Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That "Swindler" is Your Daughter!

Bravo! old Rigo. This episode 105 found in Snippet 105 goes to the old maid, Rigoberto Rondon. She exposed Consuelo, wrought righteousness and obtained L.A's promises to help Luisa Fernanda! She stopped the evil joy of L.A over the troubles of L.F and Pedro. She declared to him: " ... that girl you call a 'swindler' is your daughter, she's your flesh and blood".

When L.A doubted her, saying that it was a joke in bad taste, Rigo emphatically insisted that Luisa Fernanda Perez was the daughter of Amelia, his late girlfriend, and grand daughter of Don Fernando Alcantara.

L.A was so furious by the betrayal of Consuelo, he called her a "big phony" and he swore never to forgive her for hiding the identity of his daughter from him for so long..., and he did exact his pound of flesh from Consuelo later when he seized the Will of Don Fernando and refused to release it back to Consuelo. he assured Consuelo that when he finds L.F, he would make her to come and demand what rightly belonged to her.

Pedro and L.F refused initially for ego reasons, refused both the offer of Carlos and Marissa to help them pay the mortgage of their house. Caesar was concerned about their ego, he even told his mother that " ... dignity ends where necessity begins... ". He saw no reaso why Pedro and L.F should refuse the offer of help.