Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Secret Lovers... Forest Lovers

Secret LoversSecret lovers, that's what they were. A hot steamy affair developed between Isabel and Salvador. I cannot but re-examine the diverse motives behind the strange love between these duo. Did Don Pedro came from the dead to fulfill a conjugal relationship which he missed dearly, due to his sickness unto death that did him apart from Isabel?

He was gradually dying when he married Isabel and his frail health did not even grant him the courtesy of a honeymoon with her. He spent the honeymoon on hospital bed convalescing from a heart-attack.

Did Isabel fall in love with Salvador an as opportunity of a 'second chance' to redress and correct her error for helping Andre to murder the late Pedro? She had confessed at one time, that Salvador reminded her of her 'late' husband. Was she now falling in love to make up for her guilt for murdering 'him' before his time?

I keep wondering why Salvador still chose to hang out and slept with Isabel, in odd places, forests et al, even when he had discovered that she colluded with, and helped Andre to get rid of him when he was 'Pedro Jose Donoso'. Could this be love or a seething mission of vengeance? over to you.

These and many more are the mysteries which the telenovela promised to unravel with time. Meanwhile, I have posted snippet 27: Twice Lucky, Second Resurrection on my blog. If you have been missing in action, you can visit the Sitemap for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo, we have Snippets from Episode 1 to 27 there, hoping to still update you the more on the summaries.

I was flattered that someone called, Veracious, from Nairaland came to copy (word-for-word, and mistake-for-mistake), everything I post here for the consumption of Nairalanders, the largest Nigerian forum on the net in Nigeria. Humorously she even pretended to be giving the snippets as if she was the real writer.

Many forum members have asked her to disclose her source so, they would go and read whole story from there, but she could not answer that question, she just parried it. Thanks to all Nairalanders, who come here to felicitate on this marvelous telenovela with us, you are all welcome.