Wednesday, June 06, 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar Launched: From Promises to Proofs

With the launch, on Monday 4th of June, of AGLOCO Viewbar, the 7-month old promise of 'owning the internet' through accumulated shares while surfing the net has been converted to proofs.

For many months past, in fact, since last year, many have scoffed at the AGLOCO model of, owning a share of the company by browsing. That mockery looked real when the promised View Bar was not released, after so many postponements.

At a time, I was so ashamed that I could not openly identify with this Agloco lapses, so I opened a fresh blog called AGLOCO Masses, which later turned to AGLOCO HOURS.

There, many Agloco activists submit there referral numbers, as they recruit more people into the Agloco train.

The paradigm has however changed now, your proof of relevance in the Agloco scheme is determined my the total accumulated hours which is proportional to the amount of money or wealth you can create or make through AGLOCO.

As you can see from the table above, the maximum permissible hour per month for Agloco is 5 hours, I am almost there at 4.6 hours. What is most significant is the leverage power of my referral network which could go as much as 255 hours if each of my 205 referrals download, and browse for 5 hours before the month-end, with their respective Agloco Viewbars.

This is the plan of Agloco, to give you 25% of the browsing hours of the people you referred to Agloco. The accumulated hours would be partly converted to share ownership for you in Agloco company, and partly converted to money (cash for you), after offsetting the running costs.

This is what I mean by PROOFS! Agloco has moved from the first phase of promises to the second phase of performance, the third and next phase would be the payment phase, based on how many people you brought on board, who are actively using the Viewbar to browse, for at least five hours per month.

Now, with all my patient tutorial and explanation, I advise you to take a sure step and become an AGLOCO owner, by registering now, and if you have registered before, check your mail box for Agloco letter asking you to login to your Agloco account, and download your Agloco Viewbar.

If you miss the first phase, you can still catch up now by registering to become a part-owner (Sharehoder) of Agloco, and begin to accumulate browsing hours (2nd phase), that would be convertible to cash (3rd phase).

I have started my own quiet but certain journey to AGLOCO riches, what about you?

Making Money With Google

Talking about how to make money online, I recently stumbled upon an announcement by Blogger Buzz, which is a subsidiary of the giant Google cash 'milking machine'. Upon reading it, I knew instantly that, many of you, my friends and fans on this blog, who had expressed desires to make some cool money (not Yahoo-Yahoo! kind). This is your opportunity.

This is what I read:
Test Blogger and We'll Love You and Pay You

"You can help us out and make money just by using
Blogger! From time to time at Blogger we run
usability studies to make sure that we’re on the
right track with all the new features we’re
working on.

If playing with Blogger for an hour or so and
making up to $100 (Emphasis mine) sounds like
something you’d like to do, please Sign Up Here.

Have more questions? Read the FAQ. You don’t
even have to live near Mountain View, CA
to participate."

I am passing this privileged announcement to you so you could give it a shot. While it is not a get-rich-quick system, Google is known for proven integrity and if you are lucky enough to be invited (after honestly filling this form), by Google, then it may be another avenue to turn your human resources and intellect into some good token from the lovable Giant of the web.

For me, I have already filled the form. I have the basic requirement to face the challenge. Do you have your PC at home or have access to PC connected to the internet at your offices? Do you browse regularly? Then give it a trial, luck may be smiling at you from the corner.

If you want to read further about this opportunity, you can read further from the FAQ Section now.

Welcome Amina, The Telenovela Rainmaker

Beholding her sweet visage is a pointer to her daring writing talents. Amina Adams promises to be a telenovela rainmaker. I am welcoming her on behalf of our numerous friends from this blog. With her new 3-week old blog: My Favorite Things, she pointed to the rain of telenovelas that have besieged TV audience in recent times and 'promised' to be updating as the time goes by.

I have longed for people who would join in the telenovela crusade on the web, even if not as detailed as my 'Snippets' were. it would be a great entertaining relief. Amina is a 'budding novelist' with passion for movies, reading and writing.

Her passions apart, her heart is currently engaged with another "pre-occupation", and that is: still 'seeking' for that person that would make it throb for ever. She is based in Lagos.

I am trusting God that she would come fully on board the telenovela harvest. (The laborers are few, but the harvest is plenty). many of the people I have encouraged into blogging, have passions about writing on other things, and not necessarily on telenovelas. So, Amina is a gem in the in our telenovela rainbow.

Help me welcome Amina and visit her blog regularly, to see and read how regularly she too would feed us with her talent.

Welcome dear sister.