo to live with her as his concubine, she traced him to L.F's house and met both of them discussing about Carlos offer to buy a comfortable house for his son.

She quickly and enviously interrupted, without invitation, saying that the house had already been bought, and she would decorate a room for little Pedro in the house. She became excessively 'friendly' but obviously it was a masked hatred, which both Carlos and L.F could see through.

After she left with Carlos, she began to beg Carlos to come and impregnate her, so she too could give him a son too. This new turn set me thinking on how this lady of elegance and former Miss Universe had descended and plunged into the abyss of ignominy, not because of true love for a man, but because of an egoistic obsession and emotional battle for a man whom, she now sees as a priced-trophy, to be won either by hook or crook. This cast doubt on how she won "Miss Universe" in the past, could it have been through the same wily and crooked means?

It started with a harmless and promising relationship that could have led to the altar, the man buckled because he found another lady who could give him a greater fulfillment in marriage, than Jenny. Then entered the battle to recover the 'lost' boyfriend. From there, dirty tricks about fake pregnancy, was deployed to trap the man, after that failed, she smuggled herself into the man's woes and flew to Baltimore to hypocritically share his sorrows, and of course, comfort him by living with him and monopolizing him for two years. Two years that she could not succeed in making him to marry her.

Now, having lost her grip over her desire to become a "live-in lover", with Carlos Eduardo, her next step downwards was to beg him to impregnate her. Gradually but steadily, Jennifer is going psycho with her obsession of beating the gardener's daughter for the prized trophy- CARLOS EDUARDO.

More about this drama would be found in Snippet 120, Snippet 119, and Snippet 118.

Friday, February 16, 2007

No Vacancy!

It was a season of 'no vacancy' yesterday on the gardener's daughter soap opera. It started when Jennifer requested for and got the generous service of a witch to cast spell on Carlos Eduardo. By the time the witch, called Shantal, finished with her spiritual consultation, she declared that Carlos Eduardo does not belong to Jenny but to another lady.

When Jenny angrily challenged the outcome, she told Jenny that IT IS WRITTEN, and cannot be changed. Jennifer de la Vega does not beg people, but she begged Shantal to help her cast spell on Carlos, she was advised by Shantal that destiny cannot be changed, but Jenny should change her acidic and embittered personality, to get a marital breakthrough.

For me this episode was a big lesson of life. Many of the problems we try unsuccessfully to spiritualize at times, were self-inflicted, and not necessarily orchestrated by our real rivals or imaginary enemies. The witch had no spiritual solution to Jenny's self-inflicted problems. All she needed was a change of attitude and outlook and her turn-around breakthrough, that she desperately sought would appear.

It was a 'no vacancy' situation when Marissa, burst on L.A in the secret love-nest, which he rented for his concubine, Andreina, many years ago. He tried with lame excuses to lie to Marissa that he just rented it, to cover up for the fact that he never really gave up that apartment three years ago, when Marissa told him to terminate the rent.

Marissa was in no mood for new lies to cover up the old. She simply told him that it was belated, and her mission was to challenge his refusal to sign divorce papers on the pretext of charges of adultery. She reminded him that he was the real culprit and 'chief adulterer', with his many concubines throughout their 20-year marriage that was full of deceptions and lies.

Many of us have read about this enchantment and disenchantment in Snippet 117.

Still talking about spell and enchantment, last Sunday, I heard a fairy but real tale of how a strange woman cast spell on one Mr.X, who abandoned his fiancee to marry the strange woman. That marriage lasted for some 12 years with three children to show for it. The story got blown open because, Mr. X sought to win a multi-million government contract, and was advised by friends to go to a fiery church for spiritual deliverance, if he must win the contract.

It was his wife that drove him to the church for the 5-day deliverance exercise, on the promise to come to pick him at the end of the program. The man was truly delivered during the program, particularly from the spell cast on him 12 years ago. When his wife returned to pick him 5 days later, everyone was amazed to heard the man accuse the woman of stealing his car.

He recognized that car as his, but swore that he had never met nor known the woman who, insisted that he was her hubby of 12 years. The drama made many people around to follow them to their house to verify the truth.

On getting there, it was found out that the woman was truly his wife. He recognized his three children and the house as his, but was himself shocked to see pictures of the woman he called stranger, and himself hanging in the living room. He burst out weeping, insisting that he never knew the woman. He also served the strange woman notice to quit his house; at that moment the woman broke down and confessed that she had cast a spell on him in order to trap him into the marrying her 12 years ago.

