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Isabel Compromised Valeria - Snippet 45

The subject of friendship was brought to the fore with this episode of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. May I ask you "WHO IS YOUR FRIEND?" Every time you befriend a questionable character, get ready for unpleasant compromises and surprises.

It was a pain to me every time Valeria defends and supports Isabel. Now in this snippet, Isabel has compromised her into lying about the circumstances surrounding the death of Andre.

Andre is a devil no doubt, but Isabel is not a saint either. Let's read on from Tessie's recaps. Don't forget to read the full story of el cuerpo del deseo in the sitemap I am building.

Later in the evening, Isabel went to the house. Valeria was happy to see her, but was concerned about Andre and asked about him. Isabel told Valeria that she did not know where Andre was. After further persuasion form Valeria Isabel told Valeria that she had a fight with Andre and could not remember what happened.

Valeria was worried about Isabel and Andre, and wanted to go out and find Andre. Isabel refused her and confessed to Valeria that she had a fight with Andre and when she defended herself, Andre fell in the Lagoon. Valeria wanted to run and save him, but Isabel told her that he was dead. Valeria could not believe Andre was dead, maybe Isabel was mistaken, Valeria was sure she could save Andre wherever he was.

The keeper came in and Isabel lied to him that Andre was asleep in his bedroom. Valeria was upset; she asked Isabel why she had lied to the keeper. Isabel said that it was for the best, because if she told the keeper that she had a fight with Andre, she could be implicated for nothing and be sent to jail. Valeria was not convinced that Andre was dead; she asked Isabel if she tried saving him. Isabel kept quiet and Valeria thought the quietness meant that Isabel did not try to save Andre (she still does not know Isabel killed Andre). Before Valeria could say anything, Isabel got more upset and went to sleep with Valeria.

...somebody with water soaked shoes and trousers went back to the country house. The camera later shows a wet Andre taking a fire-place poker, and going to the sleeping form of Isabel and hitting her with it...

Isabel woke up screaming, that Andre was killing her. Valeria who was next to her comforted her and Isabel realized that it was just a dream and is relieved.

During the same evening, Simon went into Isabel’s room and tried to look for Mr. Krugman’s country house address, but Rebeca found him out and reprimanded him for trying to steal. The household came to see what the noise was about, and Simon explained himself. Rebeca gave up and gave Simon the Isabel’s address book.

The following day Simon found the address of the country house, and went to the factory and informed Salvador. Salvador went to get Isabel, Andre and Valeria. Simon asked him if he could go, and Salvador agreed (neither of them know that the other is interested in Valeria).

Meanwhile back at the Country house, Isabel wakes up early and informs the keeper that she cannot find her husband. Can he please look for him? The keeper goes around the house, and later takes the boat to the lagoon where he finds Andre’s body floating in the water. The keeper man run to the house and informed Isabel, and Valeria who is awake that he saw Andre’s body floating in the water. Isabel does not want to see but Valeria asks the keeper to take her to Andre. The keeper showed Valeria the body of Andre which was faced down in the water, and raised Andre’s head. Valeria was devastated.

Valeria was devastated and asked Isabel to call the police. Isabel once again used reversed psychology on her and told Valeria that if she wanted her (Isabel) to be implicated in a murder she did not commit, then she could call the Police and send her (Isabel) straight to jail. Valeria was devastated, but she tried to call the police, just to find out that the telephone lines were not working. She than asked the keeper to run and call the police.

Meanwhile, Salvador and Simon asked for directions to the country house, where a man directed them. When they reached there, there were many police cars. Salvador had a bad feeling about the situation. They were prevented from entering the house by the police but Isabel recognised them and told the police to let Simon and Salvador in. Isabel lied to the police that her husband had slept in the house during the night and went missing in the morning. The police insisted that they wanted to speak to Valeria.

Isabel went to call with Valeria. Valeria was upset that she had to talk to the police. Isabel told her that if she didn’t want to talk to the police, then she should not have called them in the first place. Valeria wanted to tell the truth, but Isabel shouted at Valeria and told her that if she saw it fit to contradict Isabel and send her (Isabel) to jail, then she could go ahead and do it. She then threw Valeria out of the room.

Valeria was devastated and was feeling guilty as she told the police that she had not known for how long Isabel and Andre had gone missing as she was reading a book (it was a lie as she wasn’t reading a book, instead she had tried looking for them as she had been worried), and that she had seen Andre in the evening sleeping peacefully before he went missing in the morning (which was a lie as Isabel had made her say that so as not to contradict Isabel’s statement).

Salvador and Simon were listening. After Valeria was asked questions, she and Simon hugged. (Salvador like Valeria obviously thought it was a brotherly hug). Later, Simon and Salvador went and saw Andre’s body near the lagoon. Salvador wished he had been there to prevent it, as he was sure Isabel had something to do with it...

Endeavor to read the next episode - Snippet 46: Time-Bomb of Scandals!.

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Retribution and Vengeance Spree - Snippet 43

We are still romping in the vengeance episodes of El cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. We are just one episode away from the horrible death of a villain and tyrant- Andre Corona. He died in a mortal and mutual hate combat, by the hands of his mistress and wife, Isabel Aroyo. If you are in a hurry and want to get rid of Andre, I mean, if you want to know how Andre died, you can skip this Snippet 43 and jump straight to the site map for el cuerpo del deseo to read Snippet 44.

Meanwhile, let us follow Tessie's recap:

Rebeca went to Philippe’s house, where Cantalicia was working as a maid and lived with her son Mancho. She waited until Philippe left the house, and went to see Cantalicia. Cantalicia was happy to see her, but she told Rebeca that she had given up on Salvador, and that Salvador was happy she was no longer after her. She even told Rebeca that she was thinking of going back home as she couldn’t leave the ranch alone.

Rebeca told her not to give up on Salvador as he most probably loved her and offered to take her to where Salvador worked one day. Cantalicia was very happy that Rebeca was finally helping her [Nobody knows Salvador had a wife (though the original Salvador had never married Cantalicia formally, he just lived with her and had a son with her) and a son except for Rebeca and Antonio]. Rebeca warned Cantalicia not to tell Philippe about their arrangement and she agreed.

Back in the country house Valeria had a tour of the place. Valeria told the keeper that Andre was not well in the head. Later, the keeper even showed Valeria a deep lagoon. However he warned both Isabel and Valeria that the Lagoon was very deep and thus it was not safe. Later, Valeria was about to tell Isabel about her true-love, Salvador, but before she could mention Salvador’s name, Andre had a mental episode where he started screaming.

Isabel went to see Andre and saw that he had broken a bottle and injured his hand. She tried to clean his cut hand, but Andre felt pain and refused. She gave him a sedative at which Andre said it was poison. He accepted the sedative Isabel gave him and told Isabel that he did not care if he died as she belonged more to the resurrected Pedro, more than him as she was his first wife. Isabel told him to stop being insane.

Andre told Isabel that she had given herself to Salvador as she had known it was him (Isabel did not completely know Andre was referring to Salvador). Isabel was puzzled and an argument erupted between them and Isabel withdrew her gun and Andre withdrew the broken bottle. The sedative Isabel had given Andre started working and Andre fainted to sleep. Isabel hid her gun and Andre’s bottle and allowed the keeper and Valeria into the room. The keeper helped Andre back to bed.

Valeria was upset and was worried about Andre. Isabel comforted her and told her that if Andre did not get better by the following day, she would take him to the mental hospital. When Valeria left the room, Isabel told herself that tomorrow, everything would be over, or she would be damned into an eternity of hell.

Remorse, Regret, Yes, But Unrepentant

Salvador instead approached Andre, and Andre asked him to get away from him (He did not want a formally dead person near him). Salvador confessed that he was happy to have got what he wanted, which was trust from the loyal family members, and discovering the rotten heart inside of him (Andre) and really was worth returning. Andre begged him not to come closer again (Andre was still holding the gun). Salvador approached him and Andre tried to look away from him..

Salvador commanded Andre to look at him in the eyes, at the father he once had, which Andre did, and Salvador took the gun that was still in Andre’s hand and drew it to his (Salvador’s) head and told Andre “don’t let your hands tremble boy, shoot me and kill me all over again”. At this point, Andre saw Pedro again, as how he really appeared (again like in the first episodes). Without any doubt in his head Andre knew for certainty Salvador was Pedro, and couldn’t shoot him again, at which Salvador slapped him.

Andre wept, and wept and went down on his knees with his face to the floor and at Salvador’s feet and held on to one of Salvador’s foot. Salvador told him he belonged to the floor and left him there alone in the warehouse. (This episode had wonderful background effects and background music, it is unmissable).Andre had finally been defeated.

Back in the Donoso house, Abigail informed Antonio and Angela that the security team for the company had called to inform them of the gunshots they had heard at the factory and that they had already called the police. Simon and Antonio went to investigate what had happened. Back in the warehouse, the police and the security team found Andre curled up on the floor. When Andre saw them he quickly moved to sit behind a carton of boxes and rocked himself like a child, or a mentally disturbed person.

Salvador went back home to Gaetana. Gaetana had been worried and was relieved to see him. She noticed that Salvador was tired and sad. Salvador told her what had happened at the warehouse and admitted he felt sad approaching Andre, whom he loved as a son. He said that it would also be difficult to confront the woman he once loved, Isabel.

