Monday, October 20, 2008

Snippet 45 - Daniel in Ugly Betty's Bed!

Daniel woke up the next day in Ugly Betty’s bed! He at first thought something had happened between him & Betty when she joked that she spent the night in his arms! But, she allayed his fear when she said it was a joke. He grumbled to her about Sofia and her boyfriend, how he wasn’t the guy for her and so on. He was down because he had lost her. Betty gave him a pep talk and told him that everything could change in a short time. He tried to get up but realized that he had a serious hang-over.

Wilhelmina was in her office with Marc grilling him about who barged into her office during the holiday. He denied being in the office at the time and asked what really happened. Wilhelmina told him that they ate their way through 6 gift baskets, rumbled through her drawers and made phone calls from her desk.

Marc with pretentious righteousness said, “What’s wrong with people? Couldn’t they be satisfied with watching the Parade”. But, the smart Wilhelmina could read through his pretence. She showed him the Cashew nut she found and he had a flash-back of what happened. She asked him that which of the staff eats something with a high fat content as Cashew, handling the nut to him. Marc, dumfounded kept mumbling without any forthcoming answer. (He knew that Wilhelmina knew it was Amanda and that he was her best pal and the she couldn’t be in her office if Marc wasn’t there).

The phone rang and he wanted to attend to it as an escape but Willy answered it, it was Bradford. He just stood there looking at the Cashew nut.

At the Suarez house, Betty told her father to allow Daniel stay in bed longer to get over the hang over.

She got to the office and met Sofia dropping a note on Daniel’s desk. Sofia told her she was getting married that weekend. Betty congratulated her but didn’t seem so enthusiastic about it. Sofia confided in Betty that she was in love with Daniel and that got Betty’s attention. Betty couldn’t hide her anxiety and she asked if Sofia had told Daniel how she felt.

What is Sofia playing at? I hope she is not the same case at that of another fascinating telenovela – Rubi.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Snippet 44 - Thanksgiving, In Various Shades on 'Ugly Betty'

She told Daniel that she found a ring in Hunter’s dresser that morning. Daniel asked if that was what she wanted and she said she was an old-fashion girl who wanted marriage, white elaborate wedding and lots of babies. That Hunter was offering her that but she doesn’t think Daniel was ready to commit yet. He responded that she didn’t know him well enough. She challenged him to stop her from going back to the club if he was ready but he just smiled as she took her leave.

By the time Wilhelmina changed and came back to the kitchen, she met Nico lighting the candles. Wilhelmina asked, “What’s all this?” Nico told her that it she wasn’t going out for a while, so, she thought she could have a snack. (Simply Charming, right?) She asked her mum to join her but Willy said she already had plans in a not-too-convincing tone. She didn’t need much persuasion before she pitched in. Nico, with a charming smile told her mum that she didn’t believe she cooked for her. She said it was nothing. Nico thank her mum and they both settled down to enjoy their meal while catching up.

Betty was making their mum’s favourite dessert while Hilda blamed herself for not checking Leah out. Betty comforted her that it could happen to anybody, that she was trying to help. Hilda told Betty that it was time for her to have time for herself life and that they had to stop relying on her too much. Betty’s phone rang and it was Daniel’s number, again.

Marc and Amanda ransacked Wilhelmina’s desk and the found the number of the mystery caller. Amanda dialed it and when the mystery woman was put through, they dropped the receiver out of fear and rushed out of the office. Wilhelmina learnt what happened when the woman called her at her dinner table, she was shocked.

Betty got to the pub and enquired from the bar man. He handed Daniel’s phone to her; he actually dialed Betty’s number from Daniel’s phone when he saw that he had gotten beyond control. Betty had to support Daniel out of the pub, he was dead-drunk.

At the cemetery, Bradford’s private eye whom he wanted to be rid of was in Fey’s coffins alive, crying for help but there was no one around - it was Thanksgiving night!

Snippet 43 - Ugly Betty & Family Duped

At the Suarez’s’, Lear was leaving, so Hilda and Ignacio saw her to the door, they both told her how much they needed her help. Betty was sitting on the couch with Walter fidgeting. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she rushed to the door and confronted Lear. Lear told Betty that the woman was alcoholic and she wasn’t interested in helping alcoholic person gain custody of children who she had often times abandoned at home while clubbing. And, that the money she accused her of stealing was only sufficient for filing the case that was before she opted out. Betty apologized and left, embarrassed. Lear pretended to return the money but Hilda and Ignacio insisted that she wanted her to handle the case, that the needed her. They even invited her to join them for Thanksgiving dinner that night and she promised to be there.

Bradford called his private eye and told him to meet him at the cemetery that night that he had to find out if Fey was really alive.

That evening Hilda and her family including their guests, Christina and Santos, were all at the well-laid Thanksgiving dinner table waiting for Lear. Betty got a call from Daniel requesting her to teach him how to dance Salsa on the phone! She tried her best and taught him the basic step. Daniel got to the men’s toilet and retreated when he saw Hunter already there but he called Daniel back. This Hunter guy is really getting under Daniel’s skin. He even peeped at Hunter in the bathroom!

The Suarez’s and their guests, all hungry, were still waiting for Lear to show up. Hilda was getting very nervous.

At the Mexican club, Daniel asked Sofia for a dance, displaying the steps he JUST learned from Betty. Hunter (like his name implies) moved in from behind Sofia and swept her off her feet in a swirl of fascinating dance moves – Salsa. Daniel looked on with wide eyes and mouth – he just realized he was no match for Hunter in every aspect. The dance ended and Sofia told Daniel he was next as she moved on to the ladies I presume. Hunter laughed with satisfaction, having enjoyed the dance. Daniel asked, “What the hell was that? I thought you are a lousy dancer?” Hunter told Daniel he was a Ballroom Dance Champion in 1988 and that really got to Daniel.

