Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's Go The Snippets Way!

I am going to devote the next few days to posting snippets up to... as far as my energy and grace can carry me. We have about 10 snippets already published. We have all the snippets now currently being translated from Spanish to readable English. I am budgetting a translation of 10 t0 15 snippets per day, ceteris paribus (all things being equal...NEPA, PHCN, etc put together are under my feet! My generator suffered fatigue due to Nepa [electricity] failure during the weekend LOL). I hope to boost you up to Snippets 67 to 82 today, God willing.

We have a new Beta interface now, that would give you opportunity to choose whether it is Snippets you want to read or Episode summaries or Telenovela news, etc... Just go to CATEGORIES and click your choice under it.

The difference is that While the Episodes Summaries would take care of the daily episodes we watch on AIT, the SNIPPETS are a tip of the iceberg, as summarized by ATZECAAMERICA TV and COLUMBIAN CARACOL TV, both in Spanish language. We have to subject the snippets to translation into English language, before posting. The snippets have the advantage of foresight, as they have completed all the episodes. all we need is grace and time to interprete them and serve you; well ahead of our normal daily episodic gists on this Blog.

So, I say unto you, Let's Go SNIPPETS!