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Knock, Knock,... Who's There?

Welcome to Snippet 107 of El Cuerpo del Deseo telenovela. We are rushing to complete the story in the next few hours before Chistmas. To catch the flow, in case you miss any, just go to the Telenovela Site Map. Gaetana and Camillo went to visit Salvador, but Walter and Rebeca rudely told her that Salvador was not in and insulted her clothing which looked like a carnival assortment. Abigail came and prevented a physical fight from happening between Gaetana and Rebeca, Walter and Camillo. Abigail and Simon explained to Gaetana what had so far happened to Salvador, that he and Isabel had left that evening.

Walter and Rebeca told the household that they think Salvador took Isabel by force to kill Isabel. Rebeca later called the police and a detective and told them Salvador was dangerous and that (according to Walter new embellishment of the story) Salvador had even dragged Isabel by her hair.

Salvador and Isabel went into a wonderful beach clubhouse where they met Rebecca’s friend Pillar and her friends. Isabel called Salvador Pedro in front of them and told Pillar that she just wanted to be alone with Salvador.

The detective said he wanted to ask everyone including Vicky who was present at the family meetings questions. Vicky thought it was crazy that the detective thought Salvador was dangerous. Salvador would never harm a fly in fact it had been Isabel who had confessed to killing Andre and perhaps even poisoning Mr. Donoso. The detective could not believe his ears and asked Vicky twice to repeat what she had said. Vicky told the detective of how Isabel had confessed the previous night.

Back at the resort, Rebecca’s ex-friend Pillar and her friends were still wondering why Isabel called Salvador by her first husband’s name, Pedro. The friend assumed that maybe she got married so many times at she mixed up the names, and surprisingly Salvador did not seam annoyed at Isabel calling him by her first husband’s name. She admitted to Pillar that Salvador and Isabel looked as such a nice couple that she was almost envious of them.

Back at the Donoso house, Rebeca was shouting at Vicky (for telling the truth to the Detective that Isabel killed Andre and poisoned Pedro), in-front of Walter, Abigail, Antonio, Angela, and Simon. Vicky told Rebeca that she could not lie to a policeman. Simon told Rebeca that it was her fault because she was the one who called the police. Vicky said she could not help telling the truth as she was interrogated by the police. Rebeca insulted Vicky and Vicky called Rebeca a stupid old hag. The two almost fought physically, but were broken up. Angela told Vicky that it was okay she told the truth as Isabel had confessed to all of them and that it was Isabel’s responsibility to prove whether she was innocent.

Isabel and Salvador were having a wonderful time at the resort dancing, Rebecca’s friend Pillar was gossiping about her to her friends again. She warned her Doctor friend that she had heard a lot of negative stories about Salvador from Rebeca... Meanwhile Pedro (looking once again like his old self) told Isabel that the only thing that mattered was that they were together. Meantime, Rebeca had a nightmare about Isabel and woke up. Back on the dance floor the original Pedro had the headache and converted into the original Salvador (Cantalicia’s hubby)...

Isabel asked Salvador if he was okay and called him Pedro. The original Salvador recovering from the same headache Pedro had, asked Isabel who was Pedro?

The original Salvador then stated jerking around and falling on people. Pillar Rebecca’s friend was shocked. The original Salvador started fighting with the people, and a Waiter tried holding him down. Isabel was perplexed at the whole situation. Salvador knocked the Waiter away and the clubhouse was almost cleared until someone hit Salvador behind his head with a bottle until it broke. Salvador fell down unconscious.

Pillar’s friend the doctor came to help and examined Salvador and reassured Isabel that he was just unconscious. Pillar reprimanded Salvador’s actions and announced that someone should call the police as Salvador was acting crazy. Isabel defended Salvador/Pedro and harshly told Pillar that she was responsible for Salvador as she was his wife. The waiter, Isabel and Pillar’s doctor friend carried Salvador upstairs to their room. Salvador woke up as up as Pedro (maybe his spirit was activated when Salvador was hit on the head).

Salvador/Pedro refused to be examined by the doctor. The doctor went downstairs and confirmed to Pillar that what happened to Isabel and Salvador was very strange. Even though Salvador had suffered a strange attack, he was as strong as a mule as he woke up as soon as he was laid down. Pillar told her doctor friend that Salvador was indeed strong as he had almost cleared the clubhouse. Pillar’s doctor friend said that Isabel was still calling Salvador ‘Pedro’ and Salvador did not seam to mind. Pillar said she had to call Rebeca and tell her of what happened. The doctor friend excused herself so as to check on her Father who was very old and was in his room located in the clubhouse.

Pillar called Rebeca, and Walter answered the phone. Later when Rebeca went to the phone, she told Pillar that she had a lot of nerve to call there as she had broken their friendship. Pillar told Rebeca that she had called due to something important concerning her niece Isabel and Salvador.. This caught Rebecca’s attention and Pillar told her everything about how Salvador had an attack and Isabel had defended him. Rebeca (and Walter who was giving Rebeca instructions at the background) asked Pillar to give the address of the clubhouse so that they could inform the police, where Salvador and Isabel was.

Back in their room in the clubhouse, Salvador confirmed to Isabel that the only thing he remembered last was dancing with her (he never told her about how the real Salvador materializes). Isabel confirmed that she had not understood what had caused the attack.

At the same-time, Isabel asked Salvador they had to go away from the county club so as she could have him all for herself and she did not want to share him with anybody. Salvador told Isabel that he also wanted her all for himself. Pillar’s friend who is also a doctor came to check on Isabel and warned Isabel that she had heard that the club owner would call the police on them. Isabel thanked the doctor. Salvador wondered if it was necessary to leave quickly. Isabel saw the urgency to do so and so they left.

The police and the detective came to check on Isabel and Salvador in the room but they were not there.

Salvador and Isabel were still diving on the road. Isabel wanted to go at the country house, but Pedro told Isabel that they could be found there so he suggested they go to a town near the boarder. Salvador/Pedro asked Isabel if she was sure she wanted to go with him. Isabel said that she would go wherever Pedro left and asked him not to ask her again as she felt insulted when he did so.

The Departure...

After Second Chance telenovela Snippet 105, now continues this snippet 106... Back at Gaetana’s place a group of people wearing Halloween costumes and masks tried to rob Gaetana and her customers violently. Evaristo, who is the owner of the house and the man infatuated and in love with Gaetana came and scared the robbers’ away single handed. Gaetana was encouraged to give him a gift for being the hero. Evaristo kissed Gaetana and Gaetana fainted dead away...

Lupe, Evaristo, Matilda and Camillo carried Gaetana to the privacy of her room. There Gaetana suddenly awoke and asked everyone to leave her and Evaristo alone. She told Evaristo she had faked the whole fainting episode to be alone with him and give him what he deserved; she seductively went to him and hit him on the face hard like a man. Who did Evaristo think she was? She was no fool. At first she thought she was being robbed but when she saw Evaristo coming in with a gun, she had already known the whole thing was his set up. After being punched some more, Evaristo confessed the truth and Lupe and Camillo had to pried Gaetana away from Evaristo so that she could not hit him some more.

Gaetana wished Salvador had been there as if he had been such a situation would not have happened. She was now even thinking of selling the bar....

The two maids tried to listen to the conversation...

Salvador/Pedro told the household that he did not expect them to accept him soon but asked them to let him say goodbye once again in his own way. He purposefully went upstairs to the study and started playing the piano one last time.

Everyone listened from below until Valeria was first to climb upstairs to see Salvador/Pedro playing the piano. Everyone followed her and soon the studio was surrounded by the entire household. Angela had an emotional attack and Antonio guided her to her room. Vicky ran out crying, Simon and Abigail eventually went to their rooms and Simon hopped Pedro would stop torturing them with his music... Walter and Rebeca were utterly horrified. Later, Rebeca told Walter that of all people, she had to fall in love and go out with a dead man and not just any dead man, but the old man Donoso.

Isabel and Valeria were eventually the only ones left. Isabel begged Pedro to stop, but it looked like he was not hearing her so she ran out of the room. Valeria was the only one who remained and she moved closer and looked at Salvador playing the piano adoringly, and at the same time, we see Salvador playing we can see Pedro’s instead of Salvador’s reflection at the top of the piano.

Pedro stopped playing and went to see Isabel. But Isabel had locked her room and refused him to enter. Valeria adoringly touched the piano keys that Pedro had touched. Isabel went and got her revolver. She sat down on the floor kissed Pedro’s picture and hugged it close to her heart and positioned the gun to the roof of her mouth. Salvador managed to enter the room and could only see Isabel at the floor. He did not see Isabel pointing the gun now at her head. When Salvador/Pedro had just casually put his coat on his chair, he saw Isabel was about to kill herself and begged her not to. He sat next to Isabel and tried asking Isabel to give him the gun.

The gun went off, which startled everyone. Simon went to investigate what was happening and called out to Salvador and Isabel outside their bedroom, but Salvador told him not to enter. Salvador had managed to remove the gun from Isabel before she could kill herself. Salvador removed the bullets from the gun and started packing their belongings. Soon, Isabel joined him and gladly put her clothes in the suitcase. He told Isabel that they may never return back to the house ever again. Isabel was okay with that. Her life was now Pedro’s.

Simon and Abigail took Valeria out of the study as she had remained looking and touching the piano in wonder that she had seen Salvador/Pedro playing it.

Salvador/Pedro and Isabel silently crept out of their bedroom and as they left, Salvador/Pedro made sure he left the door to the study wide open. Walter saw as Isabel and Salvador calmly left the house for the last time.

Pedro and Isabel drove around in the car. Isabel said she was not scared as her life was in his hands and that if he wanted to kill her, he would go ahead. Pedro got out of the car and put his hand around Isabel’s neck.