The following morning, Abigail was worried because Antonio and Simon had not arrived. A few minutes later, Antonio and Simon arrived... with Andre. Andre was in a state of shock. Simon and Antonio tried to pull him out of the car but Andre brushed them off, instead Andre only allowed Walter to help him out of the car and take him to his room. Andre had the same exact symptoms as Antonio had when he had discovered that Salvador was Pedro, and was in a zombie state.

Salvador visited Isabel in hospital and then collected Valeria, who had spent the night in the hospital, to go back to the Donoso house. He comforted Valeria and told her not to be worried about Andre as he had been discovered in the warehouse in a state of shock. He then kissed Valeria and took her home.

As the days progressed, Andre still kept to his bedroom, rocking himself like a child or an insane person. He even chased away the doctor (the one who used to treat Pedro) as he assumed the doctor also knew Pedro was alive as Pedro and the Doctor were good friends. Everyone was concerned with Andre and most of the house-hold except Walter wanted to take Andre to the mental institution.

Isabel got back home after some days in hospital (it seamed that she had already been told about Andre’s condition). She marched into Andre’s room, at first thinking Andre was pretending to be crazy, but when she carefully evaluated him, she discovered he really was crazy and in a state of shock. Andre stared murmuring Pedro’s name and was acting just as Antonio did when Antonio had his episode of shock when he had discovered Salvador was Pedro. Isabel saw the similarities of Antonio’s sickness to Andre’s and asked Antonio if maybe the shock was caused by the same thing.

Looking at Pedro’s photo in Isabel’s bedroom, Antonio said probably. Isabel then said maybe Andre did not need to go to a mental institution as he would recover just like Antonio did. Antonio said it depended at how you approach the disease either with acceptance (like how Antonio accepted and loved Pedro/Salvador) or with remorse, regret and unforgiveness (like Andre did). So since Isabel did not understand Antonio’s full meaning of his words she looked at Pedro’s picture and decided to wait for Andre to get better.

The Duel of Death

We have entered the vengeance episodes of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. Punishments is being awarded to the guilty and the wicked. Like I already told you, you can get into the flow of this telenovela by visiting the sitemap of the full story on my other telenovela blog from the beginning, up to date. Over to you again Tessie:

Later, when Andre was home, Valeria started practicing her piano again. This further irritated Andre and he told himself that he would save his energy for someone else who was much more important. Meanwhile downstairs, Antonio and Angela showed the household the new baby items they had bought for the baby. Isabel came in and went without hesitation to confront Andre.

Andre let Isabel in his room, and Isabel confronted him with trying to kill Salvador. With Valeria’s piano still playing in the background, Andre snapped and told Isabel that he did intend to kill Salvador as Salvador had been sleeping with her, he further informed her that not only had he tried poisoning her, but he had tried suffocating her with her pillow, and if it wasn’t for Walter, he could have shot her to death. As he said this, he closed his bedroom door and approached an upset and shocked Isabel and slapped her and continued beating and kicking her with his foot.

Valeria continued playing the piano until she heard Isabel screaming. Valeria went to Andre’s room and tried opening it but couldn’t since the door was locked. Rebeca tried knocking but the door was still closed. Valeria went downstairs and told Angela, Antonio and the entire house-hold to help her as Andre was beating up Isabel. As the household made their way upstairs, Andre opened the door and screamed at Rebeca to leave him alone and then left. The household arrived and opened the door and found Isabel unconscious bleeding from her mouth. Antonio went after Andre, but after insulting the barking dog, Andre had left for his appointment to kill Salvador at the factory.

Antonio went back into house after the insistence of his worried mother Abigail. Isabel had been laid on the bed and the doctor had been called to examine her. However, it was seen as best to take her to hospital to ensure there was no internal bleeding.

Salvador was still working at the office when the last director bid him a goodnight. After this, Andre called Salvador through his office phone to mock him to come out. When Salvador went to Andre’s office, he found it empty. The phone rang again and Andre told Salvador not to be so stupid, as he wouldn’t try and shoot him in the office as the security team were always there. Andre told Salvador that the only place that was not monitored was the warehouse, and that was where he found himself. He then asked Salvador to meet him at the Warehouse.

Salvador entered the warehouse and called for Andre.. Andre, who was above him on a veranda in the warehouse, was pointing a gun at his back. (After this, the credits start after which we see Andre has lost Salvador and can’t locate him, or maybe Citizen TV cut out some of the footage). Andre has lost Salvador and is looking for him, calling his name. But Salvador replied him by telling Andre about the story of his (Andre’s) life- about how Andre’s parents died when he was just a small boy, how he faced hardships and went through without any comforts, but he (Pedro/Salvador)decided to help him, how he treated him like his son.

At this, Andre was amazed about how much Salvador knew about him and how he was talking like Pedro. He even lowered his gun. Salvador continued by telling him how he bought him (Andre)clothes, since he never had any to put on and how he removed Andre from the horrible room he was living in and moved him to a decent place to live...By this time Andre was too shocked and fearfully asked Salvador, how he knew so much about him.

Salvador instead asked Andre, who would have done so much to have helped him (Andre). Wasn’t it a sentimental old man who made the mistake of trusting a ‘rabid dog’, who was only waiting for an opportune moment to attack him?

At this Andre raised his gun (he was tired of the confusion Salvador was instilling in him). Salvador told Andre that he had forgiven him for killing him, but he would never forgive Andre for being so ungrateful. Andre was about to shoot him until he looked at Salvador’s face...which was no longer Salvador’s face, but as the old man Pedro’s , exactly as he was in the first episodes. Andre was confused, he took time to shake and clear his head...this was impossible, Salvador must have been confusing him...

The seconds Andre tool to clear his head, Salvador had disappeared. Andre was upset and he started running looking for Salvador (it almost looked like a scene of a James Bond movie, especially with the background effects) calling out to him and telling him that he (Salvador)could not be the old man Pedro....Pedro was dead and dead men do not raise from their tombs. When Salvador refused to appear, Andre kept his gun down, so that Salvador could come to him, but as soon as he heard Salvador’s voice, he picked up his gun again..

Salvador told him that he had picked the prefect place for their meeting as it was in the warehouse; Andre started working, until he had allergies and pulmonary infections, and then he (Pedro) had made him in charge of the shipping department after he finished his college, then finally a director of the company.

Andre had had enough; he went on his knees and asked Salvador to stop talking. Salvador couldn’t stop talking he told AndrĂ© how ambitious he was, how he turned from a worm, into a Giant and now a worm again. Andre went crazier and shot around the warehouse trying to shoot Salvador (as he couldn’t still see him, he could only hear him).

Andre finally he saw Salvador. Salvador asked Andre if he believed in ghosts, before Andre could answer Salvador admitted he also did not believe in ghosts as he was a living flesh and blood man, except Pedro lived inside this (Salvador’s) body. Andre begged him not to lie and Salvador told him he had no reason to lie to him. Andre confessed to him that sometimes, he saw him as Pedro, and started shooting at him, but missed him because he was too unfocused due to shock.

Thrice Lucky

If there is one man who has a penchant for cheating death with a disdain, it is Salvador, the hero character of the el cuerpo del deso (second chance) telenovela, played by handsome and versatile actor, Mario Cimarro. The English meaning of that name is "Saviour". He seems to be acting out that name. He came back "resurrected" to save is loved ones, and execute justice against the wicked and unrepentant ones who slew him, when he was "Pedro Jose Donoso".

For the third time he 'escaped' death and, I don't know how long he would continue this dramatic escapes. If anything, the envious noose, set by Andre seems to be tightening around his neck. Would he survive a fourth attempt on his life? Let's read on as Tessie continues her telenovela rainstorm over our love territory:

Meanwhile, back at the shoot out it they show Camilo being carried with the Ambulance as he has been shot in the shoulder. Salvador was okay and he informed Gaetana of what had happened. Gaetana was worried, and begged him not to go to work anymore, but Salvador refused.

The same evening (either in the same episode or in the previous episode) Salvador went to visit Valeria under the tree where she usually sits. He kissed her and informed her that he liked her. Valeria informed him that she liked him too; however she was worried because she might leave him in case Isabel ever decided to move as she depended on her.

Salvador asked her if she would agree to leave Isabel, but Valeria refused by saying that Isabel needed her more than ever now. Salvador then asked her what if he decided to marry her. Valeria was flattered and informed him that if that was the case, they would have to go public with their relationship, especially to Isabel. Salvador refused and instead told her that they could elope and get married like Angela and Antonio.

Valeria said that she could not do anything that crazy. Salvador tried to convince her, but she said that if they kept their relationship a secret, it would be difficult for them to reach somewhere with their relationship, and with that she walked away leaving Salvador alone sighing.

(From a precious episode from this ones, even when Salvador continued sleeping with Isabel, he one time started thinking of Valeria. This was so bad that one night when he was alone sleeping back in his room in Gaetana’s house, he dreamt of both Isabel and Valeria that his spirit was disturbed, just like what happened to the original Salvador before he was possessed by Pedro. Salvador/Pedro was also able to remember in another episode when he was out driving, the day his Spirit literally knocked the original Salvador to the ground. Maybe this shows that Salvador/Pedro’s spirit is not at rest or is disturbed by something).

