Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Would You Go With Us?

Pedro succeeded in persuading L.F to escort Alfredo to La Paz. But the drama did not end there, L.F wanted Xochil, to join them on the trip. Scheming Alfredo made faces and signaled to Xochil to reject the offer.

That million Dollar question was all Xochil needed, it was a tacit endorsement of her love ambition for Alfredo by L.F. I strongly suspect that L.F is preparing an emotional trap for Alfredo, by insisting that a 'self-confessed-lover' of Alfredo, like Xochil should follow them on the trip, ... (unmmm wise girl). Never mind what Alfredo schemed, Xochil was included in that team on their trip to la Paz. And, ... things happened in La Paz that mouth cannot describe.

Lupe behaved typically like many of us women, when we are 'madly' in love. Just one night love-making with Mr. Ordonez has changed the man's status and nomenclature. She now calls him adorably by his hitherto, unknown name, ANTONIO. No more Mr. Ordonez. We knew him as Mr. Lic Ordonez, but now, thanks to Lupe, he is now ANTONIO. Every lover out there that desires a 'change of name', (you know what 'change' I mean), The God that visited, abandoned Lupe and scorned Ordonez (sorry, Antonio), would surely visit you too.

I pity many men who lose their 'titles' on the bed with the women who have always 'respected' them. For me, it was just normal and fondly to call your hubby by his first name. It does not mean a desecration of the man's dignity or position, it means adoration. The man even declared to her, to confirm the irrefutable affection between them, saying, " ... we were born for each other ... ". Lucky Lupe, accept my congratulations!

It is noteworthy to mention that our popular and handsome telenovela actor, Rodrigo Abed, popularly known as the notorious "Fabian" of the Cuando Seas Mia (When You are Mine) fame, would begin his appearance in the gardener's daughter from the next two episodes 127 and 128. This time he was an Modeling agency promoter. He fell in love with a wrong woman, Jennifer. Just as he did with a wrong woman "Babara", in Cuando Seas Mia. He was her agent.

I have been able to post yesternite, the episode 56 of ESMERALDA, I had to break it into pieces so you can 'chew' it well. I hope to post the remaining three episodes later today.