Isabel confessed that even though Andre gave her poison to poison him, she never used it. Andre had realised that she was getting attached to Pedro and thus had wanted her to use the poison, but since she had grown fond of Pedro as Pedro loved her in a special way that had made her feel worthy and important, she never used the poison and therefore Pedro died in a natural way where he had a natural heart attack. (I think probably she was saying the truth as she now has nothing to loose and again the bottles of poison were intact first in the first episodes when she washed away the poison and again later when Andre found the poison and wanted to use it against Isabel, he found a sealed bottle in Isabel’s I think maybe she was being honest).

Pedro released her and they went on their honeymoon. On one occasion, Pedro and Isabel were in another lake rowing the boat and Isabel threw the oars to shoe Pedro she meant no harm and wanted just to get lost with him.

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Larry Made Me to Dream Again...

Larry Page and BrideThe Google 'twins' are at it again. The buzz is on that today, Saturday 15th December, 2007, is the wedding ceremony of Larry Page, Co-founder of Google Inc. His partner, Sergey Brin, had opened the year 2007 with his own wedding. It was not surprising therefore that his 'twin brother' closed the year with his too. Indeed a Google year.

As Larry (aged 34, and popularly christened by the media as the most eligible American bachelor), walks to the altar to tie the nuptial knots with his heartthrob of one year, (Lucy Southworth, 27, a Ph.D student of Stanford University) today, we 'telenovela girls' giggle affectionately and salute the Google Couple on this special day. We rejoice with you and wish you a blissful marital life.

Larry and Lucy PageWhen I said that Larry made me to dream again, I naturally refer to his background nine years ago when he and Sergey were 'Messrs Nobody'. Today by dint of creativity, focus and vision, they have 'arrived' as the 4th and 5th richest American.

When less than some two years ago, I began to earn my first humble Dollars online, it was through the Google machine (Google AdSense)... and till today, when I graduated into my noble thousands income from my blogging activities.

This is my appreciative contributions to one of the great minds behind the making money online 'miracle', which opened my eyes and, of course, my life, to the abundant opportunities possible on the internet. Once again, Thanks Larry, for making me to dream again and the dreams keep coming true.

On behalf of telenovela fans and families here on Telenovela Love Garden and Telenovela Stories Dot TV, I wish you a blissful honeymoon and a blessed matrimony.

All Hail the Google Couple!!!

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Avalanche of TRUTHS!

Isabel swore to Rebeca and herself she would get to the bottom of the truth and visited Gaetana and accused her of doing her magical spells to bring Pedro to life (this was a while after her tip to Las Cruses) and was so upset that she had fought with Gaetana and strangled her almost to death before Matilda, and Lupe came to rescue Gaetana. Isabel told them that she never wanted them near her again. Gaetana went and told Salvador/Pedro that the madness had to stop and that Isabel knew everything.

Isabel had gone to see the psychiatrist who also dealt with the paranormal and had been helping her to further analyze Salvador/Pedro’s case (the psychiatrist had been recommended by Pedro’s former doctor). Isabel confessed to the Psychiatrist that she had even tried killing Gaetana and had lost control of her actions before thinking. The psychiatrist then admitted to Isabel that he had head of many weird stories concerning the paranormal as that was why his patients were in the psychiatry to deal with these incidents, but frankly he thought that Isabel’s story was false and was a cry for help for something deeper. Isabel felt insulted as the doctor thought she was crazy and went back home, where Walter and Rebeca confessed about the secret room that lead to the studio and showed it to Isabel.

Isabel asked Angela for the key, Angela asked what for? Isabel said that they would soon find out as they had seen a secret passageway and room. Isabel started pulling books from the shelf to find the door and swore that she would find the door even if she had to pull the whole library down. Scared at her words and since she did not want the studio torn apart, Abigail confessed to the mechanism she and Vicky had found one day when cleaning the room. The button was found and pressed and the entire household saw as the door slid open and revealed the secret room.

The things from the Secret room were removed and placed in the study. Valeria was surprised to hear about the secret room and went to see it. Isabel called the entire family – Abigail and her sons, Angela, Vicky, Valeria, Walter and Rebeca to discuss with the whole family about Salvador and to see if she really was going crazy or they all thought the same about the link of her first husband Pedro and Salvador.

When all this was happening, the psychiatrist went to visit Salvador at night at Salvador’s office. He told Salvador of Isabel’s tale of Salvador being her late husband Pedro and how he had diagnosed Isabel dangerous to everyone especially Salvador and capable of doing ANYTHING to get her way. He told Salvador/Pedro

Isabel’s crazy tale of Salvador being Pedro. Salvador listened to the psychiatrist patiently and told the psychiatrist not to worry as he could handle Isabel. Before leaving with his car, Salvador told the psychiatrist that he was correct about everything except Isabel’s theory about him. Isabel was correct when she had said that he was her late husband. Salvador drove off from the company car-park leaving the psychiatrist looking at him with a surprised look and an open mouth.

Salvador arrived home, as he was going to his bedroom, he noticed that the door to his studio was open. Salvador put his jacket on the nearest chair and retreated back to the studio and discovered all the things from the secret room were now in the studio and that his hiding place had been discovered. Isabel found him there and told him that it was time to talk, and not just the two of them but with everyone else. Isabel informed Salvador that the household was waiting for him downstairs.

Salvador asked what the meeting was about and Isabel said that it was about him and his connection to Pedro. Salvador admitted the truth in-front of everyone that he was Pedro. Valeria started softly crying. Pedro admitted that he never thought that he would loose his life in the person that he least expected, pointedly referring to Isabel. Rebeca was convinced the whole household had gone mad. Salvador as Pedro? No-way. Pedro tried to talk to Abigail who was reluctant to face the whole issue as it made her uncomfortable even if she believed Salvador was Pedro. Pedro next looked at his daughter Angela and assumed to her aloud that she would say the same the same thing as Abigail as after all she had told him that if her father chose to return, she would have preferred him to rest in peace and not be troubled.

Pedro praised Antonio for all his good qualities and knew Antonio would keep his daughter happy and that he would one day be the CEO of the Donoso Citrus Company.

Next Pedro talked to Simon and asked Simon if he had a chance to examine his conscience. Simon told Pedro that he had examined his conscience and admitted that he had previously preferred to see Salvador in a bad way as a thief and a liar due to his feelings but he saw that that was unjust and asked for forgiveness of the only man whom he considered his Father. Abigail, Isabel and Vicky wept as they watched Simon and Pedro/Salvador go back on good terms and Pedro smiled and hugged Simon.

Vicky had been really emotional and was crying and had wanted to leave the meeting as she had not wanted to see herself needed by Salvador or anyone. Salvador called her by all her long names and asked her to say, after all if Pedro had asked her to stay would she? Vicky said yes but was still crying due to all the emotions.

Salvador/Pedro next talked to Valeria and told her that she had not really loved Salvador, but had instead always been in love with Pedro and not Salvador. She had loved Pedro for the comfort he could give her and his heart and music. Pedro said that he never loved Valeria selfishly but instead it was a pure love with no complications/wants. Valeria cried silently due to her emotions. Salvador said that some people (pointedly looking at Walter) had only liked him because of his money.

Walter was annoyed at what he thought was Salvador’s pretenses, and tried hitting him, Salvador held Walter on the back of his shirt like a child and slapped him several times on his face (as if he was a girl) and tossed him aside. Pedro could not believe that he had trusted Walter all those years and he was just a thief and a heartless person. Angela asked Salvador to relax.

Pedro sat down. Isabel loudly told Pedro in front of everyone that she had noticed that Pedro had made sure everyone had spoken the truth. Well then so would she. She confessed that she only married Pedro for his wealth and money. Angela and Abigail begged Isabel to stop saying such horrible things. Isabel had nothing to loose she said she had to say them as they were true. She admitted that Andre had told her to get rid of Pedro and that the night Pedro had died, Angela had even discovered he sleeping with Andre. She admitted the things she did for Andre were not as bad as what she did to get to Salvador. She admitted that she had killed Andre.

Salvador/Pedro alone sarcastically clapped at Isabel’s performance. Rebeca begged Isabel not to say anything as she was sure Salvador had forced her to say all this nonsense. Valeria was about to protest but Isabel interrupted Valeria by telling her that she must have suspected it all along she had killed Andre.

Rebeca said that since they were all revealing their secrets then she had to say something too. She said that Salvador married Isabel when he was already married to someone else, a poor peasant and had a little son. Angela holding her pregnant belly begged Rebeca not to tell anymore lies or to make up stories...

Isabel confirmed that it was true. She told the household that she had not really gone to a business trip, but had gone to find out the truth in Las Cruises which is a small town, and told them the story of how Salvador’s wife and the entire town told the story of a resurrected Salvador, a peasant farmer called Salvador, who was illiterate and did not know how to read or write and died and woke up from his coffin knowing how to read and write as Salvador, was a man who died so that Pedro could live. read more snippets from the telenovela sitemap...

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The Rage of A Murderess!

One of the directors caught Simon rummaging through the papers in Salvador's office. Simon showed the director the striking similarity between Salvador's handwriting and late Pedro Donoso's. The director mused, saying that perhaps Salvador was a son of the late Pedro which he had by another woman outside his marriage to Catalina, Angela's mother. When Salvador arrived, he saw that someone had tampered with the documents on his table. He smiled because he already suspected who was behind the tampering.

Isabel organized a mock party, in honor of her future business Partner. She used the excuse to invite the parapsychologist to the party. She introduced him as one of her future industrial investors. Later when the para began to probe Salvador, he suspected that something was fishy. Gaetana came to the party too, and warned Salvador that the man was not an industrialist or investor, but a parapsychologist, and that both Isabel and the man were trying to trap Salvador.

The next day, Isabel arranged for Salvador to follow her to the tomb of Pedro, while she laying down flowers, the parapsycho arrived at the cemetery and Salvador was angry. He confronted the two of them for playing games with him, because, he knew the para as not an industrialist as claimed by Isabel. He walked out on them and went home alone.