Walter told Andre the story about Pedro’s jewels being stolen and also showed Andre the secret entrance to the safe in the basement that connected to Pedro’s study. Andre was upset Walter had not shown him this before as they might have been able to catch Salvador playing the piano (Andre had suspected that Salvador was the one playing the piano). However, this might have been too late as if Andre’s suspicions were true, then Salvador was dead.

The following day, Gaetana and Lupe tried to convince Salvador again not to go to work, but Salvador refused but was touched by their concern but still decided to go back to work. Back at the office, Andre was so overjoyed that Salvador had not come, as he thought that he had been killed at the shoot-out. He even mocked one of the director’s that the Salvador’s high position job had gotten to his head that he thought it was okay to go to work late.

Salvador came into the office later, and met with the director, who told him that Andre was waiting for the both of them in his office to hear the mismanagement report. The director left Salvador alone at the office and Isabel came to see him. Isabel asked Salvador to meet with him at the regular place (her former apartment), to discuss about Andre as according to her, Andre was acting in a scary way as he had even tried to kill her and he might try to harm him too.

Salvador told her that Andre had already tried to kill him and described to her about the shoot-out where Camilo had been injured. Isabel was so annoyed that she wanted to storm to Andre’s office to reprimand him, but Salvador prevented her and told her to even pretend she didn’t know about it, as he would deal with Andre by himself.

Andre still smiling and happy was shocked to see Salvador entering his office! His face changed and was even breathing heavily. Salvador came nearer to him in the pretence of wanting to discuss a report with him and even leaned close to him to make him agitated. Andre was even more upset annoyed.

Salvador innocently asked him what was wrong. But Andre could not say anything. At this Salvador removed his coat and help him back against his chair and told Andre that the next time he wanted to kill him, to be a man and do it himself instead of paying some 2nd rate assassins to do the job. Andre agreed with him and told Salvador to meet with him that night at the Factory, so as to finish him off. Salvador agreed to meet with Andre.

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Muderous Monster On The Loose

I urge all of us telenovela readers, to profusely thank and pray for Tessie from Kenya, who has immensely blessed us with this powerful recaps of El Cuerpo del Deseo, (Second Chance) telenovela. My husband has also promised (as a gesture of appreciation, to send the full course brochure of the BLOGGING FOR MONEY Workshop/Seminar [worth about $100 worth] to Tessie, to prepare and launch her into a successful blogging career).

He said: "...Blogging is like Mathematics... you will never get it right unless you apply the formula. What I am giving Tessie is the formula with which she could easily apply, in diligently working to get the correct answer that shatters the blanket of web mediocrity. This is what all the so-called gurus lack, and are seeking for, and would never get because of their pride".

Back to El Cuerpo del Deseo recaps:

We are left been shown Andre, all alone again (and depending on the translated version you are watching a new background music that consists of a choir). This music continues as Andre goes back to the bedroom and picks up a mobile phone from the drawer and calls his assassination group to shoot and kill Salvador. He then rummages through the bedroom throwing things around until he finds the poison (just like the one that Isabel was using to kill Pedro).

Meanwhile, Valeria started practicing her piano without knowing that Andre was still inside the house. This made Andre to become crazier and he went to Valeria’s bedroom, and argued with Valeria and he told Valeria that she owed him. Saying this he threw her on her bed and started to force her to him, as if he wanted to rape her. Valeria called for help, to Vicky and Abigail who came and rescued her before things got worse. Andre left Valeria, and Valeria begged Vicky and Abigail not to tell Isabel (which proved later to be a costly mistake).

Meanwhile, Isabel was attending the Company meeting, where Andre was being accused of mismanagement, and Isabel (foolishly) defended her husband, trying to convince the directors (including Salvador and Angela), that Andre was not guilty of the various company problems. The directors wanted his attendance at the meeting, but Isabel told them that Andre was not able to attend the meeting because he was feeling unwell and not because he was a coward.

Later in the evening, Salvador had declined to watch a show with Antonio, Simon and Angela and decided to go home early with Lupe’s boyfriend, Camilo, who usually picked him up. Simon and Angela started discussing about Salvador and how he was a mystery to everyone and how no one knew where he lived. Antonio told them not to worry because if they ever had an emergency he knew where to get Salvador. He however declined to tell them where he lived, as he believed that was for Salvador to tell them himself.

Meanwhile, back in the house when Isabel got back to the house she met Andre in the sitting room. Andre offered her a drink, and she accepted. Andre asked her about work, and she discussed about how she tried to defend him (obviously he doubted she had defend him in the company). Meanwhile Andre slipped a large potion of the poison in the bottle; however Rebeca came and asked Andre for a drink (after she had finished complaining how bad her day was). I think Andre refused or acted strangely because the next scene showed Rebeca looking confused with no drink and Isabel going to the bedroom and finding it messed up (when Andre had thrown things around). This was when Andre asked if she was looking for the poison (he showed her the bottle) and he confessed he had taken it, and Isabel knew Andre had tried to poison her.

Meanwhile while Salvador and Lupe’s boyfriend Camilo were driving home, Salvador saw that a car had been following them since he (Salvador) had entered the car. He told Camilo to divert the car to another lane so as to loose the car following them. However the lane ended up in a dead end and soon the car trailing them reached them. Salvador saw about two or three men getting out with guns and advised Camilo to lower his head onto his knees. The three men continued shooting for several minutes until the police came, and then they hurriedly drove away leaving the car utterly destroyed.

The next scene showed an Ambulance carrying out a stretcher to carry out an injured person. Andre was shown on the next scene receiving a phone call from the leader of the assassination group to inform him that they had done the work; Andre said he would believe it once he heard that Salvador was in the hospital or that he was dead. The ring leader of the assassination group went to visit Andre on the driveway to ask for payment.

Andre told them again that he would only pay them when he heard Salvador was dead. The ring-leader told him that their jobs were always successful. Doesn’t he remember the other time, they had carried their job well (we are assuming they are obviously referring to the murder of Angela’s lawyer). Andre stuck to his opinion to pay them afterwards.

More Love, More Trouble

In another episode of the telenovela, El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance), Andre punched Simon in the stomach while he (Simon) and Salvador were outside the house washing the car. However, Salvador defended him and thoroughly beat up Andre easily. The moves were of that of an experienced fighter and they even enhanced some of Salvador¢s moves in a bit of a slow-motion to show the effects! (This is an episode not to miss).

Harrietta pressurized Isabel to tell her who really was her lover. Didn't she (Isabel) trust her? Isabel declined (which was a wise decision), to tell Harrietta. However one day, Harrietta missed her flight and had to go back to her apartment where she saw Isabel with an unknown man (Salvador). She promised Isabel that she would not tell her husband.

Salvador told Isabel that she should be much more careful after they were caught. As he told Gaetana, he was worried about Isabel (I think he feared what Andre would do if he found out). Isabel went home early that day and as she slept, Andre went into her room and confessed to her that he loved her the same as always, as in the beginning... as he was about to leave her room he corrected himself and told her that what he said was a lie, he did not love her as in the beginning, he loved her even more and more each day.

Ambitious Harrietta invited herself to Isabel's house, to ask her (Isabel) to inform her of her lover's name. Isabel declined and told her she (Harrietta) would probably never meet him again. As soon as the words escaped her mouth, Salvador drove in the driveway. Angela saw him and greeted him and called him by his name as he guided her into the car. Harrietta looked triumphantly at Isabel. She now knew his first name. Isabel asked her not to mock her and provided her with the rest of the information. His name was Salvador Sorenza and he worked at the company.

Harrietta was exited!! As soon as she got home she called Andre and asked him to meet her. Andre made some excuse about wanting to see a lawyer. Harrietta told him he better comes to see her as she had some information about Isabel's lover. Andre came in record time and demanded for Harrietta to give him the information. Harrietta told Andre that the night she missed her flight, she found Isabel in bed with her lover. She poured a glass of Champaign for her self, but Andre took it and threw (smashed) it away. He asked her not to lie to him as he would never forgive her. She confirmed that she was not lying as the man worked very close to him in the company and his name was Salvador Sorenza...

Andre saw black due to anger... He was FURIOUS and MAD at Isabel and Salvador!! Andre started saying that it was Isabel who helped Salvador get a job in the company that was why he knew so much! He even confided in Harrietta that the reason he had shot Salvador was because he had suspected of him of wanting Isabel. He told her that he should have shot him twice the night he shot him! Harrietta was surprised! She told Andre not to behave like a looser by trying to kill him; instead he should just divorce Isabel. Andre said that it was not as simple as that, and he pushed Harrietta away from him and went back to his car.

As Andre drove, the Camera mainly only focused on his red eyes... he was out for a bloody revenge. As soon as he got home, he quietly went to Isabel¢s room he took an extra pillow from her bed and was about to smoother her to death but Rebeca came in just in time (before Andre had fully put the pillow over Isabel) to check on Isabel, and he lied to Rebeca that he was just rearranging the pillows over her head (Rebeca did not look convinced).

The following day Isabel visited Andre in his room. Andre told her that he was not feeling well. Isabel told him not to avoid the day's meeting. Andre told him that he was not going 'to be a coward' as soon as Isabel left he went under his bed and withdrew a hunting rifle (it was as long as an arm and had an eye-target magnifying piece). He went to the top floor attic and broke a bit of the window and aimed his gun at Isabel...

