Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Prelude To Emotional Shipwreck

Three gardeners have been on my neck, on behalf of all Esmeralda telenovela lovers for over a week now. Bola, Biola and Jumi. They wanted me to post the last chapter and Grand Finale of ESMERALDA. I promise to do that in the next one hour.

Meanwhile, you can feast your eyes on the Picture by the right, of the Church wedding between Esmeralda and Jose Armando. What you call Grande finale is about ten episodes combined together, and I have been trying to sort and separate them for your reading pleasure.

It is my pleasure to announce that, you won, Jumi, Biola and Bola.

Yesterday, Heribeto died and was buried. Hold your breadth, Consuela is about to swing into another round of wickedness, against Heriberto's daughter, Vanessa, now that her father has died.

AIT has become so insensitive these days by refusing to air the last epic five minutes of TGD, due to her commercial greed. Even after the announcement that the episode would be aired after the News Headlines at 10 p.m. AIT suffered from amnesia, and never brought back the continuation of the TGD. This was not her first time of this 'sharp' entertainment practices. It did not show where Jenny slapped L.F at the funeral, in yesternite's episode.

We would wait to see how the drama of the consequences of cancerous death of Heriberto on the soap opera tonight. Heriberto's funeral and Jenny's misdemeanor, signaled the death of pampering and sympathy for Jenny's schemes by Carlos Eduardo, from now on, their 'love' relationship would go down the drain. Tonite's chapter would confirm that.