News got to Abigail that her husband is dead over 4 weeks ago and had been buried. She broke down and wept profusely. Salvador took Antonio round the factory, inducting him on how the factory works, as he would soon hand-over to him to represent Angela on the board. When the news of Antonio's father's death came, they all ran back to the house.

On getting there, Rebeca began to insult Antonio, saying he was a son of a vagabond, and a gold-digger. Salvador got angry and held Rebeca by the neck, he dragged her to the maids room, and reminded her that she was a miserable ingrate and worse than a gold-digger because that was the room she occupied when she first came to the house, and that she was no classy lady of high taste at the beginning.

She ran out to Isabel telling her she was fed up and could no longer put up with the series of humiliation by Salvador. She begged Isabel to give her sufficient money to travel and go far away to settle where no one would bother her again. When Isabel refused, she reminded Isabel to give the money she was planning to give to Valeria to her.

Rebeca made up her mind to retaliate the humiliation by exposing Salvador as a thief who stole the precious jewelery of the late Don Pedro Donoso where he kept it in the secret room.

Isabel exploded and drove crazily to Gaetana's bar. She demanded of Gaetana to tell her the truth about her secret relationship she had with Pedro Donoso in the study in those days. She even accused Gaetana of hiding the fact that Pedro Donoso rose from the dead and possessed the body of another man- SALVADOR! Gaetana was shocked at this startling discovery of Isabel.

Isabel broke down with sobs, saying Gaetana helped Pedro to achieve his aim of vengeance. Gaetana rebuffed her saying she did not have the power to resurrect the dead, and that she was just a simple practitioner of occult science. Isabel went wild and broke all plate and glass at the bar, saying it was a hideout for the practice of witchcraft which was used to ruin her life. She swore to destroy both Salvador and Gaetana.

Gaetana told her she was not surprised, because Isabel killed her two previous husbands. She accused her of poisoning the late Pedro Donoso! She also accused her of murdering Andre Corona in a stage-managed accident on a remote lake... calling her an ugly murderess... that was it! Isabel had no defense against that... she jumped on Gaetana and began to strangulate her, ...the crowd of drunkards and visitors at the bar began to howl and cheer them, as the two ladies fought their heart out.

Matilda and Lupe came to separate them and Isabel swore that they would all fail to get rid of her. She rushed out and drove away crazily. She is really going berserk.

On The Verge of Nervous Breakdown!

el cuerpo del deseoSimon, Antonio and Angela are of one belief that the spirit of Pedro Donoso possesses the body of Salvador. They shared their past encounters with Salvador, which showed that he knew intimate details of their lives which was only known to the late Pedro. Abigail was too scared to admit this, so she dismissed their 'speculations' as childish nonsense. She warned them to respect the sweet memory of late Pedro.

Isabel returned back from her investigative trip to Las Crustas. She was too scared to face her odious past. Now she too believed from her trip that, Salvador was the re-incarnation of her late Husband Pedro Donoso, whom she murdered in conspiracy with her criminal lover, Andre Corona.

As she entered the bathroom to take a shower, Salvador welcomed her and asked if her 'business trip' was successful. She claimed it was more than successful. He too told her that he had been relaxing at home since her trip, and also received his friend, Gaetana who visited him at home.

Isabel reacted that Gaetana would give him spiritual counsel and ministration, just as she did to late Pedro. He smiled and went to kiss her in the bath, while they were in that passionate act, Isabel glanced at the mirror and alas! it was the body of the late Pedro Donoso she saw that was kissing her. She ran out of the bath and ran outside the room to the staircase full of fear and trembling. She said to herself that she was kissing a ghost.

Rebeca saw her on the staircase and asked her if she was worried, she replied that everything was fine. Rebeca wanted to know if her investigation confirmed to her that Salvador was married with a son by another woman. Isabel told her that the Salvador she married was a different one from the one Rebeca knew. Rebeca was confused of this parable by Isabel.

When Isabel overheard that Valeria was packing her luggage to leave the house, she stormed her room. She was mortally afraid, now like never before, she needed a supporter in Valeria and Rebeca because of the unknown fate that awaits her in the hands of Salvador/Pedro.

Because of her growing paranoia, Isabel sought the assistance of the family doctor to get consultation with a parapsychologist. By the time she bursts in on the doctor and related her fearful encounters with the ghost of Pedro, the doctor took her for an insane person, but she reacted violently saying she was not a mad person...

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Abigail's Encounter

After Isabel began to exhume the mysterious past of Salvador from the town of Las Crustas, and Angela suffered a shock and fainted as a result of discovery of Pedro/Salvador revelation, in snippet 97 of El Cuerpo del Deseo, Second Chance telenovela, this is what follows next, in Snippet 98.

Abigail went to Valeria's room as Valeria was arranging (packing her dresses) and putting the dresses Isabel had given her to one side. Valeria asked Abigail if the doctor had come to visit Angela. Abigail told Valeria that the Doctor had arrived and was checking Angela as they spoke and wondered what Valeria would do with all the dresses Isabel had given her. Valeria told Abigail that she was planning on leaving the house soon and was planning to give Isabel back the dresses she had given her as they were far too classy for her and/or where she was going.

Abigail thought Valeria was stubborn insisting to leave the house. Valeria told Abigail kindly that she was not being stubborn and went to the laundry to iron the clothes. Salvador saw Valeria entering the laundry/maid's room and followed her in.

Isabel was sad that Fatima did not have any other information regarding Salvador but was grateful for the information Fatima had given her.. Fatima told Isabel that she has to go to work. Isabel asked Fatima for a favor...for Fatima to take her to Cantalicia's house. Fatima started declining as she had a lot of work to do, but Isabel, holding a large wad of money told Fatima that she would pay her (Fatima) for the trouble (in missing work ) she could cause by taking Isabel to see Cantalicia. Fatima shyly agreed to show Isabel where Cantalicia lives.

Salvador tried to talk and apologize to Valeria. Valeria thought that Salvador was trying to come near her because Isabel had left the house. Salvador asked Valeria to forgive him. Valeria told Salvador that she had already forgiven him, the one she found hard to forgive was her-self for letting herself to be manipulated by Salvador to show her feelings. Salvador told Valeria that his feelings were genuine and felt sad that Valeria was resentful to him. Valeria told Salvador that he should not be concerned about her feelings, but a very sensitive Salvador told Valeria that he cared what she felt for him.

Salvador tried to explain to Valeria but Valeria said that if she had to leave right away to avoid Salvador before Isabel did so, she would. Salvador was sad to see how Valeria was upset with him and was closing in on the verge of tears. He swore to Valeria that his love had been genuine; however his circumstances would not let him show her how much he loved her. Valeria was upset and told Salvador not to tell her anymore lies and told Salvador never to speak to her again. Valeria who was also about to cry walked out of the laundry/maid's room and bumped into Abigail who was also going to the laundry room. Abigail was upset and told Salvador who was wiping his tears that they both had to have a serious talk.

Father Giacomo found out from the policeman that he had helped Isabel to find out about the resurrected man from Fatima. Father Giacomo was so upset he called the policeman a fool (as the policeman had assumed Isabel was a reporter), and reprimanded him for talking to him with his police-hat on instead of taking off to show respect to him. When the policeman took his hat off to show Father Giacomo respect, Father Giacomo walked off. The policeman was puzzled at Father Giacomo¢s behavior.

Fatima was in the car showing Isabel the way to Cantalicia's house as Isabel drove.

The doctor examined Angela and told Antonio that Angela was healthy ad okay, but was just anxious. The doctor observed that the household was nervous as since the death of Pedro and it was obvious people could not get along with Isabel since she married Salvador. He asked Antonio if he could still move with Angela to another place, but Antonio told the doctor that Angela would never agree.

Abigail scolded Salvador for unsettling everybody and wondered if Salvador was trying to upset everybody. Yesterday he upset Angela and today he was bothering Valeria. Abigail accused Salvador of robbing their tranquility and assumed that probably Salvador and Ms. Gaetana had planned to steal the fortune. Salvador was very, deeply hurt and wondered if Abigail thought he was a common thief. Abigail told Salvador that he was not common and hinted to him that he was more than a common thief. Salvador challenged Abigail to tell him of what she really thought. Abigail told Salvador the truth, that they had all felt betrayed since the day he chose to marry Isabel. Salvador told Abigail that she felt that way because she never loved Isabel since the first day she arrived at the house...

Abigail had a flashback of Pedro introducing her to Isabel. Abigail got uneasy and marched out of the laundry/maid's room. Salvador followed Abigail out and challenged Abigail to deny it. Didn't she tell Pedro not to marry Isabel? Abigail denied ever tell Pedro not to marry Isabel. Salvador told Abigail that she might not have said it directly, but had insinuated it. Doesn't she remember what she told Pedro the same day Isabel had been introduced to her in the sitting room...?

Abigail had a flashback (when Isabel had excused herself from the dining table) of Pedro telling her that he was planning to marry her. Abigail had said that she was very pretty but was a bit young for her. Pedro had joked that maybe he was too old for Isabel. Abigail had told Pedro to be carried away by her appearance or to be dazzled by her as all that glitters is not gold...

Salvador (as if reading Abigail's mind) confirmed to Abigail the flashback and told Abigail that Mr. Donoso had not listened to her as he had been dazzled by Isabel, and continued looking at Abigail. Abigail asked Salvador not to look at her the way he did as when he did so; she did not see Salvador looking back at her but instead someone else... (Pedro) and walked away.

Isabel reached near Cantalicia's house but had to walk with Fatima as the road was impassable by car. Cantalicia was happy to see Fatima but was shocked to see Isabel.. Cantalicia had a flashback of Isabel marrying Salvador and was shocked. Mancho came out and was surprised too. Isabel asked Cantalicia for sometime to talk to her.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its Angela's Turn - Snippet 94

The memorable night returned with a contagious pain. Salvador slipped through the secret door and began to play the "Forget-Me-Not" tune. Angela had stayed awake with fever-pitch anxiety for the the piano's notes. Salvador played with a memorable tenderness and sorrow, his eyes welled with rivers of tears. Check out more stories from the telenovela stories site map

For Angela, it was a night of conviction and conversion. Now she believed that her late dad, Pedro Jose Donoso, is living with them in the house. She was in hysterical tears, shouting that the music was the one dedicated to her by her dad when she was but a little child. She vowed that she would never remove the piano from the study again. she wanted to go and open the study but was transfixed on the spot until Abigail came to help her and calm her down.