Promoted Above His Rival Enemy - Snippet 36

keep up the telenovela fire TESSIE!!!

Salvador continued seeing Valeria and started falling in love with her. He promised to meet with her outside the house at 10pm, but could not make it as Rebeca blackmailed him into another date, He however played for her in the study (nobody including Valeria knew that is was Salvador), everyone thought that it was the spirit of the 'late' Don Pedro. (I think this was the episode Andre went to bed and clutched his cross when he saw it was not Valeria playing).

Salvador came the following day and told Valeria that 'Pedro' had played "just for her and to celebrate Antonio's and Angela's wedding". In the same or a few episodes later, Valeria told Salvador that she could not be surprised if he had the same hands as Pedro and could even play the Piano as Pedro. Salvador told her that his hands were much larger than Pedro's and much rougher due to hard work...

Antonio, Simon, Abigail, Angela and Salvador went on a night out to celebrate the wedding. Salvador danced with Abigail and asked her if she could ever imagine dancing with Pedro. Abigail said she would never think of dancing with her boss... but Salvador reminded her... of the time she danced with Pedro, very many years ago, when her boys were still small children (he even recalls their ages), and she danced with Pedro, who promised to help her out...

Abigail became suddenly dizzy with these accurate facts being recounted with precision by a stranger (Salvador) whom they all just knew recently.... How could Salvador have known? She decided to sit down and while Salvador moves out of the table for some time, Angela told Abigail that her mother's brooch ("the little tear drop"), looks good on her and that Salvador was the one who gave her the necklace owned by her mother.

This made Abigail suspicious. Some episodes later, Abigail found Pedro's book about life after death and started reading it. Antonio found her with the book and she asked Antonio who Salvador really is (she suspected he was connected with Pedro), but Antonio declined to answer and walked away.

Isabel continued meeting and sleeping with Salvador, Andre however one day went and slept with Harrietta, his former girlfriend (and she is also Isabel's best friend and former room-mate) Harrietta told Andre that he did not deserve an unthankful woman who did not love him like Isabel, and that she loves him.

Andre was upset that she would pretend to be Isabel¢s friend and then talk about her in such a bad way. Harrietta wants Andre to leave Isabel and be with her. Andre told her that if she ever discovered who Isabel was cheating him with, then he might divorce her (He never meant this; he just wanted to know the truth about Isabel). Isabel tried poisoning him in another episode. But Andre got sick and started vomiting the poisoned drink, so he was not as affected. Walter was shocked at Isabel's in-difference on her husband¢s illness.

Later, as Angela continued trusting Salvador and Salvador proved to know so much about the company, Angela (and after a thorough interview and examination)the board of directors hired Salvador in one of the top positions. Andre saw a deep red when he heard this!! He was furious! To make matters worse, Angela rehired Simon in one of the top positions (he had been fired by Andre again previously).

Andre could not understand how the board of directors could allow a 'stupid little girl' make such outrageous decisions! The board of directors stood by their decision to keep Simon and Salvador in the company in their top positions. Soon afterwards, some episodes later, Salvador and one of the board of directors started digging out the dirt of how some of the maintenance workers bought poor quality material, how Andre had mis-managed the company, and how things were being poorly handled.

Andre was so furious that he couldn't think straight, he walked out of the directors meeting before they, as he claimed: "decided to put the cleaner and the cook in the top positions" He went and complained to Isabel. Isabel was sure the directors could not have hired Salvador or Simon if they were not highly qualified.

Through Isabel's request, the top director brought the documents Salvador had filled in. The director was quick to inform her that Salvador "even had the same handwriting as Pedro". After Isabel and later Andre examined Salvador's documents, they discovered that Salvador knew more about the company, even more than them. Isabel later took Salvador out to congratulate him in his new position. However as she went home she wondered to herself ¡who really was Salvador?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snippet 35: Tripple Dating

Tessie is still in charge of our telenovela recaps. I have updated you up to, how Salvador 'conquered' about 4 women who adored him. Now let us follow Tessie, don't forget to visit the sitemap of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), if you must enjoy the flow beginning from snippet 1 to date.

Father Giacomo, upset with Uncle Philippe's way of living tidies up Philippe's house. Philippe was also upset as an artist, he kept his things in a particular order so as to work with them. Therefore Father Giacomo went to the Donoso's house and found Antonio. He told Antonio that he needed to talk urgently with Salvador, about his wife and son. Antonio is shocked, but he promised to tell Salvador.

Meanwhile, Salvador got an opportunity after a long time, to talk with Valeria who informs him of a musical concert she wants to go to. Salvador informed her that he could not go, as he had some other business (a blackmailed date with Rebeca). Simon, who did not know that Salvador was also interested with Valeria (Valeria thought Simon was just her friend, as Simon has not confessed his feelings to her), offered to go with Valeria, but his mother Abigail refused.

Earlier, Salvador had looked at the newspaper advertisement of the concert Valeria was attending and therefore he decided to take Rebeca there for his date. There he enjoyed himself, especially after Rebeca discovered Valeria was also in the same concert... Soon afterwards, the concert was abruptly terminated due to an emergency. People saw the smoke and started rushing through the entrance, during this stampede time, Rebeca got separated form Salvador due to the masses of people rushing around and started calling out to him.

Meanwhile, Valeria was in real trouble of choking due to the smoke, and of being trampled on. Salvador came to her (Valeria's) rescue and took her out of the building. Meanwhile, Rebeca cried out for Salvador and eventually came out of the building to look for Salvador, she did not find him and therefore she went home all by herself with a broken shoe heel and a torn dress.

Valeria thanked Salvador for saving her. They decided to take a walk as the streets may be filled with people after the commotion... and it was here that Salvador asked Valeria what she thought about him. Valeria noted the similarity Salvador had with Pedro and yet they are so different.

It was here that Salvador gave Valeria her first kisses. When Valeria got home, her Aunt Rebecca asked if anything unusual happened as she came so late, to the amusement of everyone, Valeria told her Aunt and Isabel that she had the most joyful night of her life and the music could only be compared to that of Pedro. (None of the three- Isabel, Valeria or Rebeca knows that Salvador is going out with all of them as they have kept their relationship with Salvador a secret to each other).

Antonio finally told Salvador about Father Giacomo, and promised not to tell anyone. Meanwhile Father Giacomo told his Uncle Philippe about the resurrection of Salvador and how he transformed himself. Uncle Philippe, thought he was crazy, and told Father Giacomo that just like the way Rebeca refused to give him information about Salvador, maybe Antonio would do the same or even if he told Salvador, Salvador may run away from his responsibilities. As he saying this, the door bell rang and Uncle Philippe opened the door to Salvador.

Uncle Philippe was amazed at Salvador's good culture (was his 'stupid' nephew, Father Giacomo, sure that Salvador was the husband of Cantalicia?) Salvador updated them about Cantalicia's whereabouts. They traveled to Salvador's and Gaetana's home to get Cantalicia. When they got there, Father Giacomo was astonished that the innocent little boy was living in a bar, and worse, he found Gaetana having a spiritual session when they both (Gaetana and Father Philippe) saw each other, Father Philippe made the sign of the cross.

As Uncle Philippe Mendero had a fun time at the bar. Gaetana and Salvador finally explained to Father Giacomo that Salvador was not the same person as before. Father Giacomo finally understood (though I think he still does not comprehend that Pedro is the one living and possessing Salvador¢s body), and asked for Cantalicia to be brought to him outside.

Cantalicia was happy to see father Giacomo and Philippe and was glad that they were all going home together with Salvador. However when she and Mancho entered the car and the car started moving without Salvador, she realised that Salvador was abandoning her, and called out to him.

Later, back at Philippe's house Cantalicia refused to go with Father Giacomo. Therefore Uncle Philippe told his nephew that he will stay with her, and that she will work for him as a maid. However, Philippe made her promise not to go and look for Salvador, and if she does this, he would not help her when she gets lost again, or attacked by bad people. Up to now, Cantalicia has not gone out again to look for Salvador.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Many "Wifes" of Salvador

It is stranger than fiction to watch the melodramatic pitch which the el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela has gotten to now.

Of the many women of Salvador, we know of the shabby and stubborn peasant Cantalicia, we know also of Isabel, but there is also Aunty Rebeca, Valeria is also falling over hills for him, I am not sure if Gaetana is interested in him or his money.

I want to bet that Valeria may win at the end of the romantic games. (Though I saw pictures of a wedding ceremony involving Salvador and Isabel) may be, it is just for adverts sake.

Any way, I have revived my Telenovela Stories blog now and I have posted Snippets from 1 to 32 or thirty something on the sitemap go check it an feast of it freely.

I have Snippet 28: Murderous Pretender!, Snippet 29: Return of Vengeance, Snippet 30: Pregnant and Distressed, Snippet 31: Stood Up Date!, Snippet 32: Andre On the Precipice of Romantic Death, Snippet 33: Surprised Wedding Filled With Tear Drop(s). Always visit and even bookmark the sitemap for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) telenovela, for your entertainment and fun reading.

Nairalanders amazed me yesterday, I had over 2,000 visitors and fans of this telenovela coming to my Telenovela Stories blog to read it, don't let the Nairalanders beat you to it, don't let them colonize that blog and throw you, the legitimate telenovela landlords out (since the days of the gardener's daughter- la hija del jardinero), ... go and take over!

