Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prelude to the Altar

It was battle royale when Silvia told Eduardo that the the new gym which she purchased to buy his love, would be in her name. She told him that she had to do that because she doesn't want him running amok with Catalina, whom, by the way, she had just 'paid off' with a huge sum of money to disappear from Mexico.

Eduardo told her that Catalina was too decent to collect bribe from Silvia, and he stormed out of the house in anger.

Emilia was not done, she got to know that Catalina's parents swindled Silvia. She also gave a cunning counsel to Silvia. She told her to put Eduardo's name as the owner of the gym but add a clause that would make Eduardo to be stripped of ownership of the gym anytime he divorce him for any other woman. Silvia was exceedingly glad.

Emilia further went to Eduardo, stirring up trouble by lying to him that Catalina confided in her that she was still in love with him. Eduardo was not surprised and did not know that Emilia was playing and preying on his feelings for Catalina. He promised himself to visit Catalina to re-address their relationship.

Patricia, warned her best friend, Silvia, to stop her heavy spendings on Eduardo so she would not go bankrupt.

As the wedding of the season approached, Catalina, Sebastian and Adela went shopping for the wedding accessories and dresses for Martina too.

Carmelo's dreams were shattered at the breakfast table next day when he impulsively asked Guadalupe how he would share his estate in his will. Lupe simply told him that it was obvious, half to Sebastian, half to Martina. Carmelo was crestfallen and crept back into his cowardly hole.

At last Romero summoned courage and rushed to propose to Martina to be his girlfriend. He was afraid that if he did not do it now, some wise and sharp city guys coming for the Sebastian and Catalina wedding in the ranch, may take advantage to woo Martina, she said YES! to this age-long expected proposition of Romero.

Catalina was shocked to learn from Alicia that her parents had gone to swindle Silvia of a huge some of money, in the hope of making her to forget about Eduardo. She confronted them, but they apologized, saying they needed that money to prepare for her wedding.