Monday, November 12, 2007

Amazon DVD Telenovela Hits

I have compiled a selection of five pages of 45 Amazon telenovela DVDs on Amazon for our entertainment pleasures, this coming Christmas season. For those seeking for how to buy the DVDs, you can go straight away to my Amazon store to pick your favorite telenovelas there. What more? you can read rave reviews of each telenovela by those telenovela gurus, who have already watched them, this would serve as your appetizing tonic and telenovela barometer, to measure the quality entertainment packaged into each one...

These are some of the ones I have listed there, but first be warned that, Catalina y Sebastian is not among, neither is La Hija del Jardinero (the gardener's Daughter). Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine) is also not available on the list, you will surely find a lot of others that you have been seeking for:

1. El Cuerpo del desseo (Second Chance)-
Mario Cimaro in a classic story of deceit and vengeance...

2. La Mujer de Mi Vida (The Woman of My Life) -
Remember "Antonio Rodolfo"? - Marrio Cimaro again in a love tango between two estranged sisters...

3. Pasion De Gavilanes -
Mario Cimarro, in a story of two brothers and two sisters trading stormy loves and vengeance

4. Amor en Custodia -
Sergio Basanez a.k.a "Diego" in a dangerous and twisted love, akin to the Popular "BODYGARD" movie... When the rich wife of a ranch owner falls in love with the foreman, then, trouble is brewing...

5. Secreto de Amor (Secret Love)-
Actress Scarlet Ortis, alias "Camila" would have an impossible choice between two lovers, the public or secret lover? ...

6. La Usurpadora (The Usurper) -
The Usurper, the tango of two identical twins (Paula and Paulina), with diametrically opposed characters..

7. Alborada

8. Rebelde (Rebel), (Season Two) -
Rebelde forever! The teens most popular telenovela in the last 5 years...

9. Ugly Betty - The Complete First Season
The world's most popular and highest money-spinning telenovela - UGLY BETTY (American Version).

10. La Fea Mas Bella
Ugly Betty- Mexican (Televisa) version...

11. Angel Rebelde

12. Azul Tequila

13. Dame Chocolate

14. Corazon Salvaje
Wild, Wild Corazon...

15. Sueno Con Tu Amor

16. Rubi -
The story of betrayed friendship and stolen love...

17. Clase 406: Season 1
Another classic teens telenovela "Class 406"

18. La Madrastra

19. Amor Real
True Love...

20. Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4
The trials of women...

21. Huracan
Hurricane and stormy love...

22. Los Sanchez

23. Los Ricos Tambien Lloran

24. La Mentira

25. Rosalinda

26. Cuna De Lobos

27. Mirada De Mujer

28. La Hermana Trinquete
'My Three Sisters' ... Scarlet Ortis again in this old telenovla...

29. Mi Destino Eres Tu

30 Piel de Otono

31. Maria Isabel... and so many others, go to my Amazon Telenovela Hits store now, to pick yours, you may even use them as Christmas gifts, as a replacement of traditional greeting cards. I am sure anybody you give them to would appreciate them more than the greeting cards. I can smell a good savor coming this Yuletide, has your nose caught a whiff of the fragrance and joy too?

Meanwhile, I have resumed thje laborious interpretation of El Cuerpo del deseo, check out Snippet 60 or go to read the full story at the telenovela sitemap