What a tale. It was Jennifer's spell-binding adventures yesterday that brought my memory to this tale. if she had succeeded, she may face a similar situation as the strange woman above, several years later. Thank God, she did not succeed and Shantal did not cooperate with her.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Signals of Downfall

Jennifer was a pathetic case yester-night on the Gardener's daughter soap. A careful observation of the romantic trajectory between her and Carlos Eduardo would show that there is an 'invincible and invisible hand' that blocks every of her scheme to cage the noble guy, Carlos Eduardo, into a matrimonial trap.

From the blues, her elaborately planned movement into a new house with Carlos, evaporated like a smoke into the air. The estate agent told her that the owner has refused to sell, nor even rent out the apartment to them. Carlos was secretly relieved but Jenny was furious, and almost ate the agent 'raw'.

While still grappling with that aspect, she began to pour invectives on Pedro for dating Marissa. She urged Carlos Eduardo not to allow such courtship because Pedro, according to her, " ... has no penny to his name, he is a Mr. nobody and a low life". Carlos could not bear the insults anymore, he yelled at her that she should not insult the grandfather of his son anymore. He turned around and angrily walked out of her apartment. END OF DISCUSSION!

All this signifies the end of Jennifer's reign of falsehood and deception. But because of her blind desperation, she would pursue her ambitious and evil scheme to her own peril. Her next step would be to go to a witchcraft coven to seek to bewitch Carlos by diabolical means, having failed to physically lure him into a matrimonial union. She was taken to the consultation room of witches by no less an obnoxious person than her Jezebelian younger sister- Carol. Further peep at the recipes in the gardener's kitchen can be found at Love Snippets 117, 118 and 119.

I have posted two bulk snippets of Esmeralda. What we have left now is the concluding snippet and Grand Finale. Check out Two Romantic adversaries that entered into the relationship of Jose Armando and Esmeralda. Also the beginning of triumphant love, that I posted as Valentine gifts yesternite. Thanks to Vivian, my gardener friend from Ogba, Lagos, who showered my husband and I with Valentine encomiums. I which you also an unending season of honey in your marriage.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Unusual Valentine Gift

I got a suprise Valentine 'gift' this morning when I woke up. My hubby had woken up much earlier than unsual, and had begun to take over my normal household chores- washed plates, bathe the children and readied them for school, swept the whole house. He prepared and served their breakfast too. By the time I woke up, there was practically nothing left for me to do. It was such a touching expression.

This is going back to the 'Old School' theories of Love. Not just by words, but by expression. An ACTION that touches. So today must be a "feeling" and "touching" day. Not a day of speeches. Where speeches would never reach, ACTION would penetrate today.

What an unusual way to rekindle our 10-year old marriage. A flame that has turned into a consuming cupid conflagration in the last 11 or 12 years of knowing him. I am filled with trepidation of what more cupid surprises that may await me by the time he returned from work later this evening.

What about you, have you experienced any surprises so far since the Valentine day began a few hours ago today? I would love to hear your account of how you spent your Valentine day, ... of course, with your Val... Dont't tell me you read only telenovelas. Shouldn't we begin to practically experience the fantasy that we read of in the novelas?

For God so Loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that the world may not perish. The Son too so Loved the world that he accepted a sacrificial death for the sake of you and me. If love is all about sacrificial giving, what are you willing to give sacrificially today, not only your Val, but your colleagues at work and neighbours at home.

I would go right away to post the completion snippets of Esmeralda, like I had promised before I went to sleep yesternite.

Happy Valentine to ALL "Gardeners"!

I am Your Father!

Luis Alejandro's wit was in full throttle as he declared the carefully kept secret of fatherhood to Luisa Fernanda. L.F was shocked and almost disbelieved L.A's claim. The con man was at his best when he reminded her, with crocodile tears, of the day Amelia followed her to the court, he said it must have been because Amelia wanted to tell him that L.F was his daughter, but he was too angry to allow her to talk.

He used the opportunity to expose Pedro's hypocrisy, for hiding this truth from her, all these years. L.F broke into tears and ran out of the place. L.A was happy for this successful execution of Phase one, of his plot to take over the Alcantara fortune. He told Consuelo that L.F would gradually digest and assimilate this truth and would later reconcile with him as her true father.

In Snippet 116, Pedro and Sister Joaquina were blamed and scolded by L.F for hiding the truth of her paternity from her. You would have expected Pedro to go the whole hog by also telling her that She was also the granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara.

