Monday, September 04, 2006

Episode 9: Moments of Truths

Tonite's episode was a big drama. How art the mighty weeping! It is a spectacle to see the stubborn and strong-willed Don Fernando Elcantara, broke down and wept secretly for his 18-year indiscretion of sending his pregnant daughter Amelia, out of his life. It was also another moment of truth for Luis Alejandro who through Don, discovered that he had a child by Amelia, and Don has decided to secretly without Consuela's knowledge, will all his fortune for this grandaughter. Don had come to him to discretely enlist the services of a detective to seek out his 'lost' daughter- Amelia and his unknown grand daughter Luisa. He said with soberity to himself after Don left his office: "So, Consuela deceived me; Amelia didn't have an abortion afterall; So, I have a daughter".

Another momemt of truth came, this time, it is Jennifer turn, as she discovered that she can no longer use her enraptured beauty to manipulate Carlos, and she might be losing him to another woman. Carlos had asked her to let them call their relationship quits. The river of truth also swept through Carlos' heart as he confesses Luisa Fernanda to 'Nana' Rosario- his mom's old maid, as his true and only real love, and not the georgeously ravishing Jennifer de la Vega.
Carlos confessed to the old maid- Rosario that Luisa is not just another adventure. He said of Luisa Fernanda with tears almost streaming from his eyes: "she is different, she is under my skin, she is inside my heart". The family get-together dinner organised by Marissa was a sham as the purpose of it (bringing Jennifer and Carlos together in re-union and fence-mending) was defeated. Carlos refused all entreaties to join them for the dinner downstairs. When his mom, Marissa came upstairs to persuade him to join them he confronted her with another statement of truth: "I don't want to be anywhere near your husband; if you don't want to get upset, don't ask me why". Marissa, afraid of the unknown was silenced and went back to dinner leaving his son in his bed-room.

Carlos stole the best minutes of the next day to wait for Luisa at the school gate. When Luisa asked him why he came, he confessed that it is just to see her, even if it is for 5 minutes! So they both went to a nearby restaurant to sip coffee and for love chat. Their growing love for each other is becoming a danger that may deeply hurt their best friends- Vanessa and Augusto. They were wondering how they could disentangle these 'dreamers' from their respective 'dreams' with minimal hurts, because, sooner or later they both would know the truth.

The conspiratorial and scheming couple- Consuela and Heriberto had their own fight in tonite's episode. Don has declined the offer to sell his Estate at Hacienda, based on the report faxed by Luis Alejandro. The L.A. report exposed the offer as a scandalous rip-off and the price of the Estate is far worth more than the offer brought by Heriberto's '419' friends. Heriberto was mad with his wife, Consuela, for bringing her 'genius lawyer friend', who ended up exposing their scam. He asked what the name of the man is, if he can meet him to amend his report. Heriberto was shocked to know that he was Luis Alejandro Montero.

With his mind full of subtlety, he told his wife that L.A's face adorn the front pages of society magazines daily and that he is married to a banking baroness, Marissa Gomez Ruiz who owns the Metropolitan bank which she inherited from her late husband. This is not surprising coming from a scammer- they are mostly an intelligent walking encyclopedia of Big names and Big business which are often their prime targets. At this news, Consuela now nodded with a knowing, why L.A. is not ready for an affair with her. Luis Alejandro already has a gold mine where he is minning gold from, why would he be interested in exploring another mine. I personally would not be surprised if this evil architect- Consuela devices to blackmail L.A. into playing amorous games with her; future episodes would tell if this prognosis would come true. Heriberto now began to device how to "forge a frienship" with L.A's family. He quickly came up with plans to invite them for a family dinner. after knowing through Consuela that the man had a 'son' who is about 25 years old he quickly suggested bringing his daughter, Vanessa to the dinner hoping to match-make them. Consuela agreed to this plan obviously because she had her own hidden agenda.

After much persuation by Rigoberto, Consuela agreed to search out Amelia and Pedro. She found them, Amelia was so joyful for this first visit by her younger sister after 18 years. Consuela told her that Don still hates her, and there is no hope for their reconcilliation. She obviously plotted this statement to further build an impregnable barrier between father (Don) and his 'princess' daughter (Amelia). So that her return to the family would not threaten her inheritance plans. Amelia was sad but still told Consuela that the reason why she called, was to raise a small loan from her. The schemer in Consuela enquired and found out Luisa fernanda's picture on the table. Now she knows the young lady anytime she meets her anywhere.

Bravo Nigerians: Jardinero's Daughter is Truly Yours
In about a week since this blog's debut we have had a 'crowd' of 160+ that peaked at almost 40 in one day. Nigerians truly proved that this Mexican soap is theirs for now as about 64% of our guests are Nigerians-at-home. 'God's own country'- the U.S.A came second with 9% followed by (...imagine) Kazakhstan (Nigerians-abroad), and of course Ghana, Kenya...19 other countries have shown interest in this blog.

We have had peak-hour visitations between 7 - 9 am from banking and other corporate institutions' websites. This must have been from those who close late and never got home until the wee hours of 10 - 11 p.m. daily. We are happy to be of service to you, so you can catch up on what episode you missed on the gardener's daughter tv serial the previous nite. We pray that we would be able to sustain the momentum as the weeks grows into months...