As for those Abuja friends and fans of this blog, I would communicate with you through Stella what my husband's decision is, on the possibility of coming to organize "BLOGGING FOR MONEY" workshop over there.

Stella, pls expect my letter later today, Love you all, happy Novelatainment!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Secret Lovers... Forest Lovers

Secret LoversSecret lovers, that's what they were. A hot steamy affair developed between Isabel and Salvador. I cannot but re-examine the diverse motives behind the strange love between these duo. Did Don Pedro came from the dead to fulfill a conjugal relationship which he missed dearly, due to his sickness unto death that did him apart from Isabel?

He was gradually dying when he married Isabel and his frail health did not even grant him the courtesy of a honeymoon with her. He spent the honeymoon on hospital bed convalescing from a heart-attack.

Did Isabel fall in love with Salvador an as opportunity of a 'second chance' to redress and correct her error for helping Andre to murder the late Pedro? She had confessed at one time, that Salvador reminded her of her 'late' husband. Was she now falling in love to make up for her guilt for murdering 'him' before his time?

I keep wondering why Salvador still chose to hang out and slept with Isabel, in odd places, forests et al, even when he had discovered that she colluded with, and helped Andre to get rid of him when he was 'Pedro Jose Donoso'. Could this be love or a seething mission of vengeance? over to you.

These and many more are the mysteries which the telenovela promised to unravel with time. Meanwhile, I have posted snippet 27: Twice Lucky, Second Resurrection on my blog. If you have been missing in action, you can visit the Sitemap for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo, we have Snippets from Episode 1 to 27 there, hoping to still update you the more on the summaries.

I was flattered that someone called, Veracious, from Nairaland came to copy (word-for-word, and mistake-for-mistake), everything I post here for the consumption of Nairalanders, the largest Nigerian forum on the net in Nigeria. Humorously she even pretended to be giving the snippets as if she was the real writer.

Many forum members have asked her to disclose her source so, they would go and read whole story from there, but she could not answer that question, she just parried it. Thanks to all Nairalanders, who come here to felicitate on this marvelous telenovela with us, you are all welcome.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogging Plus Telenovela Equals Exploits!

Aderemi OjikutuWhen I resigned my teaching appointment in a private secondary school, four years ago, I never taught I was leaving Biology and Chemistry teaching for good, and never to return. I thought that, as soon as I gave birth to my last daughter, Gbemisoke, I would return to the teaching profession, nay, it was not to be.

My husband wisely truncated that move. Today I earn ten times more income from Blogging than my last teaching job, and that, with peace of mind, from the comfort of my living room.

My mentor and husband, Aderemi Ojikutu, began patiently to tutor and nurture me into what today, I call "the school of blogging". Those tutorials have come full circle, as I begin a series of web celebrity interviews with notable achievers on the web and naturally, he was my first candidate.

For me this interview was another shock and redefinition of what, I have always known or understood to be a guru. He told me that "... you are not a guru if you are alone, you must help at least 100 other people to replicate your results, otherwise, you are a lonely con-man in cyberspace..."

Aderemi OjikutuHe also formulated a new arithmetic for me when, he told me that: when two passions combine together, they would result in explosion, e.g telenovela passion combined with blogging passion = Explosion. What other passions are out there, to be titrated with blogging? ...hear more from the "horse's mouth"

Q: Who is Aderemi Ojikutu?

A: Aderemi Ojikutu is a God-fearing, knowledge-economist and web activist, spurred on by the unimaginable possibilities obtainable and available on the web (internet), for third world countries, particularly Africa and Nigeria. This is my current passion, and it aptly captures what, or who I am.

Q: What do you mean by Web Activism?

A: Yes... a web activist is one who practically 'lives' in cyberspace and actively participates in the developments over there, either by initiating, contributing or writing articles to help other active internet users. Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt each have 5 million internet users out of the total 20 million internet users in Africa. Nigeria's case is pathetic when you consider her huge population, that is less than 3.5% of the population. I have been actively online since 2003, but by 2004, my web activism spilled over into BLOGGING.

Q: In essence, can we then call you a blogging Guru?

A: No, I object to that epithet. "... you are not a Guru in a field because you are highly skilled knowledgeable in that field, ... what we have now, parading themselves over the web space are self-centered con men, or miserable 'knowledge gurus'. What the web world needs now are 'result Gurus'. You must be a guru in result before you become a certified Guru in your field. Until I have a hundred bloggers, trained by me who earn above a thousand dollars monthly (living income), like you, solely from their blogging activities, I am not a guru, no matter what I claim to know.Aderemi Ojikutu

Q: How do you plan to achieve that goal?

A: Which goal? ... You mean 100 bloggers earning a living income of $1,000 monthly from blogging?

Q: Yes!

A: I am planning to unleash a series of 5-day seminars (Mon-Fri), I mean, a wave of imparted knowledge, about blogging secrets over the next 70 days, to close this year on a superlative note for our people, till December. Out of the participants, I hope to gradually build an army of successful bloggers who would place the indelible stamp of Africa and Nigeria on the global map of the Blogosphere!

Q: When is your take off, and where is the launching pad?

A: Monday 29th October to Friday, 2nd November 2007. At Programos Training School, Mende, Behind Maryland Shopping Complex, Lagos, Nigeria.

Q: Is the training programe FREE (FOC)?

A: Yes... in a way, it is. It is awoof, when you consider the venue and rich content being made available... 3 Best Students emerging from each class would also cart home special prizes like a complete PC Desktop and other related gifts which are worth 3 times more than the =N=10,000 being paid by each student for the course.

Q: Your schedules did not accommodate people who desire a change of career to Blogging, but are presently locked-in, from Mondays to Fridays full-time work. Any plans for them?

A: Don't worry, we are planning to cram the 20 hour, 5-day seminars, into weekend crash courses for busy executives, who may want to dash in from Abuja, Kano, Port-Harcourt, and other areas, for a snappy but loaded time with us on weekends.

Q: You mentioned earlier about a 'blogging army', what precisely do you imply by that phrase?

A: The Army in any nation is a specially trained, equipped and disciplined group. It is also a privileged group, catered for, and even pampered because of their high risk vocation. That is precisely what I have in mind, we want to train and arm a select group of youths and women with blogging skills that would kill web mediocrity and poverty!

I want to equip and put a blogging bomb in their hands, to detonate and blow poverty and ignorance to smithereens.

Q: In one statement, tell our readers what they stand to gain by enrolling for the Make money with blogging seminar.

A: One statement cannot contain what is about to explode from Nigeria unto the blogosphere. The web world is already carved out into specialized areas, with the 'specialists' in each field pulling the strings that control the flow of income into that field. Blogging is one of these specialized fields. We are in a knowledge-driven global economy; to surrender to ignorance would be a crime against our glorious destiny as a nation, on the web.

Aderemi OjikutuGeneral knowledge picked from the 'streets' of cyberspace would only result in general results. Specialized knowledge acquired through training, is what would deliver exploits for you on the web.

One 'small boy' called, Eric Nakagawa, woke up ten months ago, in January, and started a blog which today generates over 25 million page views monthly, overthrowing the traditional guru blogs from Technorati to become the 14th most popular blog out of the 70 million blogs in the world.

He rakes in more Dollar of advertisement money than you can imagine. All these in ten months! The secrets of his rise, are what we shall be teaching, sharing and applying in our seminar. You will never become a reference until you have references too! FORTUNE 500 companies are seeking to buy up good blogs, and if that becomes impossible, they would buy up advertisement space on good blogs.

Q: As a family man, how do you combine all these with your patrimonial front?

A: (laughs...) Thanks to you. You are a very supportive wife. I am a fulfilled husband and father because of your matrimonial solidarity. That is why it was easy for me to quickly schooled you into the blogosphere. Today I am reaping that reward in a contented wife, happy mother and successful and industrious blogger.

You are my very first-fruit in the blogosphere. It took you almost one year to attain the $1,000+ monthly blog income, but that was because you are a busy housewife with other matrimonial responsibilities. With this structured course coming up now, that target can be achieved by many in 90 days of focused blogging!

Q: Finally, Any last word for our telenovela fans?

A: TELENOVELA is all about romance and passion. Blogging too, incidentally, is also an expression of passion. When those two come together... it results in explosion of passions, which you are currently experiencing in your blogging career.

PASSION is the fuel that drives the vehicle of career success. I appeal to all telenovela fans on your blog to look inward, if they find any other passion in their lives, they can dare to mix it with blogging, as you did with telenovelas... An explosion greater than yours would be the result.

Look here, ... there is a billion internet users out there seeking and searching for someone who share the same passions with them, and who can turn that passion into blogging. That is what Eric Nakagawa did with his passion for cats! Locate your passion and you are half way to your throne...

What more, 25 million small-scale businesses are out there spending over 20 Billion dollars annually on advertisement on the internet, to draw customers and generate leads to their companies, your blog can partake of that 'annual booty' if you are well positioned!

P.S. You can read more detailed information about the "BLOGGING FOR MONEY" course on my other blog.

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Get Rid of this Mortal Rival!

