Saturday, December 06, 2008

Episode 52 - ugly Betty Helps Daniel Wins Sofia back

He asked Ignacio to tell him how to say “I love you and can't live without you” in Spanish. Ignacio told him and wished him luck, patting him on the cheek like a son.

Betty was still outside with Sofia, telling her that it seems Daniel had a winning idea after all. Sofia looked at Betty and shook her head, telling her that she was wasting her time at Mode because she was always giving the credits to Daniel. That she was never going to be appreciated there and asked her work for her magazine, with her own assistant! Betty was confused and lost for words.

Inside the house, she told Daniel to go talk to Sofia, that she was still outside. Out there, in the snow-covered background and with snow flakes still falling sparingly, he told her that he wanted another chance. He blotted out his Spanish love declaration. Sofia laughed and told him he just said he love his camera (He had mixed it up instead of what he intended to say). He smiled and gave her an ornament he made and asked her to pick come pick a tree with him if it was okay be her. They then kissed.

Wilhelmina and Marc were safety back at the office. While she was pacing to and fro, livid that the photo shoot had been moved to Queens, Marc was on the phone with Amanda, telling her that she was off the “Thanksgiving break-in” hook but that it will cost her plenty. Amanda was ravaging a Christmas cake (in form of a house) at Betty’s house, while this conversation was going on.

Inside the Suarez house, Daniel told Betty that he had talked Sofia into staying and encourage her to take the job she offered. Betty told him that she couldn’t leave him but he said she deserved more and that he didn’t want to stay in her way. Betty was moved by this and she hugged him.

Marc picked up a call, it was the mystery woman. Marc marched to Willy’s office to announce that she has a call from an old friend from college, "which you never went to”! She asked Marc for privacy but he said there is no more secrets between them and Willy told the mystery woman that she’ll call her back.

She then asked what Marc wanted now that he knew she didn’t go to college. He keyed into this opportunity and replied that in return for keeping her secret, he wanted job security and a company credit card.

Daniel had left and the family were discussing excitedly about all that had happened and Betty told them about the other job offer. The door bell rang just then, and Ignacio standing up to answer it, told Betty not to spill the whole story until he got back. The opened the door to two immigration officers, who have come to inform him that he was under arrest! (ooh, no!)

Episode 51 - The Photo Shoot At Queens!

At Mode, the Boss, Betty was busy getting things together, with the costume and meeting with staff in the conference room, trying to create a concept – she wanted to depict Tim and Chloe as a 21st Century Adam and Eve in a jungle setting.

Marc and Willy trekked the streets not knowing where they were. Willy scolded Marc for not have any cash or ATM card on him. She, against Marc’s advise asked a pair of prostitutes for money, she introduced herself as Wilhelmina Slater of Mode but they didn’t seem to have heard that before.

The prostitutes looked at the white fur she put atop her suit and started feeling it greedily, telling themselves that it feels real and Willy, snatch it from their grip. Marc cleverly stepped in between them and they responded by reaching into their bras; maybe for knives or other weapon. They quickly took off at a sprint-pace!

Daniel was having a cosy moment decorating-tree with the Suarez family. Justin gave him the honour to hang a stocking on the tree and as he did that, his face became emotional and kept staring at the tree.

Then Hilda and Justin left Daniel and Ignacio alone. Daniel apologized to Ignacio, according to Daniel, for stepping in where he was not supposed to, but Ignacio thanked him for being there and told him that he’s going be a good father some day.

Betty called Daniel to update him with her concept and with how thing were going on at the office. As the spoke on the phone, he was watching, Justin, Hilda and Ignacio as they decorated the Christmas tree with so much love and dedication. Daniel suggested something simpler. He told Betty to get the whole crew (including Tim and Chloe) down to her house, that they were using her house for the shoot. Betty voiced out her thoughts to Christina, who was standing ear-to-ear with Betty, “I think he has started drinking again”. Daniel told her that “I heard that” and insisted that she get them down to her house, that he had an idea.

Betty and Sofia met again in the elevator and Betty asked her for a ride home.

Wilhelmina and Marc eventually found themselves in a church. Wilhelmina, was worried about how the photo-shoot was going and Marc told her Bruno was handling it, that she hired the best. That, didn’t stop her from still whinning about not being able to do her job anymore because she spend the whole time covering for Daniel all the time and accidentally (had a slip-of-the –mouth. Happens when one talks to much) said blotted out her plot to take over Meade Publications! She tried to cover up when Marc asked her what she just said and he gave the looks (y’know? Gotta).

Marc told her to stop being hard on herself and as he moved around touching things, he accidentally switch on a light beside a table on which an offering box was placed. Willy “Amen” and used the heel of her shoes to break the lock and as they peeped inside, Willy said, “Atleast that will take us back to civilization”. They stole all the money in the box – Marc stuffed some in both pockets while Willy stuffed the remaining inside her fur. They then looked at each other feeling guilty at what they just did and Wilhelmina dropped one of her diamond earring in the box.

They arrive at the Suarez's and they both still sat inside the car. Betty told Sofia that she didn’t want to be the one to tell Daniel that the next time he’ll see Sofia, she'll be someone's wife. Sofia looked at house and prepared herself to tell Daniel; she sprayed her mouth and looked somewhat sober that Betty asked if she was alright.

Inside Betty's house, everything was being prepared. Daniel gently pushed the curtain aside to peep at Sofia and Ignacio came behind him to have a look and to ask him, “Is that her?”. Daniel nodded and he told Daniel to go to her.

Episode 50 - Wilhelmina & Marc, Lost

Meanwhile, the Taxi driver has gotten lost in the streets and when Willy began insulting him, he pulled over and threw them out of his Cab. She and Marc got out in a hurry because the driver did as if he was going to bring out a gun or something, and in the process Will forgot her bag in the back of the cab. The Cab zoomed off and they were back where they started, even worse - stranded.

Betty was trying to get to Willy on the phone and she wasn’t picking it because she had forgot her bag int he Cab! Sofia tried to help Betty but Betty, in a spirit of loyalty declines and when Sofia didn’t let her be. Betty couldn’t take it anymore and busted her bubble by telling Sofia that because she had broken Daniel's heart, he had got himself drunk, and was now sick and her house. Amanda hurried in just then, interrupting this confrontational scenario, to announce that Baby Chutney had arrived and Betty said she’ll be with them in ten minutes.

At the Suarez house, Justin was seated on the rug with Daniel making miniature Christmas decorations and chit-chatting. But Santos was uncomfortable where he sat, he tried to get Justin to come out and play football, that he wanted him to be a “normal kid”, to get fresh air. But Justin wasn’t game and Daniel said Justin is a great kid and that he should be allowed to do what he enjoyed doing. But when Santos insisted, Hilda stepped in and they started arguing. She told Santos that Justin is comfortable with who he is and so is she, that he had no right castigating anyone now, not after raising him without him for three years. Santos was angry and upset, he said 'adios' (meaning goodbye in Spanish) and walked out. Ignacio watched the whole scenario, worried as he looked at the pain on his daughter face (He has feared this was going to happen).

Daniel felt guilty for speaking up for Justin. He stayed with Justin, feeling sorry for him but Justin didn’t utter a word after what transpired between his parents, (poor Justin) he just keep on making ornaments for the Christmas tree. (He masked his pain well, this boy has a grown mind already).