Friday, September 28, 2007

A Lover or Viper?

'Jest-Ika', that is what my husband rechristened the villain of the telenovela Catalina y Sebastian. The word "Ika" means WICKED. I keep asking myself, Is this another face of love? I knew of Emilia who truly 'loved' or was obsessed with Sebastian, but all her tantrums were solely directed at hurting Catalina, not Sebastian directly.

Having given GOOGLE her day, yesterday, let us resume telenovela today.

Jessica was a mocker and hidden viper, making jest of Sebastian, and plotting wickedness to disinherit him, so that he would crawl back to her and fall in 'love' with her. The deep dirt that she had to rake up to 'conquer' Sebastian. Only a degenerate b*tch could have gone to that extent.

Lupe and Silvia were a pathetic case. Being a cheap captive of their own elusive illusions. I believe, without doubt that this telenovela was meant to show us the many faces of what most of us call love. True Love is gentle, Love does not envy, Love does not puff or boasts, True Love does not think evil or rejoice and plot wickedness, Love is not easily provoked, Love is not selfish or obsessive, True Love is Unfailing or never fails.

Of all these attributes of Love, I think the Never-failing one is the one that CATALINA stuck to and exhibited through out the telenovela episodes.

It was the selfish dimension that Silvia radiates and which eventually propelled her to plastic surgery which ultimately lead to her death. She was obsessed with what was never hers and eventually possessed it. By the time Eduardo separated from her, she suffered a heart-attack which ultimately killed her.