Ángela burst into the study but found nobody there. When Abigail and Antonio followed after, she told them to leave her alone because she wanted to talk to Salvador over these mysteries before she runs mad. She ran to Salvador's room begging him to open his door, but Salvador appeared to her, coming from the garden.

She confronted him and asked him to reveal who he really was. She asked him how come he knew the intimate details of her life, even up to the "tear drop" necklace which no third party but only she and late father knew about.

Salvador told her to forgive her father for sacrificing her love for Isabel and neglecting her. She was frightened and began to cry, and Salvador held her in his arms and she cried on his shoulders... then, as she closed her eyes, she began to hear the resonating voice of Pedro pleading with her for forgiveness, for not listening to her warnings not to marry Isabel. He asked if she would pardon him if he asked for her forgiveness.

She separated from him and was shocked to see that the tear-filled face of Salvador which had transformed to Don Pedro Donoso. She burst out in hysterical laughter saying, so it is you... and she fainted. Salvador shouted her name at that instant and Abigail and her two sons rushed in... they took her to her room to administer first aid and banned Salvador from following after them... Then... Snippet 95: "Would You Forgive 'Him'...?" Snippet 96: "Married To A Ghost!", and Snippet 97: "Off To La Crustas- The Cradle of Mysteries!" ...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Angela Too Dares The Ghost

This is snippet 92. Simón launched an investigation into the background of Salvador, but had little success because Antonio offered him no cooperation. He traced the crisis of Antonio, Andre Corona and now, Walter, to a strange and mysterious encounter with Salvador. Antonio warned him not to dig further because, any further discovery would send him to a sanatorium.

With a predictable but sorrowful air, Gaetana continued to preserve Salvador's room, always making the bed every day. She told her friend, that Salvador would not dwell long with Isabel Arroyo, and Salvador may soon be running back to hide from all his troubles. Matilda was mistakenly convinced that Gaetana had fallen in love with Salvador.

The sorrow of Isabel multiplied without rest. In the bathroom where she ran to, Salvador followed her. She was inconsolable as tears of regret flowed ceaselessly from her eyes. they made love (perhaps for the last time?) in the bath.

As soon as Salvador left for the office the next day. Isabel sprang up from the bed and began to dig into Pedro's records to establish any connection between Salvador and Pedro. Angela caught her as she was trying to break into Pedro's study. She told her to take the key and not do it illegally like a thief.

Aunt Rebeca came in handy in her desperate and lonely search for the mystery called Salvador/Pedro. She gave Isabel the address of Uncle Phillipe, telling her to go and ask for the background of Salvador from him. She also told him that Salvador has a wife and a son. Isabel was now afraid to discover the truth, but she summoned up courage and picked the address and dressed up... over now to Phillipe's house to unravel the mystery.

Angela confessed to Antonio that she was planning to remove the strange piano from the study because it was driving everyone crazy in the house. Antonio begged and warned her not to stir up trouble, because that is what the removal of that piano would do to her if she dares to remove it from the study where Don Pedro left it before he died. She became a little worried at Salvador's mysterious background.

Isabel was surprised that Phillipe knew everything about her. He initially refused to divulge information about Salvador to her, but when Isabel accused him of covering up a case of bigamy, he retorted that Salvador never married but only had a son by another woman.

Phillipe warned her that it is a little too late to dig into Salvador's background because she had already married a man she knew nothing about. With tears and sobs, Isabel succeeded in collecting the address of Father Giacomo, telling her to go and meet his nephew who would give all information she wants about Salvador.

She headed straight home with plans to 'invade' Giacomo's town (La Crustas- the cradle of mystery), to unravel the mystery called Salvador. In the night, she lied to Salvador that she had to travel for some two days for a meeting with her future business partner.

After Isabel traveled, Salvador entered and surprised Antonio and Angela who was bent on going ahead to the study to remove the piano with plans to sell or give it away to some antique dealers, Salvador appeared. He demanded that Antonio leave him alone to talk to Angela... What was the encounter like? fill the telenovela gap in Snippet 93 of the full story.

Isabel's Turn - Snippet 90

Isabel came back into the room and confronted Salvador with his mud-caked shoe as evidence of his complicity in the present zombied state of Walter, because, according to her, Salvador and Walter disappeared at the same time, during the piano playing. Salvador still denied having anything to do with Walter's condition.

When Walter came back to consciousness he screamed and shouted like a mad man telling everybody that Don Pedro Jose Donoso is alive, and is in this house, because he saw him. He told them that it was Don Donoso who has been playing the piano all this while.

When Salvador came downstairs and offered to drive Walter to the hospital for medical attention, he became hysterical and hid behind the chair, saying Salvador should not touch him. He began to weep profusely, saying that Don Pedro Donoso wanted to kill him.

After Salvador left the house, Antonio ran after him, and he asked why he came back was to avenge himself of all his enemies, who did wickedly against Don Pedro Donoso? Salvador told him that he was not Don Pedro Donoso, but Salvador Sorenzo.

On the way to the office, The tyre burst, and Simon offered to change the tyre. After changing the tyre, Salvador gave Simon some money, and Simon felt insulted. But Salvador told him with the exact same tone of several years ago, by the late Pedro Donoso, that it is the reward for his labor, and for purchase of snickers for training at the gym.

Simon had a flashback of several years ago when he helped Don Pedro Jose Donoso to change a burst tyre of his car, and how the old man said the same thing that Salvador was saying now. Simon was unsettled by the striking similarity of events and statements of Salvador.

By the time the doctor came to examine Walter, he announced to Isabel that Walter is suffering from an emotional shock precipitated by a strange encounter, similar to what three other people (Antonio, André and Valeria), have experienced in the house. The doctor said this cannot be mere coincidence and he queried Isabel if she knew the source of this strange nervous break down. Isabel avoided a direct glance at the doctor and she too became troubled, as she suspected that Salvador was the mystery behind these mysterious drama.

Later when Isabel went to probe Walter about the source of his shock, he whispered with fear that a ghost cannot be accused. He told him that the ghost of Pedro has returned with fury to exact vengeance from all his enemies, including Isabel, and that ghost would not rest until all the enemies of Pedro are consumed and destroyed.

Isabel was frightened by the possible truth in Walter's statement... Isabel shouted with tremor in her voice that it is impossible... she dreaded what could happen afterwards, because, obviously, she is next in line of attack by this mysterious ghost... it is her turn... see how it unfolds in the next Snippet 91 at the full story sitemap.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Journey of No Return...

Remember that we stopped at Snippet 87 of Second Chance (El Cuerpo del Deseo) telenovela... This is the continuing episode of that story...

Isabel could not withstand the verbal blows of Salvador, she became confused, afraid, unsecured and jittery, she demanded to be taken home and regretted coming to the restaurant with him. She refused to calm down, despite all efforts by Salvador to calm her nerves.

Vicky came to the garden to ask Antonio to go upstairs to sleep for the night. He told her that he needed to study the Donoso Citrus factory papers because he would be representing his wife, Angela, on the board soon. Vicky shared her strange experience of that morning with him, how Salvador knew her baptismal name, "Virginiana of Santa Cruz".

Antonio was dumbfounded too to realize that only Salvador knew that baptismal name, apart from the late Don Pedro. While they were wondering at that strange insight of Salvador, Isabel and Salvador arrived in their car, driving madly as if he lost control of the car. Isabel got down and ran upstairs in fright, without saying hello to anyone.

Salvador took the back door and stumbled on Valeria who was lost in playing her piano. When she looked back, and saw Salvador staring lovingly at her, she ran away as he was expressing pleasantries with her.

Isabel attempted to stir up the unanswered questioned she raised at the restaurant, that is, what kind of life did Salvador lived before he arrived in Las Crustas? He replied mysteriously, that he was born a new man the day he stepped into the city ans was a nobody before then. Isabel was not pacified nor satisfied, she accused him of hiding his mysterious past from her.

Isabel tearfully told him about her inner fears of him (Salvador). She told him that she feel tremors of vengeance in his hands anytime he touches her, as if he hated her but covered that hatred in a flood of passion. She wanted him to confess to her that he still loved her, but he parried the question and wont confirm. He only assured her that he had demonstrated that love by marrying her despite all obstacles.

Isabel was ready to stir up trouble tonight, she won't let go. She accused him of loving Valeria more than her. He too became angry with her, accusing her of trying to revive the past which he was trying to bury. She fired back by accusing him of stirring up trouble by taking her to the same restaurant as Pedro Donoso, and even behaving exactly as Pedro had done in the past.

After much argument, Salvador told her that he would fulfill her desire to separate and go away from the Donoso family, Valeria and others, only if she knows him fully. By that time, he promised her that both of them would go on a loong trip, perhaps a journey of no return!.

After Isabel slept, Salvador went to the study and began to play a very sad note from the piano, Walter and Rebeca sprung into action to execute their trap by blocking the pathway of escape, hoping to trap or catch the so-called ghost that comes at nocturnal times to play the piano.

Isabel too could not sleep because of the intensity of the piano's sad notes. She woke up and discovered that Salvador was not in the room. She was determined to find out where Salvador went to, in the middle of the night. On getting out, she saw Rebeca waiting by the door of the study. Rebeca told her that her husband has been lying to her. Isabel confessed that she could no longer trust him because, even now, he was not on the bed nor in the room. Rebeca smiled triumphantly, saying that her husband Salvador, would be unmasked tonight.

