Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Need You, Pls, Don't Break Me!

This is My Christmas Wish to All 'Gardeners' and loyal supporters of this blog. You may have noticed that I have stopped posting either snippets or episodes summaries in the last 4 days. It was because of the strident protests and conflicting signals I was getting from many of our telenovela fans. I needed a break to comprehend your real purpose and my pursuit.

At the end of the full story (Snippets) of La hija del Jardinero (The Gardener's Daughter- TGD), last weekend. I told you that, I was going to start with Esmeralda (ESM) and Amor sin Condiciones (Love Without Conditions- LWC). I also promised to resume the posting of the daily Episode summaries of TGD.

My experience however, in the last 8 days has not been a palatable one. Why?

1. Many complaints came from our Ghanaian friends. The were bored and angry with us for posting the snippets of Esmeralda. They told us that they have watched it, and that I should resume posting La hija del Jardinero.

2. On the other hand, another group of fans were full of praise and prayers for the daily Esmeralda snippets.

3. While a third group were completely confused about how to navigate through the different strands of stories without breaking the flow.

Coupled with all this conflicting signals, was the good news that our blog here was rated and ranked by the lovable giant Google as No. 1, for the key phrase La hija del Jardinero, out of 153,000 search results! What that meant for us was that a fresh surge of new telenovela fans found our site, for the first time, and traffic increased to this blog immeasurably during this period. It also meant that we are being considered as N0.1 Site with the best available information on this telenovela.

My Xmas Resolution

Resolution 1.
If we should stop the snippets of Esmeralda, we would have inadvertently hurt the entertainment opportunities of other fans who have never watched or heard about Esmeralda. So, I choose to quickly finish the story, since it was just some 60 episodes which I could round up in a week, or thereabout.

Resolution 2. In order to keep our 'telenovela family' together, we need a unifying factor that could spur on, and thrill our common entertainment interests. Some 35 fans have unsubscribed in the last 4 days. While over 125 new subscribers have joined us within the same period, to take us to the 1,007 mark, signaling for me a good omen for the coming year 2007! (We may not have noticed it, because the loss was swallowed by the influx of new members).

So, I am bringing on board, the latest telenovela La Heredera (The Heiress) (2005), of Sergio Basanez and Sylvia Navarro ('Diego' and 'Paloma' of Cuando Seas Mia- When You Are Mine Fame).

Every one of us love this marvelous couple. It would be great to read and watch them in their latest novela, La Heredera, (The Heiress), produced last year, and which may not get to our watching opportunity, as usual, until 3 years later, i.e 2008 at the earliest. This would bring all of us together again in the new year 2007.

Resolution 3. This blog succeeded because of that sweet angel called Mariana Ochoa, the gardener's daughter. We all fell in love with her talent on screen. I have, and would begin to post snippets of her latest work launched earlier this year and called Amor sin Condiciones, Love Without Conditions- LWC. That also would unify our entertainment interests as we celebrate this yuletide and cross-over into a more prosperous year 2007, for all of us.

Resolution 4. Principally because of all our new fans that just found this site and were unable to navigate around this blog, due to the many stories that would be crisscrossing our blog here on a daily basis, I have placed the CATEGORIES link above by the sideboard on the right side. If you must enjoy the flow of any story, that should be your first point of call. From there, you would make your choice of what you want to read, whether, The Gardener's Daughter TGD or Esmeralda ESM or Love Without Conditions LWC or La Heredera or any other label you want to read. That is the best way to navigate, otherwise you may be going round in circles, God forbid.

Resolution 5. given my new enlarged responsibilities, I cannot assure you of posting daily summaries of TGD which I have done and completed with the TGD Snippets. While not exactly a 100% repetition, it would amount to 65 -70% of what we already have in the snippets. My goal is to maximize our entertainment value from the novelas, not to bore us with partial repetitions.