Andre continues going crazy...when Isabel and Angela were out of the house, he went to Pedro’s study and he wanted to destroy everything. He took most of the photos of Pedro and threw them away, he throws thing about on the floor in Pedro’s study, He kisses the photo of Angela’s mom, and asks for an axe to chop up the piano and the photo in the study. Valeria comes in and defends Pedro’s things in the library. Andre throws her to the floor, but due to the insistence of the servants, he is unable to do anything more.

Salvador and Angela come and are saddened by what has happened and see Pedro’s things burning on the floor. Salvador overhears Isabel criticising and arguing with Andre. He goes to where his (Pedro’s) photos are burning and says to himself ‘There wasn’t a murder in the house, as he is very much alive, Pedro is still alive and things much more worse were coming to them’

To shorten the episodes that happened in August , Cantalicia finally found Philippe (the Priest’s Uncle), who saved her from being mugged, and she went to live with him with Mancho, her son. They meet Andre and Isabel on the high-way, but they did not recognise each as they are hooting each other as Andre almost hit Philippe’s car. Later on, Philippe calls the house and finds Rebecca.

Rebecca visits him and is appalled to learn Salvador has a son and a wife, and much less someone who is shabby and a lowlife. But this gives her ammunition to blackmail Salvador to go out with her. She refuses to tell Cantalicia and Philippe about Salvador and goes away from them.

[In some earlier episodes, Rebecca was so disappointed that Salvador kept on rejecting her, so with the Advice of a friend, they went to Matilda (who has a love and hate relationship with Gaetana) to do a witchcraft reading for her, and Maltilda told her to come with a photo, lock of hair, a clipping of a nail, and a glass which were her lover’s) Maltilda did not know that the man Rebecca was referring to as her lover was Salvador supported her and Gaetana at the bar.]

Antonio’s handwriting expert, who is also Antonio’s lecturer, confirmed with his life that Salvador’s handwriting was an exact copy of Pedro; they were in fact the one of the same person. Antonio went directly to Gaetana’s house where he found Pedro...when he went to talk to Pedro, and said that, that either him (Salvador ) and Gaetana were playing a tricks on the family, or Salvador was actually Pedro.

He looked at Salvador and knew the truth that Salvador was Pedro. (Although Salvador had not admitted anything). In fright he run away from Gaetana’s house, with Pedro (Salvador) after him. Later, Antonio got into a bad accident when he fell with Simon’s motorbike, although Salvador brought him back to the Donoso house, Antonio was too shocked to speak and for some days, he could not eat by himself or even talk, knowing Pedro was Salvador kept him in extreme shock. Andre and even Angela planned in putting him in a mental hospital...

One day, Walter overheard Salvador and Isabel arguing in her room, from the arguments, he (Walter) deducted that Salvador had compromised Isabel. Isabel (who actually is not annoyed at Salvador, but at herself for falling in love with Salvador), threatens Salvador that she was 'capable of anything to get rid of Salvador'. Salvador took that as a threat, the two were fighting almost physically when Walter purposefully entered Isabel’s room to prevent the fight from continuing. Walter went and told Andre about the fight, and what he overheard in the fight.

Andre saw that the best thing to do was to 'get rid of Salvador', he told Walter to cause a distraction. Walter did so by lying that he saw some thieves in the forest. He, the guard, and Salvador went to investigate, and unknown to the guard and Salvador, so did Andre. When Salvador was alone petting the dog in the forest, then the dog started barking as he turned to see what the dog was barking at, he saw someone (Andre), but Andre quickly shot him before he (Salvador) recognized him...

Jewellery Thief Exposed: Snippet 25

Meanwhile while Antonio is searching for a book, he discovers newspaper of clippings in Mr. Donoso’s book of Walter in a police photo-shoot, where he is accused of being a jewellery thief, and is surprised but puts the photo back, but tells Simon. Also, Rebecca and Walter suspect Antonio and Simon of stealing the jewellery, Rebecca with Walter’s encouragement, plants Isabel’s bracelet in Antonio’s room.

Then pretends to Isabel that she was looking for her (Isabel’s) bracelet but couldn’t find it. Everyone searches the house and Rebecca and Walter look for the stolen Donoso jewellery, but they can’t find it in Antonio’s and Simon’s room, they however accuse Antonio and Simon of stealing Isabel’s bracelets, which Rebecca removes from Antonio’s drawer. Simon beats up Walter as he suspects he planted the bracelet.

When Salvador discovers what is going on, he goes to the study and removes the clippings of Walter’s mug-shot at the police station. He then locates Walter and threatens Walter to tell the truth, or he will show Isabel the newspaper police mug-shot of him, and painfully punches him some more (Salvador has a lot more strength, he even defeated some heavy weight trained people whom the landlord had brought to Geytana’s house/bar to frustrate by giving them beating them severely with the palm of his hand, compared to their fists, almost like Karate).

Antonio overhears and is more suspicious of Salvador and wonders how he knew. Walter feeling 100% embarrassed confess to Isabel and the whole household that he had planted the bracelet. Isabel and Angela want to kick him out, but just like Angela did with Salvador, Andre employees Walter as his personal employee!

Antonio becomes more suspicious and takes the book Salvador had bought for him on his birthday to a specialist in forgery to analyse Salvador’s handwriting, meanwhile Antonio gets jealous of Angela always going out with Salvador, which he breaks up with her. He however becomes more suspicious when Salvador suggests a certain colour for an outfit he chooses for his mother’s birthday, which he (Salvador)claims is his mothers favourite colour, as Pedro had bought a sweater with the exact same colour and she had said it was her favourite because of the colour...Abigail confirms this...and Antonio is over-suspicious.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Back in Las Crustas, the Priest, Father Giacomo, (the last time I had seen him was back in July, when he was telling Lily to repent) showed Cantalicia Salvador’s picture in a wedding in the all Cantalicia wanted to do was to go and find her Salvador, she insisted, and insisted and threatened to go to the city alone.

The Priest wished he had never shown Cantalicia that photo, but when she threatened to go alone, he promised that he would help her by calling his Uncle Philippe to accommodate her when she went out looking for her husband. So Cantalicia went with the bus to the ‘big city’.

Meanwhile, back in the Donoso house, Salvador overhears Valaria in the study admitting to Simon again that she is not ashamed to admit that she kind of fell in love with Don Pedro. (This is when he was collecting all the jewellery and money he had left on the floor, and the money in the safe and putting it in a big bag to re-locate all of it to a more accessible place) Simon continues to fall in love with Valeria....

Isabel continues loving Salvador more, and continues to look at Pedro’s pictures (Salvador reminded her of Pedro). Vicky one day tells Salvador that she keeps on seeing Walter and Vicky going to the basement as if looking for something, and Salvador suspects that the two are looking for the jewellery he had as Pedro, so he goes back to the safe and leaves the empty safe door open (except for a brown envelope) and leaves the doors of the basements open, so as to arouse Walters suspicions.

This works, as Walter goes to investigate where the doors the basement are both open, and almost has a ‘cardiac arrest’ because he is very surprised the safe is open and that it is empty! Walter suspects Rebecca, and even tries to awake her at night to question her, but fails to when he crosses paths with Andre. He however calls out Rebecca the following morning when she is speaking to Salvador.

Salvador suspects the reason and before anyone sees him, goes to the library to listen through the library wall. He smiles when he hears Walter and Rebecca keep on accusing each other, until they finally realise neither of them took the money..."

I have updated with the help of Tessie from Kenya, the site map for El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), from Sinppet one to the end ...

23: My Lover Capable of Murder...

During the flight, Andre and Salvador noticed that Isabel kept on glancing back at Salvador. This made Andre jealous! The honeymoon, which run for a whole week (about 4 or five episodes or more), consisted of Isabel baring Andre from her bed, Andre sleeping with a servant, Andre pretending to everyone (especially Salvador ) that they were the ‘perfect’ couple.

Salvador surprising everyone especially Vicky, about his profound knowledge about the Island, and the family who took care of the house in the Island.

Andre became jealous and suspicious of Salvador, he discovered that Salvador knew way too much information (almost like Pedro). Salvador and Isabel ‘stealing kisses’ under Andre’s nose (underwater), and Andre leaving Salvador out in a small boat at the sea to give him a sever sun-burn that almost killed him (this was almost Andre’s first attempt on Salvador’s life).

All Andre was looking for was approval he kept on asking Isabel that ‘if he were in Salvador’s place (with the sunburn) would she worry and care for him as much as she did for Salvador?

At the Donoso house, the atmosphere was relaxed (except for Rebecca, who cried for the love of her life, Salvador. And Walter who was disgusted to be left with the rest of the servants). Simon started to see the ‘new, pretty, and sweet Valeria’, and Valeria could entertain the household with her piano pieces. However, all this was interrupted when the ‘couple’ returned unannounced from their sour honeymoon, and the first thing Andre did was to pull out his gun to point at the dog, Azur, who was barking at him furiously.

Angela had forbidden Andre from living in the house, but Andre latter moved in into the guest room. So as to save Salvador from Andre’s anger, Isabel fired Salvador (Andre had told Isabel at the honeymoon that if he ever discovered that there was another man in her life, he would be capable of murder).

So Salvador was fired, but Angela did not allow it (she had grown fond of Salvador, and Salvador had become her legal advisor secretly after her lawyer’s murder), so she let Salvador be fired, and re-hired him as her personal driver (Although they did not know it, this helped Angela spend more time with her Father-Pedro/Salvador, and Salvador (Pedro) educated his daughter on all the business and legal issues, which he had failed to do as Pedro)...