Isabel told her not to talk rubbish. Rebeca assured her that it was she, Isabel, who has been behaving foolishly, because Walter and her (Rebeca) have long suspected Salvador to be the mysterious ghost that troubled the house, and were planning to unmask him tonight. Salvador concluded the piano play and shut down.

As he slipped out of the door, he heard the sound of a key turning in the lock, so he hid inside darkness, only to see Walter carrying torch light to search for him, he tip-toed behind Walter and knocked off the light from his hand and hit him on the head... Walter began to scream with fear... Continue from Snippet 89 at the Site map of the full story ...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Last Husband...

Continuing from telenovela Snippet 82 of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) full story... where we stopped...

The wedding party was still continuing. Walter was shouting at the serving maid that due to her slowness, she would make his hair go white. The maid wondered where Walter got that hair from, since he was bald. Walter retreated and almost bumped into a crying Rebeca on the hallway. Rebeca wept that she should not have returned to the house, since due to the party she had not been able to go to her room.

Walter offered to accompany her to her room. Rebeca refused as she did not want to be seen by everyone. She told Walter that she could not even go to the maids' room since the dog was there and had barked and almost bitten her. Rebeca wept she had failed to stop Salvador. Walter guided her upstairs though the servant staircase.

Isabel saw Walter guiding Rebeca and asked Walter what was wrong with Rebeca. Walter told Isabel that Rebeca had decided to stay in her room just like how the entire household had decided to do the same. Walter informed Isabel that Valeria had even decided to exchange her room with that of Simon which made Valeria sleep next to the servants (referring to Abigail). Isabel went to investigate for herself.

Angela, Simon, Valeria and Antonio were playing with cards in Valeria's new room, while Abigail watched. Isabel stormed in and demanded for an explanation from Valeria on who gave her permission to change rooms. Valeria told Isabel that she had done it with Angela's permission. Isabel reminded Valeria that she was Isabel's responsibility. Antonio and the whole family stood up for Valeria and reminded Isabel that Angela had said it was ok to change rooms and that Valeria was no longer a child.

Isabel was not happy Valeria would be close to Abigail and Simon reminded Isabel that Valeria would not feel right seeing Salvador everyday with Isabel. Walter interrupted the conversation by calling Isabel back to the party as the guests were waiting for her. Valeria thanked everyone for standing up to her.

The directors' wives were amazed that Matilda did witchcraft or "white magic", as Matilda claimed. They were however pleased when Matilda gave them her card. Gaetana wondered if Matilda knew the word 'discrete' as Matilda had been nothing but discreet. Gaetana and Camillo decided to walk a bit as they were tired of standing in the same corner for so many hours.

Salvador and Isabel were having their photos taken until both caught a glimpse of Gaetana. Isabel was shocked and left her husband's side to talk to Gaetana. Gaetana was so scared she run in another direction and left Camillo all alone. Before Isabel reached Gaetana she ran into a waiter who spilled the drinks onto her dress. Isabel went upstairs to change her dress. Salvador saw Gaetana hiding in a corner and smiled.

Up in her bedroom Isabel told Vicky that she had seen Gaetana and Vicky confirmed Isabel's suspicions and told Isabel that she had seen her too as she was one of the guests. Isabel wanted to know who had invited Gaetana and went downstairs to investigate. Vicky tried on Isabel's Veil and held the wedding dress against her thinking that it was a shame the dress did not fit her.

Gaetana told Salvador about what had happened when she had taken Cantalicia and Mancho out of the church and told Salvador that it had been Rebeca who had got Cantalicia. Salvador was happy that Gaetana had been there to save the day. Isabel got downstairs into the arms of Salvador and confronted Gaetana reminding Gaetana that she had kicked her out of the Donoso house some months ago. Gaetana looked at Isabel and Salvador.

Salvador defended Gaetana and told Isabel that he had invited Gaetana and Matilda and that Gaetana was his best friend. Isabel was livid with rage, and demanded an explanation from Salvador about his friendship with Gaetana right at that moment. Salvador told Isabel that, that was not the right moment. Clenching her teeth Isabel demanded more forcefully for Salvador to explain his friendship with Gaetana. Salvador agreed and they both went upstairs. Gaetana looked sorry for Salvador.

Gaetana met Camillo outside and told Camillo that she had told Salvador everything including about Rebeca. Camillo told Gaetana that it was time for them to leave as there were no more corners in the house left for them to hide. Gaetana told Camillo that they did not have to hide anymore, as she had just confronted Isabel and Isabel knew she was at the house, but there was someone else she had to confront (referring to Walter). Walter came up from behind Camillo and was shocked to see Gaetana! Walter assumed his eyes were deceiving him and asked Gaetana what she was doing in the wedding party.

Isabel was telling Salvador that Gaetana was a con-artist who exploited Pedro and was surprised that Gaetana was Salvador's friend. Salvador corrected Isabel. Gaetana was not a friend, she was much more than a friend, and she was a loyal collaborator and his true Confidant.

Isabel was so upset that her facial features looked like stone.

Isabel asked Salvador how he had met Gaetana. Salvador stated the obvious, he had met Gaetana through Pedro Jose Donoso. Isabel could not believe that Salvador was friends with the person she trusted least. Salvador told Isabel that Gaetana was the only person who had extended help to him when he had returned back to town. Isabel asked Salvador why he had not told her earlier and Salvador told Isabel that that was what he was doing now, telling Isabel the truth as he had promised he would tell her everything after the wedding.

Salvador further admitted that he had lived with Gaetana and she had always helped him. Isabel claimed that, that explained Salvador's knowledge about the Donoso house and everyone who lived there, the factory and Pedro. She thought Gaetana told Salvador about everybody. Salvador assured Isabel that he and Gaetana were not some con artists who came together to rob the Donoso fortune and asked Isabel, really who does she thinks she married? (Ans: Pedro Jose Donoso)

Isabel thought that Salvador was obsessed of living like Pedro and therefore had used any means possible. However she reminded Salvador she still loved him as she couldn't have done all that she did if she did not love him. Salvador told Isabel that she should love him without caring of what he did to get close to her. Besides after everything they had gone though, who cares about a spiritualist? Salvador kissed Isabel.. And demanded Isabel to love him and to show she loved him. They both kissed.

In the evening, Isabel and Salvador were still in bed. Isabel wanted to take out the picture of Pedro. Salvador told Isabel not to worry as he was not jealous of Pedro as he could not be jealous of someone who was his friend. He told Isabel that he was happy to be in Pedro's room and bed where Pedro lived and died and was happy to be with Isabel and he enjoyed feeling like Pedro.

As Salvador continued talking and holding Isabel, his face and voice were now that of the original grey-haired Pedro (of the first episodes, before he died). Pedro told Isabel that he had been anxious of waiting for Isabel and he was very happy. He felt he belonged in the house surrounded by everything that was Pedro Jose's. Isabel was shocked and called out to Salvador. Pedro held Isabel close to him. Isabel sighed....obviously she couldn't tell Salvador she was seeing Pedro instead of Salvador, and just leaned into Pedro's arms.

Later that night, (Isabel was now seeing Salvador as Salvador) Salvador assured Isabel that he would be the last husband she would ever have, as their union would be forever and no other man would exist for her... Continue reading... Snippet 84: "Sorry, ... No Honeymoon!", Snippet 85: "Lonely, ... and Haunted!", Snippet 86: "Dumbfounded!", and Snippet 87: "Revenge On Course" from the Mega Telenovela Love Stories Blog, surely more is coming...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Last Laugh Is Still The Best

At Last, we telenovela fans made it to the last month of the year 2007! The popular adage that 'he who laughs last, laugh the best' is still true. Last month I came out with a statement that the God of the eleventh hour would appear in our situation. I believed it. ... and, so was it, it happened, many 11th hour testimonies burst forth in my telenovela blogging career.

This last month, God is going to give every one that believe, a laughter that would rumble through this December, and even spill over into 2008! No more sorrow, no more shame and reproach. Permit me to indulge a little from this 'telenovela pulpit'. This last month, is a month of returning for me, I don't know about you friends.

If you, like me, have gone on some prodigal journeys, it is time to return home. God is waiting for you. Just be honest enough to admit, just like me, that you miss many of the target you set for 2007, and went asunder off the mark. The Father would receive you, and surprisingly would celebrate your return with a great feast, to the envy of others. If you don't believe me, just wait for Christmas in 25 days time, then you will understand.

I promised you 20 telenovela stories in January, this year, but I could only finish some five and a half, due to riotous distractions! I have news for you, my father has forgiven me, would you too? God is giving us a telenovela Chocolate, (Dame Chocolate- "Give Me Chocolate Telenovela"), to celebrate our return.

This weekend, that is, today Saturday, tomorrow Sunday, and even on Monday, Tessie and I are already working round the clock, to bombard you with the final rounds of El cuerpo del deseo (Second Chance) Telenovela. So, be on the look out. If you don't want to miss any of the snippets, then, subscribe by email now, for regular updates, as we post them, so that you will not miss out of the outpouring of the telenovela rainfall, or is it el cuerpo del deseo rainfall?.

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Milestone 2,700: FEEDing Hungry Telenovela Fans

FEEDBURNER COUNTERGood morning friends, I have been mostly involved in the BLOGGING FOR MONEY workshop organized by my hubby since Monday, reason for the incommunicado. More importantly however, I chose my first post today to acknowledge a major landmark in my blogging career yesterday, as My blog crossed the 2,700 Feedburner Telenovela Subscribers count.

This is worthy of mention and celebration for many reasons. Exactly this time in November 2006, 12 months ago, I crossed the 700 subscriber level. So, in twelve months, additional 2,000 subscribers have joined our telenovela family in this love garden.

I know of so many big names in the blogging profession internationally, who don't even boast of 800 subscribers. So, we have tried in our community here. Why this landmark is significant is that, this is a level that makes more money comes your way as one can easily monetize the Feeds. It is also significant to have almost 3,000 readers subscribing to our feeds daily. That is a sure authority to the money-spinning advertisers to come negotiating with us. (LOL).

