Monday, February 05, 2007

Your Sins Will Catch Up With You

The tragicomedy phase of the Gardener's daughter soap was ushered in tonite by the accident that almost killed Alfredo Anzola, as depicted in Snippet 110, which many of us have already read. Thank God for the actual event watched on TV, it is now clear what was responsible for that accident.

Alfredo indulged himself on his wedding day, in fact, some few minutes before he marched to the altar with Luisa Fernanda. Xochil had to leave (there can't be two 'captains' on a ship), and she was doing that in style, she drew close to the doctor and planted a memorable kiss on him, and he did not resist her. I call it a "home-breaker kiss". To me, what that kiss meant was that, if in future there is a rift between Alfredo and L.F, and that would have been certainly inevitable. The memory of that kiss would trigger a desire for an admirer or a lover called Xochil, waiting for Alfredo to be driven to her bed of infidelity.

He was in that dreamland, whose powerful erotic effect had not worn off, when he crossed the road without looking, and, ... GBOSA!!! He was hit by a hit-and-run cab driver.

I strongly feel it was wrong for Xochil to blame L.F for bringing the bad luck of accident on Alfredo on his wedding day. The real culprit was this beautiful tempter called Xochil. That moment of procrastination and indulgence in 'romantic sin' with Xochil is what I believe caught up with Alfredo with the instant penalty visited on him at the spot.

Another drama was the re-appearance of Reuben, the former husband of Lupe after a 20-year escapade with his secretary that he ran away with. He was so remorseful now but Lupe vowed never to forgive him. This may have been the reason why she quickly agreed to marry Ordonez, to avoid temptation of going back to a man who abandoned her some 2 decades ago.

Tha character played by Reuben, was a popular face on "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine). He was called Gian Carlo, and got married to Paloma's mother, Soledad, in that telenovela.

Curious about next episode? then, check out Snippet 111 to have an inkling of what awaits the schemers of this telenovela.

The Battle of Three Women: Lorenzo's Wife

If I have my way, I would rename this telenovela as "Lorenzo's Wives". To fellow gardeners who have been mounting pressures for the snippets of this 120-Episode Peruvian telenovela. I am having a rethink and have also stepped up my research into this soap. As soon as I can find and also read the 120 snippets, and find it "safe" for our entertainment health and consumption, I would surely not deny you your desires. Pray therefore, for safe discovery and delivery.

Esmeralda remains 3 bulk snippets which I hope to complete later today or tomorrow. As soon as the 3 are out of the way, "Ugly Betty", "Rubi" and "Rebelde" may take over. I have not gotten the snippets of Todo Sobre Camila yet, so we would keep searching.

Lorenzo's Wife, la mujer de Lorenzo, was a battle of three women, Isabella, Laurita and Silvia, for the love of one man called Lorenzo, using another man called Alex as a tool to achieve their goal.

Laurita was a perfect schemer, she 'stole' Lorenzo from his fiancee- Isabella, but was bored stiff with what later became a matrimonial trap for her. She wanted an out but safe and luxurious landing, from the marriage. Alex, her personal fitness trainer at the gym, provided her with an illicit and amorous escapades for her pent up passion.

She fell head-long in love with this opportunist gigolo (Alex), and would have casually walked out of her marriage with Lorenzo, until the divorce lawyer warned her that she the terms of divorce would leave her penniless, if she was the one who initiated the divorce. Laurita is a woman who wanted to perform the impossible miracle of eating her cake and also still having it intact after the meal. She had to retreat and re-strategize, to turn around the victim into a 'victor'.

Her plan was to lure Lorenzo into the hands of an innocent but irresistibly delectable Silvia, whom she employed for that purpose, though, as personal assistant.

Her schema seems to have worked as Lorenzo truly began to fall in love with Silvia, whom Laurita had now arrayed regularly, with the help of her Fashion designer friend, with all kinds of attires that could stir Lorenzo's erotic interests.

What Laurita did not take into her careful plans was that Silvia was a former fiance of Alex and still loved him.

Then entered the third warrior, Isabella. She returned back into the country with fury, aggression and revenge against Laurita, to take back what belonged to her which Laurita stole many years ago. To actualize her plan, she had to sieze Lorenzo's company and also hijack Alex, the opportunist lover from Laurita.

As the attraction and pure love waxed stronger between Lorenzo and Silvia, he opted for divorce which would leave Laurita with half of his fortune. At that same time, as Laurita nears fulfillment of her dreams, she suddenly realizes that money is not everything. She regretted and tremble at the possible loss of Lorenzo, so an emotional war of attrition broke out between the three women.

Who, out of the three women would he go with?