Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Will Unmask You!

Quintessence Rigoberto. This old noble maid did what nobody had ever done to Consuelo in tonite's, drama in the garden. She slapped her with the hands of righteous fury. Consuela wept, for the first time, with genuine tears of pain.

The old maid promised to unmask her. She threatened that over her dead body would Consuelo be able to hurt Luisa Fernanda again. We read much about that in Snippet 108 yesterday.

Please, don't laugh at me because of what I want to say now, I concluded that Rigoberto Rondon was the "Guardian Angel" for Luisa Fernanda in this telenovela. in similitude, everybody has a "Guardian Angel" given to him or her by God. We may not know them (just like L.F did not know that Rigo was her Gaurdian Angel), whether they are spirits or humans. In a similar fashion, I have activated my own "Guardian Angel" to unmask and to slap with a fist of fury, any hidden and known enemy that wants to put obstacle on my progress and success this new month of February.

I was saddened to see Carlos Eduardo back on the serpent's bed tonite. I understood that he succumbed as a result of exasperation, and the lost of hope of 'reclaiming' L.F from the usurper called Alfredo Anzola. But don't worry, Jennifer de la Serpent's pyhrric victory would be short-lived. We must appropriately place the blame in L.F's court. If Carlos had the courage to break with hypocrisy of Jenny, L.F should have done same with the vain obsession and infatuation of Alfredo.

One big lesson that this telenovela teaches me is that you cannot fight or scheme and win against destiny. Even when Alfredo hurriedly paved the road for marital union with L.F to be clear, when the likes Sister Joaquina and Victor could not stop him again, the God that have been secretly fighting his cunning plans, appeared in the open to caused him an accident that made him to lose the use of his legs for a season.

I want to believe that it is those whom God specially loves that he does this kind of things for, to defend them. God loves Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo specially. Why I said this was because, there were many compromised marriages of sorrow, in real life, that the unhappy victim was schemed into it by his or her partner, ... and God, as it were, 'permitted' it.

There were some others that no matter the scheming of the other party, the marriage would not hold, just like the case of L.F and C.E in the gardener's daughter telenovela, because God had a vested interest in the goodness of the individual.

If you would permit your curiosity strand to drive you to know part of what would happen in Friday's episode, then, take the further step into the future by reading from Snippet 109 and Snippet 110. go there to the 'kitchen' and feast, before the table is set.

Give Me Your Kiss

Dramatic! Pedro told Marissa that he would be content with her friendship but the irresistible chemistry between the two, since the death of Amelia in Episode 41 seems to drew them closer to the point where Pedro asked from this his 'friend' a kiss. That controversial and long-drawn kiss spun them through innumerable cycles of passion. That kiss triggered a crisis of public embarrassment for Marissa's public image and her bank. L.A, the treacherous, became L.A, the Jealous when he saw Pedro and Marissa in a compromise kiss. Pedro promised to be her 'silent lover' so that he would not be the reason for disharmony in her marriage to L.A. She responded that his pure love has nothing in the world to compare to, not even in her 20-year Marriage to L.A.

After controlling his temper disrupting that romantic session, he later went to Marissa's house to accuse her of cheating on him.

Consuelo was betrayed by his legal representative, as the smart alec could not resist the mouth-watering offer that that Mujica gave him. he went behind Consuela, despite her warning not to heed any percentage offer, to settle the mortgage deal, by offering to sell at 200% above original cost to Marissa through Mujica.

Snippet 107 has captured this drama. If you want to go a step ahead to know some 65-75% of what would happen in tomorrow, Thursday's episode, get the snippets from Snippet 108.