22: A Wedding Dirge

Isabel made arrangements for the honeymoon. Instead of flying abroad, as she had planned with Andre, they would go to Pedro’s beach house, and she would take Vicky and any other one employee with her. Unaware, without telling Isabel, Andre chose Walter to go with them at the honeymoon in the beach house.

Isabel ignored this choice and later embarrassing Walter in front of the servants, chose Salvador to go with them to the honeymoon, though Andre was unaware of this (Salvador later asked her if she was too afraid of her husband that she couldn’t go alone). Later Andre met Salvador and told him to prepare to leave, because as soon as he become the ‘master’ of the house, he did not want to see him. Salvador told him not to worry because he "wouldn’t be in the house...", when he (Andre) arrived from his honeymoon.

About two or so episodes later, Isabel threw away her torn wedding dress on her wedding day to Andre (she had torn her wedding dress some episodes earlier when Salvador had commented negatively on it...he didn’t like her wedding dress)...and shocked everyone when she attended her wedding in a black dress, as if it was a funeral!! Andre was not happy...but looked at the positive side; at least Isabel had agreed to marry him! Salvador ended being captured in the wedding photo with Andre and Isabella, (which was later published in the newspaper)....

When Isabel and Andre got back home, there was a small party. Valaria had remembered the promise she had made to Salvador, and she transformed herself from the black dresses to a beautiful colorful dress for the party, everyone admired her as she looked prettier than before. Vicky and Salvador got ready for the honeymoon.

During this time, Walter updated Andre that although he wanted to serve him, he couldn’t because Isabel had chosen Salvador to go with them to the honeymoon. Andre saw red, so he stormed to where Salvador and told him he was a hypocrite and a liar because he (Salvador) had promised that he "wouldn’t be in the house...", when Andre arrived from his honeymoon. Salvador told him that it was not a lie because he Salvador wouldn’t be in the house when Andre arrived from his honeymoon because it was logical; he would be coming back with Andre.

Andre wanted to throw Salvador out in front of the guests, so Salvador dared him to go ahead. When Andre did not act, Salvador picked up his luggage and shoved Andre off... Andre got so annoyed that he took a statue, which he planned to hit Salvador with, over his head, but the dog Azur), barked a warning, so Salvador was alerted of Andre, and Andre could not hit Salvador.

21: Lovers-In-Crime Fell Apart!

We can now see Salvador’s revenge unfolding...he is taking away Isabel from Andre the same way Andre did when Pedro was engaged and later married to Isabel. After sleeping with Salvador, Isabel was unable to give herself or sleep with Andre. Some episodes later, she finally told Andre the truth, that she was no-longer in love with him... Andre was hurt because he loved Isabel, genuinely. As Isabel packed her bags to get out from the house and from Andre, Andre threw her bags away and told her she can’t leave him because he would die without her.

Her bags being thrown on the floor of her room, Isabel decided to prepare a bath to soak and relax in, as Andre drooled on how he would die without her...Isabel wondered if the man was an idiot, hadn’t she explained herself well? She no longer loved him. Andre could not believe, he said he would die without her, he was sure if she looked at it more, she would also realize she could not live without him in the she would die without him...

Saying this he grabbed her hair and forced her face into the bathing water in the bath-tub emphasizing on her dying without him, if she wasn’t going to be with him...

A few seconds later Andre continued holding Isabel underwater, until he heard Abigail knocking on the door to inform Isabel of a phone-call. He quickly released Isabel who was gasping for breath. Realizing what he had done, he held Isabel close to him and asked for her forgiveness. They argued for a while and Andre left Isabel’s room. Isabel went to ‘soak’ her self in the bathtub this time with a razor. When her Aunt Rebecca found her in the bathtub it looked as if she was about to cut her wrists to commit suicide...which she later denied.

Valeria tried to help her cousin, and asked Andre to leave her cousin alone since the relationship did not seam to be working. Andre for the second time told her she was too ugly to even talk to him, and that when he married Isabel, he would get rid of all the people who disturbed them, including her.

Valeria went back home crying where she bumped into Salvador when she swore she would leave immediately Isabel got married. He made her promise not to let people, especially those less than her put her down. That the next time he looked at her, she should be a changed woman. This is when she admitted to him that he (Salvador) reminded her of Pedro. Salvador asked Valaria if she really liked Pedro, and she admitted that she had ended up falling in love with him (Pedro), and described to Salvador how good Pedro was.

This brought tears to Salvador’s eyes, who later told her (maybe in the same episode or some episodes later), that if Pedro would had much more time, maybe he too (Pedro) would have fallen in love with her...and admire her, exactly the same way he (as Salvador)was doing at the exact same moment...

Snippet 20: An Unshaken Suspicion

As the episodes progress, Isabel continues falling for Salvador big time (though she cannot admit to herself that she loves Salvador), Abigail, Simon, Vicky, Angela and Antonio start trusting Salvador bit-by-bit (except for Walter). Of course everyone starts getting spooked as Salvador knows them so well, brings up their past, and talks to them so well using the exact same phrases...just like Pedro Jose Donoso.

They don’t know what to make out of it...However, Vicky has a theory that Salvador could be Pedro’s son.. However Antonio doesn’t think so after Salvador tells him a famous saying that Pedro always used to tell specifically him when he was just a boy...He suspects Pedro’s Spirit maybe communicates with Salvador.

His suspicions are further aroused when Salvador gives him an expensive book on his birthday for his school and he had signed the book in his name (Salvador), but he had written the dedication in the book in the same handwriting as Pedro and so he decides to investigate. One of the first places he went to was to Geytana’s place a couple of episodes later, and she told him that he was crazy to think that Pedro can take over someone else’s body, but he wasn’t so convinced...

A few episodes later, Isabel throws another party and she ends up needing Salvador to perform his duties, but she can’t find him anywhere. However, she decides to look for him to give him a piece of her mind. There she finds Salvador in the forest and they started arguing...and end up kissing. Meanwhile, Andre not knowing where Isabel is went to the forest, and luckily found them already finished kissing, so he doesn’t suspect as much, but he (Andre) still dislikes Salvador. In the same party, Isabel announces her engagement to Andre so as to show him ‘how much she loves him’ (and also as a challenge to Salvador, and to help herself focus on Andre and not Salvador).

Salvador and Angela get to be very close and Angela trusts him to give her advice about some documents Andre had given her to sign (Andre was trying to cheat her off) (Salvador had photocopied the documents earlier from Isabel and had carried an extra copy to warn Angela). Angela had earlier confessed to Salvador that she always felt unloved and alienated by her father.. This made Salvador very sad, as he realised he had made a mistake as Pedro, to alienate his daughter. In the end, Salvador directed her to a lawyer whom he as Pedro trusted and was incorruptible.

However some episodes later, the lawyer was followed in his car and the person following killed/murdered him. Although it was not clear who sent the man to kill the lawyer, I suspect Andre and not Isabel as at that same time this was happening, Isabel had been arguing with Salvador and somehow ended up sleeping with Salvador in the forest. Isabel being traumatized she slept ‘with the chauffer’ went and soaked, almost diving into her bathtub full of water.

Snippet 19: Misunderstood!

Walter and Rebecca were planning on poisoning the dog, as it was preventing them from entering the entrance of the secret place where they suspected Pedro had kept his jewellery. So without telling Rebecca, Walter put poison in a jar of water to give the dog, but he was called by Isabel. So by mistake, Abigail gave the water to Valaria, who claimed the water tasted funny.

She later suffered from severe side effects and wasn’t able to see properly, but she bumped into Salvador who wanted to take her to hospital, but Walter insisted it was not necessary (since he did not want to be discovered). In the end, Salvador managed to take her to hospital and save her life. However, everyone else including Isabel thought she had taken poison to kill herself.

She managed to convince them that she was sane. It was during this time a couple of episodes later Salvador saw Isabel kissing Andre, and he started feeling bad about the whole situation (He was not sure about his feelings as at this time, he had not yet discovered about Isabel’s and Andre’s betrayal). In the end Valaria recovered and thanked Salvador personally through the insistence of her Aunt Rebecca (who didn’t think Salvador could fall for a person like Valaria). In the end she told Salvador, how much she felt that he belonged to the house, and this made him so she had touched his heart

Some episodes later after Salvador discovered Andre’s and Isabel’s betrayal, Isabel had started and continued ‘playing’ with Salvador, telling him that it was common for all men including employees like him to fall in love with her, as she was unattainable. (This was because she was attracted to him) Isabel saw Salvador as a ‘challenge’ and was completely unprepared to fall for him. Salvador asked Isabel if she gets tired of using people and cheating on them like ‘the old man Donoso’ and now Andre.

She tried to convince him (or was it herself?) that she loved Andre. At some point Salvador started kissing her and she lost all coherent thought... In another episode, Salvador left a rose with a note in Isabel’s and Andre’s car, when they had both gone for a date, to congratulate them...but he signed as himself-Pedro Jose Donoso. Isabel was spooked as she recognized Pedro’s name and handwriting, but Andre thought she had an overactive imagination.

