Sunday, April 01, 2007

Apalara: The Voice of April

Lately, my husband has been a frequent observer of my telenovela works on this blog. He has been visiting my website from his office P.C. Yesternight as I was editing some snippets of Lorenzo's Wife, (La Mujer de Lorenzo), he approached me and whispered that word into my ear.

I stopped to asked him what he meant by that word. He patiently explained to me that, it is a Yoruba word from a proverb which indicates, you may have to trust in God and the labor of your hands for victorious outcome.

"Apalara, Ejika niyekan,
Bao ba reni gbeke le, biole laa nri,

Bao ba reni fehinti, ateramoshe eni".

That was the full poem behind that word. It literally means: "Your arms are your relatives, your shoulders are your next of kin, when circumstances seems to overwhelm you, it's time redouble your efforts (and trust God for a victorious outcome)".

For me, this means pounding the keyboard with my fingers, supported by my arms and shoulders, till the completion of 3 telenovelas this April, though that would be an uphill task. Sheer dedication of labor with trust in God would however turn the table against any forces waiting to derail the accomplishment of this goal.

I must dig and dig again, until I 'out-dig' every force that may want to stop my telenovela wells. If I can do that, I would have succeeded in giving my hubby a birthday present this April and give you a well of telenovela waters, good and clean enough to quench your thirst.

We began a march last month that must lead to definite arrival, this new month of April. This 'telenovela exodus' must not be like the 40-year wandering in the wilderness. That is why we must complete Ugly Betty, Rebeca and Lorenzo's Wife, this month.

I am going to befriend my arms (Apalara) and shoulders (Ejika niyekan), like never before, if I must accomplish the set tasks. With results of our performance in March just trickling in- 40,000 unique visitors and about 350,000 pageviews! This 81% improvement over February 2007 results, has set the stage for a telenovela explosion in April.

I dare to trust God for the results which my arms and shoulders alone, cannot accomplish this month. Every robber of my time, I put under perpetual arrest. I shall fulfill my mission this month.

Incidentally, this month, Nigeria, the most populous black nation on planet earth has an appointment with destiny. With elections around the corner in the next few weeks, I pray a strange prayer that, Nigeria would win against every forces plotting in the dark to send her into the abyss of uncertainty and turmoil.

For you my readers, I wish this month shall be a month of remembrance for you. Any good thing that you have desired or dreamt last year concerning this year, may the book of remembrance be opened, and that which you have dreamt of, become manifest for you this month.

Since it was my hubby that inspired this "Apalara" posting, I felt it would be appropriate to ask him, just before I post this work this afternoon, what his wishes were for April. I got a momentary shock when he declared with vigor in his voice saying - VENGEANCE!

He said that as Nigeria completes another electoral cycle this month, being a month of accountability, for the past four years of governance, he said may the God of vengeance arose and avenge every wrong that the last four years may have perpetrated in the lives of the citizens.

If you can see that socket, then plug into it, to some, it may be political, to others, it may be economic or spiritual. What I know is that, I saw a flash of charged sockets, loaded and ready to discharge the power to make it 'happen' as you wish, if only you can plug into it!

Happy new month! Your destiny would not be fooled nor dribbled by the forces of April. They would cooperate with your success and testimony.