With this FIVE Xmas resolutions of mine, I plead for your tolerance and understanding. I confess that I need you, that was why the Ghanaians' condemnation of my Esmeralda snippets hurt me so much. Once again, I beg you not to break me with the rod of condemnations. I know you love me much as I have loved and would continue to love you all.

Let met express my deepest gratitude to all of you that have sent Xmas greetings, either by commentaries or to my mailbox. Even to those who have not done so yet, I appreciate you too. All of you have propelled me to a significant level of web relevance that I never dreamt of achieving in 2 years to come. Thank you all.


Esmeralda 20: Fátima Fights Fate!

To every schemer in world history, they are always drunk of their initial successes and confident at a point in their schema, of swindling destiny, just like they have been with many of their gullible victims.

Fátima is one unfortunate fellow who believed that every member of the Penarreal family are in the palms of her hands.

José Armando returned home to bid his household goodbye for a short trip with Esmeralda to the city. Fátima too rushed to pack her luggages with the intention of accompanying him on the trip. He told her to apply her breaks as he does not need her company.

Fátima was filled with rage and she called her daughter aside, and incited her to begin to plot to destroy Esmeralda before the blind usurper destroys her matrimonial joy.

José Armando had succeeded in convincing Dominga to let him take Esmeralda to the city to meet with a specialist optician for the possible surgery to solve her blindness. Dominga agreed, and off they went together to Mexico city.

Fátima and Rodolfo were compelled by this dramatic twist, to set a compulsory date of wedding for Armando and Graciela without consulting with them.

Lady Blanca was so distressed by the prevailing circumstances that she missed an opportunity to know the truth, when she harshly interrupted Crisanta's attempt to confess to her that Esmeralda was her biological daughter.

Graciela could no longer keep her secret love affair with Adrian to herself. She had to confide in Crisanta that she had fallen in love with the foreman's son, Adrian.

Despite the non-approval by Blanca, José Armando bought a beautiful dress and a pair of shoes for Esmeralda. He took her to dinner in a classy restaurant in the city. While at dinner he told Esmeralda that he was going to break his engagement with Graciela as soon as he returned back to Casa Grande.

Esmeralda 19: Confrontations and Contradictions!

Crisanta launched the first phase of her redemption battle by confronting her master, Rodolfo, asking him to repent of his harsh and rude behaviour of throwing Esmeralda out of Casa Grande during the carnival. Everybody were shocked by the sympathy and solidarity of Crinsanta for a blind village girl, who was a 'stranger' to the family.

Fátima confronted her daughter with the truth of her financial doom, if she(Graciela), refuse to mary a rich boy like José Armando. Grciela went to confront José Armando, demanding of him to remaim faithful to his promise and commitment to marry her.

Adrián confronted Esmeralda and asked her to confirm the truth circulating in the village that José Armando and her have falling in love with each other. She confirmed it saying, YES to her romantic dreams!

Melesio confronted Esmeralda with the fact that Dr. Lucio was a horrible monster, waiting for a right time to srtike at her vulnerabilty. He warned her to henceforth be wary of Lucio.

Blanca confronted José Armando, pleading with him to stop seeing Esmeralda again because the blind girl has caused so much pain and emotional injury to the Rodolfo Penarreal family.

Lucio confronted and threatened Esmeralda to stop seeing José Armando, and if she refuses, he would stop his efforts to operate on her eyes to make her see. [don't forget that this same Lucio had tyold her before that she would never see again].

José Armando launched into investigations and found out the tragic story of how Lucio sustained burnt in the inferno that made his face an ugly site to look at. Much as José Armando sympathize withlucio, he however vowed that he would fight for the love ofesmeralda because he now knows that Lucio is his bitterest rival.

José Armando confronted Esmeralda and challenged her to have faith, because he would take her to visit a specialist optician in Mexico city to consider surgery that would open her eyes. He also assured her that gradually, his parents would accept her with time and even care for her as if she was their daughter.

Fermín took note of the promise of José Armando to cure Esmeralda's blindness.