Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Undermined Love!

Maria Rebeca 'Emilia'"When the enemy comes, like a flood..." The truth is that the enemy rarely come in that fashion. Most times, this telenovela enemy creeps in, like a friend! Actress MarĂ­a Rebeca Zepeda alias "Emilia", (the wild girl - photo left), changed gear and pretended to be friendly with Catalina and Sebastian. She went abeging, pleading for forgiveness over her past tantrums, and she was forgiven.

The purpose of Emilia's new tactics is to undermine the pillars of romance and devastate the armory of growing love between Catalina and Sebastine. By maintaining a close rapport with her enemy, Emilia gained and took advantage of the loopholes in the defense bulwark of Catalina's romantic wall.

By being friendly with Sebastine, she made him to lower his guard and thoughtlessly told her about the friends of Catalina- Luis, the gym manager, Eduardo and Alicia. That was enough admission ticket for Emilia to the gym, where she quickly and cunningly became friends with Silvia and Eduardo. From thereon, she also gained vital romantic espionage, that revealed Eduardo as a former boyfriend of Catalina who jilted her for Silvia and whom she still loved dearly.

Armed with this information, she headed for Sebastian's apartment, where she consciously and cunningly threw a casual romantic bomb at both Catalina and Sebastien saying. "I just enroll in the gym where I met Eduardo, your former boyfriend, who is still madly in love with you..." That was what shattered the romantic night for Catalina and Sebastian. He flew into a rage and confronted Catalina, demanding to know if Eduardo was truly her former boyfriend.

Catalina almost wished the ground to open up and hide her from the shame and embarrassment which that unexpected question caused. She stammered and slowly recovered from the shock by apologizing, and explaining that she would have told him but, because it was an old flame, and she has no feelings again for him, that was why she considered it unimportant.

Lupe was able to secure the cooperation of Reverend Father Geronimo to preside over the wedding of Sebastian and Catalina on Friday, a few days time. he communicated the good news to Sebastian and an apprehensive Catalina.

Silvia wanted her pound of flesh, she turned down Gustavo and requested that Catalina must come by herself to pick the 'settlement' cash for abandoning Eduardo for her. The deal flopped but Adela refused to give up, she re-armed and this time went with cunning and fury to convict and subtly threatened Silvia who surrendered a check of fifteen thousand dollars (Mugu money), for Catalina to 'disappear' permanently from Eduardo's life.

Mild and touching drama ensued when Lupe instructed Carmelo to henceforth call him "Papa", at least for the one day trial of Catalina's love for Sebastian. Carmelo, ever hungry for a father that never was, emotionally moved to tears when, for the first time, he called Lupe "Papa" and Martina "sister" ('Trouble dey sleep, Yanga go wake am').

Carmelo ran ecstatically to the Cantina and bought beer for all there, declaring that from now on, Lupe has commanded everybody to call him his son. The next day, he packed out of his hovel into the big mansion in the ranch, as the new and acting 'son' of Lupe.

Test Her Love

Sergio Basanez SebastianDon Guadalupe got himself drunk to stupor because if his sense of being betrayed by his son, Sebastian. At the height of his stupor he almost denounced Sebastian as his son as he unconsciously proclaim Carmelo as his new son before everybody at the beer parlor of Soferino.

This is one innocent and seemingly harmless announcement that he would dearly pay the penalty with his life, later in the telenovela. This proclamation made in the moment of careless stupor only served to fuel the irrepressible ambition of Chameleonic Carmelo.

With that careless utterance in the moment of anger by Lupe, Carmelo took it to heart and took over Lupe's welfare that night, to his humble shanty where Lupe passed the night. By the time Lupe woke up the next morning, another brain wave by saying that Sebastian was his only son and he and he would give Catalina a chance to prove her true love for his son , Sebastine. (Carmelo was crushed with disappointment in this new twist by Lupe).

Lupe summoned Sebastian and told him that he would give Catalina a chance to prove her true love by testing that love. He told Sebastian to pretend to be the foreman of the ranch and watch to see if Catalina would still be ready to go ahead with the religious wedding. He proposed a switch of roles with Carmelo, the real foreman, while Carmelo would be acting heir and only son for one day.

Sebastian was shocked that his father doubted the love of Catalina for him, but reluctantly accepted the Love Litmus Test. He feared that Catalina would never forgive him for doubting her love by the application of this ridiculous test. Lupe assured him that he would personally take responsibility for the test and explain the reason behind it, if Catalina passes the test.

Meanwhile, Luisa could not hold her tongue for long, she revealed the wicked scheme of their parents which trapped her in a marriage to Sebastian. She went 'ga-ga' and openly disgraced Adela, her mom and chief strategist, in the unholy plot. She packed out of the penthouse and went to live with her friend, Alicia. She vowed that she would divorce Sebastian because the innocent young man did not deserve to be tricked by the evil schemes of her parents.

By the time Catalina saw Sebastine and told him that she wanted a divorce, Sebastian pleaded with her and assured her he knew it was because of the tantrums of Emilia, but he assured her that he would not let Emilia come between them, as he would always protect her from the jealous fury of Emilia.

He closed in on her and ... sealed his lips on hers, her breadth gave way in ecstatic passion and she began to wonder if she had the courage to break from Sebastian... she realized that she was getting fond of his kisses and tender person. He made her feel like a real woman, never like the infatuation which she formerly mistook for love which she once had for Eduardo.

Afterwards, she packed her luggage and returned to the penthouse, telling her family that she was ready to go ahead with the marriage plans with Sebastian but for a different and personal reason.

The unbridled jealousy of Sylvia was the mild drama for the rest of this episode as Eduardo, during moments of passionate kissing, began to moan Catalina's name. Silvia was mad and broke off the romance, accusing him of treachery. She later began to plan to go for plastic surgery to remove wrinkles from her face, in order to compete effectively with Catalina for Eduardo's love.

Silvia proceeded to Catalina's house to offer her money so she would desist from following after Eduardo. Catalina lambasted her and told her that she is not for sale. Adela overheard this conversation and ran into the room to device another evil plan with Gustavo, to raise money for the upcoming wedding of Catalina and Sebastine.

They both went to Silvia's house (after having tricked Alicia to collect the address). Gustavo asked Silvia that she should bring the money because his daughter has accepted her offer.

Emilia and Antonieta also furthered their intrigues by dispatching Emilia to Mexico to dig into Catalina's background if they could find some muck that could scatter the wedding plans with Sebastian.