Bradford got to the cemetery where Fey’s coffin was, with his private eye, he accused him of not doing a good job of investigation whether she was really alive or not. Bradford opened the coffin and it was empty. The man asked where the body was and Bradford accused him of working for Fey the whole time which he denied. Another man (whom Bradford called earlier) showed up, who Bradford has hired to clean up his mess – the private eye. Bradford left the men there and walked out.

At Betty’s house, she was in the kitchen stirring the gravy on the stove when Hilda walked in to tell her that she had called all Leah’s number and they were disconnected. She admitted that Betty warned her.

Daniel got into his car and told the driver “get me the hell out of here”. Sofia opened the door and told him that they needed to talk. Daniel told her to forget it and he wanted to shut the door on her but she restrained him and pushed him in so that she could sit beside him in the car. Before she could say anything, Daniel started kissing her and asked her to tell him that didn’t mean anything. She said she couldn’t. He then asked her way she was with Hunter and she told him that she loved Hunter.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Snippet 42 - Daniel Competes In The Love Game

He man introduced himself as Gordon Levee (hope my spelling is correct), an editor of a magazine and Daniel’s confidence faded away.
Sofia then said “Hunter’s over there”, pointing to where Hunter was – talking and laughing with guests. Daniel turned to look at Hunter…… he saw a tall, blond, gorgeous guy! Ted gushed, “Men how are guys like us supposed to score with someone like him around”. I bet that added salt to Daniel’s injury because his face was a picture of total defeat.

Wilhelmina tried cooking in her kitchen but had a challenge with the Turkey. She gushed “desperate times calls for desperate measures”. So, she called a lady chef to help her out, explaining to her that, “the bird still had its luggage inside”. The lady did not believe that Slater was actually cooking but gave her instructions which Slater didn’t find funny at all.

Hunter got the whole guests entranced by his story which made every one laugh – Daniel forced himself to laugh too. Daniel asked where they met and they both looked at each other like two love birds and they narrated their meeting on a plane from Kenya. She had gone for a photo-shoot while he was returning home from working for the Peace Corps. They reminisced on sharing each other’s notes and kissed. Daniel wanted to know more. So, Hunter told him that apart from modeling and racing with sport cars, he wanted more from life, so, he set up an irrigation program in Africa to help kids have access to fresh water. He got teary and Sofia held him to comfort him, everyone was taken by his story. But, Daniel was not going to be left out; he also wanted to look like a hero. So, he cooked up a story about helping some kids on 76th Street to open a fire Hydrant and that when they saw water, woah….. (Oh no!). That was as far as he got. Every one looked at him; they knew that he was lying. He succeeded in making a complete fool of himself.

Bradford went to the buffet table to get himself more wine. As he was about pouring serving himself, a woman dressed like Fey passed by the door through of the room (through which he came in), making sure he saw her before moving away. He called, “Fey?” but got no response. He quickly went to his wife to tell her that he say Fey. Claire pleaded with him not to do this to her but he insisted that he saw her. Claire got him a drink and when Daniel enquired about what was going on, she told him that Bradford had had too much to drink as she led him away carrying a glass of drink which Daniel tried to retrieve from her but she cleverly move away from his reach.

Nico got home and met Wilhelmina in the kitchen wearing an apron. She asked if her mum was lost because she never cooked. Nico wished her happy thanksgiving, blew her a kiss and said she was on her way to a concert. She lied to her mother that that was why she was in the city because she assumed that her mum already had plans. Wilhelmina said she had a thanksgiving to attend but looked disappointed and Nico asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine, that she made Nico some snack in case she got hungry. She then said she needed to go and change. After she left the kitchen, Nico move towards the set table and saw that it was a thanksgiving dinner, set for two!

Marc and his accomplice, Amanda were still in the office. They had changed into different outfits and were drunk. Marc told Amanda that he thinks Wilhelmina is a lesbian because she was always calling a woman on the phone. They both got curious as to who the woman was.

Hunter helped Gordon to put his neck back in place, it shifted, and his exclaimed “you are amazing!” All these were having adverse effect on Daniel. Sofia asked her boyfriend to take her to “that place I love but you never take me to” but he replied that he doesn’t know how to dance. Daniel quickly quipped, “I can dance, I’m good at dancing, I love dancing; I think the three of us should go dancing”. Sofia agreed that it was a great idea. Daniel smiled with accomplishment as if saying “you’re not getting rid of me so easily”.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snippet 41 - Ugly Betty's Thanksgiving Tainted

After that, she told him he was smart and handsome, an amazing person, wondering why he was so insecure around Sofia. This was the only woman that gotten under his skin so far. Betty then choose the purple shirt and left.

Hilda and Ignacio did the cooking while Justin helped to lay the table. He was excited that his father was coming and when he heard the door bell, he quickly rushed to the door. His father gave him the present he bought him and Hilda came to welcome him with a kiss, which Justin made sure he took in. Ignacio also came and stood at a little distance until Hilda gave him the “say hello dad” look. He then walked to Santos and shook his hands saying “Glad you could make it”.

Betty went to confirm from the woman Gina mentioned to her, that was defrauded by Lear and found out the truth.

Betty got home and was surprised to see Santos in her house. After exchanging pleasantries, she rushed to the kitchen and another surprise – Lear was already there! She was nervous as she watched Lear and did not hear what her father was telling her. She pulled Hilda by the hand and hurried her to her room to tell her what she just discovered. Hilda refused to believe Betty because the source was Gina Gambarro. She told Betty that she couldn’t handled it because she (Hilda) tackled the whole problem all by herself, the money and the lawyer and that she even helped her father with the cooking. That, Betty wasn’t the golden child anymore and that maybe they don’t need her help any more!