This to me confirmed that L.A was not just the issue for Pedro, but the selfish fear of also losing L.F to her grand father. He would not escape this outcome because the very day that L.F knows that Don Fernando was her father, that would be the day she would pack out and moved in with her grandfather. That's in Snippet 158. But its better to read on as the drama build-up to that climax.

Further peeps into the neighboring future of the gardener's daughter could be gotten from Snippet 117. For those our new gardeners who have besieged me in the last two weeks with desires to read the full story of the gardener's daughter, go to: Intermission, where I guided you on how to read the FULL Story, from the beginning to the end. For the lovers of Esmeralda, I have found the remaining episodes that disappeared from my desktop, in the last one week, and hopefully, I would complete it as a Valentine gift for you in the next few hours.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tell Me You Don't Love Me

That was the poser that Carlos Eduardo put before Luisa Fernanda tonite and which she cannot run away from, despite all her energetic defense of her 'commitment' to marry Alfredo. That same poser was what Alfredo strenuously labored for, over three years and failed to achieve. The "Love Me" factor is what made a fundamental difference between Dr. Carlos Eduardo and Dr. Alfredo Anzola. What a lesson for all Valentines in this cupid season. Snippet 114 told us more about this episode.

Two men struggled and fought for the love of this 'angelic' girl called Luisa Fernanda. As their epic battle progressed, it became obvious that their goal was not the same. One was fighting for masculine ego, that has grown into full blown and incurable obsession. The other was a cupid warrior, a veteran of many emotional ambushes and romantic skirmishes.

For the first time in three years, Alfredo, now on his sick bed admitted the truth that he had pretended, did not exist for three years. That truth was and is- " ... Luisa Fernanda does not love me, she wants to marry me out of pity". He told his lawyer friend, Daniel, that he could not continue to live his live on deception. He cannot marry a woman who did not love him.

The problem with Alfredo was that he would soon oscillate away from this principled decision, and hold on to a sublime position of 'marry L.F at all cost and by all means'. Every time he sees the possibility of true love uniting Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda, the envious streak of jealousy in him rises to an obsessive boiling point. This makes him behave less manly and irrationally. That is what has led him to his present paralytic state. His 'repentance' tonite would last only as long as he did not set his eyes on L.F and Carlos Eduardo. He is not man enough to admit defeat, in the cupid arena where only true lovers are declared winners by the goddess of Love. Did I hear you say St. Valentine?

Another spectacle in tonight's drama on the Gardener's daughter telenovela, was that of two senior couples. Lic Ordonez and Lupe on the one hand, Pedro Perez and Marissa Gomez on the other. The first couple found themselves in each other's arms, kissing for the first time after several years of being co-workers, without knowing that they had a 'thing' for each other. The latter couple went to a downtown bar to drink and would have been throughly embarrassed by a scandal that was scarcely restrained, when Suzanna, Pedro's secret lover of ten years arrived and 'caught' them.

This time, Pedro, a man of many secrets, confessed to Marissa that he once had a 'relationship' with Suzanna.

The delusion of Jennifer is coming near to an end. With the blossoming love between Marissa and Pedro, the ignition key to rekindle the true love that had always existed between Carlos and Luisa has been found. They had their own Valentine's eve with a home-made dinner prepared by Carlos and was sealed with a magnetic kiss in the presence of their son, little Pedro.

This soap did not end tonite without the side clips of the desperation of Luis Alejandro Montero to reveal himself to L.F and also position himself to play a strategic role in her future inheritance. Consuela the sly was assinged by L.A to clear the coast for him by making the phone call to L.F, appealing to her to attend a meting with her, a meeting that would change her life ... more of this drama and the devastating outcome of that meeting can be gotten at: Snippet 115 and also Snippet 116.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Countdown To AGLOCO Frenzy

As the Agloco software development team gets ready to release the Viewbar in phases, anytime from now, and with 1,380,000 pages of Google search results. That result shows that AGLOCO is more popular than Chad Hurley, the founder of YouTube, who had 1.19 million search results.

The Agloco revolution begins its march to financially empower 10 million internet surfers within the next six months. Last time out in 1999-2000, (that's some 7 to 8 years ago), Agloco forerunner, the All-Advantage dot com, paid out over 120 million Dollars to its 10 million members in 18 months, according to Wikipedia.

Making money from surfing the web with Agloco viewbar would enter a frenzied season immediately the viewbar is released. The You Tube and Microsoft's Bill gate had no option than to join the bandwagon of the Agloco money-making revolution. Those two web giants have announced that they want to follow the Agloco model by sharing part of their advertising revenues with their millions of users. Yes, I am happy too to be part of this epochal money-making revolution ushered in by Agloco.

