Wednesday, December 20, 2006

AGLOCO Speaks!

It is a rare thing to receive a personal letter from AGLOCO. The reason being that this is her peak period. The buzz of registrations may prevent it from responding to personal queries of members in a personal manner.

AGLOCO is hitting the hundred thousand (100,000) membership in less than 4 weeks since it started. Going by internet pundits estimates, using internet valuation metrics, the company would grow from her current estimated value of $4.0 million Dollars to an estimated value of $400 million Dollars by 1st July, 2007 (about 6 months time), when she hits her targeted 10 million membership, through the efforts of you and I, as we continue to recruit more members.

The reason why I fervently believe in this projection is because, they have done it before, some 6 years ago with ALL-Advantage(dot)com. They hit that same target in 18 months between 1999 t0 2000.

Finally let me thank all of you who have registered through my blog with the AGLOCO. You have made our little group of almost 60 people to have a voice that AGLOCO would always listen and personally attend to, any time we call on them through our collective voice on this blog.

If you have not yet join the AGLOCO train, please, jump into the boat now, before the release of the Viewbar in seven weeks time (i.e. early February, 2007). Even my husband, a typical Nigerian 'big man' who doesn't have time for these type of things, have suddenly changed his mind and is jumping here to join us too. I am sure, as a witty investor, he had seen some things that laymen and women like us, may not yet see in the future of AGLOCO. Register her now!

I received this letter (edited and published below) today, thanks to you all, from AGLOCO, Read on and hear from the horse's mouth:

"Dear Philomena,

First - Thank you for becoming an AGLOCO Member during our beta phase.
And second – Thank you for referring new Members to AGLOCO and helping to build the company.

Here is what you, the Membership, have accomplished:

AGLOCO is four weeks old and it has already signed up tens of thousands of Members, created enormous 'buzz' (over 700,000 pages in Google's search results talk about AGLOCO) and established a website more popular than Toyota's or Ford's or Bloomingdales or Kmart's (it took YouTube 8 months to do that). (emphasis mine- Philomena).

In addition to building the AGLOCO network, we have been working on the AGLOCO Viewbar which is now scheduled for release in seven to ten weeks.

You may know that we started a campaign to sign up 10,000,000 Members by July 1st, 2007.

While we know this is an ambitious goal, we also know the power of an Internet based network (several Members already have over a 1000 referrals - See below for examples):

So here is what you as a Member can do right now to help AGLOCO (and help yourself):

Recruit at least 5 more new Members in the next thirty days
- if each new Member does this, we will reach our goal of 10,000,000 Members by May

For every five new referrals you get (direct or extended) doubles your AGLOCO income
- over 90 percent of our Membership joins through a referral email from an existing Member so we have provided a new sample at the end of this update.

Two successful recruiters: (over 6,000 referrals) (over 1,700 referrals)

Two'fun AGLOCO sites' (a Malaysian video in English) (A newbie diary)

Sample referral emaill:

"I am a member of AGLOCO. It has a goal of reaching 10,000,000 Members by July 1st.

Here is why I would like you to consider joining:

1. AGLOCO pays you, as an Internet user, your fair share of the value created while you surf.
2. The AGLOCO's free software puts you in control of what arrives on your screen and what data you allow outsiders to collect.
3. AGLOCO is a 100% Member owned company which rewards the Members who help build the company. It never costs anything to be a Member

AGLOCO is only four weeks old and it has already signed up tens of thousands of Members and has created enormous Internet 'buzz' (over 700,000 pages in Google's search talk about AGLOCO).

AGLOCO is not a 'get rich' quick scheme. Every additional Member raises the value of all the Members, so we all get more if you join

It is free to join and Membership never costs anything. Click here to read more and sign up now.


Esmeralda 15: Crisanta: The Brewing Crisis

Crisanta, unable to fully recover from the shock of the controversial emerald earrings, became cautious and queried Esmeralda where she got the earrings on her ears, saying that she was sure the earrings were not hers but belong to someone else.

Fátima incited and warned her daughter, Graciela, not to play the fool during the carnival because Jose Armando has fallen in love with the blind girl. She incited her to go and fight for her love before the village illiterate, blind girl snatches her fiancé from her. Graciela, energized by the fuel of manipulation by Fátima, moved into action and harassed, heckled and mocked Esmeralda from the procession.

Being a lady of noble comportment, Esmeralda was embarrassed and she quietly withdrew from the procession. Rodolfo too rubbed salt into Esmeralda’s emotional injury by humiliating her, asking her to be shoved out of his Casa Grande and that she should never step unto his property again.

José Armando was uncomfortable with and could not stomach Esmeralda’s humiliation; he went to angrily confront Rodolfo and Graciela, telling them that he loves Esmeralda and would not tolerate anybody to humiliate her in his presence. Graciela backed off and apologized with a lame excuse for her strange behaviour. José Armando ignored her excuses.

Humiliated Esmeralda came home weeping. She told Dominga of her awful experience in the hands of Rodolfo and Graciela. She also queried Dominga about the true source and ownership of the emerald earrings, wondering aloud if they belong to the Peñarreals, due to the boldness of Crisanta who demanded from her where she got it from.

