Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Tempo Changes ...

Its just 32 more episodes to go on the gardener's daughter soap opera. It's going to be racy from now on, all the deliberate delays and prolongations would be cut down. After recovery from the dangerous push that Jenny gave her, Luisa Fernanda woke up to declare to Carlos Eduardo that she was ready to marry him and would break off all commitments and pretenses with Alfredo Anzo'lie'.

She broke the news to Pedro, of her desire to marry Carlos and break up her unfruitful relationship with Anzola. By this time, it was obvious that Alfredo was already sleeping with Xochil and Luisa Fernanda caught them, 'red-handed' in the act.

The 'guardian angel' of Luisa Fernanda, Rigoberto, swung into action, and let the cat out of the bag by going to reveal all the truth about Don Fernando being her grandfather. It was both a devastating and joyous tidings to her. She wept and 'laugh-cried'.

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