Amanda and Marc wore female costumes and danced as if they were in an opera. They then sat on the floor to talk and she got teary and said “Daniel”, Marc put his arms around her to comfort her. She blamed herself for being stupid, that she knew what the rules were and still fell in love with him even though she didn’t mean for it to happen.

Daniel got to his parents home and was welcomed by his mother with a kiss. The chit-chatted and his father joined in to wish them both happy thanksgiving. Daniel remarked that his father was being supportive by drinking Soda like his mum. Claire and Bradford clinked glass and wished each other happy thanksgiving but Daniel’s attention was already diverted. He saw Sofia just a little distance behind his father. She was talking and laughing with a balding man of late-forties in age. He answered that “I think it just got happier”, as he moves towards Sofia with a confident smile on his face. Sofia greeted with a “hey you” but Daniel who was more interested in getting rid of the man (he though he was Hunter), said “You must be Hunter, I’ve heard so much about you” (Sofia looked down, smiling knowingly), but the man said, “No, no”.

Snippet 40 - Ugly Betty - In The Spirit of Thanksgiving

At the Suarez house, Ignacio was watching a telenovela in which a reverend sister uncovers the lies of a wanted thief and murderer who pretended to be a reverend father. Lear was at the dinning with Hilda talking about Hilda’s single-mother status when Betty rushed in full of apologies for being late. Justin accused her of not being at his school’s concert which he said was ‘awesome’. She told him she will hear all about it as soon as she was back from shopping. She rushed into the kitchen and saw that Hilda had already done the shopping. Hilda, who wasn’t too happy that Betty was giving her job too much time but Betty reminded her that she was still going to do the cooking with her dad. Hilda responded that, that was possible if she wasn’t called from Mode for a fashion emergency. She complained about having to buy the last turkey and why Betty had to keep preparing a particular snack every year when no one eats them. Betty insisted that their mum made it every year, and that it was a tradition.

At Mode, the last to leave were the pairs of Wilhelmina and Christina, Bradford’s Assistant and another lady who were behind Slater and Christina as they waited for the lift. The women talked about their children and Bradford’s assistant couldn’t hide her delight at having her three grown-up sons with their girlfriends home for Thanksgiving. Christina and Wilhelmina exchange looks as they listened in. The lift opened and the women got in leaving Christina and Willy still standing outside the lift. Christina kept giving her the look but Wilhelmina snatched her dress from her, told her to stop looking at her as if she were a thanksgiving ghost and pushed her towards the lift with a “Good night”. But Christina, always one to speak her mind, looked up while gesticulating as if she was seeing a vision, “I see an old woman, all alone at a Thanksgiving table set for one” emphasizing “One” with her uplifted finger for Willy to see as the lift closed. The message was obviously driven home as Willy, looked around. She was standing there all alone. She felt the impact of Christina’s words. So, she brought out her cell phone and cancelled her engagement on the premise that Nico was coming home for Thanksgiving.

It was Thanksgiving morning. Betty rushed home from doing shopping and Gina Gambarro (you remember her neighbour with the flat screen?), who was also out for last-minute shopping, double-crossed her and enquired about her father’s immigration situation. Betty denied that she didn’t know what she was talking about. Gina told her that everyone in the neighbourhood already knows. She warned Betty to beware of the lawyer – Lear, that she was a fraud. She told Betty that she usually deceives people into believing she wanted to help and after collecting their money, she disappears!

Betty got inside her house and she got a call from Daniel saying he needed her, that it was an emergency! Hilda wasn’t happy as she reminded Betty about the cooking with her dad, Betty apologized and rushed off.

A parade was passing by Mode building while Marc and Amanda watched from Wilhelmina’s office – they had a table laid out with assorted food and wine, just for the two of them. They even saw Betty from there! Betty did not believe that Daniel called her to help him choose between a purple and a lemon green shirt to wear to his family’s thanksgiving (all because Sofia & her boyfriend was going to be there!). Betty asked why Daniel said it was an emergency and made her leave her family on a thanksgiving day because of his frivolous indecision, she was irritated. But the spoilt brat continued to insist that it was important. Can you believe that? Betty got up in a hurry to leave and Daniel told her that she hadn’t told him which shirt to wear and she let him have it – that she had her own life too and had family problems to attend to, who already think she is putting him ahead of them. After that, she told him he was smart and handsome, an amazing person, wondering why he was so insecure.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Snippet 39 - Daniel Suffers from Sofia Fever on Ugly Betty

Betty was at her desk playing solitaire when the phone rang, it was Hilda. She told Betty she was supposed to be home an hour ago and that the Thanksgiving shopping was yet to be done (Betty usually did it). Amanda came by prancing and looking at Daniel. Betty asked her about her the plans she had with her new boyfriend. She told Betty he called her an hour ago to say that he had to spend Thanksgiving with his wife & children. So, it was over between them.

Christiana came by to confirm the time Betty and her family would be having the Thanksgiving dinner because Betty invited her. After Christina left, Betty looked at the time and stood up with an frustrated sign and went into Daniel’s office. She asked if she could leave and he said okay. But, as she turned to go, he asked if she had seen Sofia or if she left any message for him. Betty replied that she was sorry, that there were no messages and that she had not seen Sofia. He complained to her about Sofia not telling him that she had a boyfriend. Betty who had been in a hurry, had to come back and asked Daniel if he was okay. She sat down and listened as he let out his frustrations about waiting all day for Sofia’s call and checking his e-mail time and time again.

Marc and Amanda agreed to meet at the office to celebrate their Thanksgiving there since they are both dates-less. He walked into Willy’s office to tell her that Nico was coming home for Thanksgiving. Wilhelmina said she already had plans and could not cancel it just to sit at home for a Thanksgiving. Christina, who had been fitting her with an outfit pricked her with the needle while Marc’s face showed displeasure at her response.