Crisanta trembled at the possibility of Esmeralda being the unknown and supposedly ‘dead’ daughter of Lady Blanca and Don Rodolfo Peñarreal, 23 years ago. She knew that a crisis is being brewed for the Peñarreal family if this is true. The coincidence of her name “ESMERALDA” and the Emerald earring was too much. She made up her mind to dig further into the mysterious young blind lady called Esmeralda, she planned to visit Dominga to enquire the truth from her.

When Blanca inquired from Crisanta what she discussed with Esmeralda on the carnival procession, Crisanta could not look straight into Blanca’s eyes, she was fidgety.

Graciela was emotionally torn apart, she wanted to terminate her romantic adventures with Adrián, before it boomeranged on her, but she lacked the courage and will power to do so. Adrián confronted her on how she maltreated Esmeralda, as if she was fighting for Armando’s love. He asked her if she was just toying with his feelings for her, she was confused and burst out weeping, knowing not what to say.

José Armando dreamt that he was alone with Esmeralda during the carnival and that he kissed her with passionate love.

ESM Snippet 14: Same Day, Same Earrings!

The jigsaw pieces of Esmeralda's destiny began to fall gradually into place. After José Armando left she questioned Dominga again about the double coincidence of being born on the same day with José Armando. Dominga affirmed the verity of her claim to her.

Esmeralda was inclined to turned down the invitation of José Armando to the birthday carnival of Graciela. She was afraid of the irresistible love magnet that always pull and put them in each other's arms anytime they were together.

José Armando got home and told Blanca that he has fallen in love with the blind Esmeralda lady. Blanca reminded him of this matrimonial commitment to Graciela. He explained to her that his feeling for Esmeralda was genuinely real, true and stronger than anything he had ever felt for Graciela.

As the birthday carnival started, all the damsels in the village prepared a traditional procession in honor of Graciela. Esmeralda, ably assisted by her best friend, Florecita, and supported by old Melesio, was most prominent in the ladies' procession. Lucio was most angry and frustrated, that his threat to Dominga, to separate Esmeralda from Armando and his family had fallen on deaf ears. He was depressed to know that Esmeralda was actively involved in the ladies carnival for Graciela.

Fátima, Graciela's mother, was the first to notice Esmeralda in the girl's procession. She alerted Blanca that the usurper had come again. Crisanta was mandated to go and dismiss Esmeralda from the carnival. On getting there, she was stunned to see the controversial emerald earrings that she gave in exchange to Dominga 23 years ago on Esmeralda's ears. The same earrings!!!

Adrián and Graciela were having the fun of their lives at the carnival.

ESM Snippet 13: What True Love Has Joined Together ...

The sudden appearance of Armando interrupted a romantic session between Adrián and Graciela. José Armando used the opportunity to give his engagement ring to Graciela. Adrián was very sad with this development and he sought to leave the Casa Grande, having sought the permission of the foreman, Dionisio.

Graciela became restless at the news of the impending departure of Adrián from the Estate. She ran to Dionisio's house to beg Adrián not to leave. Adrián told her that he had to because he his love for her, could not bear to see her engaged, much less married to another man. Florecita listened to and watched this love drama between Graciela and Adrián, and she went to relate the story to Esmeralda, assuring her that her chances with José Armando would be brightened, if Graciela should elope with Adrián.

Fermín went to confront Lucio Malaver to leave Esmeralda alone and should stop harassing her with his love advances. Fermín also told Florecita to counsel her best friend, Esmeralda to steer clear Lucio because he was evil. He also advised her not to trust José Armando because he may disappoint her love for him. This good man of the cemetery also went to alert Dominga about his fears for Esmeralda, because Lucio may cause her great harm.

José Armando too pursued his true love for Esmeralda by offering to lift her home in his jeep. She accepted, and when they got home, Dominga was plesantly surprised to see them together. She seized the opportunity to felicitate with him and told him that she was the midwife who delivered him and Esmeralda at birth. José Armando said he had always felt that somethings which he could not explain united him with Esmeralda, now he appreciated that Dominga was that uniting factor. He used the opportunity to invite Esmeralda to Graciela's birthday ceremony which would take place at the Casa Grande next day.

Based on Graciela's persuasion, Adrián annouced his change of mind, not to leave the Casa Grande again.

ESM Snippet 12: The Hurting Love

Rodolfo was full of fury when he saw his daughter-in-law-to-be, in great pains due to the injury she sustained while horse-riding. While Rodolfo blamed Adrián (picture right), for the accident, Graciela staunchly defended Adrián, telling him not to blame Adrián.

Blanca was in a meditative mood, occasioned by her memorable encounter with Esmeralda in church. She suspected that the young lady resembled her so much. Meanwhile, Esmeralda was by her favorite waterfall where her best friend, Florecita was telling her about the ankle injury of Graciela and her forthcoming birthday cum engagement ceremony.

