Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snippet 27 - Ugly Betty in Deportation Battle

NB: We would like fans to know that these Snippets are written episodes as they were aired. Some are a bit shorter than the others but we assure you of regular updates. Happy reading..
Ugly Betty, Hilda and their father went to see an attorney who told them that he could be deported back to Mexico. Betty and her sister tried to let him know that he paid all his statutory dues and the rest but he told them his case was bad and was being investigated by the government. The attorney asked Ignacio why he hadn’t applied for citizenship all the years he had been in the U.S. Ignacio was a bit upset by this question and with a little attitude, said he was a little bit busy providing for his family. He then requested for the attorney’s fees and he gave them a bill of $20,000, which he said was a considerate fee because of Hilda’s relationship with his wife who is one of Hilda’s customers. They were stunned at the amount and wondered where they were going to get such an amount of money.

The next morning at Mode, Daniel and Amanda were walking towards the elevator together (they obviously spent the night together), when he spotted a beautiful lady walking by. She looked straight at him, smiled and got on one of the elevators. Daniel cleverly told Amanda that they should take separate elevators so that Mode staff does not begin to get ideas into their heads. So, he got on the same elevator with the lady.
While on the elevator, they were both stealing glances at each other. The elevator stopped at some point and every other person got off and the man directly behind her bumped into her elbow and the coffee she was carrying spilled on her shirt. Daniel was the only person left in the elevator with her. So, she told him to hold her coffee and suit; and she removed the shirt in the full glare of Daniel. He offered to give her a change of clothes from Mode's wardrobe but she misunderstood him and thought he wanted to bed her and asked him if he thought that was possible right there in the elevator. Daniel then said she smiled at him before they boarded the elevator and she replied that it was the way he was playing 'that poor girl' (Amanda) that amused her.
With her coat on now, she touched the button that’ll take her to her floor and while the elevator was in motion, she started telling him to picture both of them together on the elevator floor while moving very close to him, teasing him. Just then, the elevator arrival bell chimed and she said; “so much for that fantasy” and left him standing in the elevator, confused and challenged.

Wilhelmina in meeting with staff about the up-coming year, when her daughter called with a request which she turned down.

With so much high hopes for the coming year, she said Mode will not tolerate late-comers and that they must each solve their unanswered questions and unresolved issues in their lives and move on to the next phase.

Amanda and Daniel sat beside each other and she teased him with her leg under the table, Daniel was not game and he moved his legs away from her reach.

She also said there are fashion must-haves for 2007 that it will not include poka-dots while looking straight at Ugly Betty and then at a female staff that self-consciously looked down because she was wearing a black dress with white and red poka-dots. The meeting ended with that.

As Daniel and Betty walked to their offices, he told her about the “smoking hot” girl on the elevator, describing her and instructed Betty to get him details about her. Betty, wondering what he was up to again said “Must hunt down Daniel’s babe”.

Bradford was watching Fey on TV interview saying: “Whatever Bradford does, he can’t get rid of me”. His secretary (I presume) came in asked wondered out loud that he was still there.

Wilhelmina got home and met her daughter having cereal for diner. She had got something better for her and served her. They argued about the boarding school Wilhelmina intended sending her to (the same school she attended) which she stated had far better education, people and food than what she was eating. Her daughter went against everything her mother said. These two are simply Pararell lines or rather, like contestants, they both were not willing to give in to each other.

Betty, Hilda and Ignacio were gathering documents that would be required for their father to seek Amnesty. He apologized for all that he was making them go through. Hilda and Betty argued again about Mode job. Hilda’s point was that Betty’s job was taking too much of her time and if she agreed to sell Herbalux she could patronize the model there and get quick money. Their father said it was a bad idea, supporting Betty as usual. Betty found a photograph of their late mum which had the other part torn away. She asked her father and he said the torn part was of their mum’s old boyfriend. Betty was puzzled and told her father that she thought they were each other’s first love. Ignacio got upset and said she should stop the ‘damn’ questions! He removed the apron on him, said, “Its okay, Betty” and went out. He was really upset it showed.
Hilda asked Betty why she kept pestering him with questions knowing that he is sensitive about his past. Betty said she was only trying to help, that there was something he is not telling them and that they deserved to know what it was. Hilda told her getting him upset is not helping matters; that he had been there for them and it was their turn now to be there for him. Betty’s replied that she’ll sell Herbalux at Mode (Hilda smiled on hearing this) and do anything to help him but that she wasn’t going to let him off the hook until he tells them the truth. She held the picture and continued looking at it and getting emotional herself.

Snippet 26 - Secrets Unveiling on Ugly Betty

Marc, Wilhelmina and younger date were about going out when her daughter, Nico arrived, totally catching her off guard (Amanda couldn't keep her away). She looked at her mum and said said "Hi mum". Her date was surprised. He asked Wilhelmina "You are a mother?" Wilhelmina was tongue-tied and embarrassed that she caught she red-handed with a younger man.

Daniel confronted his father about his affair with Sommers. He admitted to making a mistake and apologized to Daniel that he never intended to hurt him or Claire. He told Daniel that Fey Sommers wouldn’t back away, that she wanted to become a Meade. Daniel asked him why he killed her and brought out the burnt plate number and glasses. Bradford told him that he loved her. He than asked if he loved his mother and Bradford cleverly dodged the query and said he had many lovers. He however denied having anything to do with her death, saying it was probably blackmail from one of his many estranged lovers. He pleaded with Daniel to settle down, that if he being his father could not teach him by example, he should at least learn from his mistake.

Betty and Henry in the elevator talking about their lunch date. Betty thanked him for the lunch date and when Henry apologized for what happened between her and Walter she told him it wasn’t his fault and apologized to him.

Daniel with so much on his mind with his recent discovery met Amanda by the elevator as he came out of his father’s office. She offered to keep him company but he declined and told her that he needed to be alone.

Betty got home and threw the remains of her butterfly wings in the trash can outside her home. Hilda (made up like a cat) and Justin (still in his sailor’s outfit) on their way to the Halloween party, while Walter was waiting outside her house, she apologized to him. Walter blamed himself for pushing her into it. They then kissed and made up.

Wilhelmina was with mystery woman discussing how her daughter ruined her outing (she was still in that red dinner dress. I bet she lost interest in partying when her daughter appeared). They also talked about Daniel and Bradford. Wilhelmina told her that when Daniel came out of Bradford’s office, all seemed well, contrary to what they expected. She asked the mystery woman what they should do next. She replied that it was time Fey Sommers emerge from seclusion.

Betty came into her house and Ignacio, dressed like a Vampire, appeared behind her in a bid to scare her but she wasn’t sold on that. He asked her about her lunch date with the Henry (Walter had obviously been harping about it all day) and she said she just wanted to try something new. She then asked him about their pending problem (the false Social Security number) but he just looked at her exasperatedly and Betty said alright, knowing he didn’t want to be interrogated and left for her room. She took a few steps up the stairs when he finally said; “I was trying to protect you”, and Betty stopped to listen and re-traced her steps. He continued; “I had to use someone else’s because you can’t get one if you’re in this country illegally and I am”. Betty looked at him in shock. The door bell rang but none of them moved to open it.