146 members, and still counting ... , Many of you have trusted and helped to push me up into the top 1.79% of worldwide Agloco members with referrals. Agloco is hitting 200,000 membership after about 80 days, and this is pre-launch of the Viewbar. If you join my Agloco train now, what that means for you, (particularly when you join now, and begin to actively recruit others, and they can trust you to follow you into this money-making venture), is that, by the time the Viewbar is released, later this month, you will practically go to sleep during the competitive frenzy for more referrals because, some of the people that you would have successfully refer now, may be the ones pushing the frontiers for your large team.

Agloco has shaken the established order on the internet. Microsoft and Google's You Tube are working overtime on models similar to AGLOCO, to reward their users. I foresee a unique situation in the next year or two, where the Bill gates of this world would run after us, to buy up the AGLOCO, just like Google Bought up You Tube, some five months ago last October, for $1.65 Billion dollars.

The only difference is that only Chad Hurley and his partner Chen, enjoyed the booty alone, nothing for the millions of video-sharing members of You Tube. In our case, we are founders and owners of Agloco from the beginning. AGLOCO is 100% owned by all her members- you and I. Whatever happens in future to Agloco, we would be partakers, according to how many active people we recruit into the venture.

The only thing which cannot touch us is if Agloco should crash, (that is however remote, for this season of dot com boom), we would not crash with it, since we never put any money on it, it is free.

If you want to know more about AGLOCO, you go right ahead and read my five introductory posts on it, from Agloco formula for making money" written on 24th November, 2006, four days after Agloco was launched. Followed by Agloco Updates..., on 13th December, 2006. Next was Agloco Speaks on 20th December, 2006. There, I showcased the letter written to me by agloco management, commending our efforts so far. The last but not the least was: Wow! I'm Worth $3,300 Dollars, written on 21st January this year, where I calculated the worth of my potential shares in Agolco.

Let me assure you that I would not sell those shares for any money in this world, I would wait until some great investors buy Agloco for some huge sums, then I would go in for my portion of the 'booty' in the profit-share that follows.

What about you, would you care to Join our Agloco trailer now? Go right ahead and Join, Fill this form, if you believe in the reward system.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love Is No Respecter of Social Class

God give us men (and women), a time like this demands. Nana Rosario did us good tonite by making a profound statement in Snippet 112, on Marissa's new heart-beat for Pedro Perez, the gardener. She indicted her of being guilty of the same 'romantic crime' which she had earlier accused her son, Carlos Eduardo of wanting to marry a gardener's daughter, who was beneath his social class. Rosario declared that love is not a respecter of social class.

Talking about profound statement on the subject of love, Xochil won me over tonight with her noble and virtuous disposition. Some gardeners: Coolchic, Kiki and Cherish from Texas had even vouched for her nobility before now.

She apologized, not for accusing or blaming L.F, but for loving a man who did not belong to her. When L.F asked her to clarify what she meant by that staement, Xochil taught her with a profound but shocking statement that: " ... I love him more than you do, ..." h

Victor too was not left out of the impartation of profound statements on L.F. He asked her a million dollar question, to which L.F had no answer. He told her that now that Xochil had nobly summoned courage to tell her (L.F), that she Loved Alfredo Anzola, could she (L.F), summon a similar and noble courage to tell the truth to Alfredo when he recovers, that she did not love him?

Snippet 113 gives us more light on how the hypocritical opposition of Marissa and Pedro for the true love between L.F and Carlos Eduardo collapsed and were were shattered forever.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hacienda: Theater of War!

Eduardo's desperation knew no limit as he barked out orders to his hitman, Jingo, instructing him to find out the hiding place of Alicia Gracia in Kito. He ordered him to do everything possible and scale every hurdle placed on his path of fishing out Alicia.

After Camila spoke with the family, Alejandro told her that he was relieved with her happy tears, but not with Irene's. he told her how Irene's internet boyfriend based in Lima stood her up, and didn't dare show his face to her in real life.

Camila began to soften the romantic ground for Hamman by hinting that she thought that Hamman and Irene had a soft spot for each other. Alejandro was won over, he agreed that Hamman was a great guy and better than the internet freak. The two lovers rocked away on the hotel bed where they were lodged.

Camila understood the reasons of Alejandro why he could not leave for Hacienda immediately, because of the load of responsibilities- Heidi's case, eviction of Claudia, public indictment of Patric and the tumult over the Novoa hotels alleged bankruptcy. She agreed to stand by him in Lima.

