Monday, September 10, 2007

Profile of A Gold-Digger

The picture is getting clearer. Isabel Aroyo is living up to her billing. Her Aunt (Rebeca), who just returned from a distant village as a perfect substitute for her expelled avaricious mom, told Angela about the hideous and murky background of elegant Isabel.

She was the daughter of a poor butcher, whose parents struggled to send her through school. She was fawned over by many admirers and potential suitors. She took advantage of this to attach herself to one of them, who greatly helped her in her career to the top.

This daughter of a butcher became a slaughterer who cut out the remnant of life from her sheepish old rich husband, Don Pedro Jose Donoso, with a knife of amorous treachery. Andre Corona (Martin Karpan) and Isabel were daring robbers of infidelity. They were doing their 'thing' right under the nose of the old man, just before he gave up the ghost. He never had a single conjugal night with young Isabel, his wife, in the few months before they gradually snuffed the life out of him.

He is dead now, thanks to the poisonous conspiracy of Andre and Isabel. The lesson here is not about the romantic mis-match of a septugenarian with his 25-year old wife. It is rather about cupid folly of meticulous and intelligent rich men who became prey, and fell as cheap victims into the hands of the spinning goddess of lust.

Men who naturally would thoroughly investigate any potential investment before going into it suddenly plunge head-long into romance with cunning women of easy virtues with reckless abandon and zealous nonchalance. If only Donoso had dug into the family and personal histories of Isabel, he would have found out that she was Andre's lover... and would have avoided the unbelievable tragedy that struck his family after his death.

The "we and them" battle have begun after the demise of Donoso. Angela leading a camp and Isabel commanding another opposing camp. Isabel's 'army' seem to be bigger because it is an army oiled by compromise and easy money. Let us wait and see how the war would be fought and won.