Betty finally left Daniel lying on the couch in his office. She told him he had to go to his family’s Thanksgiving but he said he was not going. Just then, Sofia popped her head by the wall and Daniel hurriedly pushed Betty out wishing her a nice Thanksgiving. Sofia apologized to Daniel on what transpired between them. She said what happened was unexpected and that they should be friends. Daniel nodded unconvincingly and they hugged and as he hands moved from her waist down, she extricated herself with “friends’ hands don’t go that far”. She asked if he would be at his family’s thanksgiving, that she was bringing her boyfriend, Hunter along. Daniel agreed that he’ll be there “of course”. She added that in a weird way, she feels Hunter and Daniel would get along fine. Daniel said “Yeah, Hunter, Hunter” as if he is already taking to him but he sounded unconvincing. Sofia then left and Daniel flopped down of the couch disappointed.

At the Suarez house, Ignacio was watching a telenovela in which a reverend sister uncovers the lies of a wanted thief and murderer who pretended to be a reverend father.

Snippet 38 - Sofia Stuns Daniel

Ted and Willy talked about Nico and parenting, being a father of teenage children himself. He advised her to try to make it up to Nico - try being a mother.

Betty got home and met Walter on the front porch. She gave him the fries & Burger. She made him understand that he was not going to lose her, that she was still a Queens’ girl, she only needed him to support her. They held on to each other as the sat there.

The next morning, as Betty and Ignacio left the kitchen to go to work, Hilda told Justin she had a surprise for Justin; she told him that his father was coming for Thanksgiving. He looked disappointed and told his mother that he’ll believe it when he sees him. She tried to cover up for him, saying he still loves him and that he came through for them with the money for his grand father’s case. Justin reluctantly agreed with a “Yeah, I guess”, but told her that Martha Steward would have been a better surprise.

At Mode, Daniel met Sofia in the conference room and he couldn’t keep his hands off her but she kept wriggling out of his grip. He asked her what she had been up to and she replied with a shocker, “I’ve been busy, with my boyfriend”. That left him standing there, perplexed.

Wilhelmina came in from shopping for the things Nico’s requested and a gift from Ted was already waiting for her – a white cow-girl boots. She packed Nico’s things and included the photograph of both of them that had been in her office, smiling thoughtfully to herself.
Daniel told Betty that her review was very good but he couldn’t use it. Why? Because it was “really you, not Mode”. She left his presence disappointed and went to tear-up in the bathroom. Sofia tracked her to the bathroom. She encouraged and boosted her moral. She then told Betty that she loved her article and that she was running it in her magazine. Betty was over the moon as she did a dance step in the bathroom.

(Anyone knows what it is called?).

Snippet 37 - Daniel & Sofia Tango in Ugly Betty

Daniel and Sofia were still at their game; playing and flirting while making small talks. Daniel asked her why she thinks he is a sexaholic, she declined answering him and gave up the game, that he had won. Daniel was not interested in winning as he asked her the question again and she replied that she never said it. The next thing… she started kissing Daniel and they moved to a discreet place part of the pub.

Hilda was upset and frustrated by being made to wait in vain. She vowed to grab Santos by his hair and drag him out if he ever showed up, she then left the house. Ignacio and Justin looked at each other, they knew she was only barking and would never bite.

Betty and Walter were served another course of their meal, he looked at it suspiciously as he had done the previous ones. He could not take it anymore, so he declared that he was not eating it and yelled, “I want real food, Betty!” Betty told him to keep his voice down because he was drawing attention to them but he called back the waiter as asked if he could get Burger and Fries! Betty couldn’t believe what he did and she told him so. He let out his pent up frustrations, and told her that he didn’t like the place and that he hated pretending to be somebody he was not. Betty realized he was indirectly addressing her and she angrily that he didn’t want her working in Mode and that maybe he didn’t belong there. He got up, removed the shirt he had been wearing, leaving the only t-shirt & jeans. He told Betty that he liked the Betty from Queens not the one from Mode, that Betty should tell the Queens’ Betty to call him if she sees her. Betty was embarrassed and unhappy at his outburst.

Betty was back in her hotel room putting together her review. She had ordered Fries & Burger. She thought Walter would be back as he usually does after such tantrums but he didn’t. So, she called his phone and left him a message.

Hilda got home late that night, dropped her bag on the kitchen table and once again checked. Santos was outside the back door, standing in the darkness. She told him he was late (Justin was already asleep) and that she had been all over the place looking for him. She asked him what he excuses were this time and he moved into good light – he had bruises all over his face – he had been beaten up by thugs because they wanted the money he gave to Hilda.

Wilhelmina took a mini glass of drink from the mid-riff of a club girl, with her mouth and upturned her head to empty it into her mouth like her guest had done earlier. He was impressed and clapped for her gleefully (Marc was no where to be found). Nico called and Willy asked if she got the care-package she sent her. She needed some other things which she wanted her mother to get for her and when Wilhelmina mentioned that she’ll sent Marc to get the things for her she hung up.

Hilda attended to Santos bruises and he apologized for letting his son down, that he didn’t want him to see him the way he was. Hilda said it was just a couple of bruises and little blood, that it’ll be gone before Thanksgiving and he could see him then. That was an invitation?

Snippet 36 - Ugly Betty In Mode Format

Betty answer was a “No, Walter, I have to eat here, this is my job”. She immediately turned Mode – she authoritatively informed the lady that she was from Mode and was there to review the hotel. That got it settled. The lady, after talking in whispers with another staff told Betty it was her mistake and led Betty to her table. Walter told transfixed for a few seconds still surprised at the ‘Mode’ attitude Betty just displayed. (She was dressed in her High School Prom dress!)