Eduardo was shocked to learn that Camila had been completely exonerated of all charges and is now free. His lawyer told him that Alejandro had turned the table against him by pressing charges of false witness, criminal embezzlement and bankruptcy of Novoa Hotels against him. Eduardo vehemently denied all the charges, saying he had nothing to do with it.

The bell tolled for Claudia, she desperately made a call to Canada, asking if the job she turned down some years ago was still available for her to come and pick up. She was told to check back in a month's time. She went wild with rage, a month is too long a delay, she could be behind bars by then.

Claudia and Patrick have been indicted! The Judicial system is Ecuador was swift. That was the good news that Alejandro brought to Hamman at the TV station where he worked. Alejandro came to thank him for the excellent press coverage organized by him, which made the judicial system swing in their favor.

Alejandro told him to phone Flavio and let him know that he appreciated the great and excellent work he too did in Kito. Hamman agreed that Flavio was a spectacular crusader for justice. At that moment, Flavio called Hamman to brief him about the recurrent danger that Alicia represented, having already paid a menacing visit to the Himenez family house once. He also pleaded with Hamman to put in a good word for him on Lucy, as his parents were irreconcilably opposed to his marrying his sister, Lucy.

Hamman was furious and hung up on him. Alejandro supported the romantic bid of Flavio for Lucy, and advised Hamman to reconcile with the fact that his life-long friend was the best candidate for his sister as husband. He frankly told him that he didn't see Flavio as a sister-snatcher. He also warned him to be wary of the scheduled private interview with Eduardo Bonfil.

Alicia deftly resurfaced at the Novoa Hotels and pretended to be a friend of Helena. She asked for Alejandro's phone number and residential address. She told the receptionist that she needed to meet Helena urgently. when she was told that the confidential information was not available, she flew off the handle and insulted the receptionist. She suddenly realized that she had exposed her motive for being angry with a simple denial of her seemingly 'harmless' requests. Her real plot however, was to kidnap Virginia, and hold the baby hostage, as a ransom for non prosecution by Camila.

Camila called her mother, Florencia, announcing to her that it would take some three days to tidy up the loose ends in Lima, before she and Alejandro could travel to join them in Hacienda, to 'liberate' Virginia from the pampering grandmothers. When Camila told her that Irene sends her regards, Florencia told her that John Perry from Hacienda also sends his regards. Camila laughed with a romantic knowing, asking what the distinguished gentleman was doing in Hacienda.

Claudia called and pleaded with Eduardo to save her from going to jail. Eduardo blamed her for opening her mouth to a journalist. He asked her if the journalist recorded the interview on tape. She said she did not know because she didn't see the man use a video-camera or tape recorder.

Eduardo told Claudia to shelve her ambition of coming to join him in Lima, saying it was not good for them to be seen together in public yet. When she asked if he would still give her the presidency of the Novoa hotels. He lied by fondly saying, " ... yes, my love".

Lucy has begun to fan the embers of rebellion against her father's opposition to her intended marriage to Flavio. She refused to to heed the warning of her parents that Flavio does not have a roof over his head and was not yet a graduate. She declared that she would marry Flavio, whether they like it or not.

Alicia began to spun more tricks to get to Florencia, Juanita and little Virginia. She phoned Himenez house and Lucy, picked it. She pretended that she was Maruhita, Florentia's ally. When lucy told her that Florencia had travelled to Hacienda to visit helena Novoa, she asked Lucy for the address and phone number of where Florencia was staying. After the disclosure, Paddy grabbed the phone from Lucy and asked who the caller was. Alicia kept quiet and hung up. Paddy knew immediately that it was not Maruhita but Alicia.

Lucy gasped, on realizing her error of endangering Florencia's life by her indiscreet disclosure of Florencia's location to a demented killer on the loose. Paddy called Hamman to brief him of the mistake of Lucy and warned him to be wary of Eduardo in his next professional exploit of interviewing the criminal.

Camila noticed that Alejandro was tensed and looking worried, so she confronted him, demanding for the reason behind his worried look. after much persuasion, he confessed to her that Alicia was on the loose, and seeking to hunt down Florencia for the kill. Camila gasped with shock and immediately she ordered for two flight tickets to Ecuador, they left immediately for Hacienda.

Camila Freed For Fresh Battles

The two villains, Claudia and Patrick began to blame and shout at each other. Patrick revealed to her the foolishness of her careless utterances to a journalist from Miami. He reminded her that Miami was the base of Camila, and naturally, that journalist was the agent of Claudia's worst enemy- CAMILA!

