Friday, October 05, 2007

Love In the Attic

Thanks to Omodesola, my sweet friend, I got a glimpse of what is in store for Angela and Antonio. This unique couple sowed the seed of puppy love, and strangely, it germinated into a mighty love oak.

Many of us had our innocent puppy loves in our childhood and pre-teen years, but that is what it was... INNOCENT! As we grew old, we became adjusted to the reality of opposite sex attraction, and our adult beliefs and convictions, our locations and educations, our experiences and love trials, in many ways, amended and modified our dating partners and final choice of life partners.

In the course of that love journey, many tender plants of puppy love whither and died, under the scorching sun and climate of cupid realities. So, it is really in strange and unique circumstances that made puppy loves of yesteryears to survive, and mature under the gentle guiding hands of fate, to become a giant love Oak. That is what Antonio's and Angela's was, and still is.

Taking the 'Angel' to bed may be a daunting task, but it did happened between Antonio and Angela, the attic. The irresistible bond of love drew up them there and, without regret, they fell on the bed and took a cupid dive. No wonder Andre Corona spoke of Angela's eyes gleaming with love. Yes, she is satiated and fulfilled for now, we should be prepared for cupid ambushes though, in the course of this telenovela.

We would be keeping a close watch over the cupid-stricken couple throughout this telenovela. Their love did not go without its own trials, particularly when that dyed-in-the-wool adulteress, Isabel, began to woo and openly seduce Antonio. Keep watching...

Making Consuelo Love-Dizzy

One of the light humors in the el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela is theatrical Simon, the second son of Abigail, the house keeper. Simon was also a protege of the 'late' Pedro Donoso, and worked in his factory. He is reputed for his hyperactive libido with women. He doesn't spare the maids in the house.

Simon got entangled with a lady in the factory, called Consuelo, far advanced in experience and wiles. He has a great passion for her. Started keeping late bnights with her by going to movies and the cinema. I could smell fierce battle between this duo in the future. But for now, Consuelo is the soul-mate of Simon.

Simon is passion-drunk for Consuelo, that he literally bathed himself with cologne in one of his special visits to her. Even Abigail wondered where he was going with the overdose of cologne that was so dizzying. He laughed and confirmed that it was puposed to make Consuelo dizzy with love.

It is said that Valeria later fell in love with Simon. This would naturally spell trouble between Valeria and Consuelo for the soul of Simon. I would not be surprised if Consuelo conspired with Andre Korona to battle Valeria and Simon later in the telenovela.

Another Consuelo here may be playing a villain just like the one in the gardener's daughter (la hija del jardinero) telenovela.