Hilda and her father were in the kitchen, at home. Ignacio asked what she had to do to get such money from Santos. She told him that he asked to see his son in exchange, that night. Ignacio replied that she was just asking for trouble.

Dinner was brought in for Sofia & her crew and on enquiry, none of them knew who ordered it. She knew it was Daniel. So, she served place both hers and Daniel’s on a tray and took it to his office herself. They ate together while making small talks. Daniel only took a spoon and went straight for a bottle of water. It was Mexican food and was pepper-hot, but Sofia ate it with relish because she is Mexican.

At the hotel restaurant, Walter looked through the menu and everything seemed strange to him he complained and decline helping Betty on the basis that he knew nothing about ‘Places like this’. He suggested they go back up stairs, order Burger & Fries and watch Cable but Betty refused, she had a job to do.

Willy & Marc were still keeping their guest company even though they seemed harassed by the display of outlandishness and wildness in the pub.

Daniel and Sofia went to a pub after their meal to play Poker. Sofia challenge him to a game which they betted on with money.

At the Suarez house, a telenovela was showing on the TV and Justin was seated on the couch. Hilda kept walking to and from the door, nervous and getting herself worked-up. Justin told her to forget about his father, that he was not coming. Ignacio, handed a bowl of food to Justin agreed with him, that it was best to forget it. Hilda was somewhat sad and could not stop pulling aside the curtain to peep outside; she obviously is still in love with Santos.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Wicked Games" Movie... Just Another Game by Wicked Hearts

Wicked Games - Tatum O'NealEarly this week, Televista began showing on Africa Independent Television (AIT) a thriller movie called "Wicked Games". I waited a whole week to review and give my opinion on this movie. In that one week, many of our telenovela and soap oera fans began to voice out their desire that we should serialize the summary of this movie.

If I had a fantasy that this movie would be another block burster, my fantasy has been dashed. This movie falls into 'another one' of those predictable films, which removes the mystery and suspense that herald and accompanies telenovelas.

Woven in a revenge plot, from begining to the end, this 75-episode, 2006 movie has many lessons for those vengeful and non-forgiving ones among us.

Wicked Games played by Wicked Heart, Blythe HunterStarring Blythe Hunter (beautiful Oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal) who was jilted by a former lover - Theodore Crawford (charming Actor Clive Robinson), over twenty-five years ago... Imagine the boiling rage cleverly concealed and schemed from a wicked heart...

She married another man by whom she had two great and wonderful sons. One (JOSH, a medical doctor), was the good boy of the family, while she raise the second son (Aaron) as a pervert killer and most dagerous.

Wicked Games is just another game played by wicked hearts, because of the easy-to-predict nature, it is not and can never carry the entertainment weight of telenovelas. I hope to enjoy the thrills as the movie unravels.

We at the Telenovela Love Garden would help out in serializing the snippets of the full story of Wicked games, as is our tradition to satisfy your entertainment hunger.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Snippet 35 - Ugly Betty Enjoys 3-Star Massage

Betty was seated on her bed in a bathrobe. She wanted to watch the TV but mistakenly channel she didn’t was and when she couldn’t change it she closed the remotely controlled door (hiding the flat screen) manually! The doorbell rang and the massage guy came in. Betty was expecting a lady but he was told they were all booked! She was wide-eyed when he told her to disrobe while he set up the table!

Daniel was still at his desk at night reading Sofia’s book (Girls Like it On Top) and watching Sofia who was busy in the Conference room. He saw her touching another lady’s breast and he quickly jumped from his desk, hid behind the wall to watch. He then bumped in on them and started blabbering that if they needed a man’s perspective….. Sofia at first ignored him, then she informed him they were doing a write up on breast reconstruction for recovering women (who had their breast removed due to cancer, I presume). He looked totally stupid and quickly made his exit.

Betty was undergoing her massage with her glasses on, still taking notes. She covered herself from shoulder blades down while taking her massage! Just then, the door bell rang and the tall, good looking guy opened the door to Walter. He had flower in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other and a smile on his face which quickly disappeared the moment he saw who was at the door. “What’s going on here?” was the next thing Betty heard.

Hilda went in search of Santos to ask him for help with the money reminding him that she had never asked him for a cent before. He did give her half of the money right there but requested to see his son in return.

Betty explained the situation to Walter who was winning “I don’t like strange, tall, muscle guy touching you”. Betty finally convinced her jealous boyfriend, thanked the massage guy as he left. She asked Walter about Atlantic City and he said he changed his mind because he wanted to spend time with her no matter where. He even complimented her hotel room. Betty had to change for dinner and told him to change into something more cultured than the jeans & t-shirt he was wearing but he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina was giving Ted a low-down on Mode while giving him a tour. (Even Mode’s lobby was decorated with figures of animals) Wilhelmina told him that she had made reservations for them but the wild Texan had a favourite spot he wanted them to go to. It was a rowdy, noisy bar. Wilhelmina in an exasperated tone said, “We are in Kansas” as she and Marc stood at the entrance still wondering at the wildest they were seeing. Someone threw a bra which landed on Marc’s shoulders. He quickly plucked it away as if it was a poisonous spider.

Betty and Walter got to the dinning 15 minutes late and they were told by the lady in charge that they were fully booked. Walter, who was obviously not comfortable in the settings, suggested they go back to the room, order room service, snuggle-up and be romantic.

Snippet 34 - Ugly Betty Reviews A Hotel

On Betty’s arrival at the hotel, the staff at the front desk ignored her at first but on learning that she was from Mode, his attitude towards her changed. She (being the eater), picked an apple on the front desk thinking it was real and he politely told her it was not. She kept looking round and as she sat on decorative chair in the hotel lobby, she went spirally inside it.