Suddenly, Claudia's brain became cleared of fog. She realized that she had goofed by cheaply allowing herself to be tricked during the interview. She accused Patrick of the same folly as hers, by also being indiscreet during his own interview with the same journalist! Both of them agreed to having played the fool.

The two of them also discovered that they were on their own now, because Eduardo Bonfil seems to have disowned them, due to their incriminating 'public confessions' on the pages of most daily newspapers. While Patrick admitted defeat, expressing his fear of inevitable imprisonment for both of them, being convicted for fraud and embezzlement.

Claudia refused to accept such defeatist opinions, she vowed to fight to the end, and that she would soon travel abroad, out of the country to North America, for a while. Her confidence triggered suspicions of Patrick that she may have slept with Eduardo Bonfil. She could not look him straight in the eye, she denied that nothing happened between them.

John Perry, Florencia, Helena and Genesis sat on the couch of the living room in Hacienda countryhome, awaiting news of Camila's heroic arrival in Lima. They were all full of excitement as they watched Alejandro and Herman, who were former rivals and enemies, but now close collaborators and best of friends, on TV, during the Press conference. Suddenly, the TV went blank, as the signal went out. Florencia was startled but was reassured by Genesis and Helena that, it was a normal fluctuation.

John and Florencia reconciled and spoke alone together for a long time about their future plans, once Camila was freed. John told her of his plan to convert the Hacienda ranch into a commercialized motel. Sparks of old romance was gradually being rekindled between then, but first, many questions about the past pains are yet to get answers.

Camila and Heidi arrived at the Lima airport into the waiting hands of the police, who welcomed them with re-arrest and took them to the Lima Police station, where they were held. Alejandro helped to fill all the legal papers for the release of Camila. After Camila's release, she reassured a sad Heidi that she would do everything possible to get her out of prison before long, because she had never met a true friend like her.

Eduardo Bonfil swung into action and spun fresh web of lies, in his plan to escape justice. He asked his new lawyer, late Segovia's partner, to issue a Press statement, declaring that his wife, Alicia, was mentally ill and had just escaped from home despite undergoing consultation and observation of a psychiatrist. The statement portrayed him as a pitiable victim, worried and suffering husband of a mentally deranged woman who threatened him with a gun in order to escape from the house. Eduardo discovered that Alicia had taken his gun with her when she escaped from the house.

Flavio came again, fully 'equipped' to win over Lucy's parents, with two bouquets of flowers- one for Paddy (Lucy's mother) and one for his heartthrob. He bought some cigars as gift for Kike (Lucy's Dad), who rejected his gift and called it poison, designed to kill him quickly.

Flavio formally asked the permission and endorsement of Kike and Paddy to marry Lucy. Kike refused to grant his heart-desire, to the uttermost disappointment of Lucy. Kike even refused the attempt by Flavio to put an engagement ring on his daughter's fingers. After much pleadings, the only compromise that Kike agreed to, was that they can be in a 'guided and supervised' courtship for two years, before they could marry.

Eduardo Bonfil, in a last-minute effort, tried to woo Alicia Gracia back with hypocritical promise of love and repentance, asking her where she was so, he could bring her back, to protect and care for her. She replied him with a cold deadly voice that she could take care of herself. She said she would never need his 'protection' again. She hung up on him while he was still pleading for reconciliation.

The court accepted the Alicia Gracia's telephone conversation, audio tape recordings, as evidence, without further testimony. Camila's 5-year sentence was annulled and she was certified and set free. She was amazed and hugged Heidi who congratulated her. She hugged Alejandro and fell into a great liberating kiss with him.

Alejandro reassured them that he had pressed a 30-count charge against Eduardo and Alicia, more than enough to keep them in jail forever. Heidi and Camila were happy.

As Eduardo refuses every appointment to be interviewed by every journalists, he smarted up plans to get rid of the two meddlesome journalists that have given him much torment in recent days: Flavio and Hamman! He phoned Hamman's TV station's news room, asking them to tell him that it was only him that he wanted to grant the privilege of interviewing him, and that Hamman should come alone to his office for the 'interview'.

In the middle of their romantic renewal, the telephone rang, and ... lo and behold, it was Camila! Florencia was thrilled to hear the voice of her beloved daughter. Camila confirmed to her mother that she was back in Lima, her sentence had been annulled and she was now FREED! The contagious ecstasy of Florencia spreaded like virus among all the family members standing round about her to catch a 'glimpse' of Camila's voice, (if voices can be seen!).

