Thursday, October 09, 2008

Snippet 35 - Ugly Betty Enjoys 3-Star Massage

Betty was seated on her bed in a bathrobe. She wanted to watch the TV but mistakenly channel she didn’t was and when she couldn’t change it she closed the remotely controlled door (hiding the flat screen) manually! The doorbell rang and the massage guy came in. Betty was expecting a lady but he was told they were all booked! She was wide-eyed when he told her to disrobe while he set up the table!

Daniel was still at his desk at night reading Sofia’s book (Girls Like it On Top) and watching Sofia who was busy in the Conference room. He saw her touching another lady’s breast and he quickly jumped from his desk, hid behind the wall to watch. He then bumped in on them and started blabbering that if they needed a man’s perspective….. Sofia at first ignored him, then she informed him they were doing a write up on breast reconstruction for recovering women (who had their breast removed due to cancer, I presume). He looked totally stupid and quickly made his exit.

Betty was undergoing her massage with her glasses on, still taking notes. She covered herself from shoulder blades down while taking her massage! Just then, the door bell rang and the tall, good looking guy opened the door to Walter. He had flower in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other and a smile on his face which quickly disappeared the moment he saw who was at the door. “What’s going on here?” was the next thing Betty heard.

Hilda went in search of Santos to ask him for help with the money reminding him that she had never asked him for a cent before. He did give her half of the money right there but requested to see his son in return.

Betty explained the situation to Walter who was winning “I don’t like strange, tall, muscle guy touching you”. Betty finally convinced her jealous boyfriend, thanked the massage guy as he left. She asked Walter about Atlantic City and he said he changed his mind because he wanted to spend time with her no matter where. He even complimented her hotel room. Betty had to change for dinner and told him to change into something more cultured than the jeans & t-shirt he was wearing but he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina was giving Ted a low-down on Mode while giving him a tour. (Even Mode’s lobby was decorated with figures of animals) Wilhelmina told him that she had made reservations for them but the wild Texan had a favourite spot he wanted them to go to. It was a rowdy, noisy bar. Wilhelmina in an exasperated tone said, “We are in Kansas” as she and Marc stood at the entrance still wondering at the wildest they were seeing. Someone threw a bra which landed on Marc’s shoulders. He quickly plucked it away as if it was a poisonous spider.

Betty and Walter got to the dinning 15 minutes late and they were told by the lady in charge that they were fully booked. Walter, who was obviously not comfortable in the settings, suggested they go back to the room, order room service, snuggle-up and be romantic.

Snippet 34 - Ugly Betty Reviews A Hotel

On Betty’s arrival at the hotel, the staff at the front desk ignored her at first but on learning that she was from Mode, his attitude towards her changed. She (being the eater), picked an apple on the front desk thinking it was real and he politely told her it was not. She kept looking round and as she sat on decorative chair in the hotel lobby, she went spirally inside it.

Daniel got off the lift at Mode; he didn’t look where he was going because he was so caught up with the book he was reading. He bumped into a guy and one of the books fell to the floor. As he bent to pick it, a lady in black suede high heels planted her feet in front of him in such a way that the book was in the middle of both feet – it was Sofia Reyes. On her enquiry, Daniel told her he was doing a research on women who tease their way to the top and the he had quotes! She replied that he didn’t know her at all; that he was a presumptuous ass……, the rest of it was in Spanish (she was obviously angry). Daniel laughed quietly, happy to have punched her back for once.

Betty looked around her suite after and threw herself on the bed saying she was in heaven.

Wilhelmina was at Christina’s trying to choose what to wear to receive the Ted Labow (hope I got the spelling correctly, the Texan Mode wanted her to host. She condemned the clothes on display.

Meanwhile, Betty got busy observing her room and the view and making notes. She called room service and ordered for a message while happily savouring a strawberry.

Wilhelmina and Marc were in her office waiting to receive their guest. Wilhelmina was still checking out the skirt suit she wore, while Marc was scattering Texan decorative items around the office. Amanda called to inform her that Ted had arrived and she instructed Marc to go and lead him in. While Wilhelmina was laying a beautiful mat on the floor, Marc led Mr. Labow in. He was taken by Wilhelmina’s beauty and he held on to her hand, complimenting her style. He looked around the office admiring the decorations and they talked for a little while, flirting with each other.