Daniel got off the lift at Mode; he didn’t look where he was going because he was so caught up with the book he was reading. He bumped into a guy and one of the books fell to the floor. As he bent to pick it, a lady in black suede high heels planted her feet in front of him in such a way that the book was in the middle of both feet – it was Sofia Reyes. On her enquiry, Daniel told her he was doing a research on women who tease their way to the top and the he had quotes! She replied that he didn’t know her at all; that he was a presumptuous ass……, the rest of it was in Spanish (she was obviously angry). Daniel laughed quietly, happy to have punched her back for once.

Betty looked around her suite after and threw herself on the bed saying she was in heaven.

Wilhelmina was at Christina’s trying to choose what to wear to receive the Ted Labow (hope I got the spelling correctly, the Texan Mode wanted her to host. She condemned the clothes on display.

Meanwhile, Betty got busy observing her room and the view and making notes. She called room service and ordered for a message while happily savouring a strawberry.

Wilhelmina and Marc were in her office waiting to receive their guest. Wilhelmina was still checking out the skirt suit she wore, while Marc was scattering Texan decorative items around the office. Amanda called to inform her that Ted had arrived and she instructed Marc to go and lead him in. While Wilhelmina was laying a beautiful mat on the floor, Marc led Mr. Labow in. He was taken by Wilhelmina’s beauty and he held on to her hand, complimenting her style. He looked around the office admiring the decorations and they talked for a little while, flirting with each other.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Snippet 33 - Ugly Betty - Daniel vs Sofia

At Mode, Betty was in Daniel’s office delivering his water –soaked Bagel which she was trying to dried a bit with tissue paper. She was dripping also, with Mascara running around her eyes (funny) having being caught under a sprinkler while trying to get Sofia’s autograph on one of her books which gave to Betty as a complimentary gift. Daniel looked at it – it was titles “Girls Like It On Top” and he made snide remarks about it. Betty then told him that the freelancer that was hired to write a review for a new hotel turned down their offer. Just then, Daniel heard Sofia’s voice giving instructions in his conference room. He confronted her for taking over his conference room without his permission. She told him to take up the issue with his father because he gave her permission to use it. They exchange sarcastic remarks and it seemed a battle line has been drawn between these two.

Wilhelmina was raging at Bradford for proposing to her to host a prospective client. (Marc stayed closed by and listened in as is his usual habit). Her grouse was what that, it wasn’t her job but Daniel’s. Bradford told her that she was the best person to handle the job because she landed almost every account for Mode and she, sarcastically chipped in, “And I’m still JUST the Creative Director”. Bradford, in a complimentary persuasive way added that the Texan man would not be able to resist a beautiful woman. She eventually agreed.

Hilda walked into their house sober than usual and sat at the dinning after declining her father’s offer of a sandwich. Ignacio was apprehensive and told her that the last time she was THIS quiet – when she was about to inform him that she was pregnant! She replied that she had figured out where they were going to get the $5,000 Lear charged to handle his case. Ignacio he told her that he wondered what they both must be thinking of him, having murdered a man (as if he didn’t hear what she just said). Hilda came over to him and told him that they weren’t judging him, that he was simply defended their mother and that it was all in the past. He caressed her face with a sad smile and thanked her. He then asked her where they were going to get the money. She told him from Santos (Justin’s father). Ignacio vehemently refused but Hilda reiterated that they had no choice and walked away.

Betty was seated at her desk chewing gum and playing with it when Sofia walked to her (she quickly got rid of the gum). Sofia had brought her another copy of the book she gave her earlier which was dry because the first one got wet. She had penned on it “To Betty, a girl like no other. Love, Sofia”. She asked Betty to help her write a review on topic that had to do with Sexaholics, that she wanted a fresh view on it that was different from the view of Fashionists around them. Betty told her she wasn’t qualified to do it but Sofia said she was more than qualified. Daniel, who had been reading a newspaper in his office with feet on his desk, saw Sofia talking to Betty and he immediately flew there and asked what was going on. Sofia explained that she needed fresh views on an articules and decided to make use of Betty’s intelligence. Always the one to throw the first punch, she added that she was sure he uses Betty’s intelligence on daily basis. Daniel said he had had enough of her hijack; first the conference room and now, his assistant. He told Betty that he had a lot of things for her to do and moved towards the door of his office. He stopped mid-way and called Betty again, waiting for her to follow him. Sofia apologized and remarked in a sarcastic way that she didn’t know he was the jealous type. Betty apologized to Sofia and went after Daniel.

In Daniel’s office, he told Betty that Sofia wanted him, but Betty didn’t get it. She told him he was reading too much to the whole thing. He then analyzed that the article on Sexaholics that Sofia gave Betty was about him and that if she wanted to play games, he was game.

He had to cook up a list of ‘Things to do” for Betty when she asked him. They were all irrelevant things; this irritated Betty and she stalked to her office in annoyance. Daniel quickly followed her and told her that she could do the new hotel review (to get her out of Sofia’s way) that weekend! Betty couldn’t believe her ears! She quickly rushed to Christian’s lair to get outfits, excited at the opportunity given to her. Amanda came in and warned Betty to lower the “Betty” knob a bit in her review.

There was a problem. Betty and Walter had already made plans to go to Atlantic City together that weekend. So, when Walter came by, Betty tried to explain why she took up the review offer. She even offered that they go together but this irregular guy just sulked and grumbled like a child, refusing to be pacified and stormed out of the Suarez home. Hilda wasn’t happy about the development and told Betty she could loose her boyfriend.

Snippet 32 - Ugly Betty's Father A Murderer?