May I use this opportunity to share this glory with you lovers of telenovela in this love garden. THANK YOU! This feat is impossible without you, and your marvelous prayers, comments and encouragements. Thank you again, and again. I am indebted to you, right from the days of the Gardener's daughter (la hija del Jardinero), to Esmeralda, to Catalina y Sebastian and now, to El cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance). Thank you again for your loyalty in building this love community, with your steadfastness and loyalty. Thanks to my brother webmaster, Seun Osewa of Nairaland.Com who stood by us and popularized us at our teething period last year.

Let me also say a big thank you to all our 'students' in the BLOGGING FOR MONEY class (both graduating and current). I particularly thank the 14 people in the last one week who have subscribed to the ONLINE Version of the BLOGGING FOR MONEY Course, led by Josephine Ozeigbe, Bose Adegoke (U.K), Abiola Semiat and others, you are all our inspirations. You did the 'impossible' by taking the workshop from the classroom to the web. I am grateful to you all.

I would resume posting snippets either later today or tomorrow. If you want to subscribe to the Telenovela love garden, so you can receive the daily snippets hot, this is the link to subscribe by email, do so now.

If however you are interested in the BLOGGING FOR MONEY Course Online, it is TEN Thousand Naira Only. Send me a mail at and I would send you payment details.


Good news is also coming from in Lusaka, Zambia, as this "blogging prophet" has honor both at home and abroad. We are being invited by netpreneurs in Southern and East Africa to come and conduct the Blogging For Money Workshops over there very soon.

Also, a big news media from California, USA, is scheduling an interview with me, to come and talk on the secrets of Telenovela Blogging, and how I became the number one telenovela blogger in the world.

I pray that the God of the eleventh hour shall appear in your situation too, and He shall give you the last Laugh, which is the best laughter at the "12th hour" (December). Why? because what you all made happen for me, God would make happen for you too manifold!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Face 2 Face - Snippet 81

Finally, on Friday's episode, Rebeca held Mancho's and Cantalicia's hand dragging them up the stairs of the church. The policeman was very upset Rebeca had parked her car at the wrong place and called her stupid.

Philippe was asking his nosy neighbour (the same neighbour who had accepted a bribe from Rebeca) if she had seen Rebeca. The neighbour denied seeing anyone and Philippe was upset at the neighbour's lies. The neighbour's son defended his mother. Philippe started thinking of where Cantalicia had gone. He summed up that Cantalicia had left to go to the church and asked his partner/Model (I think her name is Tulita) to hurry and find out which church Salvador was getting married in.

Rebeca knowing her plan would work extremely well dragged Cantalicia and Mancho to the already ongoing wedding and told Cantalicia to demand for her rights and not to be a coward. Rebeca then run away and went to a corner leaving Cantalicia all alone in the middle of the church who called out Salvador¢s name and called him honey. Isabel, Salvador and the whole congregation turned around to see Cantalicia and Mancho. Cantalicia continued calling out for Salvador. Rebeca looked on from the corner of the church and Isabel looked at Salvador.

[Remember to check out the telenovela site map of elcuerpo del deseo (second chance) to get the whole picture of this stories]

Back at the house, one of the maids tripped and broke a couple of glasses. Walter yelled at the maid and called the maid an idiot many times. Vicky came to the maid's defence and asked Walter to stop nagging the maid, as the maid was getting nervous. Walter said that women were good for nothing and started arguing with Vicky until a phone call interrupted them. Philippe was the one on the phone. He lied to Walter that he had been invited to the wedding but could not find the church since he was an Atheist. Walter gave Philippe the church's address.

Back at the church, everyone was still looking at Cantalicia and Mancho. The priest asked if anybody knew about the lady who was calling out to Salvador. Isabel said she did not know and asked Salvador if he knew who she was. Before Salvador could answer, Gaetana came to the rescue and whisked Cantalicia and Mancho away as Cantalicia screamed Salvador¢s name. A tiny flicker of suspicion struck Isabel as she glanced at Salvador.

Gaetana dragged Cantalicia and Mancho outside the church asking them what caused her to scream at the church door. Cantalicia did not want to leave her Salvador. Rebeca came rushing outside the church and asked Gaetana to let go of Cantalicia until she saw it was Gaetana. Rebeca was surprised to see Gaetana (their last encounter was episodes ago when Gaetana had kicked her out of the house so that Matilda could not discover Rebeca was in love with Salvador and also in the Donoso house when Pedro was alive). Geytana put one and two together and knew Rebeca was the one who had brought Cantalicia to prevent the marriage. Rebeca was more surprised to see Gaetana and asked Gaetana what she was doing at the wedding.

Camillo explained to the Priest that the person who had come to the wedding was crazy, and told the priest to continue with the ceremony. Isabel glanced at Salvador. Salvador avoided looking at Isabel.

Gaetana told Rebeca that Rebeca had intentionally used Cantalicia as she was in love in Salvador to ruin everything. Rebeca told Gaetana that that was nonsense. Gaetana threatened to tell Isabel of everything since she knew everything. Matilda came and asked Gaetana what was happening. Rebeca was shocked to see Matilda (Matilda had been the one to tell Rebeca to bring her lover¢s finger nail, lock of hair, photo and a glass used...and Rebeca's lover was Salvador). Rebeca wondered what Matilda was also doing at the wedding. Matilda was happy to see a former client.

Rebeca could not believe that there were two witches at the wedding! What were they doing at the wedding? Matilda confessed that she and Gaetana were friends and practically soul-mates with Salvador. Rebeca's mouth was left hanging open in shock. Rebeca could not believe or understand what was happening.

Valeria thanked Antonio, Angela and Abigail for cheering her up and thought how it would be difficult to be in her room as she was close to Isabel¢s room. Angela suggested for Valeria to switch rooms with Simon¢s room which was on second floor, to which Simon and Valeria later agreed. The group went ahead to help Valeria and Simon switch rooms before the newly weds arrived.

Back at the church, Rebeca sneaked in the wedding ceremony depressed. The priest asked Salvador if he would accept Isabel in sickness and health until death did them part. Isabel smiled and looked at Salvador...except it was not Salvador Isabel saw, but Pedro Jose Donoso, exactly as he appeared as an old man with grey hair exactly like in the first episodes, (just like how Andre had seen him before he went mad).

Pedro Jose Donoso looked straight at Isabel and said ¡Yes Father I do¢. Isabel¢s mouth was wide open due to shock, she was sure she was suffering from a massive hallucination.

The priest asked Isabel the same question. Isabel looked at Salvador and saw Salvador/Pedro as Salvador once again and Isabel also said ¡I do¢ looking much happier (maybe due to relief Salvador is not Pedro or due to maybe feeling the Salvador-Pedro connection?). Rebeca wept silently behind the church. Salvador/Pedro held hands with Isabel as the Priest announced them husband and wife until death did them part. The newly wed couple kissed....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Mysteries Would Soon Come To an End - Snippet 77

Just about fifteen more episodes of El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance) telenovela. That approximates to about 30 to 40 snippets. This also implies that this marvelous telenovela would end before Christmas in Kenya. Even though I am behind schedules, I would still stick to my promise of completing this novela by this weekend or month end, whichever is acceptable to you.

Tessie and I made a mistake: we skipped Snippets 77 and 78. We then presented Snippets 79 and 80, as if it were 77 and 78. This is now the correction. To get the full and correct order, please go to the telenovela site map, we have now corrected the error.

On Wednesday's episode, Isabel went downstairs just to discover that she was being waited upon by Antonio, Angela, Abigail and Simon. Antonio and Angela wanted to know how Isabel¢s marriage would affect them. Isabel told them that they could all continue living in the same house as neither of them would be affected, as she (Isabel) would mind her own affairs and not disturb them and vice versa.

Aggressive and emotional Simon told Isabel that would be impossible as they were all living under the same roof and that neither of them should be forced to pick up after Isabel¢s broken marriage to Salvador. Abigail wanted to know if Isabel intended to move Salvador into the mansion. And Angela demanded for an answer.

Rebeca was alone in her room on her bed remembering the argument she had with her niece Isabel after she had attempted to shoot Salvador and how Isabel had almost thrown her out. Valeria went to visit Rebeca. Valeria was surprised at Rebeca's behaviour. Rebeca told Valeria considering the mistake Isabel was about to make, that she could not act as passively as Valeria as Valeria acted passively as though she had porridge, and not blood in her veins. After Rebeca mocked and abused Valeria. Valeria told Rebeca that she was not afraid of Rebeca, she just felt sad and pity towards her. As Valeria left and closed the door, Rebeca threw a glass at the now closed door.

Angela demanded for respect from Isabel. Isabel reminded Angela that she also needed respect as she did not know how bringing Salvador to the house would be bad as Angela was also living with Antonio. Isabel told the household that Salvador would not make people fight with each other as Andre had done. Simon told Isabel that Salvador had already created fights and reminded Isabel of the problems Valeria and Rebeca had with Salvador. Abigail thought that it was not a good idea for Salvador to live with them.

Isabel reminded everyone of how they had defended Salvador before, and how Angela had defended him and re-employed him after Isabel had fired him and how now they were turning their backs on him.. Angela complained that they would not live in peace with Salvador. Isabel got upset and told the group that she would bring Salvador to live with her and that they would not throw her out of the house as it also belonged to her. Isabel finally told the group that if they were not happy about Salvador they themselves should leave the house.

Back at Gaetana's house, Matilda pressured Salvador to tell her about his wedding. Gaetana, Lupe and Camillo tried to shut her up so that she would not make Salvador upset. Salvador was deep in thought the whole time. Salvador admitted that he knew Isabel for a long time. Matilda told Salvador to invite them to his wedding. Gaetana, Lupe and Camillo were against the idea. Lupe dragged Matilda and took her to her beauty bath.