José Armando went to meet Adrián in Dionisio's quarters, to invite him to come and play as musician to mark Graciela's birthday and engagement ceremony. He was surprised to see Esmeralda happily chatting away with Florecita in Dionisio's house. Esmeralda was disappointed and sad to know that this fellow who gave her, her first kiss, is getting engaged to his city girlfriend.

Lucio too was weeping because he just learnt that José Armando was iterested in Esmeralda and he knew he does not have the money to match him, in the contest for Esmeralda's love. Rodolfo was worried by the nonchalant attitude of his 'son' towards his forthcoming engagement to Graciela.

As Adrián began to sing unto Graciela by her bedroom's window, she was emotionally stirred with his romantic songs, until José Armando appeared suddenly from the blues.

ESM Snippet 11: Learning To Love

Blanca too was enraptured by the angelic beauty of Esmeralda. During the candle-lighting session in church, she practically ran to help blind Esmeralda, her unknown daughter, to light her candle.

Graciela (picture, right) began her journey to re-define her love life, as she took lessons of how to mount and ride horses from her tutor-turned-lover, Adrián. She was emotionally unsettled by the adorably penetrating stare of Adrián. He began to showcase his singing talents to the admiration of Graciela. His songs triggered romantic memories in her, of Adrián's warm embrace earlier in the day.

Lucio sent Juana on errand to threaten Dominga never to tell Esmeralda that his face was disfigured or anything about his past. Despite Lucio's tricks to prevent Esmeralda from wearing the emerald earrings, given her by Dominga, to the church, he failed to convince her. That earring caused no small stir at the church.

Crisanta, Jacinta and even Blanca later saw it and it provoke questions that she could never answer, because she (Esmeralda), did not know what significance that the earring carry for her destiny. Even José Armando delibrately disappeared from the midst of his family in the church to trail Esmeralda, in order to know where she lives.

On their way back from the horse riding lesson, Adrián, while carrying Graciela to mount the horse, kissed her. It was a tingling experience in true love for her, she liked it, but pretended anger and slapped him. Immediately, the horse threw her off its back and she fell injuringt her ankle. Adrián had to tenderly carry her back to Casa Grande.

Snippet 10: Countdown To Showdown

Dominga confessed to Esmeralda that a mysterious story was tied to the emerald earrings, but she would reveal it to her at a later date, when she is ready for it.

Meanwhile, Fermín came to tell Dominga that Crisanta had come to the cemetery to inquire abount the grave of a babygirl buried 23 years ago. and how he told her there was no such record 23 years ago.

Esmeralda too began to flex her emotional muscle by asking her old friend, Melesio, how Graciela looked, was she pretty? Melesio told her that there was no lady or woman (including Graciela), in the village that was as beautiful as her (Esmeralda).

Scheming and desperate Fátima insisted that Armando must give an engagement ring to her daughter, Graciela, to signify his matrimonial commitment to Graciela. She also told him that this must be done on her birthday, as a token gift, which would be next day.

Rodolfo remembered and reminded his wife, Blanca, about her emerald earrings that disappeared some 23 years ago, when they last visited Casa Grande. Blanca was uncomfortable with this shameful reminder of her sins and that of Crisanta.

José Armando asked Florecita not to tell Esmeralda that he saw her in the departmental store in the town, since Esmeralda did not see him.

Countdown to showdown, Esmeralda was in church again, but this time, she wore her provocative emerald earrings. Crisanta saw her at the church and more importantly, the emerald earrings in her ears, and she recognized them.

Lucio confessed his utter and burning hatred of Dominga to Juana, obviously because Dominga was not playing ball with him over his ambition foe Esmeralda.

Snippet 9: Ripples of Emotional Crack

The ripples of the emotional cracks between José Armando and Graciela has begun to spread, and in a very bad taste too. Rodolfo could not stand the breakdown of the 'arrangee marriage' between his 'son' and Graciela. He went to warn Esmeralda not to come near his José Armando again.

Armando and Adrián also fought a bitter and jealous lovers' battle over Esmeralda. Lucio mounted a ferocious threat on Dominga that she should give Esmeralda out in marriage to him immediately. Rodolfo was furious that an employee in his Ranch Adrián, fought with his heir, over a woman's love, so, he told Blanca and Fátima that he would sack Adrián, from the Estate. Blanca asked him to investigate if it was true, so that he would not unjustly fire a poor employee.

Graciela went around town parading herself alongside José Armando, until they both arrived at the the departmental store in town, where they accidentally stumbled on Esmeralda. Even though she was blind, she felt that José Armando was in the store with her. She looked intensely at his direction until Armando left the store.

Esmeralda went home to recount her sad experience to Dominga, about how Rodolfo contemptuously lambasted her and warned her not to come and see his 'son' again. Rodolfo later changed his mind about firing Adrián from his employment.

Lucio made desperate efforts to convince Esmeralda that he was the best man that can take care of her if she marries him. Esmeralda asked him that if he was so concerned for her, why hasn't he been able to heal her eyes, since he was a doctor. Lucio lied that, she could never see again, and that her case was that of permanent blindness.

Esmeralda got home crying, because of the sad news that Lucio gave her, that she would never be able to regain her sight. Dominga comforted her and made her wear that mysterious emerald earrings.