“I am your mother” stated Wilhelmina. “Mother? then maybe you should act like it” replied Nico. She continued with her onslaught, “But I guess you don’t have a clue where to start”. “I mean, have you ever even called the Senator Dad? Never huh? Is that armour so thick that you can’t even feel anything anymore? Was that the goal? (She was almost crying now), “Then congratulation. You are putting together your Must Mode Issue and things you Must do. You know what MUST should be? Learning how to be a mother! And, she walked away leaving Wilhelmina looking disgruntled and standing there alone while the remaining spectators who had been listening averted their eyes (including Daniel, Amanda & Betty) as she looked around until Marc came to her rescue and walked her back inside the building.

Betty places the cheque on Wilhelmina’s table as she walked in. Betty told her that she appreciated her kindness but that she could not cash the cheque. Wilhelmina wished Betty luck in her family’s situation, telling her that family problems were never easy. As Betty was walking out (Wilhelmina tore the cheque), Nico came in. She said she wanted to say goodbye (I think she was still trying to reach out to her mother) but Wilhelmina, still smarting from Nico’s earlier display, told her she had already said enough downstairs. She added that her flight to Paris was leaving that night. Nico said she’ll go to the apartment to pack her things. Her mum stopped her in her tracks with “Nico, contrary to what you think, I still do love you and I only want what’s best for you”. Defiant Nico’s reply was “you want what’s best for you” and left.

Amanda walked into Daniel’s office and confessed to him (trying to rein-in her tears) that it was at her apartment that he forgot his watch. She told him that he should find whatever he was looking for because she finally realized that it wasn’t her. Daniel opened his mouth in shock and stood up to apologize to her but she just turned and cat-walked away!

Bradford and his private eye met in an alley at night (as usual). The guy told him that he couldn’t have seen Fey because she was dead but Bradford wouldn’t be convinced insisting that he saw what he saw. The guy was obviously tired of the way Bradford was pestering him about confirming Fey’s death. He told Bradford that he had gone crazy and walked away. Bradford, while still standing in the alley, made a phone call to someone (who he had obvious discussed with before) about getting rid of the private eye.

Wilhelmina returned home to a dark, lonely house. She retrieved the box of Nico’s Captain Crisp that she had earlier thrown in the bin, sat at the dinning and began eating it with her fingers. She face showed a picture of mixed emotions that were running through her – loneliness, sadness, and e.t.c.

At the Suarez house, Hilda and Ignacio were cooking when Betty walked in soberly and apologized to her father for the way she lashed out at him the day before. She told him that she forgave him for whatever it was that he didn’t want tell them. Hilda watched with a smile on her face as they hugged. Ignacio then opened up to his daughters. He told them that the man in the picture was married to their mother and he worked with him as a chef. He fell in love with their mother and she eventually she noticed and reciprocated. Betty told him that if it was hard for him, he should stop. But, her father said he could no longer keep it from them, that they need to know the truth. He continued his narration; that on a particular day, his boss was beating his wife as he usually does and he could not help but defended her. The man pulled out a knife and he totally lost it, hitting him again and again. They had to run away and never looked back. He made them realize that he never applied for green card or Amnesty because he entered America illegally was afraid he’ll be sent back to Mexico, which meant facing jail term for killing the man.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Snippet 31 - Ugly Betty & Wilhelmina in Battles of Wills

She yelled “talk to you? Why don’t you talk to me”, bringing out the enlarged photo of her mum (the one in which she was wearing a wedding band). She asked him why their mum was wearing a wedding ring in the photo and who the guy she was with was. Ignacio looked at the picture and then at Betty with a pained expression on his face. “There you go” Said Betty with an air of resignation, she turned and walked towards the stairs. “I don’t have to explain myself to you, I’m your father” he said raising his voice too. “Then act like it” Betty told him, “I have always looked up to you Dad, right, wrong, I could just take your lead”, snatching the picture from him, “now I’m lost” she added and storming up the stairs to her room while Ignacio looked on with sad eyes.

Betty was dozing at the dinning table the next morning when she was startled by Hilda banging a mug on the table and serving her coffee. She told Betty that their Dad left the house early that morning and she heard all that she said to their father the night before. Betty apologized but Hilda told her it wasn’t going to change anything now. She then asked Betty what happened as work after their Herbalux sales at Mode. Betty told her she was punished and gave her the cheque. Hilda excitedly told her to cash it but Betty told her the conditions behind it – selling Daniel out. Hilda said they would explore other possible source and if they couldn’t raise the money, Betty would have to cash it.

Nico having her usual cereal for breakfast (I think so did this on purpose because she realized that it annoys her mum) when Wilhelmina walked in, picked the cereal pack and threw it in the bin and left without saying a word. Nico dialed a number and requested for Fashion TV with a sly smile on her face.

The next morning Sofia met Daniel in the lift (alone) and she put on this slighted look, got in and stayed behind him on the right corner of the lift. The lift stopped abruptly. Sofia accused Daniel of setting it up to get back at her for yesterday’s incident (at the gym) and that she’ll take the stairs next time. Daniel couldn’t believe she could accuse him of this. She tried her phone there was no reception and she asked Daniel “what now?” He said they are stuck between two floors. He volunteered to climb to the roof if Sofia would help him up, to lift the roof of the lift and pry open the door to the floor above so that they could climb through. He removed his coat but Sofia said “God forbid that you should ruin your Jacket”. She told Daniel to help her up taking him by his tie and in a commanding tone said “on your knees”. Daniel asked if she was serious and she climbed on his shoulders warning told him not to look up because she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Daniel told her not to flatter herself but while she was trying to push open the lift roof, he looked up….. She fell right on top of him while Daniel was flat on his back on the lift floor. She looked at him for a while and then when the lift chimed the arrival bell she asked him “you looked didn’t you?” She slapped him, got off him and hurried out of the lift, stopped briefly outside to look back at him and then walking away. The lift closed on Daniel still on the floor staring after her.

