Thursday, November 16, 2006

Episode 58: Acursed Love!

There is a storyline that is emerging in this telenovela. It is the story of "the dream lover" and the "the con-lover" It is the story of the dreamer and the schemer. Andreina is the dreamer, living with a curse called Alejandro. Luis Alejandro is a wandering curse, unfortunately, he has settled deeply into the life of a dreaming Andreina. Right in the middle of the night, when lovers go on full blast trial, to test the strength of the cord of love that bound them together. And a few seconds just after Andreina made L.A swore to never leave nor abandon her for another woman, his phone rang, and guess who? Marissa, his estranged wife. Marissa wanted him to join her immediately to go to the Station 8, where Carlos Eduardo, her only son and heir to the Gomez Ruiz fortune had been held in custody to organize his bail as a lawyer.

He wasted no time, he jumped into his dress and ran off to meet Marissa for the golden opportunity of being counted as a worthy gladiator and saviour of a distressed Marissa. Andreina's dream was shattered that instant, but because she was enmeshed with a curse and not just an affair, she was bound to assemble and pick the pieces together again. Why I described her relationship as a curse is because, L.A has begun to toe the path of ignominy by planning to lend Andreina as a one-night mistress to the legislator who was probing Leopoldo in the congress. What a way to satiate was it to bribe the deputy in order to nail Leopoldo. Do you till have the illusion that L.A loves the foolish dreamer called Andreina?

Carlos Eduardo was not grateful to L.A for coming along with Marissa to bail him. He even challenged his mom, and rightly so, why in the world he brought L.A to bail him, weren't there other lawyer from the bank's legal department who could have done that. Marissa lied to him that she did not have any of their phone numbers at home.

Doomed To Fail?
Next day, Clarita was brought by Marissa to Carlos' hospital for her pre-marital medical examination. While Graziela the nurse took Clarita to the lab, Marissa questioned the delusion of Carlos over Luisa Fernanda. She strongly worded him saying: "...Luisa Fernanda doesn't want to get back with you, and her father doesn't want you to come near her, what else do you need to know that that relationship is doomed to fail?"

Consuela opened another chapter of deception and incitement tonite when she urged Vanessa to top calling L.F her full name but Luicito or Luisa as don wanted her to be called. she also warned her not to mention to anybody in the house that Luicito's mother is dead. She promised her that if she can do this, then, she would consider firing L.F as she (Vanessa) had jealously demanded some few days earlier.

Jennifer de la Cunning came to Marissa's house, and she learnt that Carlos was detained at the police station because of a fight with "Luisa Fernanda's father". In her repugnant hypocrisy (she herself is a poor gold-seeker-digger) towards the poor and less privileged, Jenny hissed and told Marissa what else could you expect for low-class people? Marissa defended Pedro saying he was a nice and gentle man and not a violent man. Jenny's statement was a veiled hatred and reference for anything Luisa Fernanda. Marissa did not understand this undercurrent.

Not surprisingly, when another low-class servant of Marissa- Clarita, came to brief her about the state of preparedness and readiness for tomorrow's wedding. Jenny did not waste time to beg Clarita to invite her to her wedding. Apparently, Clarita did not like her, but because Marissa signaled her nod, Clarita agreed to invite Jenny and her sibling, Carol with her controversial boyfriend, Armando. All for the sake of satisfying Marissa.

Home Truth For Alfredo
Carlos went to the mental hospital to press home his case of need to see Pedro which, as usual Alfredo denied him. Alfredo insulted him again by saying that neither Pedro nor L.F was his problem and he should go elsewhere to sought out his problem. Carlos moved cloer to him with a clenched fist and a snarl, saying: "... no matter how much you manipuate her against me, one thing you would never take away from me is that I am the only one she loves and I love her". He told Alfredo that his confrontation with him was not that of professional colleagues, but a "... confrontation between two men who love the same woman!"

Solozano called Consuela on phone to warn her that she would have to contend with a new and rampaging adversary named Lic Ordonez, who has been moving round contacting people including him (Solozano), to get to the root of why Don was searching for Amelia. Her big wicked round eyes popped open wider at this alert. This woman is doomed. As she covers up or devilishly maneuver out of one crisis, another chapter is usually opened for her.

Help Me To Find "YOU"!
Don Fernando was at his best when he received a mail on astrology, L.F. offered to help him upload the program into the computer. Don used the opportunity to plead once again for Carlos Eduardo, saying he couldn't believe that she had such a cold heart. She replied that seeing her 'father', locked up in a cell was something she would never forgive Carlos Eduardo for. I believe that this aspect of her unforgiveness was the nasty heritage she picked from her late mother Amelia.

The old man warned her not to fall into the same error of arrogance that he is currently regretting. He told her how he refused to forgive his daughter... L.F said she didn't see any unforgiveness in his attitude towards Consuela. He told her that he had another daughter... saying: "... life is making me pay for my arrogance... life has punished me... Please, help me find my daughter and my granddaughter.... promise me that you would help me find them."

What an irony of wickedness, that the suffering old man could not decipher that the granddaughter he was searching and crying for, was the one he is now begging to help him find herself; and this granddaughter did not know that she was the principal object of the painful and unending searches.