Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gardener's Daughter Storms 72 Countries

Mariana Ochoa, star actress of "La hija del Jardinero", just finished another block burster soap opera titled "Love Without Conditions" and is already sold-out in 72 nations of three continents of Americas, Asia and Europe. According to a translated version of Yahoo Mexico News
The telemovie serial is reputed to be more successful than "The Gardener's Daughter". Previews of the new soap- "Love Without Conditions" rated it to have more entertainment value than La Hija. Malaysia received and embraced "The Gardener's Daughter" so much, to the point that, Mariana Ochoa had to go physically there in 2004 to appreciate and interact with millions of her fans who made "The Gardener's Daughter" a huge success there.

The question that bothers my mind is: Why is Nigeria, reputed to be the 3rd largest producer of movies lacking both in consumption and freshness of Latin Movies. For example, "The Gardener's Daughter", which is just debuting in Nigeria, is three years old. I wonder when the latest "Love Without Conditions" would get to viewers and lovers of the Mexican telenovela in Nigeria?- 2009?

We wish Mariana Ochoa well, in her promotion of her work, but please let Nigeria be reckoned in the map of good telenovela arena. Nigeria should have been one of the 72 countries where this new soap- "Love Without Conditions" is being simultaneously aired. Let's keep up our vigil for reckoning.

Episode 11: A Dribble in The Garden's Pitch?

I am not much of a football fan, I feel it is a muscular game of men and for men. Don't ask me about the exploits of the Falconets in African female football. Yesternite, there was a dribble over the airing the Gardener's Daughter (La Hija del jardinero). The dribble happened right on the Garden's soft ground which was turned into a football pitch. Hear the rest of the story:

As at 6 p.m. in the evening yesterday, my three kids were still watching their SpaceToon cartoon. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for my hubby who hasn't arrived from work. At 7 p.m. I asked them to change channel to AIT (short for- African Independent Television: Nigeria's largest Private television station), The News was unusually early, so I got the signal that AIT might be showing La Hija del Jardinero (The Gardener's Daughter), by 8 p.m. - an hour earlier than normal time of 9 p.m. At eight O'Clock The European Football match started...ooops! I patiently waited for the end of the match at 10 p.m. After the match, The Gulder Ultimate Search III, was what came on air. This I have watched an hour earlier on Silverbird Television. My fanaticism won't give up. At 11 p.m. it was another latin soap, not so facinating, that was aired till midnite.

Now what happened to episode 11 of this Mexican telenovela? I called my friend on my gsm to enquire what went wrong, she told me it is possible that AIT might have dribbled many of us by airing episode 11 at 6 p.m. She missed it too. I want to believe that AIT was so choked up with paid programs yesternight that, It did not show episode 11 of La hija del Jardinero. Whatever it is we would know the truth tonite. The world is watching us to know if we are better in consistency in airing television soap serials.