Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Last Straw

Jennifer's Double-Dinning game that was exposed was, for me the most outstanding event of Snippet 98. Yes, she was dining with the devil himself (L.A), and also came to romance with the Gomez 'kingdom', knowing fully well that the man she desperately sought to please and marry, the heir to that kingdom, Carlos Eduardo's mortal enemy was L.A.

She denied that L.A was living in her house when interrogated by Carlos, saying that the informant, Ordonez was suffering from derilium. Carlos had his doubts, so, he secretly picked Jenny's house keys, and went to search for the stolen boxes and to confirm if L.A was also living there.

While searching through the house, for the stolen boxes, L.A and Solozarno entered, and were shocked to see Carlos in the apartment. They challenged him, asking him how he got access to the apartment. He replied saying: " ... so, its true!", to his own amazement, that jenny had been lying to him and manipulating him with the schemes of his enemy.

This discovery, no doubt was the proverbial last straw that broke the Camel's back.jenny would certainly not find it easy to wriggle out of this brazen lie. even if Marissa chose to take the blame in order to save the Jenny-Carlos relationship, it would be fundamentally later to repair the broken love/trust thread between her and Carlos after this episode never again!

Let's wait eagerly for tomorrow's episode