Camila she uncontrollable tears, as she also spoke in turn, with every member of the family starting from nana Juanita. After the call, she told Alejandro that she could not wait to reunite with her daughter, Virginia.

Let's Finish With Camila

A deep gratitude and big thanks from me to two telenovela researchers- Ayodele Aji and Newking. They have helped to locate the scripts of Todo Sobre Camila (All About Camila). With what we have left, 8 FULL Episodes, which translates in Nigeria to 16 half-episodes.

I will start right away from what would be shown tonight of MITV, 10-10:30 p.m and Fortune Cable TV, 8:30-9:00 p.m. Thanks also to Univision, the American partner of Televisa and our colleague, Dianne, from Telenovela World Forum.

I hope to finish the 16 half-episodes between now and 12 noon tomorrow. After that, we would now do a recap of the 102 full episodes that we were not privileged to read before now on this blog.

So, let's get cracking, and finish with Camila!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Your Sins Will Catch Up With You

The tragicomedy phase of the Gardener's daughter soap was ushered in tonite by the accident that almost killed Alfredo Anzola, as depicted in Snippet 110, which many of us have already read. Thank God for the actual event watched on TV, it is now clear what was responsible for that accident.

Alfredo indulged himself on his wedding day, in fact, some few minutes before he marched to the altar with Luisa Fernanda. Xochil had to leave (there can't be two 'captains' on a ship), and she was doing that in style, she drew close to the doctor and planted a memorable kiss on him, and he did not resist her. I call it a "home-breaker kiss". To me, what that kiss meant was that, if in future there is a rift between Alfredo and L.F, and that would have been certainly inevitable. The memory of that kiss would trigger a desire for an admirer or a lover called Xochil, waiting for Alfredo to be driven to her bed of infidelity.

He was in that dreamland, whose powerful erotic effect had not worn off, when he crossed the road without looking, and, ... GBOSA!!! He was hit by a hit-and-run cab driver.

I strongly feel it was wrong for Xochil to blame L.F for bringing the bad luck of accident on Alfredo on his wedding day. The real culprit was this beautiful tempter called Xochil. That moment of procrastination and indulgence in 'romantic sin' with Xochil is what I believe caught up with Alfredo with the instant penalty visited on him at the spot.

Another drama was the re-appearance of Reuben, the former husband of Lupe after a 20-year escapade with his secretary that he ran away with. He was so remorseful now but Lupe vowed never to forgive him. This may have been the reason why she quickly agreed to marry Ordonez, to avoid temptation of going back to a man who abandoned her some 2 decades ago.

Tha character played by Reuben, was a popular face on "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine). He was called Gian Carlo, and got married to Paloma's mother, Soledad, in that telenovela.

Curious about next episode? then, check out Snippet 111 to have an inkling of what awaits the schemers of this telenovela.

The Battle of Three Women: Lorenzo's Wife

If I have my way, I would rename this telenovela as "Lorenzo's Wives". To fellow gardeners who have been mounting pressures for the snippets of this 120-Episode Peruvian telenovela. I am having a rethink and have also stepped up my research into this soap. As soon as I can find and also read the 120 snippets, and find it "safe" for our entertainment health and consumption, I would surely not deny you your desires. Pray therefore, for safe discovery and delivery.

Esmeralda remains 3 bulk snippets which I hope to complete later today or tomorrow. As soon as the 3 are out of the way, "Ugly Betty", "Rubi" and "Rebelde" may take over. I have not gotten the snippets of Todo Sobre Camila yet, so we would keep searching.

Lorenzo's Wife, la mujer de Lorenzo, was a battle of three women, Isabella, Laurita and Silvia, for the love of one man called Lorenzo, using another man called Alex as a tool to achieve their goal.

Laurita was a perfect schemer, she 'stole' Lorenzo from his fiancee- Isabella, but was bored stiff with what later became a matrimonial trap for her. She wanted an out but safe and luxurious landing, from the marriage. Alex, her personal fitness trainer at the gym, provided her with an illicit and amorous escapades for her pent up passion.

She fell head-long in love with this opportunist gigolo (Alex), and would have casually walked out of her marriage with Lorenzo, until the divorce lawyer warned her that she the terms of divorce would leave her penniless, if she was the one who initiated the divorce. Laurita is a woman who wanted to perform the impossible miracle of eating her cake and also still having it intact after the meal. She had to retreat and re-strategize, to turn around the victim into a 'victor'.

Her plan was to lure Lorenzo into the hands of an innocent but irresistibly delectable Silvia, whom she employed for that purpose, though, as personal assistant.