But thoughtfully Salvador told Gaetana, Camillo and Lupe that refusing to invite them would be unforgivable as he considered them like his family and they should accompany him in the important journey he was making so that his new wife and the entire household would know the people who were the closest to him. Gaetana wondered if Salvador was conscious of what he was saying. Salvador said that he was conscious that all the mysteries should come to an end.

Mancho found the newspaper about Salvador's wedding in Philippe's room and showed his mother Cantalicia. A neighbour stopped by Philippe's house and Cantalicia asked the neighbour to read what the newspaper said about Salvador. The neighbour told Cantalicia that the article was about Salvador's wedding to Isabel. Cantalicia knew Rebeca had been telling her the truth all along and cried while hugging her son Mancho.

Isabel was again arguing with her Aunt Rebeca. Isabel told Rebeca that if it were up to her, she would have not only have kicked Rebeca out of the house, but she would have filed charges against Rebeca on attempted homicide but Salvador had prevented her from doing so as he was rare because not many people would intercede for an enemy who tried to kill them. Isabel told Rebeca that if she had a little dignity Rebeca would leave the house. Rebeca told Isabel that it was because she had dignity that she choose to remain in the house.

Isabel told Rebeca that she did not need her and that she had always been alone as none of her family including Valeria had ever been grateful to her and were with her because of her money. If she had no money, she was sure everyone (Rebeca and Isabel) would have abandoned her as none of her family loved her, not even her mother who had used her to accomplish her ambitions. Isabel confessed she only let Valeria and Rebeca live with her as Salvador had asked her, but after her wedding she would not be responsible for either of them. Isabel asked Rebeca to keep her distance from her as Rebeca made her sick.

Rebeca told her friend Pilar about how she had tried to kill Salvador. Pilar was concerned about Rebeca and thought that she no longer needed Salvador, but instead needed a Psychiatrist. Rebeca said would use all her resources to get to Salvador. Rebeca asked Pilar if she could stay with her until the wedding day. Pilar refused and told Rebeca she did not want Rebeca near her. Pilar turned her back on Rebeca and told Rebeca that they should not meet again as she was crazier than the people she was living with.

The Mistaken Wedding...

On Thursday's episode, Isabel admired her wedding gown and smiled at her upcoming wedding the following day. Salvador/Pedro sneaked into his house for the last time at night to play the piano (his own unique bachelor's party). As if to confirm what he was hearing, Walter went to visit Rebeca in her room.

Rebeca was not amused and told Walter that if Pedro's spirit existed she hopped it would come out of the study and get close to Isabel and scare her to death. Walter asked Rebeca if she hated Isabel that much. Rebeca answered that she did not hate Isabel as much as she hated Salvador and hoped the spirit of Pedro would destroy Salvador. Walter got jittery as the piano music was making him nervous and went to his room.

Salvador/Pedro continued to play the piano throughout the night in secret. Simon went to visit his mother Abigail in her bedroom. Abigail confirmed to Simon that it was the spirit of Pedro and not Valeria who was playing the music. Simon was upset that he could not go to sleep as Pedro¢s music was keeping him awake. Abigail told Simon that the mystery of Pedro playing the piano would be another mystery that Salvador would clear for them after the marriage.

Simon was puzzled, what did Pedro's spirit have to do with Salvador? Abigail told Simon, that Salvador may have a lot of knowledge or connection as the piano started playing the day Salvador got to the Donoso house. Simon thought Abigail was being carried away by her imagination. Abigail corrected Simon that she was being carried away by what she felt, and she felt a lot of anger being played in the piano notes as if Pedro¢s spirit was angry and was threatening.

Angela wanted to open the door to the study. She wanted to know if the person playing in the study was her father or a creep that was torturing them. She did not think there was something supernatural about the person playing the music. Antonio stopped her and told her that even though it was hard to imagine, the person playing the piano was in reality her father. Antonio felt as if Pedro was sending a message through his music, a message of love for those who cared for him and a warning for those who were his enemies.

Antonio persuaded Angela back to their bedroom, and the camera passed by Valeria who was standing near her room listening to the music. Valeria silently told Pedro that she did not feel as if the music was being played for her.

The wedding morning, Walter was shouting at the maids to finish up with the flowers so as to help Vicky in the kitchen.

Gaetana woke up Salvador/Pedro for the very last time in his bedroom in her house. Gaetana scolded Salvador/Pedro and she hopped that Salvador/Pedro would come to his senses to stop the wedding, as he was making the same mistake for the second time. Salvador/Pedro gently told Gaetana to get ready to accompany him to the wedding. Gaetana was upset and stormed of from Salvador¢s room reminding Salvador/Pedro that he was committing a big mistake. Salvador/Pedro told himself that Gaetana would come to his wedding and that this time he was not the one making a mistake as it was Isabel who was making the mistake.

Walter was holding a large vase of flowers still shouting at the maids until he saw Rebeca hurrying out of the kitchen with a jug of water. Rebeca complained that everyone was busy with the wedding to bring her water so she had to get it herself. Walter continued turning around on the same to check the progress of the wedding preparations as he spoke to Rebeca, almost hitting Rebeca several times with the flowers he was holding.

Back in Isabel¢s room a woman hairdresser was doing her hair and a man was doing her to make-up. Isabel kept on moving a lot and glaring at the mirror, which made it impossible for the man and the hairdresser to fix Isabel. Isabel stood-up and undid her hair telling her hairdresser that she would do her hair herself as she was not happy with the hairdressers work. The hairdresser left. Isabel told her make-up artist that she was not happy with the make-up. The makeup artist said that he would leave before Isabel had a chance to fire him like the hairdresser, and told Isabel that he would charge her as he was not used to wasting his time and left.

Isabel was left alone with one of the maids. She couldn't believe no one except Valeria knew how to make her hair well or prepare her. The maid offered to call Rebeca and Valeria to help Isabel prepare herself for the wedding, but Isabel refused. Isabel asked the maid to bring her set of jewelery. The maid brought one set of jewelery but Isabel told the maid that she had worn that set with her wedding with Andre and she did not want to wear anything that reminded her of her previous two marriages and set the maid off to bring another set that she had not worn recently. Isabel then told the maid to leave her alone.

Isabel was left alone crying and feeling sorry for herself. There was nobody to help her prepare for the wedding. Valeria quietly entered the room and looked at Isabel. She felt sad for Isabel (and off the screen prepared Isabel for her wedding).

Simon and Antonio were downstairs admiring the decorations and the food for the after-the-wedding party. Simon suggested to Antonio, that they all leave for the weekend. Antonio reminded Simon that Angela was not feeling well and that missing the wedding for one day was more than sufficient.

Back in Gaetana's house, Gaetana prepared Salvador for his wedding and was worried as Salvador had not slept well since he had been out most of the night. Salvador confessed to Gaetana that he had sneaked in the Donoso house to play the piano and told Gaetana not to worry, as he would soon be going home and would not need to sneak in like a thief. Gaetana looked very sad that Salvador would leave soon.

Salvador asked Gaetana again to accompany him to the wedding. Gaetana refused. What would Isabel, Rebeca or the household think if they saw her again...with Salvador? Salvador reminded Gaetana that, that was what his plan was about. Starting from his wedding day, Salvador would dispel all the mysteries surrounding him to the household. He again asked Gaetana to accompany him on the most important day of his life, as he considered Gaetana his best friend.

Rebeca was upset that Valeria had helped Isabel to prepare for her wedding. Valeria told Rebeca she had prepared Isabel like she had done on her two previous marriages because she (Valeria)wanted to show Isabel that she still loved her even if Isabel wanted to make her feel bad. Valeria told Rebeca that she planned to stay in her room the entire day. Rebeca told Valeria to prepare herself as something could happen. Valeria warned Rebeca against doing anything bad like the time she had tried shooting Salvador. Rebeca told Valeria that if something bad did happen, it would all be Salvador¢s fault.

Rebeca went out to drive her car.. Walter asked Rebeca where she was going and Rebeca told Walter that she was getting away from the wedding. Walter told Rebeca that he also wished he could get away from the torture he was enduring (Walter was trying to supervise the wedding party arrangements and the servants were behind schedule). He also said he found the wedding distasteful. Rebeca huffed as she usually does and drove off.

Walter told himself that of somebody had told him that one day he was going to work for Salvador; he doesn't know what he would have done to avoid the situation. He then loudly shouted at the maid doing the floral arrangements, telling her that she was slow, frightening the maid and making her drop the flowers in shock.

Rebeca drove off telling herself that she was finally going to beat Salvador as everything would go as she planned. Read more from the full story ...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving From Telenovela Love Garden

As Americans begin their traditional Thanksgiving holiday today, we send greetings and solidarities to all our telenovela fans in the U.S, as well as our foremost advertisers and advertising network (Google), and news-content providers - Voxant Newsroom.We delight and rejoice with all telenovela fans, as they re-unite with their families over this weekend of fun and entertainment.

It is a time of reflections and also a time of salutations to the heroes of American democracy. For me, as an internet entrepreneur and blogger, I salute the over 210 million internet users in America, particularly those amongst you, who throng my telenovela blog daily.

Many of my blogging and blogger friends are from there. I appreciate your input into my works here. Jane May, Kumiko Suzuki(pink lady), whom I understood just sold her seven-month old blog for a whopping $15,000! Way to go, go, go, girl, start another one again and build to sell, become a virtual estate millionairess.

Back in March this year, Kumiko was humiliated by John Chow, when he removed her name from the list of bloggers, who have their domain name christened after them, just because she was freely hosted on blogspot. That provoked her to start Cash Quest blog, self-hosted and paid WordPress blog. What a way to answer the skeptics.

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Back to my friend and mentors, John Chow, Joel Comm, Jason, Jeremy, Danielle, and others too numerous but strategic to overlook, happy holiday to you all.

You all collectively opened my eyes to see the possibilities of being a 4-figure Dollar Blogger, (I am, by God's grace, currently enjoying this realm of remunerated talent in the blogosphere). Please, don't forget to send my own turkey by mail (LOL).