El Cuerpo: Tessie Back with Snippet 18

Thanks again Tessie, but we still need your photos...: "Hi!! I know I had promised to update you on the episodes sooner, but I got caught up with my college class work and my job. The El-Cuerpo Del Deseo Summaries that I started writing on Saturday are the summaries of all the episodes that run through June to October-this week so I might occasionally miss some information as I can’t remember the episodes exactingly.

On Saturday I had left writing about Salvador planning his revenge and Andre vowing to get Salvador out of their (Isabel’s) life. As I had mentioned earlier, Salvador had claimed to the company (initially when he was trying to get a job, and to Rebecca) that he knew Isabel, and that he used to work for the company (which is true as he was Pedro), but when Andre tried looking for his name under all the Company human resource files he never saw Salvador’s name, so he called in the old guy who works in the Factory and likes talking to Simon, and also called Isabel, and put Salvador on the spot as a liar.

Of course Salvador saved himself and claimed to be a certain boy who used to used to work for the company many years ago. He even recounted a fire incident that happened back then, so everyone believed that Salvador actually worked at the company and Andre looked like a fool.

Walter was always on Salvador’s case...and was always against him and treating him like a ‘nobody’.. There was an episode Walter reprimanded Salvador because he was late. Salvador had enough and reminded him that he should not treat people in a low manner just to uplift himself, “Doesn’t he remember that there was a time he left the Donoso house for two whole days without even calling Mr. Pedro Donoso, and during that time Mr. Donoso had suffered something terrible, a major heart attack, and when he (Walter) came back and explained himself, Mr. Donoso forgave him?”. This scared Walter as he couldn’t understand how Salvador knew so much... (only he and Pedro had known).

Also before Salvador discovered about Isabel’s betrayal (or maybe he had, I can’t remember which), Walter had tampered with the car and had caused an accident between Salvador and Isabel, (he had intended it for Salvador and maybe Angela). Salvador and Isabel survived the accident, and Salvador even had the nerve to kiss Isabel. Salvador knew right away that it was Walter who had tampered with the brakes and threatened him.

Walter either before or after this incident had also intended to find out more information about Salvador and where he lives. So when Salvador found out, he planned a distraction tactic he called his new side kicks, Geytana, Lupe and Lupe’s boyfriend to trail him into a shop. It seams Salvador/Pedro knew Walter very well and knew he was a thief who (as Walter admitted much later in another episode that he ‘couldn’t resist shiny things’). So Lupe and Geytana raised an alarm and Walter was arrested for one or two days for trying to steal ‘shiny’ Gold jewellery, (or maybe he escaped,) as he was just shown coming back home a day later with his clothes dishevelled. He told Isabel that he was caught by a street gang/fight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tessie Tells Novela Snippet 14

Her name is Tessie, from Kenya. Kenya is ahead of Nigeria in El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance), by some 7 weeks. Tessie still visits our Telenovela Love Garden here to download happenings ahead for us. Tessie, we love you, thank you very much. I would love to have your picture posted on our love garden here, so our members could visualize who is helping us out there from Kenya. Pls, upload and send your most beatiful picture to me at:

I am hereby 'uploading' all the snippets of el cuerpo del deseo that Tessie has sent us. I would call this snippet 14, since I already have begun building the sitemap for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo telenovela at my new blog, check it out there. Meanwhile, Please enjoy her lucid naration:

"...I am not sure of the exact episode you are now in, but judging from the blogspot, Salvador has already left the town using Lily's money."

Salvador will reach his destination fine, I can't remember which of the two came first (it has been some time since I last saw this) but Salvador (Pedro), after some episodes, went back to the house he lived in as Pedro Jose Donoso (it was at night).

There he met the dog who reccognized him, and therefore didn't attack/bark at him. He went to Angela's room and stole the pair of keys and then went to the hidden passage that Rebecca and Walter have been trying to access for ages and opened and took some money, and left the rest of the money together with the jewelery back at the safe.

If i remember clearly, the money was to give to Geytana, as she had refused to see him previously when he had aproached her as she couldn't recognize him in his new body. So, he finally went to Geytana and told her that if she saw him, he would give her the money, which she needed desperately to pay her house rent. During the process she found out that he really was Pedro. (As she later told Lupe her house-help and friend, Salvador even had the same handwritting as he was when he was Pedro)

Gytana had been so scared, that she hid under the table saying she was repentant and actually confessed she had been cheating people with her 'spititual readings'. To make the long story short, Geytana agreed to help Salvador (Pedro), and Salvador/Pedro eventually went to live with her, he eventually in a few episodes later made her promise to do no more spiritualisim in the house, and therefore she decided to eventually open a bar.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dead or Alive!

Salvador took a little of Lilly's money for his trip, and left a note that he would pay her back. He disappeared into the night's darkness, before the 'princess of seduction' came out in her enchanting gown.

Lilly went wild on discovering that Salvador has escaped from her seductive grip. She summoned Salvador's worst enemy in that town of La Cruztas, Sheriff Campo.

She lied by telling the Sheriff that Salvador attempted to sexually take advantage of her, and also robbed her of ALL her life savings. She demanded that he be found, captured and brought to justice, dead or alive!

Fate saved Salvador from an all-night, and all-party search by the police force, swarming all over the forests and crannies of the township. He was also saved by the same fate when, during the journey, the border police at the immigration point, almost woke him from deep and tired sleep, to question him, but were distracted, and he was left alone in the nitch of time.

My conclusion and lesson here is that, having "lined-up" with his fate or destiny, and without smearing his hand or body in any immoral filth or compromise, he became invincible and unstoppable. Are you still being hindered in one way or the another towards that noble goal you have set yourself at the begining of this year?

Time for self-examination. Perhaps you had unconsciously carried an evil load among your luggage. Time to drop them for momentum. Your attitude would determine the altitude you would attain. You can regain momentum and astonishing speed, that would swallow the stagnation of the last nine months, and still be able to attain those noble goals at the close of this December.

Don't give up your hope, the ONLY thing you should give up are those evil loads and burdensome distractions, that have cumbered your progress since the year began. Lilly was obviously an evil load, which Salvador refused to carry among and along with his luggage.

Drop your "Lillies" now, no matter how beautiful and enchanting they may seem to be. It would be short-lived and could whither your STRAIGHT path to fufilling your goals for the year. (Don't forget that the shortest distance between any two distant goals is the STRAIGHT path). You still have time before the year closes, you don't so much need time as you need the truth!

Pardon me, I have unconsciously slipped into preaching from telenovela love lessons... (Laugh)

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Flowers Seduce Women

The only skill he learnt was the art of irresistible seduction. Ricardo speedily concluded that to bring down the romantic armory of Silvia, he would have to send a bunch of natural fragrance, in form of very beautiful rose flowers to recuperating and distraught Silvia.

He told his mom with an air of confidence that "... flowers seduce women". He embarked on that 'love'-coated greed journey, and believe it, he had partial success in that adventure. The untimely death of Sivia did not give him enough time to fully demonstrate his capacity to woo her love.

Meanwhile, I watched with exasperation as the little opportunist, Luisa, began to work on Kiki's weakness. I prayed silently that God should deliver me from my own weakness. As immaculate and elegant as Kiki was, the "but" in her life was that, she was sterile and had no children. It was the height of shame to watch Kiki succumb and practically begged Luisa to call her "Mom"!

Kiki went shopping with Luisa to town, and bought every imaginable thing to spoil and please his new "daughter" Luisa. The little devil has rejected every admonition to depart from Kiki's house and not abuse her generosity. Luisa had a mind of her own, she snubbed Catalina, her sister, and said that since Ricardo is seducing Silvia, she too would "seduce-by-pretense" Kiki, to get money and pleasures out of her.

This is the disaster called children that Adela nurtured with lies and illusion for two decades. The same children that Gustavo surrendered with abandon, to his avaricious wife. May God deliver us from strange children and strange parents.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Negrete Vultures

That's what they are, that's what Luis, boyfriend of Alicia, opened our eyes to see, in the light of the unbelievable tragedy that this family carry about and deposits on any one they perched on. From Hawkish Adela to whimpering Gustavo, vanity boy Ricardo and, young opportunist Luisa. This is the family of vultures that angel Catalina found herself born in.

It so happened that Luis became annoyed with his friend Eduardo for instituting divorce proceedings against his wife, Silvia, and he voiced out his frustration. That was 'good news' to Adela and her son Ricardo, they launched out a plan to woo distraught Silvia. They concluded that she needs affection and Ricardo was the best candidate to do the job.

Luis was nauseated and rebuked them for attempting to profit from the misfortunes of Silvia. Adela insulted him for being vulgar. he 'washed' Adela with an acidic tongue, saying she had a long last name but lack the dignity of a class. He told her he knew her ignoble story and should not pretend before him that she was high society lady.

After mother and son left,Luis was shocked by the unbelievable cynicism displayed by them. He announced to Petra that: "... the Negrete vultures are flying all over Silvia and Eduardo, to devour the corpse of that failed relationship ..."

This same family set eyes on the Mendoza family and tore their flesh to shreds, they set eyes on nouveau rich Carmelo, and drove him to his death. They set eyes on Kiki and almost suck her dry through Luisa. They nurtured Catalina into a disastrous matrimony and, raised Ricardo as a seducing Monster.

Beware if you have family friends who manifest traits of the vulture in their relationship with you. Complete absence of love and calculating precision to dig out treasure from you always.