Her schema seems to have worked as Lorenzo truly began to fall in love with Silvia, whom Laurita had now arrayed regularly, with the help of her Fashion designer friend, with all kinds of attires that could stir Lorenzo's erotic interests.

What Laurita did not take into her careful plans was that Silvia was a former fiance of Alex and still loved him.

Then entered the third warrior, Isabella. She returned back into the country with fury, aggression and revenge against Laurita, to take back what belonged to her which Laurita stole many years ago. To actualize her plan, she had to sieze Lorenzo's company and also hijack Alex, the opportunist lover from Laurita.

As the attraction and pure love waxed stronger between Lorenzo and Silvia, he opted for divorce which would leave Laurita with half of his fortune. At that same time, as Laurita nears fulfillment of her dreams, she suddenly realizes that money is not everything. She regretted and tremble at the possible loss of Lorenzo, so an emotional war of attrition broke out between the three women.

Who, out of the three women would he go with?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Will Unmask You!

Quintessence Rigoberto. This old noble maid did what nobody had ever done to Consuelo in tonite's, drama in the garden. She slapped her with the hands of righteous fury. Consuela wept, for the first time, with genuine tears of pain.

The old maid promised to unmask her. She threatened that over her dead body would Consuelo be able to hurt Luisa Fernanda again. We read much about that in Snippet 108 yesterday.

Please, don't laugh at me because of what I want to say now, I concluded that Rigoberto Rondon was the "Guardian Angel" for Luisa Fernanda in this telenovela. in similitude, everybody has a "Guardian Angel" given to him or her by God. We may not know them (just like L.F did not know that Rigo was her Gaurdian Angel), whether they are spirits or humans. In a similar fashion, I have activated my own "Guardian Angel" to unmask and to slap with a fist of fury, any hidden and known enemy that wants to put obstacle on my progress and success this new month of February.

I was saddened to see Carlos Eduardo back on the serpent's bed tonite. I understood that he succumbed as a result of exasperation, and the lost of hope of 'reclaiming' L.F from the usurper called Alfredo Anzola. But don't worry, Jennifer de la Serpent's pyhrric victory would be short-lived. We must appropriately place the blame in L.F's court. If Carlos had the courage to break with hypocrisy of Jenny, L.F should have done same with the vain obsession and infatuation of Alfredo.

One big lesson that this telenovela teaches me is that you cannot fight or scheme and win against destiny. Even when Alfredo hurriedly paved the road for marital union with L.F to be clear, when the likes Sister Joaquina and Victor could not stop him again, the God that have been secretly fighting his cunning plans, appeared in the open to caused him an accident that made him to lose the use of his legs for a season.

I want to believe that it is those whom God specially loves that he does this kind of things for, to defend them. God loves Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo specially. Why I said this was because, there were many compromised marriages of sorrow, in real life, that the unhappy victim was schemed into it by his or her partner, ... and God, as it were, 'permitted' it.

There were some others that no matter the scheming of the other party, the marriage would not hold, just like the case of L.F and C.E in the gardener's daughter telenovela, because God had a vested interest in the goodness of the individual.

If you would permit your curiosity strand to drive you to know part of what would happen in Friday's episode, then, take the further step into the future by reading from Snippet 109 and Snippet 110. go there to the 'kitchen' and feast, before the table is set.

Give Me Your Kiss

Dramatic! Pedro told Marissa that he would be content with her friendship but the irresistible chemistry between the two, since the death of Amelia in Episode 41 seems to drew them closer to the point where Pedro asked from this his 'friend' a kiss. That controversial and long-drawn kiss spun them through innumerable cycles of passion. That kiss triggered a crisis of public embarrassment for Marissa's public image and her bank. L.A, the treacherous, became L.A, the Jealous when he saw Pedro and Marissa in a compromise kiss. Pedro promised to be her 'silent lover' so that he would not be the reason for disharmony in her marriage to L.A. She responded that his pure love has nothing in the world to compare to, not even in her 20-year Marriage to L.A.

After controlling his temper disrupting that romantic session, he later went to Marissa's house to accuse her of cheating on him.

Consuelo was betrayed by his legal representative, as the smart alec could not resist the mouth-watering offer that that Mujica gave him. he went behind Consuela, despite her warning not to heed any percentage offer, to settle the mortgage deal, by offering to sell at 200% above original cost to Marissa through Mujica.

Snippet 107 has captured this drama. If you want to go a step ahead to know some 65-75% of what would happen in tomorrow, Thursday's episode, get the snippets from Snippet 108.