Hilda was outside the shop that she met Lear (remember the lady lawyer that rescued her the other time), and as soon as she showed up Hilda told her she had an immigration case. Lear then led her away so that they could talk about it.

Betty was at her desk still confused and unhappy at the myriad problems besieging her and the tempting offer from Wilhelmina. Talk about the devil! Wilhelmina walked to Betty at that moment to remind her that she hadn’t cashed the cheque yet. Betty lied that she hadn’t got the time to but Wilhelmina told her that she had not made up her mind on it yet and that it was the way to survive. Just then Amanda came running to Wilhelmina that Nico was in the lobby causing a scene there.

Nico was dressed in what looked like rags barely covering her breasts and a very short one for skirt. She was staging a one-girl protest against the use of fur in the fashion industry, particularly against Mode and Wilhelmina Slater. Fashion reporters (which she had called earlier) were there, over a dozen of them, taking pictures and notes.

Marc tried to cover her up but she threw his coat back at him and said with a smile, “can’t wait to see how Wilhelmina Slater will handle this one”. Daniel, Betty, Amanda and other Mode staffers had already joined the growing spectators, wondering how Slater was going to handle this.
Shocking! Shocking! Wilhelmina appeared with “so sorry I’m late, thank you so much for coming”; she was covered in only fur. The spectators made way for her and she walked to her daughter putting her arm around her, said “Nico darling, so good to see you, step into good light”. She then continued her speech (as if the whole protest was pre-planned), that the first issue of Mode for 2007 will be featuring “Animal Rights vs. Fashion Rights, just who is right?” Marc started clapping and other Mode staff and spectators joined in, this infuriated Nico. She further said “well, you would have to wait for the Mode issue in January 2007. Thank you so much for coming, goodbye”. Marc quickly shepherd the reporters away and most of the spectators dispersed leaving a few of them including Daniel, Amanda and Betty.

Nico told her that she had won, that she’ll go to school in Paris or anywhere she wants but that she was not going quietly. Wilhelmina tried to take her hand that “we’ll take up stairs” but Nico resisted and yelled “No, we’ll talk now”.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Snippet 30 - Ugly Betty Tempted

I seize this opportunity to say 48 cheers to my beloved country Nigeria on her Independence Day Anniversary Celebration.

Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray! God bless Nigeria.

I sincerely apologise to our fans out there, my internet connection had problem hence the break in Ugly Betty updates. But, it has been resolved now. So, have a delightful time reading.

Wilhelmina and Betty were in her office talking. She told Betty that Daniel does not need to know what happened, that secret should stay between friends. She told Betty that she considers every one at Mode as family and that family sticks together through the good and bad times. She even told Betty that Rodrigo, their stylist, went through design school on the largesse of an anonymous donor. She told Betty that strong people are the ones who ask for help. (Is Willy now a psychologist or what?) She really got Betty there because she nodded her head in agreement and opened up to her about the legal problem her father was going through a legal problem for which they need $20,000 (while Wilhelmina looked on sympathetically) to pay for the attorney’s fees. Wilhelmina, smiling gladly brought out her check book (on which she had written Betty Suarez) and wrote $20,000 and signed it, saying that she had a daughter whom she would do anything for just like Betty was willing to do anything for her father. She handed the cheque to her but Betty asked her what she wanted in return. Wilhelmina cleverly replied that it wasn’t something anyone asks family. Betty looked at the cheque as if it was a hang man’s noose.
It was Fey’s birthday, so Bradford, flowers in hand, went to the morgue where Fey’s body was laid in a casket. He was confessing how much he missed her when a lady dressed like Fey passed by, behind him. He turned, called her name and rushed outside but no one was about.
Betty told Christina about the cheque Wilhelmina gave her in a bar they went to after work. She advised Betty against selling herself to Wilhelmina by cashing the cheque and told her to loosen up for once in her life. With that, Christina downed a glass of drink in one sip and Betty too ordered for the same thing.

ico got home and went for the Captain Crisp cereal which Wilhelmina has earlier thrown in the waste bin. She told her mum that fur was murder and recalled sarcastically, how her mum missed her 11th birthday because she had a photo shoot which she never showed up for.

(To me, Nico craves to spend time with her mother which had been denied her while growing up. She resents her for this and seeks to make her feelings known by being rude and engaging in scandalous behaviours to get her mother’s attention) – Parents Take Note!

Wilhelmina, in a sober tone told Nico that she was just as rebellious when she was her age. She told her that she went through seven schools before she finally understood that “being away from home, being away from the ones you love makes you strong, build you up, ‘cause in the end the only person in this world that you could depend on is herself – the greatest lesson senator (her father) ever taught me”. This revelation sobered Nico a bit (she realized her mum went through he same thing she is going through) and she wanted to tell her mother something from her heart, I believe, but Wilhelmina, back to her diva self, told her to brush up on her French that she was leaving for the boarding school in Paris the following night. Nico was surprised and couldn’t say a word.

Daniel and Amanda were in bed. He was unusually quiet. He asked Amanda how she felt when he sent her the necklace after their first night together and she said it was sweet. He was obviously disturbed. So, he got up and move to the bathroom, revealing the reason behind it as being Sofia Reyes whom he sent a necklace to as an apology and she refused to accept it. Amanda then realized it was all about Sofia and not her. She said she wasn’t feeling too well and had to go. She then left with tears in her eyes.

Ignacio was at home watching a telenovela as usual and waiting up for Betty when she stumbled in through the back door (drunk maybe). Her father asked why she was sneaking in, that they need to talk but she replied that she was going to bed. Her father pulled her hand to restrain her but she yelled at him to let her go. He asked what was wrong with that she should talk to him.