Monday, May 21, 2007

The Internet Mayhem of May

The internet is a mystery. But you become a master, (some said webmaster), when you have an understanding of that mystery.

This month of May, I have not been able to post more than seven snippets in the last three weeks, yet my income has averaged at $10 per day. For doing practically nothing. Average daily page views has been over 8,000 and daily visitors has been averaging 1,100 people.

I discovered that the eternal works I have done on the gardener's daughter telenovela snippets are still bringing fresh visitors searching for the full story, from several countries, in all the six continents.

I know however that old members of this forum are hungry, just like me, to read and to post new and current telenovelas. Some wrote from Ghana that, Secreto de Amor (Secret Love), just began airing and wanted me to showcase it the way we did with gardener's daughter full story and Esmeralda full story.

I know too that I am a heavy telenovela debtor, because of the outstanding and yet-to-be-fulfilled promises of America Ferreira's Ugly Betty (Yo soy Betty, la Fea), Rebeca, Lorenzo's wife (La Mujer de Lorenzo), La Heredera,(The Heiress), Amor Sin Condiciones (Love Without Conditions), Rebelde and Rubi.

You can imagine my current burden with these ocean of telenovela debts, and in the midst of it, some already asking for Catalina y Sebastian! La Usurpadora, etc.

This is the reason why I am republishing this letter which I wrote to a senior and esteemed member of this forum, who wrote to ask me about the spate of go-slow I am experiencing in recent times. So read on and understand the reason for the current telenovela go-slow:

"My Esteemed Prof and Egbon,

Thank you for your accurate observation.

My new site Story-Story Dot Com, was activated on 1st May this year. That was when my story began. I needed to install a blogging software, in order to commence my work on the new site.

WordPress is the most standard and popular one in the world, and it is free, but I don't know how to install it on my own. So, I applied to the "Install4free" team of WordPress to do the job for me. (of course, I had to supply them with all my login details including my user-name and password).

By the time they finished and asked me to 'take over', I discovered to my chagrin that I could no longer access my control panel login and also my new blog.

Much later, I discovered that I could access it from public cybercafes. Others like you, also told me that they could access it. Later, my computer engineer (God help us what kind of half-baked characters parade themselves as 'computer engineers' these days). He told me to get anyone with Starcomms internet connection to access it, by doing so, they would have updated the Starcomms cache server, thereby making my PC also to access it.

Alas, all that did not work.

In the past 2 weeks, I have received over 62 instructions (including from Starcomms data clinic), on how to correct this anomaly, all of them to no avail. This 'cyber hold-up' could be quite irritating, I just decided to let go this PC and go for another CPU at the computer village here in Ikeja.

That should cost me some $200, but its worth the change from the current stagnation. Thank God that my current monthly average earnings is hovering around $500 which could afford me the purchase, without dipping my hands into the house-keeping allowance given me by my husband.

I would make the purchase during this new week. This was the principal reason why my efforts on Telenovela Love Garden has slowed down this month. The setting up a new blog has taken its toll on my mental energy, and even sapped my enthusiasm for telenovela blogging.

This is the crazy price I am paying for changing blog hosting services. I remember somebody saying that every change and movement produces friction. These hiccups are my own transitional frictions. The price to pay for the decision to increase my blog income ten-fold.

I look with nostalgia at my December 2006 peak of posting ten episodes per day. I want to get back to that peak, and I feel it is this new blog that would give me that kind of impetus again.

Thank you sir, and I appreciate your concern and all other fans and 'gardeners' on this forum, which incidentally, I have changed the nomenclature to TELENOVELA LOVE GARDEN.

I am begging your permission to republish this my letter to you, so as to 'use one stone to kill many birds', by explaining to our friends on this blog, the reason for the May 'go-slow'.

Best regards to your family.

Philpomena Ojikutu (Mrs.)"