Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Angelina Catalina!

Angelina CatalinaThe drama of Catalina y Sebastian is now accentuated by the spasm of emotional force that binds the two lovers together despite the stirred hatred between them. Catalina loungs for affection and tender love. She strongly suspected that Sebastian possessed the reservoir to quench her passionate lounging for love and protection.

She sought him out, when she learnt that he was in the city. She appeared like an angel in his trobuled soul, and begged him to 'take' her. "... make me a woman", that was her desperate soul cry to Sebastian.

Sebastian was ready to do everything and anything but have sex with her! He had initially thought she was a slut and a cheat, because of the background of her wayward family, presided over by 'Queen' Adela. She however defended her virtue and morality, saying that no man has ever slept with her! This confident declaration about her unblemished virginity stirred up, and tormented Sebastian's emotional curiosity.

Time, (and not sex), is what Sebastian needed to really proof the virtues of Catalina. AndTime, is what all his enemies would not give him. The conspirators were determined to abort this 'made-from-heaven' relationship.

The telenovela script was slightly compromised yesterday, when Sebastian, a self-professed poor foreman bought off the Negrette penthouse in order to impress (punish?) his wife and her family. Unfortunately Catalina was not moved by such financial braggadocio. er angelic soul does not crave for material luxury, as Sebastine seems to have misunderstood her.

The desperation of Sebastian has blinded him to the inestimable moral wealth of angel Catalina, whom he still did not know well. It seems like he is now trying to get his bruised ego mollified. He has missed the point entirely. He is no longer pursuing love (because love forgives), it has become an ego battle, which he wants to win, at all financial cost. What do you think?

I have added more episodes in our journey to complete the full story of Catalina y Sebastian- Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16, Episode 17, Episode 18, ...

We won't tire out in the effort to complete the full story of Catalina y Sebastian. The best answer to our articulate and statistical skeptics is to churn out and pump up more of these telenovela episodes for the entertainment of our fans.

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El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance)

When an old, stupendously wealthy septuagenarian 'falls' in love with an ambitious and calculating girl, old enough to be his daughter, then it is as good for that man as falling into his sudden grave.

That is exactly what happened in the latest and current Telenovela which debuted in Nigeria last night on Galaxy Television. (Monday to Wednesday 8:30-9:30 p.m.)

This is to welcome "El Cuerpo del Deseo" telenovela, I wonder why they call it SECOND CHANCE (because that was not the English translation). It actually means- "The Body of Desire". For those mystics who believe in reincarnation, this soap opera produced by Telemundo, would be a salacious feast.

Led by Mexican telenovela icon, Andrés García, popular actor Mario Cimarro, actress Lorena Rojas and Martín Karpan.

The first episode showed Don Pedro Jose Donoso as he woke up from a recurring nightmare. Always seeing a young, muscular peasant (Salvador), hard-working on a farm, in his dreams.

His butler (Walter), woke him to remind him that today was his wedding to his former secretary (Isabel Arroyo). His spiritual and psychic consultant (Gayétana), stormed into his dressing room to warn him not to proceed with that wedding because he was about to be joined with a venomous serpent.

He disagreed with Gayétana, and broke off relationship with the spiritualist, paying her off. To almost everybody around, they knew this 'marriage' would be the worst mistake of Don Pedro.

Angela, his only daughter, described by many as wild, bitter, rebellious and, truly beautiful (like her late mother- Catalina), was speeding home from Europe, to stop or dissuade her father, Don Pedro, from marrying a gold-digging bitch. Pedro had written to Angela that he wanted the marriage to quench old-age loneliness. He saw Isabel as a young talented executive in his company. He described her a sincere and selfless, who want nothing but moral support from him. (Perfect deception!).

By the time Angela arrived, the wedding had been concluded, she met them at the reception. Angela declared an implacable war upon being introduced by her father to Isabel. She said that Isabel cannot replace her mother because she is phony, and cannot be her step-mother.

At the reception, some of the co-workers of Isabel, led by Liborio, acknowledged her extreme beauty and extreme cunning, saying she married the old man for his money. Andrés the secret plotter and lover of Isabel, was offended and lambasted them for their gossips. He was the general manager of the conglomerate and personal assistant (Right-hand man) of Don Pedro.

As argument became hotter between Pedro and Angela, she broke off all relationship with her father, saying: "... forget you ever had a daughter", and walked down the stairs. Pedro could not bear the renunciation by his daughter, he ran after her, calling her name, in the process, he suffered another round of heart-attack, and fell to the grave, ... sorry..., to the ground, and was rushed by an Ambulance to the hospital, where he recovered two days later.

While he was recuperating in the hospital, his new 'wife' was rampaging in an orgy of sexual escapades with her ambitious and equally ruthless lover, in the factory..., right on the table improvised as a bed, in the office of the general manager. What a way to manage honeymoon for for a convalescing boss and husband.

This telenovela promises to be a burster because it the latest, less than two years old. It is a 155 episode soapie. I can already see other popular faces like Ana Silvetti a.k.a Abigail the house-keeper. She played the role of the god-mother of Rebeca and Martin in "REBECA" telenovela and also the mother of Antonio Rodolfo in La Mujer de Mi Vida (The Woman of My Life).

For those of us who would want to read the full story el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), from here till the end, as I update them, please go to: my new, improved MEGA Telenovela Love Stories Blog.

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