Shot By A Jealous and Jilted Lover!

After Snippet 74, this is the next that Tessie sent us, enjoy this telenovela reading.


How is everything in Nigeria? We are fine here in Kenya, just a bit wary after the party nomination elections, which turned out to be slightly violent. We are praying the main general elections on December turn out to be peaceful and not as bad as the ones last week. Do pray for us all goes well."

Tessie we're praying for you and your country... Amen.

On Tuesday's episode, proved to be livelier compared to the other episodes. Isabel and Salvador were holding their engagement party. Vicky did not look happy as she usually does in other parties. Rebeca was in Valeria's room complaining about the party to Valeria. Rebeca told Valeria that the party was shameful and that it was to embarrass and torment the household. Rebeca asked Valeria if it mattered to her about the party going on.

She told Valeria that both Salvador and Isabel were making fun of her, and if they could, they could spit on Valeria's face. Valeria told Rebeca that it did not matter to her about the party. Rebeca told Valeria that even though Valeria was pretending, she knew that Valeria was dying of jealousy. Valeria told Rebeca that her jealousy was not more than Rebecca's, and she said that she wanted to go to sleep. Rebeca wondered how Valeria would sleep through the party noise. Rebeca however told Valeria that very soon, Valeria would be awakened by a surprise initiated
by her.

At the party, the new C.E.O. for the Donoso Citrus Company congratulated Isabel and Salvador. Isabel wondered if the C.E.O. meant it and the C.E.O. truthfully said he meant it and wished the couple the very best. Meanwhile, a group of Mariachi entered the house and started playing a wonderful tune for the engagement party, while a photographer captured Salvador and Isabel.

Back in Antonio's and Angela's room, Simon was trying to prevent Abigail to oversee the party as she was no-longer an employee and Walter would oversee the party. Antonio and Angela agreed with Simon. Abigail told them that they can snub Isabel's and Salvador's party but she would not do the same. Angela and Antonio convinced Abigail to watch a video-movie with them. Abigail felt as if she was being kept against her will. Angela distracted her by inviting Abigail, Simon and Antonio to feel the kicks of the baby in her womb.

Rebeca withdrew the gun Walter had given her from her dresser drawer. And said that even if the party seamed to be very interesting, it would end tragically for the groom to be...

The Company directors were gossiping about Isabel and Salvador. They noticed that Isabel was much happier than her previous two marriages, and how she had broken a record where in less than one year, she had managed to have three weddings and three husbands, which has rarely happened. She must have learnt from the mistake of her previous marriages, for her to marry Salvador now.

The CEO thought that they would have waited a bit longer after Andre's death. But the CEO's wife thought that Isabel had to snatch up Salvador as he was very handsome. The directors saw Salvador and Isabel well suited as they were both ambitious and that Salvador had risen from the ranks from Pedro's messenger (that is what Salvador had them believe), to the owner of Pedro's fortune.

Rebeca went to Isabel's bedroom and frowned at Pedro's photo as she went to wait for the opportune moment to shoot Salvador. Isabel and Salvador continued smiling at each other, unaware of the danger.

Matilda was at Gaetana's bar, doing a false card reading for a client. She told the client that there was an old jealous woman who was capable of killing her due to jealousy (maybe she was capturing Rebecca's intentions on Salvador). She sold the woman a fake amulet (which in reality was a cheap brooch Matilda had borrowed from Gaetana moments earlier).

Salvador and Isabel greeted the guests as they left, as Walter watched them with contempt. Isabel and Salvador saw that Walter was watching them and Salvador kissed Isabel purposely in front of a frowning Walter.

Later, the dog was barking furiously as if something bad was going to happen. Isabel was telling Salvador that the step of holding a big party was a big one but she did it to prove her love for him, and did not mind the people in the household who opposed her (like Angela, Rebeca, Simon, est.) nor the people who were gossiping about her and kissed Salvador. Salvador was very happy.

Walter saw Rebeca tying up the dog. Walter thought Isabel and Salvador would spend the night together since they were engaged. Rebeca told Walter not to be as sure as anything could happen. She told Walter to leave her (so that she could shoot Salvador).Walter got the message and left Rebeca alone running to his room.

Isabel wanted to go upstairs with Salvador. Salvador wondered why and Isabel said that it was because she wanted them to plan the honeymoon and where they were going to live as they could not live in the house forever. Salvador said that he was tired and that he wanted to go to his house. Isabel told Salvador that it was time he showed her where he lived. Salvador told Isabel to be patient as when they got married, she would find out EVERYTHING about him, including where he lived as there will be no such thing as secrets between them. Isabel was left very happy and smiling. The camera followed Salvador out of the door.

Salvador left the house but as he reached the drive way he had an odd sensation that something was wrong and turned to check what it was. He turned around and saw no one so he turned back in front again. As soon as he did that, Rebeca pointed the gun at close range to his head. Rebeca called Salvador and told him even though he thought that nothing could stop him and that he was invincible, she was going to show him that he was very mistaken. Rebeca pulled the trigger and shot Salvador while closing her eyes to avoid the bloody scene that she would make.

At the same time Gaetana dropped her tray of glasses. She wondered why she kept on dropping things that day. Matilda called out to Gaetana and Gaetana dropped the glasses she had picked again. Gaetana told Matilda not to give her such an attack again. Matilda wondered why Gaetana was always concerned about Salvador and wondered if Gaetana was secretly in love with Salvador and was jealous he was with another woman.

Gaetana told Matilda not to speak stupidities as Matilda did not know the whole situation with Salvador, and why she was worried about Salvador. Matilda told Gaetana that since she is not Salvador's wife or sister to stop worrying about Salvador as he was probably having fun wherever he was with someone... Continue from Snippet 76 at the full story of second chance...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salvador's Return

Remember that we left off el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), at telenovela snippet 72 from the full story site map, where the gangs that abducted Salvador and the young boy, Tommy, were surrounded and arrested by the police, Tessie continues from there with Monday's episode, ride on with her on the snippet 73 boat.


The police fired at the two groups of thugs and managed to capture them. Tommy wanted to get out of the forest but Salvador told Tommy that they had to wait. Both Salvador and Tommy heard the gunshots and Salvador thought that the thugs were killing each other.

Back at the Donoso house, Valeria was calling out to Salvador in her sleep. She woke up and started remembering the time she had planned to escape with Salvador and she had told Salvador that she was no longer afraid of her loneliness or the dark road that lied ahead. Salvador had asked her what would happen if she no longer reached the end of the road that had no more darkness and no more loneliness, would she break it.

She had told Salvador that she did not want to break the road (of their future) as long as he was there. They had both kissed. Valeria cried, she wondered why she could not get Salvador out of her mind as she neither needed him, nor did she resent him. She just wished she could forget Salvador.

Salvador and Tommy were still hiding in the forest. Tommy was impatient as he could not hear anything. The police went in the house and found Ronnie lying on the floor in bad shape. They however could not find his son Tommy. Back in the forest, Salvador suggested to Tommy that they could run away. Tommy was afraid as he did not want to be captured by the thugs again. Salvador stood up planning to move on with Tommy.

But he heard the sound of the wind (Pedro's spirit) around him and he looked around in the air trying to brush it off. Tommy wondered what was wrong. Salvador asked Tommy if he had heard and felt it...

Tommy was puzzled he did not understand Salvador as he did not hear or see anything. Salvador started shaking as if he was being electrocuted. As if he knew what was happening to him, Salvador told Tommy to go so that he was not caught by the thugs and to get help while he was shaking. Salvador then collapsed onto the ground.

Tommy tried to rouse Salvador but Salvador did not get up. So Tommy ran to get help but was discovered by the police. The old couple and Clarita arrived at the scene of the crime. Clarita was panicking that her son had not been found, she told her father Rupert that he should not have called the police. Tommy was however brought by the police officer who found him and his mother, Clarita, and grandparents hugged him.

Salvador/Pedro woke-up and the first thing he saw was the moon, and that he was lying on the ground in the forest. He wondered whether this was really happening to him or whether it was a nightmare. And got up and tried to find his way around. He then confirmed that it was real and not a nightmare.

The police found the thug who had tried to kill the original Salvador. But Salvador had hit him with a branch. The police told each other that he looked so bad, as if he had been hit by a train. The police thanked the family (Clarita and her parents) for cooperating with them to capture the thugs. The police were however concerned they had not found the man who was with Tommy (Salvador). (Behind the scenes, Tommy must have told his grandparents and mother about Salvador's condition and how Salvador had helped him). The grandparents told the police that Salvador sounded as if he was in bad shape. Tommy thought Salvador was dead as he had said that he felt bad before fainting.

Tommy led the police to where he had left Salvador but he was shocked not to find Salvador. The police thought that Tommy had made a mistake, but one of the police officers discovered the ground was flat as if somebody had slept on it. The police continued looking for Salvador but never found him.

Salvador/Pedro continued walking in the forest, wondering what had happened, and asked God for help.

The police told Clarita, Tommy and the old couple Rupert and Tomasa, that they were unable to find Salvador. Clarita wished she could thank Salvador for helping them. The police thought that if Salvador was not found, it meant that he was okay and walking or someone else had rescued him. Rupert asked the police to inform him as soon as they heard about Salvador so that they could thank him. Tomasa thought it was strange. She believed that if the man (Salvador) appeared in to their lives just as he had disappeared, she would believe that he was an angel sent by God to help them. The police drove the family back home.

Salvador/Pedro woke up in a strange place near a lake, where he was discovered by a young couple. The couple helped Salvador/Pedro to call Gaetana, who was on her way to get help, possibly from the police. Gaetana said that she did not care what condition Salvador was in (whether he was the original Salvador or if Pedro's spirit was with him). Lupe picked up Salvador's call and was joyful to hear from Salvador, she then gave the phone to Gaetana who was on her way out.

Gaetana was relieved to hear from Salvador/Pedro and went to collect him with Camillo... Continue from Snippet 74 at the full story site map...